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“Do you want a blindfold for this?”

Normally, that question would get you instantly turned on, but you are too nervous. This is not a sexy situation. The man standing in front of you didn’t seem the dominant type and this lab was no dungeon.

“Do I need one?” you ask.

“It’s not necessary, but recommended. It can help relax you for the tests.” He seems as nervous as you for some reason.

“Sure, I’ll take it then.” You just want to be out of here with your money. Volunteering for this seemed like an easy way to make rent this month, maybe with a little extra to go out with.

“Okay, you can undress down to your underclothes and lie down, I’ll be back when you are ready and we can start.” You mentally giggle at the word “underclothes”. There is something oddly charming about his awkwardness. You decide that spending your days with beakers and computers would probably do the same to you.

You strip down, put your clothes on a chair in the corner and lie down on the hospital style bed in the middle of the room. You are alone long enough to glance around at all the sterile tools, wondering what each is for. None of these objects seem like they are appropriate for the testing you signed up for.

“God, what am I doing here?” you think.

The man knocks at the door, “You ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be”, you shout back and he walks in. He is preoccupied with his clipboard, checking whatever he needs to check.

He smiles at you, “Okay, time to strap you in.”


“Each subject has to be immobile to make the tests more accurate” he explains as he gently moves your hand to the cuffs you hadn’t noticed above your head. The inside of the cuffs are lined with what feels like wool and are actually pretty comfortable. As he is closing the second cuff over your other hand, you get this sudden sinking feeling that you don’t really know what is going to happen next. You signed up for some clinical testing but you were more worried about getting paid than what they were actually testing. They threw around some big medical terms that you were going to look up but never got around to. Now you are thinking that this might not be such a good idea.


He sighs heavily at this, probably having heard this every time it got to this point.


“What exactly are you going to be doing?”

“As it explained in the form you signed, we are testing the female body’s reaction to various stimuli. It would take as much time to explain it again as it would sakarya escort to just do the tests. I can explain as I start each test, but as I said, it might just help to relax, use the blindfold and it will take no time at all.” He is looking at you, waiting for you to respond. You nod and lie back down. He quickly puts more cuffs on your ankles and you feel all the breath leave your body, nervous again. At least your legs are closed together, not open. He leans over your head to put the blindfold on and as he does you ask his name. Your world is just going black as he smirks “You can call me Boss,” with the first bit of confidence you have seen in him so far.

Your mind is racing in the darkness.

…what the hell does he mean by Boss?

…did I tell anyone I was coming here?

…could I get out of these restraints if I need to?

…am I being paranoid?

“Relax and breath or you are going to hyperventilate.” he sternly lectures.

‘You have nothing to worry about, you are in good hands. I need to make sure that you won’t try to move or talk during the tests or we might have to start all over. Can you do that?”

Unable to get the word out, you slowly nod.

“Great, I’ll start right away.”

You hear the clipboard being put down and some gentle clattering of the metal objects. You promise yourself that you will never complain about the dentist again once this is over, your mind is doing way more to torture you than is likely to happen here. Even though you have the blindfold on, you close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. In….out…in…out…in…out.

It takes some concentration, but the combination of him gently poking your legs and arms and the darkness, you relax to the point of not really being in the room anymore. Something soft brushing your hands, something smooth on your shoulders, something slightly wet on your hip, a bit of vibration on your stomach, all very gentle, all very relaxing. You question in your mind what kind of data they are getting from this, but decide it actually feels quite nice. Drifting off, your last thought is how silly you were acting…

Your eyes bolt open and you panic for a second because you are looking at blackness. Something is wrong, something felt wrong. You hear the unmistakeable sound of scissors opening, you feel the cold steel slide under the right side of your panties and cut quickly. Before you can understand what is happening, the same thing happens on izmir escort the left.

Instinctively, your hands jerk in their restraints and you remember that you are helpless. Your legs are bound to the frame, but you slowly feel them opening, the bottom half of the bed is parting in the middle and you are now completely spread. Your cut panties are barely covering your open cunt from this stranger.

Is this part of the tests? It can’t be. You want to scream at him, but if for some strange reason this is not what it seems, you don’t want to ruin the test and go through this again. This isn’t making sense.

“You drifted off, welcome back. If you are done moving around, I’ll continue. And I can’t stress this enough….No Talking.” There is something different in his voice now. Something darker.

The scissors open again. Slowly, the cold steel slides under the middle of your bra. Snip. Your bra falls open. Confusion sets in as your realize that your nipples are rock hard. Are you turned on? Your mind can’t process the thought of it. Your body says different. You can feel the energy and heat of his hands hovering just above your tits. Not touching them, not yet. His hands slowly move down past your belly button to your panties. Without touching your skin, he pulls the now loose fabric up and off, letting it fall between your legs.

Your mind is screaming, is it better or worse that he hasn’t actually touched you yet?

He moves around you so that you can feel his presence in between your legs. Hot breath on your clit, not blowing, just there…breathing.

You hear his zipper opening, his pants falling. You imagine what his cock looks like. What he looks like stroking it there, inches from your cunt. You can feel the heat from it between your legs.

Your body is giving you away. First your hard nipples and now you feel your wetness dripping.

He moves so he is standing near where your head is. You still can’t see him. You can hear his hand moving back and forth, not fast, just steady.

How much time has passed? Seconds? An eternity?

He feels so close. If you turned your head, you could probably move it just enough to taste his cock. Then he moves again. Dammit, where is he?

The blindfold lifts off your face. You are not sure if you want to open your eyes, not sure if you can.

“Look at me.” It’s a command, not a request.

Your eyes open and adjust to the cold, fluorescent lights in the ceiling. After you mersin escort can see, you lift your head just enough to see his face in between your legs. This is agony.

“I’ll let you say two words.”

What does he want you to say? Your head hits the bed again as your mind races. Can you get out of this? Do you want to get out of this? You lift your head up again and look straight into his penetrating stare.


“Yes what?”

“Yes, Boss.”

As soon as the last “s” is out of your mouth, his is on your clit. You throw your head back from the intensity and bite your scream. His tongue flicks expertly and he slides two fingers into you easily. Your whole body tenses and releases in the cuffs. Closing your legs is impossible, not that you want to anymore. His tongue flicks your clit with passion that you haven’t felt before. His fingers curl inside to press your G-spot sending you over the top into a wild orgasm that stretches out forever.

Barely able to catch your breath, he grabs your head, pulls it to the side and says “Open.”

You open your mouth as wide as you can, eyes still closed, and let this stranger put his cock in. It’s rock hard and slightly bigger than you expected. You can’t move your head very much so he does the work and fucks your mouth. He pumps slowly at first, letting you get used to it. He builds up speed until his cock is a blur past your lips. You can feel your cunt dripping, imagining this stranger fucking you down there. He pulls out of your mouth and replaces his cock with his balls, you instinctively start to suck on them. His hand is pumping his cock while you do, not fast enough to cum. You open your eyes for the first time since you said yes and see that there are now several other men and women in lab coats standing around your bed….watching.

How the hell did they come in without you knowing? You wonder if they are there to join or just observe. At this point, either is fine with you, you just really want to be fucked.

The Boss seems to read your mind as he pulls away from you again. This time he moves between your legs and puts his cock inches away from your wide open cunt. He looks directly in your eyes and you say “Yes, Boss.”

It feels amazing as he slides into you with ease. You thrash in the cuffs with the frustration of being tied up. You want to wrap your legs around him as he fucks you but can’t. You can’t grind, you can’t kiss him, you can’t hold him, you can only lay there being fucked. He is ready to come. You let loose and orgasm for the second time, seconds before you feel him come inside you.

He reaches up to your restraints and releases them one at a time. You rub your wrists and smile. As you look around the room, the people disappear, the lab transforms back to a bedroom and the stranger turns back into your trusted Master.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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