Nick’s Account

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This story is for my boy Nick, and is closely based on him. I changed a little, but not too much of his character for this fictional story. I hope you enjoy this Nick, my good boy.


Nick’s Account

“Sorry, I got the call just before I got here. Is it cool if I take it and get to it after I run to work and physically replace that server I told them was going to fail?” Luke lifted the laptop in one hand.

“Sure, go ahead. Must be big if they are calling you in on a Saturday.” Nick responded, glad his friend was still willing to work on the messed up laptop.

“Yeah, some physical stuff we can’t do by logging in at home. I’m going straight there. Hate to, but I gotta run.”

“Go, I’ll catch you later.”

“Later bud.” Luke rushed out to his car, putting Nick’s laptop on the passenger seat.

The work problem wasn’t that much of an issue, but some executives were twittering about it, so Luke’s boss called him in to show they were on it. Luke did what was needed, and headed back home, grabbing drive-through on the way.

Sitting at his desk, he opened up Nick’s laptop. Nothing came up on the screen. Probably a power issue. Closing the lid, Luke flipped it over and undid the casing. Shortly, he had found the problem and was able to fix it. It turned on, and booted up. Nick had taped his password to the edge, and Luke connected to his network and pulled up the browser. It asked if he wanted to restore pages. On automatic, he clicked “OK”. Several tabs opened up and Luke gave them a quick scan. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Except one tab. Luke clicked it. A site called . Now that wasn’t expected, and Luke sat up a bit. Auto-login was enabled, so Luke took a look. It was a social network for kinky people. Luke poked around a bit and discovered his dick was poking up. Not surprising as Luke had a long history of dominating the men he bedded. There was a lot of stuff on this site that went even further than Luke did. He was going to have to spend more time getting ideas.

Luke leaned back and considered things. Nick wasn’t very computer savvy, so shutting down the browser would erase what he had looked at. Luke did that and turned off the machine. He pulled his own out. Grabbing a beer and flopping on the sofa, Luke created a profile “BrainyAnd***ung”. After all, he was brainy, and he was hung. It was bound to get Nick’s attention, and spent a few hours looking around on the site. At some point a plan began to form in his head. A good plan. Luke got creating and expanding his connections there, as that was needed for the next part.

Luke returned Nick’s laptop the next day and they sat around drinking beers and watching ESPN. Luke stole a couple looks at Nick, for the first time thinking of him in a sexual way. Nick had a great personality and looked like Freddie Prinze, Jr. Luke let a smile cross his face as he thought about getting Nick to suck his dick. After all, that was what Nick was cruising for on the fetish site. A man’s dick to suck. And more than only suck, he wanted to be cuckolded with his girlfriend and forced to do things. Luke was going to have Nick between his thighs and a whole lot more.

Over the next few weeks Luke watched Nick on the network. He would come on every few days, like some pictures and occasionally post text. Luke joined most of the same groups and posted in some of the same groups, so Nick would see his handle. Finally Nick made a post Luke could post a direct response to, so he did. A few days later they friended each other. Luke messaged Nick and started a conversation.

The first exchange of messages went well, and communication continued over time. Luke probed for things about Nick, and Nick responded, glad to have a man talking to him. At some point, Nick revealed he almost got to meet up with a guy.

BrainyAnd***ung: So you got close to meeting that guy and he bugged out?

Beta***ick: Yeah, was a while back. Not had a lot of luck since then.

BrainyAnd***ung: Poor boy, craving cock and not able to get any.

Beta***ick: Yeah…..

BrainyAnd***ung: Noticed you’re not too far from me, if that’s where you actually are, I could just see you getting down on your knees, opening your mouth, making me happy.

Beta***ick: I’d do it, show you what I’m willing to do for you.

BrainyAnd***ung: How much will you do to prove it to me? Prove you are worthy to suck my cock.

Beta***ick: Tell me & I’ll do it, I’ll be the best beta you ever had.

Beta***ick: Look, I know I said I’d do anything. Got really hot. The pic of your dick turns me on like you wouldn’t believe. But I can’t be exposed. Show my face, or meet up with someone who would know me. I can’t have my friends & family seeing me do this.

BrainyAnd***ung: Hmmm. I don’t usually like it when betas tell me they can’t do things, but I understand. You’ll have to do some extra work to prove yourself. Then I’ll let you take a swing on this samsun escort long dick. Just imagine it sliding between your lips, the taste, the feel.

Beta***ick: I’m hard thinking of it…so hard.

BrainyAnd***ung: And that other fantasy of yours, maybe I could fuck your girlfriend for you. Sit you tied up in a corner, mount her and give her the pounding of a lifetime. Something you could never do.

Beta***ick: oooo Sir you are so right, that would be your right to do. Anytime you wanted. I am sure you could satisfy her like I never could.

BrainyAnd***ung: Yes, it would be right. Whatever I want, whenever I want it.

Beta***ick: Yes Sir, that’s right, anything for you.

BrainyAnd***ung: Anything, how about a pic of your dick? Let me see what I’m taking control of.

Beta***ick: Yes Sir.

Beta***ick: I’m so fucking nervous doing this.

BrainyAnd***ung: You can do it beta, make your boss happy.

Beta***ick: Sir, I can’t attach a picture here. It wont let me.

BrainyAnd***ung: I have a gmail account at BrainyAnd***ung.

Nick took a picture of his junk, having to concentrate to hold his hands steady as he was shaking with anxiety. He sat staring at the screen before he hit send, having had to get a stiff drink to gather the courage. He had never considered he would do something like this. He was surprised at himself for doing it at all. This was so far out of anything he had ever done before. Nick was always pretending to be a man in charge, but inside he wanted to obey orders. Something about this guy really reached into him. Nick had gotten to suck a dick once on vacation, and had been craving it more and more ever since. had been his best bet, but Nick hadn’t found someone close enough and at the same time far enough away he wouldn’t run into them on the street. Damn, Nick needed a cock in his mouth.

Across town, Luke grinned when the email arrived. Nick had done it, sent his cock and balls out. Luke would push Nick to do more and more until he was kneeling sucking his cock. It would be so nice to have the alpha-pretender there. Nick had always seemed confident, in charge. Checking out his profile told a different story. Nick liked to be bossed around, wanted to be a cuckold. And most of all wanted to suck a dick. Luke was amazed Nick was so submissive. He had followed Nick’s posts and likes for a while to get a good feel for what was happening in the secret corners of his mind. It was going to make victory so much sweeter.

The next day Luke pulled the picture of Nick’s junk back up and looked at it. Luke outclassed him in a big way, so this was going to be fun. He messaged Nick on asking if he was up for his next task to prove he was worthy of sucking a real man’s dick. Luke had decided he was going to play with Nick a bit. See what he could make the boy do before getting rewarded with dick.

A few hours later Nick responded that he was. Luke didn’t know for sure how much Nick was twisted inside at admitting he would do more. Getting to have the man who seemed so confident figuratively fall to his knees was giving Luke more of a boner than he expected. Luke had dominated his sexual partners for years, but this was a whole new experience, a whole new way to be in charge.

Luke made Nick wait for the task. He had planned what it would be, and knew the delay would make Nick desire it more. Luke sent the message at 2 AM. In the conversations that had occurred between them, Nick had mentioned that his family had a real estate firm, owning several properties in the area. That was part of Luke’s plan.

BrainyAnd***ung: OK boy, go to one of the empty buildings your family is trying to rent out at night. Go in, strip naked and take some pictures. Send them to me. You can keep your face out of them since I know you’re a real pussy. Do it for me and my cock. The same cock you can almost taste.

Looking at the message Nick felt his guts go cold. But the draw of dick was so great. If he did that it would be closer to getting a cock, if this guy was serious. They had been talking back and forth and it had been going well. It was like BrainyAnd***ung really knew him. It felt so good to be talking to someone about wanting cock, and other things. Nick was torn, but the desire was so great, he would do anything to get it.

That night Nick tried to sleep. The orders ran around and around in his head. He could not sleep. In the early hours of the morning, Nick got out of bed. He wasn’t going to be able to sleep at all. Getting dressed, he grabbed his set of work keys and drove through dark streets to one of the empty warehouses his family business owned. One that did not have fancy security, so there were no cameras or alarm systems that would log his entry. Nick had brought a camping lantern but didn’t turn it on until he was away from the window in the door. Nick was smart enough not to want to have some passing cop see a light sneaking out. He had parked his car unobtrusively to reduce anyone raising an eyebrow.

Nick turned on the lantern when he was far enough in, having passed a gray divider. Hearing his footsteps echo and feeling the empty air squeezed his brain with what he was about to do. He found a corner, put down the lantern and propped his phone against it. His nervousness rising, he kicked off his shoes and pulled off the golf shirt he was wearing. Pulling his socks off, Nick felt the cement on his bare feet. The chill and grittiness really emphasized how he was stripping for a man, at a man’s command, to entertain the man. Nick’s very soul felt like it was being exposed as he removed his pants. He stood completely naked in the empty warehouse and took a deep breath. He was doing this, doing it for his Master, for the hopes of sucking cock.

Nick reached for his cock, already hard. He was conflicted. His cock felt so good doing this for such a commanding man. The desire to please the man overwhelmed his fear and trepidation. As difficult as it was, the drive to obey was so much greater.

Nick reached for his pants, pulling a thin silk ski mask out of a pocket. Nick looked at it. Should he do this without the mask? Could he reveal more than his body? Let this man see his face, know who he is? BrainyAnd***ung would discover it when (if) he sucked the man off. Could he do it maskless now? No, too early. Part of Nick really wanted to expose himself completely. But the fear the video would leak out stopped him. Nick put on the mask and started his phone to record.

Backing up to the wall, so he was entirely in the frame, Nick started to pull on his dick. So hard, Nick was so hard, he had never gotten so stiff so fast. A few strokes had Nick ready to shoot. His eyes widened in the realization that he was going to be pressed to make this last. As he was considering backing off and making this last longer he went over the edge and his cum shot out, splattering on the floor in front of him.

The orgasm was powerful, knocking the wind out of Nick’s body. He bent forward, his right hand coming up, cum dripping from the fingers. Nick gasped, and a shudder rocketed through his body. It was so intense. He had never cum like that in his life. Not as a boy first discovering his dick, not when he wanked, not even when he fucked a woman. Never. Doing this, obeying a man in hopes of sucking, that was it. It was the cause of the best he had ever had. Here, in an empty warehouse, doing as he was told.

Nick fell to his knees and fumbled to end the recording, breathing heavy. Nick stared at his phone. He had done it, he had gotten naked in a warehouse and recorded himself jacking off and he was going to send it to a man. Even coming off the high did not dull Nick’s resolve. He would send it to the man on the other end of this as soon as he got home.

Nick rushed to dress and scrambled to his car, going a bit faster than he should to get home. Shaking he sent the video and that was a feeling almost as good as cumming. He knew he could not recall the message, it was sent. Gone, it was in BrainyAnd***ung hands now. A wave of relief washed over him. Nick had expected regret, but he was overjoyed to have proven his submission to this man.

After waking later that morning, Luke broke into a wide grin to realize Nick had sent a video. That was sooner than he expected. Luke interrupted his schedule to download and watch it. The speed and explosiveness of Nick’s performance astounded Luke, the boy was more into this than Luke expected, much more. Judging from his actions, Nick wasn’t expecting to find it so erotic either. Perfect. Luke would be able to get Nick to do a lot of this, simply to earn the right to swing on his dick. Luke fired off a message saying he was pleased and how did Nick feel after doing it.

The response came a few hours later:

“Sir – I can’t believe I came so quick. I hardly touched my dick at all. I’ve never shot like that, it drained me. Really drained, like you read about. I’ve never come like that, not with anybody. It was like the best thing. I can’t stop thinking about it. I jerked off this morning and I’m still hard. I can’t get my mind off of it. I’m going to have to take the afternoon off so I can jerk off again. So happy you liked it, and you’re pleased with your beta and will hope you’ll reward your beta and let him suck your dick over and over again – Nick”

Luke was surprised at the speed of the response. Nick must have logged on with this phone at work. Something he had sworn he would never do just two weeks ago. Now he couldn’t resist. Luke knew he was getting his hooks into Nick deep.

Sure enough, Nick emailed that he had taken the afternoon to go home and beat off. Luke replied with an order for Nick to stay naked. After dinner, Luke got confirmation that Nick had not put any clothes on and toyed with the idea of sending Nick out again. Nick had beat off three times already, and was commenting that he was still horny. It was dark, Luke stood at the window and looked at the city in the general direction of Nick’s house.

Thinking back on it, Nick might seem to be in charge, but Luke knew now he wasn’t. Outside of this charade Luke made, they were friends, but not very close. A few invitations to cook outs or to watch a game with others. Not to hang out together alone much. There was a group getting together at Nick’s on Sunday in fact. Luke hadn’t responded to the invitation yet. He would have to be sure to go.

Luke got on a chat as BrainyAnd***ung with Nick, asking about the afternoon.

BrainyAnd***ung: Got all horny doing that for me, did you beta?

Beta***ick: Yes, Boss, very horny. I

Beta***ick: I’m still horny.

BrainyAnd***ung: I want you to do something for me, more proof you deserve it.

Beta***ick: Anything!

Right then, Luke texted Nick. “Hey bro – gonna make it to your place Sunday for the game. Be there about kickoff.”

Beta***ick: Oh fuck, Luke just texted me.

BrainyAnd***ung: Who’s Luke?

Beta***ick: Buddy of mine. Real smart.

Beta***ick: I think he’s got a big dick. I check him out. There is a bulge…..

Luke smiled at that. Hearing what Nick thought of him was the reason that text went when it did.

BrainyAnd***ung: Maybe you’ll get to blow him.

Beta***ick: Maybe. I don’t know. Never see him with a girl.

BrainyAnd***ung: Doesn’t mean anything. Do you know him well?

Beta***ick: Not really. He’s got a good ass. I’d love to lick it.

BrainyAnd***ung: Rim it.

Beta***ick: Yeah rim it. I told you I like rimming my girlfriends.

BrainyAnd***ung: You did.

BrainyAnd***ung: So you’d rim this dude?

Beta***ick: Yea. Want his cock more. Any cock.

BrainyAnd***ung: You are such a cockhound.

They chatted more, Luke getting to know the beta even better, having started to submit to Luke, Nick was falling hard. It was going to make game day very interesting. Luke decided not to send Nick out on a new task tonight, to let what he had done sink in more.

The following day, Nick emailed that he had jerked off again when he woke up, even before a shower. Luke decided he had to send Nick on a new adventure that evening. After dark, BrainyAnd***ung messaged Nick with new orders. Jerk off at a warehouse again. This time outside.

Nick struggled with that. It was one thing to go into an empty building his family owned. Another to be outside jerking off. But the excitement of the first task had not left him and he was becoming more desperate every day for a cock. He paced around his home, before and after he had replied that he would. He couldn’t sleep, Nick had decided he needed to wait at least until after midnight, and he was going over all the places his family had property to pick one to do this. He was pretty sure he had it, and at 11:57 PM he headed for his car. Close enough to midnight.

Nick made the drive, nervous and excited. The excitement was certainly winning over the nervousness. Nick could hardly believe it, he felt more excited to do this than the last one. Was it the hope of cock, or the risk of exposure he felt more? He could not tell. It did not matter. He’d prove he was worthy to suck BrainyAnd***ung dick.

This warehouse had a big lot for trucks. Nick had to park a block away, and wearing a hoodie and ball cap to obscure his features. There were cameras on this lot. Tugged over his eyes, he knew no one would be able to recognize him in the nondescript clothes. Nick also knew how to avoid most of the cameras, so he wouldn’t be in much. Behind the building he got between a couple of dumpsters and dropped his pants. His dick was already hard. He didn’t have to be nude for this one, but his pants had to be around his ankles. He set the phone and started recording. One hand on his cock, the other on his balls, he started to go at it. Nick couldn’t help but look around at the start, but the arousal hit him quick and his eyes unfocused. Like the other night, he was going to cum quick. He could not stop it. His hand was his hand, same as every time he wanked, but out here, doing it under orders was too much for him to handle, too much to resist. He blew again. A couple drops hit his shoes. Nick didn’t care.

A few breaths and he was pulling up his pants. The air suddenly chilled him and he wanted to cover up. After he got out from behind the dumpsters, he heard a noise and his blood ran cold. Was someone there? Nick looked around, panic rising only to see a cat dart across the lot. With a sigh of relief, Nick half ran back to his car. He did not see the homeless man poke out from a corner across the way and investigate where Nick had been. The homeless guy had only seen Nick leave, and went to check if something worthwhile had been left behind.

At home, Nick felt he was ready to cum again, but he got the video sent to his Master first. He did strip all his clothes off during the upload. BrainyAnd***ung liked Nick to be naked at home. The upload finished and Nick added in a message that he was so turned on he was going to masturbate again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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