Stacey’s Feet Ch. 01

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Stacey had always been told how cute she was, and she knew it was true. She had big, soft eyes, an adorable button nose, and silky blonde hair that cascaded down her back just to her tailbone.

Since it was just past her 18th birthday, she knew that people noticed her pert, perfectly round little bubble butt and her perky, firm 32B breasts topped with easily-excitable, upturned, light pink nipples. Not that anybody had ever seen those, but she could see in their eyes that they imagined.

Stacey had always admired her brother. Jacob, recently 25, had always looked out for and made her feel safe, cared-for, and happy, ever since the day she had been born. He had always been there to watch after her and her friends whenever their parents had to go out, and as soon as he was old enough he had volunteered to drive her – or any of her friends, if they needed – anywhere they wanted to go. He adored her, thought the world started and ended with her smile, and had always done everything he could to make sure she had the perfect, charmed life.

Jacob, or Jake, stood an impressive 6’3″ and was built like a star running back, which he had been. He had started for their high school, and had been recruited to play for Princeton. He had also, obviously, done well in school; he had graduated valedictorian, and had studied criminal justice in college. He was now studying law at Harvard Law School, in order to be closer to home. He lived in a quaint, old, little town just outside of Boston, where he lived with his wife Hannah and their kid, Brady.

The two siblings kept in touch regularly, having at least one night a week where she would go visit and have dinner with his family. And this is why she had always hated Hannah.

Hannah didn’t deserve Jake. She was a selfish, controlling, mean person who berated him and made him feel small and unimportant. She doted after their kid, much to the detriment of Jake’s role in their family. He passed it off, saying she was just a devoted mother, but Stacey saw that she didn’t really care about him. As Jake was the perfect brother, Stacey saw this and was furious at the heartless bitch who mistreated him so badly.

Jake would confide with her how Hannah would sometimes, for no apparent reason whatsoever, withhold sex for weeks on end. She would tease him, taunt him, and then leave him tense and uncomfortable. Stacey didn’t understand this; Jake had the body of a classical god! She knew she shouldn’t think those thoughts about her brother, but as a teenager, she couldn’t help but admire her brother, in his early 20’s. It didn’t hurt that all of her friends always kept up a running dialog of everything they wanted to do to him, or let him do to them. Over time, she had just accepted the fact that yes, her brother was smoking hot. It saddened her because, while maybe one of her friends would get a chance to live out the naughty little fantasies they told her all about, she was destined to always look on from afar.

Then, one day, Jake showed up at their parents’ house, with no notice. He always at least texted he was on his way, so this was peculiar. What was stranger, and much more distressing, was the fact that he was sobbing, tears streaking his face and wetting the neckline of his tight T-shirt.

“Oh my god, Jake!” Stacey called when she saw him trudging up the pathway from the driveway to the front door. Upon seeing his car pull in, she had dressed quickly in a loose nightgown and rainbow, knee-high socks. She knew he loved when she “got all cute” for him; as the adoring older brother, he loved thinking of her as this adorable little thing to be hugged and held. After she saw the state he was in, she sprinted down the path and jumped into his arms, hugging tightly around his neck and babbling questions.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong? Did something happen? Is Hannah coming? Where’s Brady?” she asked rapid-sire, peeling herself away and dragging him by the arm to the house. Now, he was much stronger than her, but went along with her efforts if only to humor her.

“Hannah’s gone,” he told her through his sniffling. “And she took Brady with her…”

“What?! She can’t do that!” Stacey exclaimed, completely dumbfounded.

“Actually, she can, sis,” he said gently, calming down if only to stop her from feeling so much distress. “Turns out, Brady’s not my kid…”

Stacey was floored. She had known Hannah was a heartless bitch, but this?! “What? Who…?”

“Oh, no, he’s not leaving me for anybody in specific,” he explained, shaking his head and clearing his eyes. sex hikayeleri “She doesn’t know who the father is… Turns out, she loved going out when I’m working late and fucking anybody who makes a move at her!”

He started crying again, and Stacey hugged him tight, now inside of the house in private. “That dumb little slut!” she yelled, and Jake, who always defended her to Stacey, shrugged as if in resigned agreement.

“Anyways, she wants to move to LA to become an actress, and I said we couldn’t, since our whole life is here, so she got a DNA test to prove that she could just take Brady without my permission.”


“Well, legally speaking, she can,” he sighed, “Brady is my kid emotionally, but legally he’s just a stranger I’ve been paying to take care of!”

“But why did she cheat on you??!” Stacey demanded. That was the most confusing part; why cheat on somebody who looked like a statue of a sex god?

“She said she got bored of having sex with me, that I was too vanilla!” he told her, then hesitated because this was his kid sister.

“That’s bullshit!” stacey snapped, fury boiling over again. “I’ve seen you getting out of the shower, and you are a god!”

“Wait… WHAT?!” he demanded, completely bewildered at this news.

“Oh, come on, I was in middle school when you would come home from college!” she explained as if it were obvious. “You must have seen my friends all staring at you every time you were around!”

“Well, yeah… But you?” he asked, not quite getting it.

“I’m only human, Jake,” she laughed, elboring him and winking. “But don’t worry, now that that bitch is out of your life I have an entire list of girls who’ve fantasized about being your own little harem for years. And we all just turned 18!”

“Ha ha sis, sure, I’m not… Wait… We?” he stared at her, sure she had misspoken.

“Well, I mean… Uh… Maybe first you should… I mean Jill called dibs on going first, but…” she mumbled, before he raised her chin and forced her to meet his inquisitive eye.

“Sis, what are you trying to say?” he asked softly.

“Ugh! Fine, yes, okay? I’ve always had a crush on you and me and the girls would always fantasize about you and I thought it would never happen so it was harmless and fine but… Now that you’re single…” she trailed off uncertainly, staring at the ground again.

“Wait, Jill too? He asked, completely baffled that these girls he had always thought of as sisters – including his real little sister – had been dreaming of fucking him!

“Yeah, I mean I figured you’d be more interested in her, she’s so much prettier than me and -“

“Bullshit!” Jake snapped. “Stace, you are the cutest, prettiest, and – fine – hottest young woman I have ever seen! Never think you’re anything less than perfect!” he told her, always the supportive brother.

“You’ve… You’ve thought of me that way, too?” she asked hesitantly.

“Fine! Yes, I have. All of your group, but especially you. You all always had those slumber parties and went swimming and dressed in such skimpy clothes, and sometimes I’d see you guys sunbathing topless and -“

“You saw that?!” she cut in, looking ecstatic. “We did that on purpose! We knew you were home, and we were hoping you’d look!” she told him, happy their plan had worked, if on a bit of a delay.

“Well, uh… So where does this leave us?” Jake asked, very uncomfortable about the information that had come to light.

“Well, oh brother of mine,” she whispered, “that depends… How long had Hannah made you wait since the last time she let you fuck her whore body?”

Jake’s eyes widened, and he started to defend his ex-wife, before remembering the recent change in his feelings towards her. “Uh… God, sis, this is weird… It’s been a little over 2 weeks…” he admitted glumly, now realizing that she had not been waiting.

“That bitch!” she snapped, before calming down and coming up with a plan. “Well, then, you’d probably be a bit quick on the draw right now, huh?” she joked, smiling sympathetically at him.

“What do you…” he asked, not wanting to jump to any conclusions.

Stacey abruptly pulled the nightgown up and over her head, throwing it to the side in a crumpled ball. She dropped to her knees, leaning back on her heels, and looked up at him sweetly. “I mean that it would probably make sense for you to find some release inside my pretty little mouth before you take your darling sister’s virginity…” she purred, cupping her small breasts in her hands and lifting porno hikayeleri them as if in offering.

She was now wearing nothing except the rainbow knee-high socks, and Jake was stunned. He had not been expecting this, thinking she had only been teasing. Sure, he had thought of her in an inappropriate way from time to time, but they were siblings! It wasn’t supposed to go beyond illicit thoughts, maybe a few teasing words! “No, we shouldn’t… I mean, you’re my…”

“Jake, please, you need help to feel better and right now I finally have the opportunity to act on the fantasies that were with me all through puberty,” she giggled. “For now, don’t think of me as your sister; I’m your slut! I’m your own personal, willing, enthusiastic little cum bucket. Okay?” she was practically panting with her excitement, and had started to unfasten his pants as she spoke.

Jake hesitated a moment, but she had a point – he really was tense, and could use the release to figure out what to do about his divorce. Maybe, just this once…

His thoughts ended, replaced by the most amazingly delicious sensation he had ever felt coming from his cock. He shook his head and looked down, and saw his dear little sister looking up at him, the head of his 9″ cock stuck in her petite mouth and her cheeks concave with suction.

“Please, Jake… Let me do this…” she begged, pulling briefly off of his cock and looking up with pleading, watery eyes. He just nodded, completely unable to think, and she eagerly began sucking him again.

“Wait… Have you done this before?” he asked, hurt that she wouldn’t have told him about a boyfriend.

“No, Jake, don’t worry… You’re my first…” she moaned, and again began licking his head.

“But… But you’re amazing!” he told her, and she beamed at his praise.

“I’ve, uh… Well, we’ve all watched a lot of porn, to be able to please you if the opportunity ever came up,” she admitted shyly.

“Well thank you!” he gasped, putting his hands in her hair and guiding her up and down the top few inches of his cock.

The blowjob continued for a few minutes, with Stacey making it farther and farther down his shaft, until his pubes tickled her nose and her throat was being well and truly fucked. While she was leaning forward sucking him as deep and hard as she could, Jake noticed her cute little feet sticking out behind her and grunted.

Hearing his tone of surprise, Stacey backed off of him and stroked him gently while she looked up with glistening, desperate eyes. “What is it, Jake? Did you see something you liked?” she teased, wiggling her ass and assuming that was what had caught his attention; she knew she had a perfect ass!

“Yeah, uh… But it’s kind of embarrassing,” he admitted.

“No, Jake, there’s nothing wrong with liking the way my perky little ass looks!” she told him, and he grimaced slightly.

“No, it’s not your ass – well, that is amazing, too – it’s… Well… I’ve always thought you have the cutest feet…” he trailed off and looked away, ashamed of his secret kink.

Stacey started giggling, then laughing, then rolling on the floor gasping for breath. Jake was mortified, and hurt to be laughed at. “Stop! I know it’s weird, but -“

“Shut up, Jake!” she ordered, calming herself and breathing deeply. “I’m not laughing at you! I’m laughing because Hannah said you’re ‘too vanilla’ but you’re into feet?! Huh?”

“Well, she always said that was gross, and that I should just be into the stuff she was into…”

“What? Like other men?” she scoffed, and then looked up at him earnestly, sitting back on her butt with her feet crossed in front of her. “I don’t think it’s weird at all! Personally, I think I have adorable little feet, and I totally get how you might think they’re sexy,” she said, experimentally flexing her arches and wiggling her toes.

Jake let out an involuntary moan, and smiled at her, relieved to not be thought a freak. “You really don’t mind?” he asked.

“Not at all! In fact, we should have some fun with my feet!” she encouraged, smiling sweetly up at him. “Do you like my socks?” she mused.

“They’re so cute, and sexy, but… Well, I love your bare feet,” he confided in her, and she smiled and quickly removed her socks.

“There you go, bro!” she giggled. “Want to touch them?” He nodded that he did, and she lifted them up in his direction. He slowly sank to one knee and reached for her feet, pulling them close and massaging them gently.

“Ohhhh, yes, that feels amazing,” she moaned, seks hikayeleri arching her back and thrusting her perky tits towards him. “Oh, please, really massage my arches, they’re so tight…” she begged, panting with arousal.

“Can I… Could I suck on your toes?” he asked, shy again.

“You don’t need to ask, Jake! Use my body however you want,” she told him, but upon his hesitation added, “of course, go ahead!”

He eagerly sucked the toes on her left foot into his mouth and bathed them with his tongue. He loved the slightly pungent, salty taste and moaned his pleasure, while Stacey arched her back at the unexpectedly erotic feeling of having her feet made love to by her brother’s mouth.

“Do you… Ohhh yes! Do you, um… Do you want to cum all over my feet?” she asked him sweetly, and saw his massive cock throb in excitement at her words.

“Yes! Oh Stacey, please, that would be amazing,” he told her eagerly, not believing how perfect this was.

“Of course, Jake!” she told him sweetly. “But, uh… I have my own fetish I’ve been dreaming of…” she suggested, and he looked worried for a second.

“No, of course, I’m so sorry I’ve been selfish!” he apologized.

“No! Not at all, I’ve loved this. Actually, I’m really into what you’ve been doing to my feet,” she giggled, “but, uh… Do you think after my little toes are covered in your jizz, that maybe I could lick it all up while you watch me? And swallow it all, with you looking at my sweet, pretty face?”

Jake laughed, smiling as he nodded. “Stacey, that’s the ultimate ending to my fetish!” he told her, happy their desires were so aligned.

“Good. Now, to get yourself really close… Do you want to fuck my soft, cute little feet?” she asked, her voice dripping sexuality.

He couldn’t speak, instead just taking her feet in his hands and bring in them together, creating a makeshift pussy for him to fuck.

She moaned wantonly as his cock slipped past her soles, feeling his bulging veins pressing against her sensitive skin. “YES Jake! Oh yes, use my feet, pelase!” she begged. “Make me your kinky little slut, use my body however you want!”

Jake picked up the pace, and she continued goding him on and begging to be his little cum slut until he was so close he could feel himself right on the edge.

Stacey had seen his face tense up and knew he was fighting a losing battle to hold off. “Please, Jake… Cum all over my pretty toes..” she purred, and he pulled back, grabbing his cock and pointing it at her feet as he erupted.

“YES! Oh Jake, yes! That feels so slutty!” she panted, joining him in orgasm. “How am I cumming?! This feels so good, being used! Make me your foot-slut, baby! Use me, cover me in your jizz!”

He kept pumping jet after jet of hot, sticky cum onto her feet, covering them almost completely in his seed. When he was done, he shuddered and almost collapsed, smiling at her in ecstasy.

“Oh, Jake… That was amazing…” moaned Stacey, her chest heaving from the unexpected orgasm. “Now, want to see me lick my slutty feet clean of your cum?” He nodded yes, tired but very excited to see this, and she pulled both of her feet towards her face in a precarious balancing act.

To help steady her, Jake reached back and held onto her shoulder, enabling her to stick her tongue out and begin licking every drop of cum from her feet. “Oh, Jake… You taste so good…” she moaned, her eyes fluttering closed in a mini-orgasm.

He just watched, fascinated and aroused, as she cleaned her feet, and then released her shoulder when she slowed and lowered her legs back to the floor.

“That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen…” he moaned, barely able to get words out.

“For me too, honey,” she told him sweetly, then laughed. “The girls will never believe I got to go first!”

“Yeah, about that…” he started, unsure of her plans.

“Well, Jill gets next, but then it’s your decision!” she told him happily.

“But Stacey, this might have been a mistake, are you really sure you’re happy we did this?” he asked, upset to think he might have just scarred his baby sister.

“I loved it, you big doofus!” she scolded him. “And you better not chicken out for my friends!”

“I mean, they’re cute and all, but… You’ve always been the cutest, and are you sure…?”

“Do I think they’ll be okay with your foot thing?” she asked, tilting her head to the side. He nodded, confirming that was his worry.

“Don’t worry, bro! They’ve all got adorable feet – most of us trade shoes because we’re all the same size – and would do anything for you!” she told him warmly, and he smiled. “Now, Jill has feet exactly my size, and she just got a pedicure…”

If this was going to be divorced life, maybe Jake didn’t mind so much.

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