Relinquishing Her Autonomy Ch. 09

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They have just finished dining at an elegant restaurant, and are now entering a high-end gentlemen’s club to continue the evening and enjoy an after-dinner drink.

The two make a handsome pair, he in his stylish slacks, shirt, and dinner jacket. . . she in a long dress, with a plunging neckline to accentuate her cleavage, and a striking slit that reaches up to her hip. Her dress is deep green, a color her Master chose because he finds it lovely with her honey-colored skin, dark blond hair, and brown eyes. She has received compliments and looks from strangers throughout the evening, and he is proud to be out with his slave.

Tonight he has granted her full eye-contact, speech, and touch permission for the evening, and he has relaxed the open-leg requirement, so that she may carry herself more naturally – with those sexy movements he has always admired.

Just after being seated at the club, as she is settling into the booth with her Master, he pulls a small bag out of the inner pocket of his jacket.

“My pet, take these to the restroom and put them on – and in. You’ll find clover clamps to attach to the nipples I own – yes, the connecting chain will be visible to onlookers because of your exposed cleavage. Also, you will insert a vibrating egg into the pussy I own, and put these lacy panties on to contain the small external vibrator for the clit. I will control the remotes for both of the devices.

“Throughout ataşehir escort the evening, you will not demonstrate any reaction when I activate either vibrator. Whether you are conversing with me or interacting with a waitress or anyone else, you may not express pleasure. When I occasionally pull at your chain, you will not wince. If I see any reaction, you will receive a serious consequence. Now get along.”

“Of course, Master. Thank you for the clear instructions.”

They enjoy the evening, conversing, discussing literature and other shared topics of interest, commenting on the attractive women performing on stage, etc. Occasionally, he discreetly reaches over to pull down on the connector chain between the nipple clamps, and she performs beautifully, carrying on with no flinching. He has trained her quite well these months.

He purposefully engages the waitress to spark a conversation between her and his slave, and activates both vibrators. Camila does not skip a beat, continuing the small talk with the woman despite the tremendous pleasure between her legs.

After some time, two drinks in, Phillip’s tone becomes serious, and he turns off the devices, leaving only the nipple clamps.

“My pet, two weeks ago, I was very pleased with your behavior when our guest joined us in your home. You served me – and her – unconditionally. You were an amazing slave.

“Now I am going to tell you about another test I have planned for you, but this time, I’m ataşehir escort going to give you the opportunity to use a safe-word before I execute the plan.

“I know that the only men you have been with in over a decade are your ex-husband and me. I know that you wouldn’t engage in this type of activity with just anyone and that the history we share enables you to feel comfortable with me.

“But I am ready to show off my pet to another man. If you agree, I won’t tell you when or how or who, but I am giving you this opportunity to say no.”

She takes a drink of her cocktail and continues looking in the direction of the stage, pondering what he has just said.

After some moments, with a bit of concern in her voice, “Master, are you going to send me off with a man privately, and direct me to dominate another woman for him, as Beatrice’s Master sent her to serve you and dominate me? And will I be alone with this stranger and under his control, outside of your supervision?”

Noting the trepidation in her voice, he caresses her face gently. “No, dear slave. I do not desire to test you as a dominant. I know that’s not who you are. On the contrary, I wish to further push your submissiveness by testing you with another man – but in my presence. I will have ultimate control throughout, and I will not leave your side.”

More confidently, she responds, “Master, your slave does not crave the touch of another man. I belong to you, and you control my pleasure and anadolu yakası escort my pain. But I do wish to please you and perform for you in this manner. Thank you for being so pleased with me that you wish to share me with another, Master. No safe word needed. I am honored to serve.”

“Good. The man is here, in this club, as we speak. He will be joining us at the Ritz next door later this evening.

“Now take this $20, and take the long way up to the stage to give it to the stripper. Then take the long way back along the other side of the club. I want our friend to get a full view of my property, which I will share with him tonight.”

Her eyes widen in astonishment, and she takes a deep breath.

Then, with the already wet pussy beginning to throb and become more slick, “Of course, Sir.”

He yanks on the chain, turns on both vibrators, and sends her on her way.

She rises from the booth, with intense sexual surges coursing through the body he owns, and stands tall despite her small stature. She surveys the room for a moment and wonders who in the club is the man who will be taking her just a short time from now.

Will this man apply pain? Will he provide pleasure? Will she be able to react? Will she be allowed to – and indeed ordered to – experience an orgasm? Will she get a sense of his build or have any sense of who he might be?

The questions in the mind begin to wind down, and a small, proud smile forms on her face as she embarks with great confidence on her little assigned journey. She winks at the stripper as she gives her the tip, and she makes it a point to make eye contact with each and every man who looks at her as she moves about the club.

She feels quite empowered with this latest challenge from her Master.

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