Oh, That Touch

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My wife and I had been married for 12 years and our marriage had been a happy one, our sex life had been through the usual exploratory phases and had settled into the knowing what each other liked phase.

Leila knew just what made me horny as hell from the beginning of our relationship and boy did she tease me relentlessly with the knowledge that her panties turned me on. No matter which type she purchased, wore or left lying about the house the sight or mere touch of the material would turn me on so much it usually resulted in an erection of varying degrees. If she wore them to bed I would wake with a raging hard on fit to hammer nails into wood. This morning as I lay in bed beside her with my growing hard on pressing insistently against the crotch of my favorite pair was no different, the fact that the bulbous head of my cock was oozing globs of precum against the material my mind was only on the sensations that were making my balls ache for release.

I wouldn’t say that I was constantly obsessed with ejaculating against the silky material but I had a particular fetish to wearing panties occasionally and bringing myself off whilst wearing them, the need to do so stemmed from adolescent jacking off a load into my mother’s panties as a teenager which had now turned into an occasional need to feel my wifes panties excite me, which progressed to wearing the sensual items to arouse myself when my wife was not home.

I especially loved the feel of my hardening cock restricted by the sensuous materials and the sensations the material provided on my cock as it was massaged against it, this activity never failed to produce huge amounts of precum and added excitement especially when the really sensitive underside of my cock brushed against the enlarged seam of the gusset or brushed lightly on a piece of soft lace or ribbon.

Leila always wanting to please soon caught onto the fact I was aroused immensely by wearing panties, bringing myself to climax often that way and the fact that that I got particular horny and immensely stimulated by any contact with her eskişehir escort panties. She used them as an aid frequently during our lovemaking to enhance my stimulation and arouse me beyond belief.

I must admit this morning I was hoping that before she awoke I could produce enough precum to soak the gusset that was covering her shaved slit which would allow me to glide my cock between her ass cheeks, feel the soaked material rubbing against my cock head and enjoy the sensations before she awoke and got too wet herself knowing that she usually insisted on penetration that second.

Not that I needed it since my bulbous cock head was already spewing forth a stream of its own lubrication I still reached over for the lube in my bedside cabinet and liberally applied a glob to the base of my meat, working it gradually up and along the shaft with my fingers stifling a moan as my palm reached the tip and my balls started that familiar ache and tingling sensation in there need to be emptied. Another glob of precum pooled on my thumb as I topped my cock. Now slowly fisting my cock between my gripped fingers and trying not to wake Leila I slowly and deliberately massaged the shaft until my balls started to tighten caused by the sensations that were building and the head of my cock stabbing between Leila’s things.

Turning onto my left side a little more I positioned my cock between her ass cheeks and thanked god that he had endowed me with enough length to slide the whole length of her slit and the head to reach the lacy covering at the front of the gusset.

A few strokes later the gusset was becoming soaked with my own juices, allowing the sensations of the soft material to accentuate the sheer pleasure that was taking over my whole groin region I sighed with pleasure.

Bringing myself closer and closer to the edge with each stroke, I slowed my movements a little so as not pleasure myself to orgasm to soon or to alert Leila just at that moment.

Lifting my right leg I massaged my testes which were now hard, high, aching and ready gaziantep escort to push a load big enough to shoot a hot load through my throbbing cock and probably quite some distance. Using lube I inserted my middle finger into my back passage in the hope that whilst I slid my cock slowly against the deliciously wet crotch of my sleeping wife I could exquisitely massage my prostate to produce more pre cum. It worked effectively I groaned as I felt pre cum wet the tops of Leila legs, I knew I needed to push my way inside the leg to feel the full effect of being restricted, bring about the sensations usually induced by the seam that always caught the sensitive piece of skin on the underside of my now purple head.

Wondering if I could actually achieve orgasm without Leila waking began to cross my mind, she was really deep in sleep, usually by now she would be awake and impaled on my cock. However selfishly it felt I was really enjoying the fantastic sensations alone. I slowly slipped my hand around her waist and found the leg of her panties so that I may gradually lift them and allow access for my cock to slide inside the gusset, Oh my the sensations when I achieved actually achieved my aim my cock were incredible. My cock head now eased gently along her damp slit and I was able to locate the seam o the crotch. I shuddered a little as the head of my cock now grazed across the ridge with each stroke, now picking up momentum I massaged myself against her pussy, the crotch of her panties and allowed the seam and lace to stimulate where my foreskin attaches to my cock.

Breathing deeply, moaning uncontrollably and as close as could possibly be to orgasm that I could be I reinserted my finger in my ass knowing that if I massaged my prostate and the sensitive nerve endings in my anus I would explode in a ball rocking eye rolling orgasm.

Awash with sensations and hard as rock, my balls started to tighten, feeling my foreskin banging against Leila’s now blood engorged clit and the seam of her panties I was an unstoppable force, so much so I was giresun escort unaware that Leila was awake and conscious of my actions until she turned her head and breathed in my face I sensed that she was waking and enjoying the stimulation. I opened my eyes and heard her say “go all the way big boy!”

I started to pump my ass and grind my cock hard against her whilst she rubbed the head of my cock poking through the soaked material. The seamed ridge of her panties now rubbing the spot, my prostate on fire from taking a good massage with my finger and her words of encouragement to cum hard took me way over the edge. Eyes rolling, hips rocking and balls expending what seemed to be the biggest load I had ever felt in my life I growled my way through tumultuous body shaking ass clenching climax shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into the gusset of Leila’s panties.

It took quite some time before I stopped shaking and was able to speak to Leila, when I opened my eyes she was smiling at me and rubbing her pussy frantically with my own fingers encircled in her through the cum drenched panty gusset. Desperately diddling her clit. She moved and pushed me onto my back. Lifting her legs apart I could see just how much I had cum and boy what a surprise I got when she sat on my face and asked me to suck my own cum from her panties clean and then tongue her clit.

I got to work and worked avidly on eating every drop of my own cum and the juices that she was now producing in copious amounts, my tongue stimulating Leila’s clit to orgasm with each second, I pushed my two middle fingers deep inside her and finger fucked her whilst she ground against my face. As I tongued her clit around the cum soaked gusset I felt her muscles tighten around my fingers before she orgasmed hard. I looked up to her face and watched her having her own eye rolling, hip rocking climax gushing hot sweet cum all over my lips, mouth and chin.

I imagined she may be a little pissed at the fact that I had started the process of panty jerking without her however rolling onto her back but she removed the panties and tossed them onto my chest, she whimpered “that was so hot, remind me to wear those panties to bed every night panty lover”, whilst still basking in her orgasmic state I cleaned up the rest of her cum prom the sensuous material whilst she slumped against me….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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