Slutty Tales Pt. 01: Maddie

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Group Sex

Maddie grew up in a small village and has lived nineteen years of her life being a good girl. Unlike all her peers she rarely went out and almost never got drunk. She tried cigarettes when she was sixteen but she saw no fun in the coughing and smelly breath that followed. So it was her first and last time.

Having been accepted to her first choice University, she has been studying towards becoming a teacher.

She even went to church every Sunday with her family. Not because she believed in any of it but her parents and especially her grandparents did and they expected her to be there. And good girls do as they are told.

She had two boyfriends so far. Both of them respectable young men, her family approved of. She had sex with them, simply because that was what people her age did. If her parents had suggested she waited for marriage, she probably would have. She considered marrying the second boyfriend before leaving for Uni. Luckily both him and her parents thought, they were too young.

No doubt, after finishing her studies, she would have returned to her village to teach in the local primary school and would have married Ben and have a couple of kids. It could have been a content, even happy life.

If it wasn’t for Lia.

Because sometimes it only takes a slight twist of fate or a special person to change the whole course of your life.

The girls had the odd seminars together and occasionally they exchanged a few words. Maddie didn’t think much of Lia at first. If anything, Maddie thought she was a bit weird and stuck up. She seemed to have this aura around her that she was somehow older and more experienced than the rest of their peers.

Her dress sense was also quite peculiar. While the rest of the campus wore jeans and t-shirts, Lia preferred miniskirts, knee high boots and low cut tops. There is a fine line between elegant slutty and trashy slutty and Lia somehow always managed to stay on the tasteful side. She had very long chestnut brown hair, which she wore in various pretty plaits. Her chocolate eyes were enhanced by thick mascara and soft autumn colours on her eyelids.

Sometimes she wore glasses for lectures which just made her look even more sophisticated.

By contrast, Maddie’s morning routine consisted of throwing some comfortable clothes on and brushing her teeth and caramel blonde hair. She didn’t see the point of wasting time and money on hair and make up. She was taken. And Ben loved her the way she was: au naturel.

Maddie was renting a five bedroom student flat with four other girls, close to the University and the city centre. Two of the four girls were from the other side of the country and they only travelled home for the holidays. The other two lived a little closer and left about every fortnight.

Because of her boyfriend, Maddie did the four hours return trip almost every weekend, but sometimes the girls convinced her to stay and they threw small house parties with lots of cheap booze.

Lia was invited to one of these and the two of them started chatting over a couple of drinks. Lia was asking if Maddie knew any places to rent nearby, as she was commuting from the other side of the city. Sometimes she worked nights in a hotel at the weekends, in the same area and the early morning bus journeys were getting to her.

Maddie promised to ask around and wanted to know more about the work Lia did. She knew from the other girls that Lia had very unstable family background and pretty much had to support herself. Understandably she was curious, how she managed to pay for Uni, accommodation and even afford a few designer clothes.

Lia gave her an uneasy smile, that made Maddie think, it was something, she didn’t want to talk about and was ready to swiftly change the subject. But after studying Maddie’s face for a few seconds, Lia started talking with a slight shrug of a shoulder, slumping down onto the arm of a brown leather sofa, that has clearly seen better days.

“I do front desk work for them on weekends. Mostly night time as it pays better.” She was still staring at Maddie’s face intently and continued with a mischievous smile, “Some guests ask me to give them private tours of the city — if you know what I mean. They often take me on boat trips, shopping or partying.” She took a swig of her beer. “That communication seminar on Monday,” she laughed, “I don’t even know how the lecturer looks like.”

Frankly, Maddie wasn’t sure what her classmate meant by ‘private tours’ at all. Was Lia sleeping with these foreign tourists for money? Is that how she could afford everything? Maddie was shocked to her core. Her morals were rioting against the idea, but on the other hand, she was curious about Lia’s lifestyle and was drinking her every word.

Lia was telling her about the places these men – often well-off businessmen – took her. Five-star restaurants, day cruises abroad. Then she mentioned an American guy she met a few weeks ago. How, after spending almost a whole week together, he invited diyarbakır escort her over to the States for the summer. All expenses paid by him.

“Of course I won’t let him pay for absolutely everything, so I’m saving up for it,” Lia said with a proud grin.

Maddie was dumbstruck and somewhat envious. Part of her wanted this glamorous, adventurous life, but the other part had huge doubts that she could ever live like that.

“Are you not scared that something might happen to you?” Maddie asked, still standing, eyes wide open with interest.

Lia noticed that she hasn’t had a sip of drink since her revelation.

She was not surprised by Maddie’s stick in the mud comment. She usually didn’t talk about her lifestyle. On the rare occasion she did, it was an expected reaction. Jealousy and ignorance often brought devaluing comments forth. But sometimes it was fun to shock others and make some waves.

With Maddie, it was different though. It was a test and Lia watched her classmate’s expressions closely. When she recognised the glint of arousal in Maddie’s cornflower blue eyes, she knew that she has chosen well. Maddie will not only come around, but soon enough she will even outshine her in sluttiness.

Reserved good girls always did.

Tight little small-town girls usually turned out to be the naughtiest, once introduced to the big wide world of sin. Their sexuality was like a bottle of champagne, exploding with intoxicating sweetness when shaken. Lia couldn’t wait to drink the bubbles.

“I have safety measures in place,” she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, without revealing what those measures were. “I also got a pepper spray.” She grinned pointing to her handbag. “But let me tell you, the only place, I almost had to use it wasn’t with guys from the hotel, but the junkies on the number 18 night bus, going home.” A disgusted grimace spread on her face at the memory, but somehow she still managed to look strangely attractive with an expression distorted by outrage.

Maddie wondered whether it was the alcohol that made her fall for Lia’s peculiar details.

“That’s why I need to move closer,” Lia added softening her face into a smile again.

“If it’s any help, I’m happy to offer you my room, when I’m away,” Maddie said, finally lifting the bottle to her lips and taking a reserved sip. It was a path of conversation she walked on more effortlessly. She was a very kind and considerate person. Maybe too kind in fact. That’s why she was living a life, others have written for her. “I’m gone almost every weekend.”

Lia remained silent for a minute. Then sliding off the arm of the sofa onto the cushion, she patted the empty space next to her, urging the other girl to sit down.

“Listen, far be it from me to give you life advise or anything, but from the things you told me about your boyfriend, he sounds like a right bore.” She leaned back and crossed her legs over. It was much more comfortable to speak to Maddie not having to look up any more.

“I need someone to replace me for the summer at the hotel. So why not try and have some fun? It’s very busy in the summer, you could do full time too and earn a decent sum, even if you don’t want to do anything ‘extra’.”

Maddie kept silent, deeply contemplating to take the offer there and then. It was definitely tempting and not necessarily because of the money.

Seeing her hesitation Lia turned the left corner of her mouth into a lopsided smile, “You probably think I’m a slut,” she tittered. “But I just enjoy being adventurous. I want to try lots of things and have sex with lots of people, before I settle into anything serious – If I ever will. Being a slut is fun. It’s like being an explorer.” She raised her bottle as if for a toast, “To hell with morals and standards. Who cares about them? You only have one life, Maddie. You should live it the way you like it. Not how others expect you to, ” she shrugged a shoulder and lifted the bottle to her roguish red lips. “You should try it.”

Maddie’s slightly drunk brain was overwhelmed by that long monologue. All she knew was that Lia was right. Her home life was grey and boring and somewhere deep inside she had known for a while, that she didn’t belong there anymore.

The only thing she was confused about were her feelings towards Lia herself. She suddenly realised, she looked up to her. She was everything Maddie wasn’t. Adventurous, bold, sexy…

But whether she wanted Lia’s life or she wanted to be in her life was a labyrinth of confusion. Because she didn’t understand those feelings. So for another length of time she kept quiet, cocking her head and willing Lia to continue.

And Lia did. Because she knew exactly what Maddie needed to hear. “Have you ever been with a girl?” she asked lowering her voice to a playful purr. Her arched eyebrow framed a daring expression in her dark chocolate eyes.

For a few seconds Maddie couldn’t decide if it was a mere question or a come-on.

Then Lia curled her cherry lips into a smile, snuggled up to Maddie, leaving no doubt about her intentions. She quickly glanced around, making sure, that no one was watching them.

Most of Maddie’s housemates and guests were grouped in the kitchen, enjoying a drinking game. Some have disappeared into the bedrooms. Lia didn’t want to kiss her in front of others and risk pushing her more than what Maddie was comfortable with.

“It’s just so different. Let me show you.” Lia’s mouth was still curled into a provocative smile when it seeked out Maddie’s soft lips. She kissed her with a childish peck, just a toe dipped into balmy ocean waves.

Maddie closed her eyes, knowing that when she opens them again, there’ll be a new life awaiting. She loved the warmth of Lia’s breath and the cold touch of her perky nose. Lia’s whole body was radiating heat, yet the tip of her nose felt like an icicle. Maddie smiled at the sudden sensation. Waves of arousal woken in the pit of her stomach.

Maddie wanted more, she wished Lia to stroke her hair, to whisper naughty things into her ear, to bite her chin. She craved Lia’s touch. It was a portal to a new, exciting world, Maddie was all too keen to enter.

Soft, caressing fingers ran down Maddie’s cheek, which made her part her lips with a silent sigh, giving way to new wonderful sensations.

Lia’s lips tasted like sun ripened, wild, foraged fruit from her childhood, like nectarous adventure and freedom.

That one kiss awakened something in her that was long forgotten. For a few seconds she was a little girl again, clammy and dirty from playing outside, stuffing her face with wild plum and berries. Kissing another girl felt strangely innocent and pure.

Their soft lips engaged in a slow, irrythmic dance for minutes. No tongues, just soft nibbles and occasional voluptuous nip of their teeth.

Then Lia broke their embrace.

“See, you can’t have anything like that with a bloke,” she glowed. “They insist stuffing their tongues into your mouth. I wonder why,” she snickered.

“Yes, I wonder,” Maddie joined in the laughter. “Have you been with many girls?” she asked a few seconds later somewhat sheepishly.

“A few, ” Lia said. “It’s nice sometimes, but I don’t tend to say no to a nice big cock,” she chuckled.

They finished their drinks, while Lia pondered aloud, why on Earth would anybody choose not to be bisexual. Then Maddie suggested, they went to her room hoping to continue, what they started.

She sat down in a cross legged position on the bed and Lia kneeled beside her. Sweeping a few strands of hair off Maddie’s shoulder, she started kissing her neck. Then helped her out of her top and pulled the lacy white bra straps off her shoulders. Maddie’s little perky breasts reacted to being freed with hardening nipples.

Lia gently stroked and caressed them avoiding the more sensitive and clearly aroused areolas and nipples. She liked to be a little tease.

“Did you know, that I wanted to do this since I first saw you at the auditorium?” Lia whispered, gently taking Maddie’s nipple between her lips and rolling her tongue on the sensitive button.

The subtle sensation made Maddie whimper. She wasn’t used to such delicate touch. Ben was usually more rough, rubbing, pinching and sucking them.

Lia had a weak spot for blondes, especially if they were innocent and uncorrupted like Maddie. She wanted to savour these first moments. She’s been fantasising about playing with Maddie’s delightful little breasts since she first saw her hanging around with Tiana and Chrissy after social seminar. It was such a pity that this beautiful cleavage was usually hidden under shapeless t-shirts and pullovers.

She found out from Chrissy the same day that Maddie had a boyfriend and she really tried to restrain herself. Right up until tonight, when she finally decided, that Maddie needed rescuing from her god boring life.

She ran her fingers down Maddie’s soft natural curls. Her hair was smooth as silk ribbons and had a scent of exotic fruit. As Lia was combing her fingers through affectionately, she asked if Maddie would let her braid it sometimes. She had an image in her mind, a crown braid, the picture of innocence. On the outside. Because, by then, — if Lia had her way with the girl – on the inside she will be everything but. It will be a beautiful contrast Lia smirked.

Where the cascade of hair ended, around bra line, Lia continued stroking her naked skin. She was drawing gentle lines downward with her fingertips, that felt as if tiny warm summer rain droplets were running down Maddie’s back.

“Lie down and let me taste you,” Lia whispered into her ear and ever so gently pushed her onto her back, then pulled her jeans and panties off her legs.

Maddie held her breath, anticipating Lia’s touch. But Lia, being a tease, spent long minutes just stroking, massaging her thighs, her thumbs stopping just shy of the small bush Maddie sported, due to the fact that she wasn’t expecting to have sex that weekend. The rest of her pussy was neat and clean shaven. After every gentle brush of Lia’s fingers, Maddie opened her legs slightly more and more. Her pulsing clit longed to be touched in any way shape of form. Yet Lia went out of her way to completely avoid her nest of desire.

Only when even her labia parted like the segments of a ripe clementine, glistening with droplets of nectar and Maddie started rocking her hips, did Lia stroke her puffy labia in a shooting gentle way.

“You are an eager little thing, aren’t you?” she teased.

Maddie opened her eyes and caught Lia shaking her head with a disapproving pout. She was bewitchingly beautiful in her menacing ways and Maddie was falling for her antics big time. Lia made her feel that she was the luckiest girl and was punching above her weight. Maddie considered herself a pretty girl, but just that, a girl. Lia was a woman, who knew, what she wanted. It was an amazing feeling to be wanted by her. Fragile and vulnerable but amazing, nonetheless.

“No rush, we have the whole night. Possibly the whole weekend,” Lia purred as she slowly inserted a finger, then two into Maddie’s keen tunnel.

That promise and the long awaited feeling of being full sent a wave of soft current around in Maddie’s stomach, followed by a urgent tightening of her snatch around Lia’s fingers.

Maddie ground her hips with desperation to the slow rhythm Lia’s hand dictated. More and more digits were inserted, stretching her, yet making her want more at the same time.

Lia was taken aback by all the wetness that gushed around her fingers and commented with inarticulate groaning.

“You don’t seem to get enough of my fingers,” Lia moaned. “Do you want to try fisting, doll?”

Maddie smiled at that pet name. She has never been called that before. It turned her on to be Lia’s doll, her plaything.

The fisting part was another story. That was shocking — ish.

“Ummm,” she hesitated. She only seen it done in porn and it did visually turn her on. That said, it wasn’t something she would have considered being done to her before. It’s not something, you can really do with a boyfriend. And until this evening, she didn’t give thought to sleeping with a girl.

Lia had a wee hand with short manicured nails, with just a touch of almost clear, peach coloured nail varnish on them.

Maddie had a potent mixture of alcohol, adrenaline and estrogen coursing through her veins, that breathed a ‘yes’ onto her lips.

“Ok, we can try,” she agreed, pulling herself up to her elbows. She wanted to see. She wanted to look into Lia’s eyes. More than anything she wanted to please her.

Lia was very slow and very gentle. Once four fingers were inside, she straightened them and grouped them together with her thumb.

“How does it feel?” she checked.

Since the answer was a loud moan, she continued until her hand completely disappeared into Maddie’s cunt.

Maddie opened her eyes and looked between her legs. The picture was obscene; her pussy contracting around another girls wrist. The stretching and pulling felt like losing her virginity again. In a way she did.

Lia was rocking her hand back and forth using her knuckles to stimulate the G spot bringing Maddie to the absolute brink.

When she placed her index finger across Maddie’s clit, as if to feel the crazy throbbing, it was like a pulse after running a marathon.

Once she gently started rubbing it with circular and left to right motion Maddie writhed in misery. She was so close that even if something as small as a feather had landed on her clit it would have pushed her over the edge. She didn’t stand a chance trying to hold it back. Then Lia made sure there was no turning back.

“I knew that deep, deep down you were a very naughty girl, Madeleine,” she purred. “Its ok, come on my fist.”

Her pussy tightened around Lia’s fist as she came with a loud moan. Her body trembled uncontrollably.

Lia slowly pulled her fingers out and ran her tongue over her index finger in an almost cat like fashion.

While Maddie caught her breath, Lia pulled off her panties and got comfortable on her back. Rolling her skirt up she started stroking herself with her fingers thickly coated with the other girl’s juices.

Maddie was still riding the gentle after-waves of her orgasm as she kneeled up. Her eyes focused on Lia’s beautiful mound. It had a cute landing strip, ending in puffy, thumb sizes lips.

Maddie couldn’t wait to run her tongue between them.

First she recognised her own familiar aroma, then another similarly sweet nectar greeted her exploring tongue. She inserted two fingers into Lia’s wet slit and gently lapped at her labia and clit.

“Do you, – hmm- want me to – um- do the same?” she asked self-consciously.

“No, it’s ok, I’m really close,” Lia grunted. “Just continue what you doing.”

Lia closed her eyes and imagined all the dirty things she will do to Maddie. Her mind was in overdrive. She couldn’t choose between all the different fantasies

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