Taking Stock Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 Stock Taking

Chris was on the same shift pattern as me for the next three months. We were on a fortnight of graveyard shifts, then a week off, then day shift for a month. It then repeated. I didn’t mind night work. It paid well and you didn’t have to put up with the tossers from Menswear, the bitches from Lingerie who always flirted and the bastard management team who made you work too hard and trimmed tea breaks down to being virtually nonexistent.

I kept Chris in the main storeroom deliberately for the first two hours, but got him to move just hosiery and lingerie boxes over to the third door.

“So how’s your sister?” I asked Chris. She was quite a babe too. Sharon worked on tills and we often flirted around the store and canteen. She had great legs too. The till girls wore long till coats so you couldn’t see their legs much, but Sharon always pulled hers up at the lunch table just to flash her stocking tops at me.

“Yeah, fine.” Chris said, reading label after label on the hosiery boxes. I could tell he was getting aroused by it.

“She still seeing Bob from Accounts?” I asked moving rails of jumpers to the children’s area.

“Yeah, Bob can’t keep his hands off her. Fucking knob.” Chris looked up. “He’s a tosser, but he’s rich. Sharon likes a penny or two.”

“I noticed.” I said. “She still on tills?”

“Yeah, she starts evening classes next month for her course. Bob wants her to start a temp position in Accounts. So he can keep an eye on her, I guess.”

“It’s a way out.”

“Yeah, Sharon hates tills. Tracey is always on her back, she even reported her to Angela.”

“Too bad, Angela’s fair though.” I said.

“Yeah, I like Angela. I mean Miss Horne.”

“Me too, she’s a great boss. And not bad looking for her age, eh?” I looked at Chris, he was placing boxes on top of boxes near the wall, facing all the labels inwards so you could see what they were exactly.

“Oh yeah,” Chris smiled, “she’s quite good for her age, bet she was a minx when she was young.”

“Reckon so. As attractive as Alison maybe?”

“Maybe. Alison is…” Chris sighed, “hot, though. She gets my wood.”

“You got the hots for her then?” I asked innocently, remembering how he moaned her name last night whilst jerking off.

“Yeah, she’s a babe. I would love to get into her knickers.” Chris looked up. He had finished the boxes.

“Right, see that desk there?” I pointed to the heavy desk filled with brochures. “There are new ranges of tights going out, and new labelling. Unpack one box of each, match the new boxes up to see if they are correct with the new labels, place the new marketing posters on top along with the brochures. Do the same with the stockings, knee-highs, socks and shoe slips. Then start on the bras, basques, corsets and other lingerie.” I grinned, my heart was beating hard as I imagined Chris’s mind going overtime fantasising about Alison in all this gear.

“Um, konya escort okay.” Chris said, “but isn’t that the womenswear department’s job?”

“Nope, I got orders to get the stores clear and ready for the next supply. Eric made a right pig’s ear of the last order.” It was true, I got a note hand-written to Allan Jones in my pigeon hole from Angela herself saying to get it sorted.” When you’ve done that go empty the bins that you should have done yesterday. I’ll be here checking the Blackriver range of trousers and shorts, then the Pierre Cordille shirts, and all the other shirts. Come back here when you’re done, then we can go for a coffee at the machine.”

“Ok Al.” His face was grinning as he strolled over to the table and saw the pictures of women modelling hosiery. “Whoa, fuck me, great legs.”

“Huh?” I said pretending not to notice.

“These women with the tights and stockings. Nice pictures.” He held up a Pretty Polly and Wolford poster advertising the latest lines of luxury hosiery. I must admit they did have stunning legs.

“Oh, yes. Very nice. You a leg man then, Chris?” I smiled.

“What? Oh well yeah, I guess. I just like them all over.”

“Have you got a girlfriend?” I asked, rustling through the inventory to shirts.

“Not for a few months. I was going out with a girl called Elise, but she dumped me for a car mechanic. She fucked me all night. She was hot. I could have fallen for her big time.”

“You lucky sod. Didn’t you fight for her back?”

“No, er…”…there was the hesitation and the chin scratch (a lie), “she said she didn’t love me anymore. Um, these tights are differently packed from the brochure one, what should I do with this box?”

I strolled over. “Stick them over there for sales.” I was feeling a bit mischievous by now, as Chris was clamping up. “Next week we’re due an order from WoMan hosiery. Can you make sure it goes straight to department from the basement? They want them out while the brand is in the press.”

“Yeah sure thing.”

“You heard about them?” I asked inquiringly.

“No, what about them?”

I chortled. “Apparently they are being marketed as hosiery for women and MEN! Can you imagine that? Men in tights?” I laughed and looked at Chris to gauge his reaction. He hid it quite well, but not well enough. He turned away.

“No way!” He said, gazing at the thighs of a blonde wearing Synergy Lites. “Tights for men…” he sighed.

I left him to it. Hopefully the seed was planted. An hour later he strolled off to empty the bins. I sat listening to the tick tick of the water pipes as they cooled for a few minutes before I snuck down to the main office level. Sure enough Alison’s office door was ajar, and her desk light was on casting an ambient light strong enough for Chris to see. Again he stood in front of the mirror. This time he had nude sheer tights on and had somehow escort konya cut the gusset out as his erect dick was poking straight out. He was turning sideways now and again to see how his legs looked.

I was hooked. And transfixed. Something about Chris in tights was incredible; I instantly sported a rock hard erection. This was strange, I never fancied men. Never even thought about them. Counted myself completely heterosexual. Never really noticed hosiery on girls, in fact it usually got in the way. But somehow seeing Chris in sheer tights got me going. He was starting to touch his dick when I caught myself standing up outside the office door and grabbing a load of silky lingerie and discarded tights.

“Ah, there you are!” I walked into the office clutching the underwear. “Have you seen the stuff they’re throwing…away.” I gawped at the sight of him standing there dick erect, his legs shiny in the soft light. His face was frozen with fear and shock.

“Er.” He mumbled.

“Oh trying on the WoMen range already? When did that come?!” I dumped the underwear on Alison’s desk.

“Nooooo.” He stood there gazing at his feet. “Look, please don’t tell anyone…”

“About what?” I grinned. “Nothing to tell. I was just saying that all this silk lingerie is being sent to the charity shops. There’s a few hundred quids worth here, and no staff have claimed it.”

“Well, we’re staff.” Chris looked at the pile of black silk. “You claim it.”

“Yeah right, and do what with it?” I said nonchalantly. I started to sort it out. There were two basques, a few bras, some camisoles, a thong, three pairs of stockings, two pairs of black tights and a pair of knickers.

Chris shrugged, his dick was deflating quickly. He was starting to look nervous. I fondled a pair of the black tights. Then as I was taking my shoe off, I saw that he had been through Alison’s desk. The middle drawer was open. There were a few pairs of tights and some panties in there. I began to undress, lifting off my tee-shirt, and pulling down my jeans.

“What are you doing?” Chris said.

“Trying these on.” I pointed to the black tights, they had two small holes in the feet where the dummy’s feet were screwed to the base. I took my underpants off and began to roll the tights up. I was quite surprised how they felt as I pulled them up my leg trying not to ladder them. Fortunately one of the floor girls has dabbed nail varnish around the hole to stop it laddering. By the time I got the tights up around my waist I noticed Chris was getting hard again.

“If it’s good enough for you, I want to try it.” I pulled the gusset up, I was in heaven – the tights felt amazing. My dick was straining against the fabric. I stood next to Chris, and admired the sight of us standing there naked save for sheer tights. “These are the Wolfords, and they feel incredible. Fuck, my legs look amazing and feel amazing.”

Chris konya escort bayan stood beside me looking into the mirror, his face was radiating bewilderment. He looked at my legs and then his gaze drifted up to dick, enshrouded in nylon. He looked at his legs and turned to me.

“You know, for a bloke, you’ve got great legs.”

I shrugged. “Yeah, so have you. Do you shave yours?” I looked at his legs, they were hairless.

“No, I use Veet. The hair removal cream. In fact Alison’s got some in her drawers.”

“You’ve been through her drawers?” I laughed.

“Yeah, the horny bitch keeps a supply of lingerie and hosiery, and even a dildo!”

“No way!”

“Yeah, it’s a small one but it was in the back of her drawer in a small bag. She’s a real horny cow is Alison.” Chris grinned and pulled out a small purse like object, inside was a small cream coloured dildo, two spare batteries and a tiny tube of KY jelly. He sniffed the end of the plastic tip. “Fuck, she smells good. There’s the Veet.” Chris pulled out the large tube.

Chris’s dick was bobbing by itself, the veins standing out proud and purple. His balls were hair free too and hung loosely in the hole he had cut in the gusset. A small globule of pre-cum nestled in the hole of his cock catching the table light as he moved, it got to be hypnotic. I moved closer to see it.

Before I knew it Chris’s hand had brushed my thigh, and his fingers spread wide and went firm as he moved his hand over my legs, he was sensing the glorious shine and silkiness of the Wolford’s fabric. I groaned, it did feel good. Soon his hands were all over my thighs, reaching down to my knees and calves. He sunk slowly to the floor caressing my ankles and feet. I sat on the desk quivering with joy at the amazing sensation. Chris was transfixed with my feet. His fingers were constantly rubbing my heel and the balls of my feet, then he moved up to my ankles again. He held them and pulled my feet gently to his mouth. With his lips open he started to suck my toes through the re-inforced section of the tights, I was squirming with lustful thoughts and sensations. Gradually he worked up my black sheer legs, hands brushing gently and lips kissing nylon. It was so erotic I felt like cumming. I could scarce believe that this was Chris, my warehouse mate, clad in nude tights kissing and caressing my own nylon covered legs.

“Ungggg” I moaned. Suddenly Chris stopped all of a sudden. I gazed down at him, he had shot a load of milky white cum over the floor in his excitement. He grinned like a maniac, and knelt back. His dripping dick sagged slowly and flopped down between his legs.

“Look, um, maybe tomorrow.” He said backing off his eyes still fixed on my legs and throbbing cock. He pulled his tights down and turned around. I just sat there watching him get dressed, my own cock still standing to attention. He put away all the bits from Alison’s desk and cleared up the mess on the floor. I could hear the distant tick tick of the pipes and as I looked up Chris left the room and started to wheel the bins down the corridor.

I stood up and gazed at myself in the mirror. I did have great legs. I started to wank myself off picturing Chris in tights, it wasn’t long before I came too.

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