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I’ve always been a church going girl; a “real” Christian. But I, like many young adults have raging hormones that I let get the best of me. It all started sophomore year in college. It seemed that the cheerleading team had made it a goal to “break the girl.” They wanted to change me from the “good, virginal girl” to “one of them.”

They told me I should read “Mr. Maybe,” which I did. I then started reading other books that if some of my other friends found out I were reading I would be exiled from the group. I eventually started signing onto erotic literature websites and rubbing myself to other’s sexual encounters. The cheerleading squad successfully “broke me” but they didn’t know that: I kept up the “virginal” reputation throughout high school.

I am now in graduate school and live at home. And most people still think that I am this good innocent girl. But they don’t know the real me.

My parents and two younger brothers left the house to run errands. This left me alone, by myself. Seeing that I cheer at my school I have extremely bad tan lines: the shorts, the socks, the tank tops. So I went outside to sunbath, naked.

All of the sudden there was a shadow above me and the last time I had looked there were no clouds to be seen kaynarca escort anywhere in the sky. To my surprise, after looking up, I saw my 45 year old, married next-door neighbor with a huge bulge in the crotch of his pants. This wasn’t your average bulge. I could tell that his cock was huge and long and very hard. My nipples immediately perked up and I could feel myself starting to get wet.

Mr. Smith started taking off his sweaty work clothes and I sat up in anticipation. Right then and there we were both naked. He sat down next to me and put his rough dirty hand over my breast. “I have dreamt about this since you moved in here six years ago.”

He bent down and kissed me passionately and I moved my hand slowly down his defined chest to his throbbing rod only to feel it pulsing in my hand. “Wait,” he tried to say but it came out as a moan. After pulling my hand off of him he took a deep breath and tried again, “Wait, I want to feel you around me.”

He situated himself on top of me and slid smoothly inside of me. He was the biggest I had ever had. He felt so good. As he was thrusting in and out of me when another shadow came over us.

This time it was his wife. “Jack how could you? We always said that if either one küçükyalı escort of us had the opportunity we would share it together.”

Before he could argue I began to reach my climax and was moaning in delight. I sat up and realized what was going on and was not nearly done. In the bright, midday sun I pulled Mrs. Smith to the ground and slowly pulled her clothes off. Her toned, tan stomach was more that I could take. I began kissing her on her neck and slowly made my way down to her navel. It was there that I paused and didn’t proceed until she moaned her complaint.

I spread her legs when I finally made it there. After taking a deep breath I moaned at the thought of what she would taste like. I couldn’t help but lick her slit to see how she tasted and grunted at the satisfaction. Flicking her clit with my tongue and pumping my fingers in her hole I was in heaven and from the sounds she was making she wasn’t about to complain.

As I continued this I could barely take it any more. I couldn’t believe how hard her clit was becoming and that was only adding to the pain I was in. I needed to be relived once again but couldn’t stop. I couldn’t bring myself to pull away from her beautiful body.

Mrs. Smith began bucking sancaktepe escort and thrusting her clit into my face and I loved ever minute. When she finally came it was harder than I ever had and ended up all over my face.

While I am still recovering from this beautiful event I feel her pull my legs apart. Then her fingers moved over my clit. She could feel how wet I was. “I would have never guessed you to be one to shave, let alone to tan naked. I love how golden your lips are. She pulled my lips apart and thrust her tongue onto my clit and licked me from one end of my slit to another.

“Faster,” I begged, “Harder,” I was out of breath this time. Her tongue was most experienced and I loved every minute of it. She lapped up my wetness and in doing so only produced more. She moved my clit up and down and right and left and by this time I was thrusting my twat so hard into her face and I couldn’t control myself.

“Oh My God… Oh My God…” I hear myself moaning and my body tense. I know that I will soon climax and she takes her fingers and thrust them inside of me. It was then that it was all over with. My body was throbbing and thrusting and I could not move. I feel myself climax harder than ever before and realized how much I wanted to do this again and again.

She fell next to me and our short breaths coincided. When we finally caught our breaths and were able to speak again she said, “My house tomorrow night eight o’clock” the stood up naked in all her glory, walked to her house and shut the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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