Praying for Rain Ch. 02

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Kelly and I slept peacefully and my internal clock had a rare morning of malfunction, letting me sleep until 7am. When I awoke, Kelly was still soundly asleep curled up in a ball facing my chest with one of my arms draped across her body. I removed my arm and rolled back slightly so I could look at her and I was struck by how young she looked at that moment. For the first time, I felt a flicker of doubt, but at this exact moment I saw Kelly’s one visible eyelid open and she gazed at me.

“I don’t like the look of that. No, sir, not one bit,” she said with a weary smile. “I wake up feeling better than… well, ever… and there you are looking at me like you’ve been caught with your hand in the cookie jar.”

“You just look particularly young this morning,” I said as I brushed some of the hair away from the side of her face.

“Too young to choose my own one-night stands,” she asked curiously. “You may want to think you’re ever so dashing and seductive, but I chose to bring you here.”

“One-night,” I asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Well, that look made me think you were about to flee the cabin, but I was hoping for another night,” she said with a playful smile.

“We’ll see if you still feel that way tonight then,” I said mysteriously. “Are you sore?” Her only response was a withering look of exasperation.

“Right, well I have a cure for that. But first, breakfast. Sleep a little more if you like or shower and I’ll find you when the food is ready.”

Breakfast was wheat pancakes with a fresh blueberry compote and turkey bacon. This met with a satisfied nod from Kelly when she emerged from the shower. After we were done she retreated to the couch with her book and I took a shower of my own. She watched in silence as I loaded the suit bag and a small gym bag back into my car but was waiting attentively when I returned.

“So where are we off to,” she asked.

“Part one of the surprise I said.”

“Oh, multiple parts, I may have to get excited,” she said sarcastically.

“Three or four, depending on how you count.”

Kelly rolled her eyes at me and headed for the door. It took about 45 minutes to arrive at our first destination, which got me a pair of raised eyebrows when I parked in front of a dance studio.

“This place looks clo…” she started, just as another car pulled in beside us.

“Mr. Bell I assume,” said the older woman who got out of the newly arrived car.

“Yes, that’s me,” I said as I showed her my driver’s license.

“I will unlock and clear the alarm. If you need to leave for lunch, just lock the door. I will be back before 4:00pm to close back up. Is there anything else you need,” she inquired with a glance at Kelly.

“I don’t believe so, but I have your number if needed. Thank you very much for doing this on such short notice.”

“Hard to refuse good money, and Sharon provided an excellent reference.” The woman quickly unlocked the door to the studio and cleared the alarm. She then got back in her car and was gone before either of us could utter a goodbye, but we waved politely as she left.

“Let’s go,” I said to Kelly, “we have a lot of work to do.”

“Work,” she exclaimed loudly. “I’ll have you know I’m supposed to be relaxing and enjoying the twilight of my youth before the world begins the slow process of sucking the life out of me.”

“Very dramatic and so very teenager of you,” I chided. “If you love something, it’s never work. Which of course doesn’t mean it isn’t hard or difficult, but if you view dance as ‘work’, then perhaps I’ve made a mistake.”

“No, no, you’re right,” she said as she entered the studio. “I just wish you’d warned me so I could have brought appropriate clothes from home.”

I hefted the gym bag I was carrying and said, “no worries, I’m a good planner.” I took out a pair of work out shorts and a sports bra. She eyed me suspiciously but disappeared into the back area to locate a restroom or changing room after she returned I did the same and came back wearing shorts only. We started with some stretching and basic exercises, which elicited some groans from Kelly at certain points.

After 30 minutes of this, I began to run her through some basic ballroom and contemporary routines. With just an hour of this I concluded that she was perhaps a little hard on her opinion of her dancing. She was correct in that she would probably never be a top tier professional, but she was quite good at several things. I changed tack in the last half hour before lunch and told her to improvise something for me. It was here she blossomed and she positively glowed while she ran through what was obviously a well-practiced routine.

“Beautiful,” I said enthusiastically when she finished, “but not improvisation. Did you choreograph it?”

“Yes,” she said with a blush.

“How many have you done?”

“Lots. I’ve always liked creating something, just never been as good at performing it,” she said bashfully.

“How many include things that you yourself cannot do?”

“Um… beylikdüzü escort none… I only create them for myself.”

“That is without a doubt the saddest thing I have heard. At school I truly hope you learn to create for someone else. If you can learn to not limit one talent with the shortcomings of another, you might unlock something wonderful.”

“Well… I suppose that’s good advice… I will try to remember it. Now, do I get a performance too?”

“Do you want one?”

Kelly smiled widely and said, “absolutely.”

I went rummaging in the back and found the audio equipment the studio used and put in a CD from my bag. There was a remote to control it which I took back to Kelly and told her to hit Play when I looked up. I cleared my mind, calmed my breathing, and focused my mind on a mental picture of Kelly. At first I tried to focus on something sexual… her bathing suit… the late night swim… but all of them refused to settle in place and vanished quickly. Ultimately, my brain settled on an image of her from Saturday morning, tired, with bed hair and eyes full of sleepy promise.

When I finally looked up, I captured her eyes and smiled, letting my mental picture overlay the reality in front of me. She started the music and I flowed from form to form, but always I left my eyes on her. I did not plan what I did, it was not an existing routine, but there were of course familiar patterns. The music and Kelly herself led me from point to point and my maneuvers rose and fell with the music. By the end there were tears dotting her cheeks and she wiped them away in embarrassment when I finished. I felt something stir at me as I watched her do it, something I hadn’t felt in a very long time, but I pushed it away with practiced ease.

“How do you do that,” she whispered. “It looked… no, it felt… like you were dancing for me.”

“I was. That’s what you asked for,” I said simply. “Dancing, real dancing, is like stripping naked for anyone that happens to be watching. If you improvise, you let the music and your own heart combine to create something, otherwise it’s just… mechanics. But even with choreography, you are combining that, the music, and yourself to bring something to life… a whole greater than the parts. Great choreography with bad dancers is just as bad as a great dancer with bad choreography. Choreography is a collaborative art where improvisation can be deeply personal. If you choreograph *and* dance something for someone, it will of course transcend any improvisation, but only if you put yourself into both parts.”

“You’re way better though. Like, professional good.”

“Now you flatter me. Once, long ago perhaps, but not anymore.”

“Well, you’ve kept it up well then, and I am awed and humbled.”

“We will fix that after lunch,” I said with a laugh. We went next door to a small family restaurant which was relatively deserted. “Light lunch,” I cautioned, “we have more dancing ahead.” We both ordered salad and some fruit and ate in relative silence.

“So… not going to offer up an explanation or details on your dancing background,” Kelly finally asked after we finished eating.

“Later, perhaps tonight, for now you’ll just have to trust me.”

“Very well, then let’s get back to whatever it is you’ve gotten me into.”

I paid the bill and we were soon back at the studio. We repeated our warm up and stretching, with fewer groans from Kelly this time, and then I started the real work.

“Ok, have you done Pasodoble before,” I asked.

“Only a few times, that’s mostly a man’s dance.”

“Is it,” I asked archly. “Why don’t we see if we can change that then.”

I ran through some basic fundamentals and was pleased to find that she remembered most of it. Then I introduced her to the chosen music. My choice started dark and mysterious and built to a strong and powerful finish.

“That seems to suit you,” Kelly teased after the song finished.

“Well, our job,” I said, “is to make it suit *us*.”

“You… you mean choreography?”

“Exactly. It doesn’t need to be overly complex or fancy, but it has to be us. I do think we can handle a few big moves at key moments though.”

“You mean you can handle them,” Kelly said flatly.

“This isn’t about me Kelly, this about you creating something for someone other than yourself.”

“I’ll try,” she said hesitantly.

“Do or do not, there is no try,” I quipped at her with a smile and got an eyeroll in return. I stepped closer to her and poked her in the forehead as I said, “it starts here. But it has to end here,” I said as I poked her chest above her heart. “Now close your eyes. Listen to the music again, and this time imagine how it should move you… me… us. Where will it take us and what will it have us do.” She obeyed quietly. When the song finished I told her to keep her eyes closed and I started it again and told her to repeat it, refine it in her mind. Then I whispered in her ear, “now put your adana escort heart into it, think of us, at the restaurant, at the lake, in the lake, in bed, wherever you want, then change it.” Again she listened and this time I saw her sway slightly as things played out in her head. I repeated the process a final time, giving her a chance to perfect it.

“What about you,” she asked after I stopped.

“I will help you and add myself as we go along.”

We danced, we stumbled, we even fell a couple of times, but we also teased, laughed, and played. But above all we created and while I don’t think she completely realized it, the resulting routine was focused quite heavily on her. We added four tricks to the routine, including a single arm straight deadlift at the end. We rehearsed it a few times and she quickly had it committed to memory.

“Got it all filed away up there,” I said pointing to her head after the third run through.

“Yes, but what does it matter?”

“We’re performing it tonight.”

“What,” she said loudly as her eyes went wide.

“I’ve entered us in a local dance competition. There’s a prize, but the event is for charity, so this isn’t about winning.”

“I don’t know,” she said hesitantly.

“No? Why not,” I asked sternly.

“What if I mess up and make you look bad or waste all this hard work?”

“I want to dance with you,” I stated.

Kelly blushed and looked down and said, “alright, if you’re sure.”

I walked over to her and lifted her head up to me. “Very sure,” I said reassuringly. “We have 45 minutes before the owner returns to lock up. Do you want to run through it a few more times?”

“Yeah, I feel like we better, for my sake,” she said with a smile. “Just to be sure.”

After more rehearsal we packed up in time to meet the owner as she returned. An hour later, I pulled up at the venue for the benefit competition and led Kelly inside. We registered and headed down to the dressing rooms and rehearsal area. Olivia was waiting outside our assigned room with a very large case beside her and I greeted her with a hug.

“I’m sorry to do this to you on short notice and on a Sunday,” I said apologetically.

“Nonsense,” she replied with a smile, “had I been busy I would have told you no and it’s wonderful to see you again. And you must be Kelly,” Olivia said turning toward her.

“I… uh… yes, that’s me,” she said bewildered.

“Let’s go in and get changed and get started,” I said ushering both of them into the dressing room. Thankfully the room had a screen partition in one corner so we could change. I hung my suit bag on a nearby hook in a way that Kelly would not be able to look inside. Then I extracted her outfit and mine. When I handed Kelly hers, she gawked open mouthed at me.

“I know a guy,” I said with a shrug.

Olivia smacked me in the shoulder and glared at me. “He knows a girl,” Olivia said to Kelly, “he knows quite a few of them actually.” Kelly only blushed in response. “Ah, ok then,” Olivia said apologetically, “I’ll be keeping my mouth shut from now on then.” Olivia was always very quick on the uptake and I was glad of it, yet again.

“Change and she will start on your makeup and I will change while you are doing that.”

Kelly’s outfit was chosen with intent. Underneath, it covered very little, but the outer layer had strips of frayed cloth that kept things more modest while she was standing still. When she moved, her midrift, legs, back, and a fair amount of ass were all on display. My outfit was simply a pair of leggings with tattered bottoms that mirrored the strips of Kelly’s outfit. Her outer layer and my leggings were black, while her inner layer and my only other piece, a sash, were a fiery red. Olivia added some black and red makeup to both of our faces giving us a haunting and primal visage. We ended up being one of the more decoratively dressed couples.

Given my late registration, we ended up being the last couple to dance. So we had a chance to do a couple of dry runs before we hit the stage. When our number was called, I saw Kelly grow immediately nervous, so I gave her a quick hug and a pep talk.

“Forget the competition and the crowd,” I started. “You’re here to dance with me. Dance with this,” I said pointing to her head, “and this,” pointing to her heart. “Everything else will take care of itself.” She smiled up at me and took my hand as we headed up. She danced very well and there were no mistakes or mishaps. Through the entire routine I did my best to put Kelly on display, as well as her art. When the routine ended there was a second or two of silence as I stood with her raised over my head until the stage lights darkened and then the place erupted in thunderous applause. We quickly retreated back to the dressing room, and I noticed Kelly was breathing heavily and flushed the entire way while I quickly calmed down during the walk.

“I’m pretty sure all of those people think…” I started as she dragged me into the dressing room. She afyon escort closed the door firmly behind me and locked it and then she interrupted me with a fiery, passionate kiss. She pushed my sash up and my leggings down and took my rapidly hardening cock in hand. She stroked me slowly and methodically while she continued to kiss me. When I was fully aroused she wrapped one arm around my neck and lifted herself up and guided me past her outfit and into her. There was a small grimace on her face when she was fully settled onto me and I had a moment of concern.

“Don’t you dare ask,” she whispered in my ear sensing my hesitation. “Fuck me Darren.”

I stepped forward so her back was against the door and started to obey her request, slowly. She met my thrusts in perfect unison, groaning as we gradually increased the pace.

“Are you hard for me,” she teased in a whisper.

“Yes,” I replied strongly.

“Do you want me,” she asked with a strange tone in her voice.


“Am I beautiful?”

I raised my head so I could look into her eyes. “Gorgeous,” I said softly.

“Do you want to cum in me again,” she asked with an evil grin.

I pushed her more firmly against the door and increased the speed and depth of my thrusts. “Fuck yes,” I said heatedly.

“Well, you can’t, not for that reason,” she panted at me and leaned into my shoulder again. “But you will cum in me. Your beautiful girl demands that you do it. You will cum in me because *I* want it… because I *demand* it.”

Her talk was driving me a little crazy, causing me to hesitate at first and then to proceed aggressively a few seconds later. “Demanding,” I moaned in her ear as I started pounding away at her in earnest.

“Do it, Darren, cum in me. No control, no worrying about my pleasure. Surrender yourself and your hunger to me.”

I put my forehead against hers and let all my hunger show in my eyes. Hunger that I never showed anyone before. I was close and grunted tensely as I tried to wait for her words.”

“Cum in me now,” she finally said. I erupted inside her in perfect time with her uttering ‘now’ and growled my pleasure in her ear as I collapsed against her.

I barely had time to calm myself before we heard the call for all contestants to return to the stage. We quickly cleaned ourselves up a bit and re-adjusted our costumes before hurrying back up. As dance partners we were awarded third place, which was a pleasant surprise to both of us. The real surprise came after that, when we were awarded best choreography which caused Kelly to jump up and down with excitement and hug me fiercely. When we returned to the dressing room, Olivia was again waiting on us, this time with two cases.

“What’s going on now…” Kelly started, but I quickly pushed her into the dressing room and motioned Olivia to follow.

“Sit,” I said to Kelly and pointed to the chair in front of the mirror. While Olivia waited patiently by the door I took a large towel and covered the mirror. Kelly looked at me like I had three heads but remained silent. I turned her chair facing away from the mirror and went back to Olivia. “You remember what I said… nothing heavy…”

“Of course,” Olivia interrupted me loudly, “I *do* have some talent at this, remember?”

“I’m sorry… it’s just… I’m a little nervous,” I said glancing at Kelly who was becoming intrigued by the conversation.

“You?! Nervous? I mean, she’s a little young for the ‘toy box’ I suppose, but why would you…” Olivia asked quietly.

I blushed and felt a little anger rise in me at the remark. “That’s not what this about,” I said stiffly.

“Ah,” Olivia said and looked at Kelly again and then back to me. Then her eyes narrowed and she looked at me shrewdly. “Do *you* even know what this is about,” she asked me with a soft smile.

“Go,” I said and pointed toward Kelly and I followed her with a second chair so she could sit and open her cases.

“What’s going on,” Kelly asked when Olivia was seated in front of her.

“Make over time, sweetie,” she said as she began to wipe away the costume make up she had applied earlier. “Nails first, then hair, and lastly makeup. That reminds me,” she said and turned toward me.

“Right, color, sorry, turn her around,” I said and Olivia obliged by swiveling Kelly’s chair back toward the covered mirror. I carried the suit bag over to Olivia so she could look inside.

“An excellent choice as always,” Olivia said. “Are you sure you aren’t just a little gay,” she teased. This caused Kelly to snort and laugh.

“Oh,” Olivia said as she glanced in her direction and then looked back at me. “Ohhhh,” she said knowingly.

I scowled and pointed toward Kelly and took the suit bag to the partition with me. I took my time changing knowing that Olivia would be a while. I tried to towel myself off as best I could and used a little deodorant to try and at least hide the lack-of-shower odor.

“Did your mother teach you about makeup,” I heard Olivia ask.

“Only a little. Hers tends to be very heavy and I kind of had to learn on my own as I went.”

“Mmmmhmmmm,” I heard Olivia mutter.

“Is… I mean… am I terrible,” Kelly asked.

“What? No, no sweetie, no more so than any other self-taught young lady.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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