Taking Control Ch. 01

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It had seemed so perfect when they first met. Matt’s family owned a small company that manufactured fasteners that Amy’s family business purchased in large quantities. Their courtship progressed quickly, and their very active sex life gave them two beautiful children shortly after they married. As Matt and Amy were both only children, plans were already in progress to merge the companies, and Matt’s family company was now selling 100% of their production to Amy’s family company.

Matt was a great father to their kids, but things were not going so well in the marital bed. What was once a very steamy sex life before the birth of their two children had dissipated to almost nothing. It seemed to Amy that Matt had lost all interest in her. He never initiated lovemaking and was always too tired whenever Amy initiated. Every night was the same. After the kids went to bed, all Matt wanted to do was drink a few beers while watching sports. And like clockwork, Matt always had to go to their home office shortly before bed to “take care of something for work.” Amy was no fool; she knew the only late-night work taking place was Matt quickly jacking off to some internet porn and then just as quickly passing out in bed next to his unsatisfied wife.

At Amy’s suggestion, they tried marriage therapy, but it didn’t take too many visits before the therapist privately told Amy that she didn’t think there was any reason to continue. Amy was distraught and begged the therapist to keep working with them. The therapist said that was pointless, but she gave Amy a colleague’s business card. She said this sex therapist used some very untraditional methods and warned her that it would likely be very shocking to Amy, but that there really wasn’t any other hope for their marriage unless Amy was fine with it remaining sexless. The therapist’s warning scared Amy.

It took her a few days, but she asked their marriage therapist to make a referral for her and Matt to see the sex therapist. The next day, Dr. Valerie Domina’s receptionist called Amy to schedule an appointment. But it wasn’t an appointment for them both. Dr. Domina wanted to meet with Amy individually, and she was directed that she was not allowed to tell her husband that she had made an appointment. Amy reluctantly went along wondering how this therapist would possibly be able to help their relationship meeting with just her. Amy was just as shocked after meeting with Dr. Domina a few days later, but she decided she would follow her advice and left the office with two packages.

Amy tried to seduce Matt the next few evenings, but everything that used to work so well for her early in their relationship resulted in total failure. Just the same old ignoring her and “taking care of some work” right before bed. Amy decided it was time to put Dr. Domina’s advice into action. After Matt fell asleep, Amy got up and opened the first package from Dr. Domina. It was totally foreign to her and required her to watch a few instructional videos, but she figured it out before too long. Then she opened the second package. She hadn’t used a vibrator since meeting Matt, and technology sure had advanced since then. This was the rabbit vibe of her past on steroids. She downloaded the accompanying app on her phone, synched it with her new toy, and then slipped back into bed next to Matt. Matt awoke to: “How does that feel, Amy? Is Mistress Valerie making you pussy feel good?” coming from Amy’s phone. Matt confusingly asked who’s talking, and in response he heard: “Tell your husband how good you feel right now. Cum samsun escort for me, Amy!” And Amy did, moaning with pleasure while Dr. Domina controlled her new vibe to three heart pounding orgasms. And if that wasn’t confusing enough to Amy’s groggy husband, he also quickly discovered that Amy had caged his cock and balls in a metal chastity device while he was sleeping.

“What the fuck is this Amy?” Matt angrily shouted.

Amy regained her composure and responded, “I’m taking control of your cock, Matt. I’m sick of you jacking off every night while ignoring me, and I’m not going to take it anymore. Until further notice, there will be no orgasms for you unless I allow them.” Matt responded, “No fucking way I’m going to agree to this. Unlock this ridiculous thing now!” Amy confidently explained, “You have a choice Matt. We are going to do this my way or I’m immediately filing for divorce. I’ve put up with your crap long enough.”

After thinking about it, Matt realized he was in a difficult situation. “How long will I have to wear this thing?”

“Until I unlock it,” Amy quickly replied. “And it’s going to be a while. For now, you are going to have to learn to be happy with me getting all the pleasure.”

Matt quit complaining but wasn’t happy for the next few days. Amy was disappointed that Matt continued to take no interest in her sexually, but she didn’t complain or let it stop her fun. She quickly learned how she could interact with random people using her toy’s app letting them control her rabbit just like Dr. Domina did. After a week, Amy decided to try something new.

While getting ready for bed, she asked Matt if he would like to be unlocked. He quickly responded yes, and Amy unlocked his cage. Once free, Matt started to walk to his home office. “That’s not happening,” Amy explained. “You’re not going to stroke yourself while watching your normal internet porn. Your sole option is to stand right there and stroke while I watch.” Matt embarrassingly did so, but he wasn’t having much luck. “Would you like some Help, Matt?” Amy offered. Matt happily agreed and Amy directed him over to the side of the bed where she was laying. She took out her vibe and began to tease her slit while reminding Matt what he had been missing. “Did you forget how talented my mouth is, Matt?”

“Yes, your mouth feels incredible,” Matt responded.

Amy continued to suckle on Matt’s cockhead while she increased her pace until she had fucked herself to a toe-curling orgasm. Matt assumed that she was then going to pick up the pace on his shaft, but Amy had other plans. “That’s enough for now,” she said as she put the chastity device back on him.

Matt’s behavior improved a little over the coming days, but Amy was disappointed that he still seemed to show no interest in helping to facilitate her pleasure. He just continued to sit in front of the TV watching sports, probably trying to patiently wait for his next unlock. Amy didn’t complain and just continued to interact with strangers using her toy’s chat app. She remembered that Dr. Domina said this might happen and to call her if Matt didn’t start showing interest in pleasing her. They talked by phone and decided on a time for Dr. Domina to make a house visit.

After a few cocktails, Amy told Matt that she and Dr. Domina were going up to the bedroom and asked him if he wanted to join them. He excitedly said yes. Matt knew that Amy had done a lot of sexual experimentation during college, but he had always accepted that a threesome escort samsun was not in his future. After going upstairs, Matt assumed that Amy was going to unlock him, but the ladies had other plans. Amy pulled out the chair from her dressing table, positioned it facing the bed, and asked Matt to sit down. Dr. Domina handed her a bag and Amy quickly used the Japanese bondage rope to tie Matt’s legs and arms to the chair. And then she proceeded to gag Matt with a leather ball gag. “This should prevent you from disturbing me and Mistress Valerie,” Amy explained.

Amy and Mistress Valeria undressed each other, caressing each other’s breasts and kissing each other desirously. Amy slid back on the bed with her legs spread for Matt to see, and Mistress Valerie climbed onto the bed with her. “Matt, keep your eyes open. Mistress Valerie is going to show you how to make me cum.” Matt watched as the women kissed each other’s breasts and fingered each other. Mistress Valerie slid down Amy’s body and began kissing her between her legs. Amy moaned, grabbing Miss Valerie by the hair with one hand and fondling her breast with the other. “Don’t stop,” Amy begged. Miss Valerie pumped her fingers in and out of Amy’s sweet pussy and licked voraciously at her clit. “I’m cumming!” Amy breathed so both Miss Valerie and Matt could hear. Her moan was long and primal, something Matt had never heard before.

After seeing Dr. Domina out, Amy went back upstairs to untie Matt but he was clearly disappointed when she told him it was time they got to sleep. Early in their courtship, Matt always went down on Amy before penetrating her, but that changed long before their sex life ended. Matt had gotten lazy. It was always the same: expecting Amy to suck him until he was ready to fuck and showing no concern whether she needed more foreplay. That was going to change. Amy hoped him watching Dr. Domina go down on her would help get it going.

The following night after they got the kids to bed, Amy asked Matt if he wanted to come upstairs with her for some fun. Matt was excited knowing that it had been over a week since Amy freed his cock from its prison. But that wasn’t in the cards. Amy undressed, asked Matt to undress, and straddled his mouth with her pussy. “Lick me until I cum!” she demanded. He did and Amy dismounted him saying, “Thank you. Goodnight.”

Matt was shocked. “What about me?”

Amy responded, “Matt, we have gone over this. You must learn to be satisfied with my orgasms. You’ll get to cum occasionally, but it is going to be much less than I’m going to be coming. Don’t worry honey, Dr. Domina assures me that you’ll get used to it.”

Over the next few days, Amy directed Matt to pleasure her on a regular basis. Matt agreed without objection, obviously understanding that it was the only path to his own orgasm. But Amy didn’t accept his initial efforts. She was becoming more aware of what pleased her, what turned her on, what made her orgasm as hard and as powerfully as she had as of late. One morning Matt woke up and found himself restrained to the bed. Amy slid onto his face and instructed him where to lick and suck her, how long he should do these things, how to tease her to build the tension, and with what pressure he should apply to all her areas. She told him what she wanted to hear when he pleasured her. She wanted to hear, “Your pussy is on fire,” “Cum on my face,” “I love your sweet pussy,” and “Cum for me, baby.” And he fulfilled her every whim.

After his worshipping her samsun escort bayan sex ten times or so getting much better along the way, Amy decided it was time for a reward. She unlocked Matt and told him he could masturbate while she enjoyed her rabbit. He begged and pleaded for her help, but she explained that he was on his own. He tried to get her to crack, but she didn’t. Dr. Domina had told her that she was going to have to make him crazy jealous of what he wasn’t getting before she let him have it again. It was the only chance their marriage had long term. If she gave into Matt too soon, things would quickly go back to the way they used to be.

As Matt’s hunger to have intercourse with Amy grew, Amy was afraid to release him in order to give him a hand job or a blow job. What if he took her with force? She wanted him terribly, but she had to safeguard her plan. Late one evening Amy drove Matt to a parking lot in the middle of town knowing he wouldn’t take her in the car. “I’m very proud of you, but I can’t give you what you want yet. But I can give you some pleasure to hold you over.” Amy unzipped him pants and released him. She stroked the length of him with her soft hand, and then she leaned over and began teasing him with kisses on his cock. He begged her to take him into her mouth, but she ignored him. Her tongue ran all over him, circling the tip, then slowly kissing again. He had never been this hard, this engorged. When she took him into her mouth, she used new techniques she’d learned about from Mistress Valerie. Matt released almost instantly, an enormous amount of cum.

She continued giving him head irregularly, keeping him guessing and trying hard to please her. She was having many more orgasms than he did, and he was always locked up all other times.

Matt’s cravings for Amy’s body continued to increase and his requests to be allowed to make love to her became more frequent. Amy made sure he watched her playing with her rabbit and repeatedly reminded him about how much he probably wished his cock was inside her, but she consistently explained that he just wasn’t ready for that. Dr. Domina had told Amy to call her once she thought Matt was almost going crazy not being allowed to fuck her. After Amy did, they scheduled another house visit. But this time Dr. Domina brought her husband, Zander. After a few drinks, Amy told Matt that she was going upstairs with them and asked if he wanted to join them. Matt excitedly said yes but sadly found out that he was once again restrained and gagged in Amy’s dressing chair.

As Zander started to undress Amy, Dr. Domina had a talk with Matt. Well, his responses were kind of limited since Amy had put the ball gag on him. Dr. Domina explained that Amy loved him and wanted their marriage to survive, but his neglect of her for many years had changed her permanently. Amy looked forward to being able to make love to him as soon as Dr. Domina approved it, but Matt was going to have to accept that things were never going to be the way they were before. He was going to have to accept that Amy was going to be having sex with women and other men, but that Matt will be having sex solely with Amy and that she would be permanently retaining control over his orgasms. “You brought this on yourself, Matt. You have proven that you only want what you can’t have. Are you going to be OK with the way your marriage is now going to be, Matt?” Dr. Domina asked.

Just as Matt shook his head in agreement, Amy loudly screamed, “I’m coming! Fuck me harder!”

Dr. Domina looked at Matt and said, “Good, keep up the good work pleasing your wife and soon I’ll give her the go-ahead to let you occasionally make her feel as good as Zander is right now. I bet you are going crazy wishing that was you your wife was asking to fuck her harder. Keep making sure that your wife is happy, and she’ll soon be saying that to you.”

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