Special Needs Tutoring

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Anissa Jolie

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George Michael: “Cause teacher, there are things that I don’t want to learn. And the last one I had made me cry.”

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I live in the basement of my mother’s house. She’s been widowed for six years now. Her husband was not my father, but he was a very loving and caring step-father. My mom was just shy of forty years old when I was born. She either doesn’t know or won’t admit who my father is. She taught elementary school for over thirty years before retiring a few years ago.

Twice a week she does a pot luck lunch and plays cards with some of her former co-workers and friends. There are always eight people involved. The card game travels from home to home. Mom hosts once a month. Today is that day. They start showing up around 10 am and talk talk talk talk talk. Cards start around noon with a break sometime after 1:30 pm. They do another ninety minutes of cards then clean up and talk talk talk. It’s usually after five before everyone has left.

My name is Cody and I’m twenty two years old. I’m trying to get my college degree. I have to work two jobs to make ends meet. To avoid paying benefits, companies restrict their part time workers to less than thirty hours a week. The pay sucks but I need it to pay my tuition along with all the normal living expenses. My mom charges me rent, albeit reduced. I’ve racked up several thousand in student loans already.

Mom lives on her teacher’s retirement and there’s not much left with her lifestyle. She upgrades her car annually and spends a small fortune on booze. She supports her church and buys lots of jewelry. I have a half brother who’s almost twenty years older than me. I’ve only met him a few times. His visits always seem strained and he has complete indifference towards me.

My current work schedule has me working most days from noon until nine. I have Fridays off. I attend morning classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I spend Friday catching up on homework and writing papers. At this rate I’ll be a seven year student. I intend to have a job where I shower in the morning instead of showering when I return home.

Earlier on Friday my mom had popped her head down the stairs “Cody, would you be a dear and pick up my liquor order?”

I grabbed the hundred from her and headed out the front door. I pick up her liquor order about three times a week. I encountered Molly. She’s a plump but pretty sixty something. Mom doesn’t allow smoking inside so she was puffing away by the driveway.

I waved at the smoke as I approached.

“I’m sorry Cody, does my smoking bother you?”

“Actually Molly, I have a certain fondness for women who practice their sucking skills” I winked and smiled.

She blew a smoke ring at me but said nothing.

When I entered the liquor store I was greeted like a VIP. Although I didn’t drink much, they thought I had a serious drinking problem. I paid for the box of various spirits and made my way back home. When I set the box of bottles on the counter mom greeted me with the standard “Where’s my change?”

I noticed Molly’s nipples were poking out as she sat eating a sandwich. I grabbed a banana and whispered in her ear.

“Your nipples have betrayed you. Use this to get warmed up. Take the path on the side of the garage to get down to my door.”

She didn’t even turn her head as she took another bite.

I never really expected Molly to appear but when I heard the door open my cock started twitching.

“Let’s go into bathroom. If someone see’s you coming out of the bathroom they won’t be suspicious.”

“I shouldn’t even be here.”

Her nipples were still poking the blouse. I ushered her into the bathroom, closed and locked both the hallway door and the one to my bedroom.

I stood behind her and started kissing her neck while my hands slipped beneath her blouse and under her bra. I pushed the bra up and over her boobs. I kneaded her nipples and she groaned.

“Lift your arms up!”

“Why? What do you think you’re doing?” as she raised her arms.

“We don’t want your blouse to get stained” as I pulled her blouse and bra over her head.

I put the lid down on the toilet “Sit here.”

I prodded her over and she sat “Pretty confident of yourself aren’t you?”

I put a towel in her lap “Pull my sweats down!”

She pulled them down exposing my nearly erect cock “Now suck!”

Her eyes met mine then she smiled and lowered her mouth over the head.

I put my hands on the back of her head but she stopped and said “Don’t mess up my perm!”

I placed my hands on her shoulders as she put more of my cock into her mouth. I pulled her closer and rocked my cock deep into her mouth. I sensed that she seemed to want to take my cock out her mouth. This was so fucking hot that I reached up, held her head, pushed in, and started shooting stream after stream of cum. I held her head in place until I finished.

My cum leaked out of her mouth and dripped down her boobs and onto zenci porno the towel.

“You little shit. I don’t even let my husband do that!”

“In that case I take back my wedding proposal. You said I shouldn’t mess up your perm. I didn’t want you to get cum in your hair. You’re welcome. Stand up!”

She stood and I kissed her on the lips then leaned over and sucked very hard on her nipples. Her boobs were big and time had caused them to become severely drooped. I pushed my hand down the front of her slacks and drove a finger in deep.

As she held my head to her boob “What do you think you’re doing?”

I rocked my finger in and out. Her pussy was very hot and tight. I guess I was expecting an older woman to have a looser pussy. She groaned and started rocking her pussy to meet my hand.

“That’s quite a bush you have down there. Come back at your break and I’ll fuck that hot dripping pussy. Sounds like they’re calling everyone to get cards started.”

Molly took the towel and wiped my cum off of her boobs, belly, and face. She used her finger to spread her lipstick around and hand brushed her makeup. She was dressed quickly and left without saying a word.

I had a very tough time concentrating on my homework. Would she really come back to get fucked? She has a husband? I decided to do physics homework. It becomes very evident when you have the wrong answer as the proofs fail.

Just after 1:30 pm I heard the shuffling of chairs and then the upstairs toilet flushing. My door opened and Molly let herself in. She headed directly into the bathroom, locking the hall door behind her. I entered through my bedroom door and locked it behind me.

“Pull you pants down.”

She just smiled as her bush came into view. All of the girls I’ve been with are either waxed or have a neatly trimmed small landing strip. Her bush was something I’d never encountered. I slid my hands under her blouse and pushed her bra over her boobs. Her nipples were very hard. I was groping her boobs and used my foot to push her slacks and panties to the floor. Molly’s hand was inside my sweats rubbing my cock.

“Step out of them, turn around, and bend over.”

She braced herself against the counter. I positioned my cock against her hot spot and she helped guide me in. I couldn’t believe it but it really wasn’t any different than the girls I had been with. It was hot, juicy, and a nice snug fit. I doubt that my cock is anything but normal size and there was plenty of friction. I pinched her nipples while I rocked in and out. The small moans and little ripples started about three minutes in. I lasted for about five minutes before filling her pussy. I held still for a little bit and felt myself shrinking.

Molly pulled away and sat on the toilet. She motioned me over and took my cock in her mouth while I heard her pee. She grabbed a handful of toilet paper and was cleaning her pussy, all the while sucking and cleaning my cock. She wadded up another handful of paper and stuffed it into her pussy and left it there.

She dressed then said “See you after cards.”

Any hope for getting homework done was gone. I started a load of wash. I tried to review some of the papers I had written but my mind just kept running through the day’s activities.

When I heard the chairs shuffling upstairs, around 3:15 pm, my cock became stiff. A minute later Molly came in and pointed to my bed. I locked the bedroom door leading to the hall while Molly locked the bathroom door leading to the hall. She was naked when she left the bathroom and started pulling down my shorts.

She sucked my cock for about a minute then rolled onto the bed and pulled her knees to her shoulders. I lifted her ass up a bit and had no problem driving my cock home. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me close.

“You better make me cum this time” she whispered.

I did an excellent job of delaying my climax. She was bucking and thrusting her pussy up hard. I slid a finger across her anus and that did the trick. She whimpered and covered her mouth then clamped down and started shaking. Her legs straightened then she shuddered again. I increased my pace and she dug her fingers into my back and spasmed violently. That was something I couldn’t withstand and I filled her pussy with several streams of cum.

She pushed me off then went into the bathroom. She dressed quickly and stood by the bed stroking my cock.

“This should have never happened. Thank you.”

“Thank me? No, thank you!”

She leaned down and kissed the head of my cock then left without another word.

I got dressed and headed up the stairs. The ladies were busy cleaning up and talking. Molly had a glass in her hand and never glanced my way. I was invisible to everyone there. I grabbed some of the leftover food and headed back down to try to study.

My date on Saturday night got one hell of a romp in the sack.

Things returned to normal. Mom went to play cards on Tuesday, got drunk, and someone had to drive her home. I dropped her off zorla seks porno to fetch her car on Wednesday morning. This happens more times than not. On Friday morning mom headed out for cards just after 10 am.

I had just come back downstairs, after grabbing a glass of ice, when I spotted Molly standing inside the door.

“Clear your bed off. Get naked” I was instructed.

My cock was almost hard by the time my books were on the floor. Molly pushed me onto my back then engulfed my cock. She deep throated me until I was ready to explode, then she covered the head of my cock with her hand and I erupted into her fist. She then started sucking me again until I begged her to stop. I was so sensitive by the time she quit sucking.

“I can be little shit too! Time for you to give me some oral pleasure.”

“Molly, you might have to help me with this. I’ve never actually done that.”

After twenty minutes of tutoring Molly was squeezing my head with her thighs as she had one violent orgasm after another.

“Now fuck me.”

I rolled her onto her stomach and raised her ass. I had no problem driving my cock into her hot pussy. Doing that oral thing must make a woman sensitive as she had wave after wave of little shudders. I filled her pussy with another large load of cum.

I rolled off then Molly went into the bathroom and dressed.

“Never again. I’ve really enjoyed this but I can’t do this anymore. I dreamed of us all week and I just had to have you one more time. You’re quite a lover Cody. Some young lady is going to get mighty lucky.”

She leaned down and gave me a very passionate kiss while stroking my cock.

Without another word she was gone. I dated the same girl on Saturday night and she must have cum ten times. I pleased her orally this time. She woke me up Sunday morning with my cock in her mouth. She’s almost as good as Molly with the deep throat thing.

Things returned to normal, but I have to admit I stalled until noon on Friday before getting serious about doing homework.

A few weeks later it was moms turn to host the party. Molly didn’t attend. I made my standard run to the liquor store and when I set the box of bottles on the counter Betsy approached. Betsy is a little older than my mom but she looks weathered and pale. Her nipples were poking her blouse. Without saying a thing she grabbed a banana and peeled it.

She raised her eyebrows and seductively pushed the banana into her mouth. She nodded towards the basement door. I went out the front door, around the side of the garage, and down the path to my side entrance. Betsy, who’s very thin compared to the rest of the ladies, was a minute behind me.

She didn’t say a word and headed straight for the bathroom. I locked the doors and joined her. She was already naked. She folded a towel and knelt down on it. I let her pull my sweats down and she had my cock buried in her mouth after it had sprung free. After a short blow she stood up, turned around, spread her legs, and braced against the counter.

“Fuck me Cody.”

I took my cue and worked my cock into her pussy. Again, it was a hot, juicy, and relatively tight. I pumped in and out and ran my thumb over her anus.

“Not this time lover. Maybe next week.”

That was enough to get me to shoot my load. The sloshing sounds were erotic. I reached around and played with her nipples and clit. After I slipped out she stood up and turned towards me. I massaged her clit and my fingers were deep into her pussy. After about five minutes of this she bit her lip and shuddered. I steadied her as her legs got weak.

“You be ready when we take a break.”

She was dressed and gone rather quickly, and not another word had been spoken. I laid there debating whether Betsy had deduced something a month ago, or maybe Molly just couldn’t keep quiet. Either way I didn’t care. She was a hot fuck.

My bed was cleared when Betsy came in during intermission. She did me cowgirl style. Her boobs, much smaller than Molly, but they were still fun to play with. As I’ve heard said ‘Once you see one pair of tits, you want to see them all.’

After Betsy’s pussy had drained my cock she dressed and stood by the bed.

“Can you come over to my place tonight? I think you’ll like what I have to offer.”

All I had planned was bar hopping with the intent of getting lucky. Ignoring the fact that the age difference was enormous, I agreed.

“What time?”

“Six if you want some dinner else seven. I’ll leave the garage door open. You can close it with the button by the door into the house.”

I arrived at six. Betsy had a robe on. She told me to take my shoes off and asked what I wanted to drink.

“Just something light. Water, maybe a soda?”

She filled a glass with ice and brought me a can of pop. She led me into the front room. The shades were pulled.

“Dinner’s still about ten minutes away. Take your pants off then sit on the couch.”

Who was I to ignore a direct request? My cock was getting stiffer by the second.

Molly put a pillow down in between my legs then knelt down. She licked the head of my cock, then the shaft, and then put most of it in her mouth. She went in and out until I was completely in her mouth. She looked into my eyes and flexed her mouth. I rocked like I was fucking her mouth and announced “Getting close!”

My cock came almost out of her mouth then took me completely again. Her eyes never left mine. I started filling her throat with cum and she sucked and swallowed. When I finished twitching she slowly let my shrinking cock slide from her mouth.

“That was my appetizer. Can I get you something?”

I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom. I had no problem peeling her robe off. After placing her in the middle of the bed I started licking her pussy using all the advice Molly had given me. In about ten minutes Betsy was screaming and bucking while trying to crush my head. I licked her to a few more orgasms before rolling on top of her. My cock was hard again and I fucked her for a few minutes before I came again.

I rolled onto my back and pulled Betsy on top of me.

“I hope dinner isn’t burnt.”

Giggling “We might have to order some pizza.”

After finishing the pizza Betsy sucked my cock then climbed onto my lap and slowly impaled herself.

“Cody, I have something to tell you and something to propose. I lost my husband six years ago and you’re the first man to make love to me since he died. I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and I’m doing chemo on Mondays. I feel like shit on Monday and Tuesday. Your mom tells me you have two jobs. If you quit the job you have on Saturday and Sunday I’ll hire you to be my personal assistant on weekends. I’ll pay you what you are making now and I’ll pay in cash. The chemo doesn’t appear to be working. When Molly told me about you I felt like a school girl again. If I’m going to die, I’m going to die with a smile on my face. Do you need some time to think about it?”

She was grinding up and down on my cock the whole time she spoke.

“Let me suck on your nipples and think about it.”

After I came, with my cock still in Betsy “I thought you lost your hair when you had chemo?”

Betsy reached around her head and removed her wig. She wasn’t bald but there wasn’t much hair there. As she started to put the wig back on I stopped her.

“You’re beautiful the way you are.”

I rubber her head as she drove her tongue into my mouth. We kissed and snuggled for a bit. After cleaning up we continued our chat.

“I think I might enjoy being your sex slave, I mean personal assistant. What were you thinking for a schedule?”

“Arrive here after cards on Friday and leave around 6 am on Monday. I want you to fuck me as many times as you can. We can try as many positions as possible.”

“Let me see if I can cancel my shifts tomorrow and Sunday. I’m taking you up on your offer.”

By the time I left Monday morning I think I had fucked her almost fifteen times. I enjoyed my first anal sex although I think I prefer her blowjobs.

We continued for six more weeks before her health took a turn for the worse. We had been doing ten to fifteen couplings each weekend. The first slowdown weekend Molly was somewhat listless. That weekend was only six times. She had several severe coughing episodes. We cuddled a lot.

By now Betsy knew as much about me as my mother did. I knew more about her than I did my mother. She had worked with my mom for over twenty years and they had done many things together including vacation trips.

“Cody, bring me your student loan paperwork. I’m going to pay it off.”

I ran home on Saturday afternoon and picked up the folder. Not only did she pay it off, she prefunded sixty credit hours.

The following weekend we had sex only three times. She was fading fast. When I arrived the next Friday the garage door wasn’t open and there was no answer when I ran the doorbell. I checked back on Saturday and Sunday and there was no change. My gut was twisted as I feared the worst.

On Monday mom was dressed nicely.

“Nice outfit mom. Where are you headed?”

“A funeral. Do you remember Betsy? She’s been here many times for cards. She died last Wednesday.”

“Do you mind if I go with you? It will only take me a minute to change.”

Tears were streaming down my face as I got dressed. I wore sunglasses through the ceremony. My heart hurt like hell. I had to attend to say my silent goodbyes.

For the next month I rarely left my basement room other than to go to classes and work. I had added two more classes and had plenty of homework to keep me busy.

It was another Monday a few months later when I encountered mom dressed up nicely again.

“Nice outfit mom. Where are you headed?”

“A funeral. Do you remember Molly? She’s been here a few times for cards. Her husband died suddenly last week. It was totally unexpected.”

My cock started twitching “Do you mind if I go with you? It will only take me a minute to change.”

After the funeral, at the reception, I met most of Molly’s family. She has two granddaughters who are in college. One is drop dead gorgeous, with a stuck up attitude, and the other is a younger version of Molly. Molly’s house is more like a mansion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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