One Plus One Ch. 02

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*Chapter Two*

I was turning the doorknob quietly, not wanting to wake Peyton, when he woke up. He sat up and asked me what I was doing, and then where I was going as he fully opened his eyes to look at me.

So much for not having any awkward moments, I thought.

I went back over to the bed and kissed him a little, on his lips. I thanked him for last night with a big smile on my face that I couldn’t suppress.

He still looked sleepy as he just sort of watched me.

I told him that we’d talk later. He shocked me by reaching out to grab me around my waist. He pulled me down on top of him, and then he rolled us over so that he was on top of me.

After we fooled around a little, he asked me if I was hungry. I told him yes, but that he didn’t have to get up so early. I could go home and eat, which is what I had planned to do.

He sat up on the side of the bed and turned the bedroom light on. When he got off the bed, the blankets were thrown back. There was evidence on his sheets from what’d we’d done the night before. It was like a bat signal, in my mind.

Peyton noticed my embarrassment. He took the sheets off the bed and kissed me on the side of my cheek.

“Thank you,” he told me, playfully biting my chin. I was relieved that he didn’t make a big thing out of it.

He pulled me along into the bathroom where we took a shower together. He’d tried to make love to me in the shower but I was too sore. I’d been taking awkward steps since I’d left his bed. I don’t know why, but it seemed to turn him on even more.

He’d gone to his knees and he’d made me come with him mouth. Pleasure like I had never known washed through me.

Peyton made breakfast for me in his state-of-the-art kitchen. I was seated at the table when Caleb walked in looking like he had just gotten out of the shower. With him was a pretty female. She wore one of his expensive dress shirts, and nothing else. She had bed hair and her feet were bare. Caleb wore a t-shirt and khaki shorts, socks.

The three of us spoke politely.

Matthew and Sean both walked into the kitchen behind Caleb and his date.

“So you’re alive?” Matthew asked me.

I looked at him, puzzled as to what he meant.

“I thought he was killing you last night,” he grinned and gestured toward Peyton. Sean began to snicker behind him.

“Oh god Peyton! I’m cum–cumming,” Matthew mocked me accurately, and then chuckled.

His gaze scrutinized me like he expected me to blush and be embarrassed. Then, to further push my buttons I guess, he asked me if I had never come before.

Before the night before and maybe if he were someone else; I most definitely would have blushed at his words. Matthew’s eyes held this—something challenge or dare that made me feel like I had the night before in the club, completely uninhibited. I decided to answer him even as Peyton told him to shut up.

“Not like that. No.” I told him.

I wanted to laugh when he seemed to be at a loss for words.

Caleb sat across from me at the table, his girlfriend sat next to me. He looked into my eyes while he squeezed the icing onto the toaster strudels that he’d had in front of him. He’d also given his girlfriend two as well.

When my eyes met Caleb’s I felt like he could see through me. He looked away from me as he picked up his toaster strudel. Matthew sat next to him while Sean went into the refrigerator.

Matthew’s mouth literally dropped open when Peyton sat perfectly made scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and toast in front of me.

“Wow!” he declared and snickered, you pussy-whipped him in one night?”

“That’s what I said,” Sean all but mumbled, as he stole a piece of my bacon.

“I think he’s in love,” Sean smirked.

“Shut up” Peyton snapped at him.

“Wait that’s it?” Matthew asked looking back and forth between them. “That’s your huge comeback?”He acted as if it were the funniest thing he’d ever heard.

“Leave him alone,” I said to them.

I went over to Peyton. He was pouring me a glass of orange juice. I kissed his lips. I thought it was cute that his face was beet red. I’d never thought he had a shy bone in his body.

“Don’t worry about them,” I smiled at him. “They’re just envious—of me,” I teased.

Peyton laughed then pulled me into him for a kiss. In the next instant he had me pressed up against the open refrigerator. It felt strange with his friends being there to witness it all, but it was like his touch, his kiss especially, ignited flames in me that I couldn’t ignore and didn’t want to.

Caleb walked over and took the glass of orange juice from Peyton’s hand. Then and only then, did I feel brought back down to earth.

Peyton removed his hand from inside of my panties.


Peyton asked me to go home to California for the Christmas break, not in a serious manner. Caleb was going as well. I went to California with him and had the most fun that I had, maybe ever.

In the months that followed Peyton and I became inseparable. Peyton was everything I never istanbul escort knew that I needed. He had crazy, sexy, and cool down to an art form. Being with Peyton made me feel wild and free, and sometimes like a little kid. We had a blast together.

We got smashed together often, and he got me high for the first time in my life. He was my partner in crime.

We decided to be friends, good friends; with really good benefits. And even though I wasn’t ready for anything more serious, I did feel slight jealousy when I saw him with other females, but I didn’t let it get to me.


I had no plans to go home at Spring Break.

I’d been officially inducted into the band and I loved every minute of the practices and performing. I spent a lot of my time with Caleb in the studio. He was a brilliant writer and I had always been a writer myself. I had journals full of words that I allowed him to read. He thought my stuff was good, and he helped me format a lot of my words and poetry into songs.

He was very well connected in the music industry, but even so when he told me that he was going to get sell my songs, I still couldn’t believe him. Until it actually happened.

A few days before Spring break; I got a huge payday for two of my songs. The first time I heard a vastly popular R&B artist on the radio singing my words, I cried, and then I went a little insane that weekend.


Since I now had enough money; I could afford to stay in New Jersey at the end of the school year. I still couldn’t fathom going home. Caleb offered me the third bedroom at he and Peyton’s place to stay. He also got me a paid position interning at his father’s company in the city.

It was the middle of August.

Peyton, Caleb, Matthew, Sean, their girlfriends and I were sitting around the living room of their apartment, now our apartment.

A day in August that I will never forget. There was a baseball game on TV. Everyone was smashed as we sat around to watch. I was lying with my back against Peyton while Caleb lay with his head on my lap, on their long sectional couch.

Out of nowhere Caleb said to Peyton, that if the Braves took the inning he got to taste Peyton’s girlfriend’s pussy. Peyton and I were both okay with not labeling our relationship, but most of the guys still saw me as his girlfriend.

As I was sort of sandwiched between two of them; it made Caleb’s announcement that much more awkward.

When Caleb said what he did, I accidentally dropped my lit blunt on him. He scrambled out of the way even as we cracked up laughing. It had burned a little hole through his t-shirt.

I expected Peyton to say something comical in response like, I don’t know, ‘bite me’ whatever, but all he said was a resounding “no”.

Caleb then glared at Peyton with his teeth clenched. I looked back and forth between the two of them and realized that either they were entirely serious or they were playing one hell of a joke on me.

“Why not?” Caleb barked, his blue eyes shooting heated sparks at Peyton.

“You know why not.” Peyton glared back at him, while answering.

“No. Really I don’t,” Caleb then sneered.

“I told you she’s not into that shit.” Peyton snapped at him.

“Bullshit!” Caleb snapped back.

It was like watching a fast paced tennis match.

Whoa. What? I sat there perplexed. “She’s not into what shit?” I interjected; feeling like the conversation was way over my head.

Caleb said, “Peyton and I—

“Shut the fuck up!” Peyton roared, cutting him off.

If he hadn’t had everyone’s attention before, he had it then, especially mine. He looked like he was ready to kill Caleb, but then Caleb looked about as homicidal as Peyton did.

–share our women,” Caleb continued, as if Peyton hadn’t spoken.

“Thank you. You.Fucking.Asshole.” Peyton shot up from the couch and kicked over the coffee table that sat in front of the couch. My eyes shot to Peyton as my heart beat like it was going to beat its way out of my chest.

“You’re welcome,” Caleb stated calmly, as he repositioned himself on the couch next to me, but not too close this time, and he wasn’t looking at me.

“You’re the only solo girlfriend that he’s had since we met,” Caleb then said as he relieved my fingers of the blunt I was holding.

He was as angry as Peyton was. I could tell by the way he breathed as he pulled on the blunt. He just wasn’t explosive like Peyton could be.

I turned to face Peyton, the male that I hadn’t known up until that very moment that I was hopelessly, maybe, irrevocably in love with.

“Peyton is he—is this true?” I asked him. My heart was in my throat.

“Yes.” Caleb answered for Peyton who didn’t say anything, which told me what I needed to know.

I began to find it hard to take enough air into my lungs.

“She wasn’t asking you,” Peyton snapped at Caleb.

“Then fucking tell me the truth,” I exploded at him.

“He didn’t even want you at first. I did. I wrote Crush for you. izmir escort And then that night he fell in love with you and now he doesn’t want to share you,” Caleb further explained. My heart thundered even harder in my chest as my eyes met his and I saw the truth of his words in them.

Was this some fucking game to them? “Am I the punch line of some joke?” I turned to Peyton to ask.

“No. Fuck no,” he answered immediately.

“But, Caleb isn’t lying, is he?”

His silence said it all. I felt a sharp pain like a knife, stab me in my chest. I got up off the couch ready to leave before I killed the two of them, but then I stopped in front of Peyton instead.

“You did all this. You made me– made me care for you,” I forced out at him, “Just so you two could be together?”

“What!”They both exclaimed loudly.

Tears filled my eyes and my words. “You’re gay and want to use me– as a– a cover.” I accused them both, not caring that tears slipped down my face, that they saw them.

Peyton looked like I had slapped him, but Caleb just smiled, like he thought I was funny.

“We’re not gay,” Caleb told me. I turned to face him, wiping my face. He stood, his height, towering.

“I’m not gay. He’s not gay. We just both– want you,” he sighed, before his head descended and he kissed me on the mouth.

Immediately I felt an electric pull. It spread throughout my body. It was totally different from what I felt with Peyton, but no less potent.

I tried to pull away but Caleb held me to him. My body involuntarily shivered as he continued to kiss me. Not responding to him was almost impossible, but I tried not to. Finally he let me go.

I turned away from him, breathing hard, to find Peyton’s eyes on us. He didn’t seem mad that Caleb had kissed me. He seemed aroused.

“I’m fucked up,” Peyton confessed to me quietly. “You’re the first woman who has ever been—enough for me, ever, but I’m just wired this way.”

“What way?”

I watched him clench his teeth as if what he had to say was very hard for him to.

“There’s no reason for us to talk about this. It’s not even an issue,” he said, which pissed me off.

I growled up at him, “Bullshit. You didn’t even try to stop Caleb from kissing me and when he finally stopped, you looked– you looked like you were imagining me fucking him. Now tell me the truth. All of it or I’m leaving and not coming back,” I promised him, almost hysterically.

As his gaze met mine he appeared remorseful and uncertain. I knew my expression showed my hurt feelings.

“Do you want to– to share me– with Caleb or not?” I asked Peyton, hoping that I could handle his answer.

He wouldn’t look at me as he answered. “No. I—

I knew he was lying. “Peyton, look at me,” I pleaded in frustration, and hurt.

“Don’t– don’t lie to me okay,” I said to him. I couldn’t take it if he stood there in my face and lied. I’d had that before and I’d thought that was behind me with him. If Peyton hurt me in that way, I didn’t think I would be able to handle it.

“He wants to.” Caleb answered for Peyton. “He’s just afraid that you’ll hate it, love it, or leave him.”

When Peyton finally looked at me again; it was with a whole lot of trepidation in his eyes, and I knew Caleb was not lying at all. Caleb wasn’t Peyton though. I needed Peyton to be honest with me.

“I have– thought about it,” Peyton finally told me.

“You’ve thought about it?” I repeated to him, hearing the breathlessness in my own voice.

The more I thought about it, the more upset I became.

“Baby, I would never want you to do something—

“But you do want me to– to fuck Caleb?” I shouted at him. “I can’t believe you want me to fuck your friend. Is that– Is this what our entire friendship has been about?” I continued to yell. “You getting me all nice and open to the idea, Peyton?”

“No!” he based, glaring at Caleb.

“Don’t blame him. At least he has the balls to tell me the fucking truth.” I glanced back at Caleb, “finally.”

I couldn’t seem to catch my breath or calm down.

“I just need to—Move,” I shouted at Peyton. He was blocking the path to my bedroom.

I was going to go to my room, get my keys and wallet to leave, but then Caleb grabbed me from behind.

“Take your fucking hands off her,” Peyton snapped.

“Oh now you care that he’s touching me. Fuck you Peyton.” I still attempted to wiggle out of Caleb’s grasp.

“Don’t go Nicole,” Caleb breathed, as he leaned down to kiss me on my neck. I wasn’t unaffected and that just confused and angered me more. “Let me show you how good it can be baby. Please. Just calm down and watch Peyton.”


I drew in a deep breath as his hands began to slide up my stomach. His long fingers moved underneath my t-shirt. My belly dipped and my nipples hardened. A small moan escaped my throat as Caleb’s hands moved under my bra. The feeling went straight into my panties.

Peyton’s eyes were riveted to Caleb’s hands, but izmit escort from his expression, I couldn’t tell what he wanted to do, help Caleb remove my shirt or kick his ass. I stilled Caleb’s hands on my breasts by covering them with my own.

“Peyton, Is this you want to happen? If it is, say so now. If not, don’t ever bring it up to me again.”

Peyton mumbled something while looking down at the floor.

“What Peyton? Speak up. She can’t fucking hear you,” Caleb told him.

“Yes,” Peyton growled, as my heart went into overdrive. He looked up to face me. His light hazel eyes had changed to a darker green. “I want to watch him fuck you and make you come.”

He immediately looked contrite about what he said. I couldn’t believe he had said it.

Silence hung in the air.

I pushed Caleb’s hands away and told him that if he won the bet I would let him go down on me while Peyton watched.

I could tell that Peyton hadn’t expected me to say what I did. I bypassed him and went into my room. I closed and locked the door.

I was angry but I couldn’t help thinking about the fact that I had always been attracted to Caleb, though I had never in my life thought about being with him, with any two guys at one time.

I watched the game on my TV. Caleb won the bet.

I waited long minutes for someone to come knocking on the door but no one did. I stood and removed my bra and panties. I pulled my shorts and t-shirt back on then walked back out into the living room, where it seemed like everyone had been waiting to see if I would show up.

“So where do you want to do this?” I asked Caleb as evenly as I could.

“Baby, you don’t have to do this.”

“I wasn’t speaking to you Peyton,” I snapped at him, keeping my focus on Caleb.

Natasha, who was with Sean, giggled as Sean kissed her on her neck. I had almost forgotten about them being in the living room.

Caleb’s now stormy blue eyes glanced at Peyton then returned to me.

“I guess if you stay around you’ll find out anyway. I like to be watched,” he shrugged.

If I didn’t know him so well I would have thought his words had easily rolled off his tongue, but I could see how uneasy his admission to me had made him feel.

“You mean like—

“I mean that I want to eat your pussy on the couch, right here, and right now,” he said, not beating around the bush.

He looked at me like he expected me to run back into the room.

When I just stood there he said, “No one in this room other than Peyton or I will touch you in any way.”I believed him, with no doubts in my mind.

I undressed while standing in front of Caleb. My heart jack hammered in my chest.

“Fuck you’re beautiful,” Caleb said, pulling me into him. His eyes hadn’t even left my face. He laid me back on the couch then got onto his knees.

“Peyton sit down and hold her so that she knows you’re okay with this,” Caleb told him. Peyton sat down so that my head rested in his lap.


Caleb’s mouth felt incredible, just incredible. I kept my hands on Peyton, touching all over him, feeling how rock hard he was. I gripped Peyton’s cock, his thighs, his neck, and his hair while trying to hold in my moans. My shaking thighs gave me away, I’m sure.

“Peyton. I need– oh god! I’m going to—Is it alright if I come?” I stuttered out to him.

“Fuck yeah baby. Come all over his face,” Peyton said roughly.

As I came I did just that. I screamed and gripped Caleb’s soft blonde hair. I don’t think I’d ever come so deeply before, and Caleb knew exactly how to lick, where to lick. He kept at it until I was so sated I thought I might fall asleep. He continued to kiss the insides of my thighs while the tremors from my orgasm subsided. I felt Peyton’s hands in my hair as well.

“I want to be in you so bad,” Caleb breathed to me. His voice trembled.

I glanced up at Peyton. He didn’t attempt to disguise the lust in his eyes.

“I want it only if you want it,” he told me.

“That’s not good enough,” I snapped, even in my ecstasy filled haze.

“I–I want it,” he admitted to me, his eyes liquid and dark, more brown than hazel with his deep arousal, as he gazed down into my face.

“Are you protected?”Caleb asked me.

I used birth control even though Peyton and I used condoms every time. I told Peyton that I was protected.

He told me that he didn’t go around having sex without protection, but he didn’t want to use anything with me. The way he was looking at me, I believed that he wasn’t lying.

“I trust you,” I told him, not knowing why I did or how I could so easily.

Caleb moved up my body as Peyton leaned down to kiss me. I felt Caleb begin to enter me. He was hard and big, bigger than Peyton, even bigger than Ahmad had been, and Ahmad had never been inside me.

I bit Peyton’s bottom lip but had to let it go moments later when I felt Caleb surge even deeper inside me. I screamed in pleasure.

God, I thought. No wonder he was so fucking arrogant and had that perfected elusive coolness about him.

“Oh my god! Oh fuck!” I exclaimed loudly, as he moved into me while my head thrashed around on Peyton’s lap. I somehow managed to be touching, gripping, and scratching them both.

“You’re fucking perfect,” Caleb panted to me; as he leaned down to kiss my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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