Teach Me Professor Ch. 02

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This is the continuation of my higher education! Please read part 1 to see how I realized that you’re never too old to learn! This chapter continues to explore various themes of kink, younger-older sex, group sex, a little bit of guy-guy stuff with women watching and , of course, some pussy to pussy fun!

I was finally feeling better from my hangover of alcohol and purely raunchy, self indulgent Vegas-style sex. Krista, my department chair at the small liberal arts college where I teach, had taught me the most nasty, jaw-dropping tricks the previous evening.

I sat in the large conference center, surrounded by other college professors, glad to be distracted from the pervasive imagery of spurting pricks, butt-plugs, milky titties and gushing pussies that had taken over my life in the past 24 hours. The lecturers were top notch and intense. There was no room for lack of focus if I had hoped to keep up. My headache was gone, my well worn cunt was starting to feel better and my tongue was not sore anymore. That sounds kind of funny, but truly, I had rimmed asshole, cock and pussy for hours last night and my pussy had been stretched and pounded by the thickest cock I had ever had. Granted, 7 inches isn’t the biggest cock in the world, but when you come from a 4 inch pencil-dick, 7 thick inches feels salami-like!

The conference was wonderful so far. Lectures covering every topic of collegiate education were on the agenda. Discussing teaching techniques with other professors was mentally stimulating and the collegiality was warm and engaging. Krista and I were both in need of a nap by the end of the day but we decided to gut it out and stay for the last lecture of the day.

Your Colleagues: What’s going on, off-campus! was the title of the last lecture, an interesting topic to finish off the end of the day. The speaker was Dr. Gloria Wilkins. I figured this would center on the hobbies and social lives of professors and educators. Both Krista and I were stricken by the grace and distinguished beauty of the lecturer as she took to the podium. She was distinguished appearing with graying brunette hair, beautifully framing her face. For a women who appeared to be in her 50’s, her lightly tanned skin appeared flawless. Her suit was businesslike but clearly it clung to a fit female form underneath. Her lavender pumps added to her shapely profile. Her credentials seemed to have an emphasis on sociology and psychology as well as education. We both perked up as she began speaking.

“I would like to know how many of you have naked pictures of college students on your phones?” she queried the shocked audience.

What? I looked at Krista and she looked at me confusedly. Did we hear her right or were our minds still in the gutter from last night? Could it be that this distinguished speaker just asked us about naked photos on our phones? Well, of course nobody in the audience of 500 raised their hands.

She continued, “Our recent anonymous study of our 15 campus in-state University system revealed that approximately 10-12% of college professors have porn on their phones. Not just any porn, mind you, but pictures of students from their own campus! That suggests that 50-60 of you out there have naughty pics on your phone right now. Naughty pics of that smart chemistry major, the co-ed cheerleader, or that hot fraternity brother!”

“Now, you may all think that this is a terrible, immoral thing that has no place in a conference about higher education, but I have news for you,” she continued. “Based on a longitudinal study that we have undertaken, it seems that this group of professors are the most well adjusted, most productive, best academicians that we have! In other words, the educators that seem to have high sex drives and are willing to share their sexual fantasies and proclivities, are also our best professors!”

The speaker continued to challenge our ingrained beliefs about sex, teaching, college kids and marriage. She was fascinating. She was genuinely engaging, humorous and sometimes raunchy, all the while sounding professional and distinguished.

“I want to meet her,” I mentioned to Krista as we exited the lecture hall at the end of the hour. As was customary with many of our speakers, Dr. Wilkins milled around after her lecture in case anyone had questions. After most of the other participants left, Krista and I approached the professor.

“Dr Wilkins, I’m Krista and this is Avery,” Krista began. “We teach at Allegheny Liberty University near Pittsburgh. We really enjoyed your lecture tremendously and we were wondering whether you would be free this evening to discuss more of your research. We have our own unique spin on what makes teachers great and we’d love to bounce some ideas off of you. Any chance we can take you to dinner perhaps?”

“Well that would be lovely,” Dr. Wilkins replied. ” I have some plans with a friend of mine, so I’ll talk it over with him and I’ll give you a call. How will that work?”

We yalova escort all exchanged cell phone numbers and continued chatting about our teaching experiences before heading back to our respective rooms.

“Obviously, she knows what we’ve been thinking,” Krista laughed as she winked at me.

“I know, what are the odds that she has some naughty photos on her phone,” I asked?

“Pretty darn good, I bet. I wonder who she’s here with? I didn’t notice a wedding ring on,” Krista added. “Well, in any case, I’m going to hit the gym and get a good sweat on before we do dinner. I want to touch base with my hubby to see what time he’s due in tomorrow night.”

Oh yes, I thought to myself. I forgot about Krista’s husband coming to visit tomorrow night. My mind immediately went back to the large dildo I found in Krista’s luggage. The dildo that Krista had intimated belonged to her husband! While Krista changed into her workout gear, I decided to head downstairs to one of the coffee shops for a snack and a cappuccino.

I took my jump drive full of the day’s lectures and my laptop down to the coffee shop and decided to review some of the day’s material. I found a deep, comfy couch at the small coffee shop and proceeded to fire up my Mac. My spot in the coffee shop was dark and fairly private. The shop was practically empty. As my computer was warming up, I flipped through some email on my phone. I had completely forgotten that Krista had taken some pictures of Richard and I the previous evening. I hesitantly began to scroll through the photos on my phone making sure not to give the pretty young blonde sitting across the room a free show. The first picture was jaw dropping! It was a photo of me on my knees, eyes blindfolded and face completely smeared in white, hot cum and pussy juices! My tongue was out and halfway buried in Krista’s soaked pussy as she stood over top of me, taking pictures. As I scrolled to the next picture, a familiar warm feeling began to return to my pussy and I felt my face become flushed. I fidgeted in my chair as my pussy started to steal the blood flow away from the rest of my body. It was a picture of me in the blindfold that Richard and Krista had given me and my face was covered in several ropes of Richard’s creamy load. In the periphery of the picture you could see two of Krista’s well-manicured fingernails scooping up a pile of the thick tasty cock treat off of my cheek! My eyes widened, my nipples hardened and I unconsciously licked my lips as I anticipated the next photo. It was a close-up of Richard’s fat cock-head unloading the first volley of cum cream. The head of his cock was swollen and angry looking and his piss-slit was gaping wide open as his load burst out through the opening. My tongue was seen to wag underneath the incredible leaking phallus.

I didn’t realize it, but I must have given myself away as I glanced up over my phone to see the blonde divert her gaze away from me. She was obviously watching me and I noticed that that she was now sitting indian-style on the oversized couch giving me a view of her smooth athletic legs. I tried to divert my attention back to my laptop which was now warmed up, but the temptation to keep scrolling through the photos on my phone was just too great to be ignored. The next image I landed on had an ‘arrow’ over the picture indicating it was a video. I plugged in my earbuds and I turned down the volume and hit play. The video was one that I had not recalled making the prior evening, but I was so thrilled that I actually had! My voice was narrating the 30-second video.

“Maybe someday, I can get Margie Adams and the rest of the University’s cheerleaders to do this to you!”

The video, shot from my viewpoint, showed me pissing all over Krista! The sudden, forceful, spray of golden goodness was landing all over Krista’s face and hugely elongated stiff nipples. The alcohol had obviously fueled my naughty side as I was clearly glassy eyed, but I was obviously enjoying spraying Krista with a torrent of hot piss. You could hear Krista’s voice moaning and groaning as she orgasmed in delight.

“May I see?” came a startling request from the young blonde which practically knocked me out of my chair. “I know that it’s none of my business, but I couldn’t help but overhear, and it seems that whatever you are watching is really hot. So, if you’re okay with it, I’d like to see. This is my first time in Las Vegas and I want to do some things that I never get a chance to do anywhere else.”

“I, uhh, don’t know. I, uh, this is very private stuff,” I stammered.

“Please! I’m a college junior and I never get to do anything wild. Please, can you please show me? I have a couple on my phone that I could show you as well if you like. I think we should share. Come on ma’am, let’s let our guard down.”

I was floored by this young girl’s brazenness and confidence. Before I could answer, I watched as she put down her cup of coffee, slowly edirne escort uncrossed her legs, and walked over to my couch. She casually extended her hand.

“Stacy! Nice to meet you.”

“Avery,” I hesitantly replied. “Stacy, exactly how old are you?”

“I’m 19, but I’ll be 20 in two weeks. I’m here with some girlfriends, but they’re all out by the pool. They’re quite a bit more wild than I am and I’m trying to fit in. So, we are in Las Vegas, and this is my first day to be a little wild. I want to live a little!”

“I, well, these photos are of a very private nature.”

She countered, “Of course they are. I know they’re sex shots. Hopefully, of you! You’re very sexy!”

I blushed, as I was obviously embarrassed but also increasingly aroused by the aggressiveness of this young girl.

“I’ll go against my better judgment and give you a peek. But, I’m warning you, these pictures are naughty and they’re very sexual. Are you sure you understand?”

“Avery, college kids today have seen tons of porn and many of us are very experienced, although, I’m not necessarily in that group. I spend most of my time playing field hockey,” Stacy countered. “Don’t be too overly concerned. You won’t corrupt me. Besides, you may have fun sharing! My friend and her stepmom share pics all the time. I think it’s hot!”

I tried to hide my apprehension as I scrolled back to the initial pictures. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. This girl was a complete stranger and I was about to show her pictures that were extremely explicit and they were of me! I think the fact I was promised a peek at this horny teenager’s pictures was clearly controlling my actions at this point.

“Ohh my goooossh,” she said in a muffled voice as I scrolled to the first image. “That’s a beautiful cock! Who is that in the blindfold? Is that you?”

I nodded affirmatively.

“Look at you covered up with all that cum! Look at all that jizz! Is it all from just that one cock? That is soooo hot! Your blindfold is completely whited out! Wow!”

I scrolled to the next series of images. This grouping were of Krista feeding me the white load with her fingers.

“Is that another woman’s hand? No way! How many people were there? Look at you eating that cum from those manicured fingers! I would love to do that with one of my girlfriends. I could never do that! That is so, so nasty! Did his cum taste good?”

She repeated softly, “Did it, Avery, did it taste good? Was it a delicious load?”

“It was yummy. I swallowed as much as I could. It was that good,” I emphasized. I looked into her eyes. What I saw was pure lust. The final batch of pictures practically pushed the horny teen over the edge. They were the photos that Richard had taken of me eating Krista’s pussy after he had plastered me with cock cream.

“Oh my josh! You eat pussy, too! Was it the woman that was feeding you cum? That is incredible! Look at your face! You have her cum and his all over you! That is so incredibly sexy.”

I watched as a small shudder came over the girl. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and tried to control her breathing. It was obviously a small orgasm. The smell of pussy was enveloping us. I was also becoming incredibly turned on at the thought of seeing pictures of this little horny little teen naked. I figured that I would give her something to remember me by and I set the camera ready to play the piss video.

“Here’s a little video I think you’ll like, but first, you said you’d show some photos to me, remember?” I asked with a wink in my eye.

Stacy reached into her short shorts and retrieved her phone. She quickly found her photo files and handed the smartphone to me.

“Scroll through this folder. I don’t have nearly the experience that you do, but someday maybe I can take some hot photos like yours. Mine are pretty tame, but I think they’re kind of sexy,” she innocently replied.

I scrolled through the pictures. The pictures were incredibly hot! Many of them were of her or her friends in public places flashing their bodies. Several were from the previous night in Vegas in the back of a cab. Her friends certainly didn’t look like little college girls! One picture showed Stacy licking her friend’s huge nipple while winking at the camera. Another had one of the girls bending over in the shops at Caesar’s revealing a dark butt plug framed against a tight white ass. A third showed the girls all laughing at a collection of sex toys which had been arranged on a towel out by the pool! The final one of the group was a picture of a girl’s face looking at the camera. Underneath her was a shaved, spread pussy stuffed full of dildo.

“Wow, those are incredible. You guys don’t seem inhibited at all!” I laughed.

“Well, we have had fun here, but there’s something about an experienced man or woman that makes me incredibly horny. Those pictures of yours just turn me loose!”

“Here, take my erzurum escort phone and go into that bathroom. Play the video that I have loaded. Not too loud though. It’s about a minute and a half long. I think you’ll like it.”

Stacy took my phone and hurriedly scampered into the adjacent bathroom. I felt slightly evil as if I was was contributing to her delinquency. Of course, in reality, she was contributing to my delinquency! The last thing my mind needed was to be saturated with more sex. Still, the seduction aspect of this little photo sharing experience did have me very excited. I wondered if the golden shower video would turn her on? I figured her heart must have been racing a mile a minute as she was ripping off her panties to get at her young, probably shaved, muff. My mind drifted off as I imagined the young girl laying beneath me in some decadent student-teacher orgy scene like those in kinky European pornos. I would squat down over her face, pull my ass cheeks apart, place my lickable brown eye into everyone’s full view as the crowd egged me on. Stacy would be pulling on her nipples as my golden geyser began to splash all over her face and chest. Maybe some big cocked stud in the throng would join me in hosing her down with his own pent-up supply of hot piss.

I was dragged away from the deep, sinister recesses of my mind when an older woman sat down where Stacy had been initially sitting. I was terribly disappointed as the orgy of golden gushers was now only a daydream that I couldn’t get back. She got out a laptop which meant she was staying awhile, and this was obviously going to hinder my seduction. As I sipped my coffee and looked around, trying my best to not raise suspicion, I noticed a small tattoo on the mature lady’s lower calf. It was a black spade. Hmmm, I wondered what that meant? Was it something innocuous or maybe more sinister? This lady was easily in her late 50’s, however, she appeared well preserved and the tattoo struck me as kind of odd for a woman of her age. As I was pondering the answer, I was startled by her voice.

“Do you like it?” she asked. “I noticed you staring at it.”

“Oh, I’m very sorry. I didn’t meant to stare. I do find it interesting. What prompted you to get it?”

“Get what?” another voice chimed in.

We both were caught by surprise as Stacy had returned from the bathroom and obviously felt like barging into the conversation. I noticed she was very flushed. She was also breathing rather quickly, a sure sign of orgasm! Her breathing was just a hint too fast for someone simply returning from the bathroom, and I couldn’t help but notice the small bulge in the hip pocket of her shorts. I hadn’t noticed it before and it didn’t resemble the outline of her phone.

“What are you guys talking about?” Stacy asked again.

“We were discussing my tattoo,” the stranger answered, as she twisted her shapely leg so that Stacy could see it.

Stacy smiled widely and leaned toward me and whispered, “Oh yeah, the black spade, she’s into the BBC!”

“BBC?,” I asked.

“Big, black cock,” Stacy whispered back to me, while accentuating the words with her wide open mouth.

“Well, I prefer to tell people that I enjoy the company of African-American men,” the mature lady responded.

“She probably takes chocolate dick-meat up the Hershey highway,” Stacy whispered brazenly, this time only loud enough for me to hear. “I’d love to chat about BBCs, but I have to go now and hook up with the girls. It was super great meeting you, Avery. I’ll be here for a couple of days. Maybe I’ll see you at the pool. Thanks for letting me use your phone.” Stacy reached into her back pocket, pulled out my phone which was wrapped in something, and stuffed her hand into my purse placing the contents deep inside. She shook my hand, gave me a quick hug, and was gone. Just like that. I was left kind of flabbergasted. I thought I had the little nymph in the palm of my hand, but the stranger across from me unknowingly spoiled my plans.

“She wasn’t a friend of yours?”

“No,” I replied. “I just met her here, at this coffee shop.”

“But, the way she was talking? So explicit. I just figured you were old friends?”

“No, just some crazy college kid,” I continued.

“Wow, I certainly wasn’t that open when I was a college kid,” she said with a slight chuckle.

“Vegas is so crazy, it completely loosens people up. That’s probably what got into her. I don’t mean to intrude and it’s really none of my business, but I see that you’re married. I mean, you wear a wedding ring. And the tattoo? I guess I just don’t understand.”

“Well, my name is Gwen. Nice to meet you. Avery, was it? Well, it’s not a lifestyle that everyone would certainly approve of. It’s just that it works for my husband and I. We just like to introduce some things to spice up our lives, that’s all.”

I was still slightly confused. My sexual awakening was all of 48 hours old and I had no idea about black spades and BBCs. I certainly didn’t want to offend this woman, but I was so curious that I felt I needed to ask.

“Do you mean that you sleep with black men? Is that correct?”

“Well, my husband and I have what is affectionately called an alternative lifestyle. It’s an arrangement that keeps us both happy,” she continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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