The Daddy Room

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Would you like to be “Daddy” in “The Daddy room?” It’s a real fantasy of mine. It has helped me come for years along with some other fantasies of mine. Some would say it’s some pretty sick stuff. I used to think so but not anymore. Now I find my fantasies getting darker…


That day had been a long one. I had started out in the mask room. Where you have a mask over most of your face and men fuck your holes, not knowing or caring what you look like, or who you are, you are faceless.

Then I was prepped and moved to the Fi Fi the Fuck Poodle room.

After that I was sent to the hose room. Where I was pounded and fucked with water, cleaning me up for my last stop this day, the Daddy Room.

Of course at the time, I had no way of knowing it is the last stop. I had been so conditioned I don’t even think about that. I just do what I am told. That’s all.

I am allowed to dry my body with a rough towel. Then ordered to put on some clothes. A white starched shirt with a crest over the left breast is handled to me. There is a little plaid ribbon to tie at the throat, just under the white collar. A very short plaid pleated skirt, penny loafers and knee-high socks, complete the outfit. That is all I am allowed to wear. I put it on. Then I am taken to the room. I am pushed inside it with no words. I hear the door locking behind me. I turn and look about.

There you are sitting on a chair. In a black hooded robe. “Come child.” You say. Your voice is deep and commanding. “Sit on my lap.” I walk timidly toward you. This is my first time in this room. I don’t know the protocols or what to expect and this scares me and excites me.

I know better than to refuse anything in this place. You, I haven’t seen before. At least I don’t think so. Your hood prevents me from knowing for sure. I walk to you. I start to sit on your lap. “No!” You bark. “Turn around. Do not face me.”

I carefully lower myself onto your lap facing away from you. You put an arm around my neck. “Tell me what you did today child.” You say.

Not knowing what you are seeking, not guessing you really mean this, I try to play it off. You are so big compared to me, it’s like you could break my neck and, as if I could really be a child again. I think about what I am wearing then in a small voice I begin.

“I um, got up and got ready for school…” I begin uncertainly.

Your arm chokes me off then. I feel your chest hard against my back.

“No you liar. Tell me the truth; tell me, what you, my little girl, really did today. Who fucked you and how. Who did you suck? Tell me all of it everything. I know you. You are my dirty little girl.”

I nearly pass out as you hold your arm against my windpipe like that, black spots kütahya escort dancing in my eyes. “Ok”, I choke when I can breathe again.

I start to tell, really tell, you all the horrible things I did that day, my voice trembles with my body as I tell you about the day. I don’t understand this game and just hope, I please you. I tell you about each of the many cocks that fucked my ass. I tell you about the many I sucked. I describe to the best of my memory the many that fucked my cunt and creamed in me today. It is not a comfortable thing to do. And as I do I feel you get hard beneath me.

You lift me like I weigh nothing. You slip your dick head between my pussy lips; I’m wet from saying all this nasty stuff and from my fear of you. Something I’ve learned since the day I was abducted and brought here, secretly, fear turns me on, and that shames me. Shame also turns me on. You start just lifting my body up and down on you. God you are so fucking strong. If I hesitate in my long descriptions, you choke me again. You make me speak again, more of it and in greater detail. I become almost hypnotized by this on going ritual with you.

While I talk for you, you just keep lifting me up and down on your cock. Never once have you acted like I was anything to you or like we were having sex. This is impersonal. There is no kissing, no intimacy and yet, more and more I am drawn to you. You are so commanding and hard. You feel so good inside me. Before I reach the end of the long day’s events and tasks, I start to feel incredibly heated, my body clamping onto yours as if in need. After a long while, because there is so much to tell and I’ve been used so much today, you come inside me. I feel you twitch inside me, tightening, stiffening then shooting off there. White hot and creamy spurts are hitting my inner walls; you are pulsing.

All you say is this: “Nasty girl. Look what you made Daddy do.”

You lift me up off of you; deposit me roughly on the floor. Your cock and balls are now in my face.

“Clean it up, you nasty girl. Now!” You growl.

I so know how to do this, I mean; I must do it about fifty times a day for clients here. I lick all over, cleaning you up. Sucking in your dick head, then more of you, nibbling, licking. Taking each of your balls in my mouth. Starting to actually get into it. Almost fucking my own face with your cock now.

You grab me roughly by my hair. Your cock now is completely hard again. You pull me off of you. “I just said clean it up nasty girl. I didn’t say enjoy it or fuck yourself with it did I? You’ve disappointed me.” You say.

I feel my heart shudder and contract in fear. In this place disappointing a client means discipline and punishment.

You malatya escort pick me up then and walk me over to an altar I had not previously noticed. It’s very ornate, candles and saints are everywhere. The smoke of incense floods my nose when you light it, the candles flames glitter and gut.

“Kneel down and pray child. Pray for your soul.” You say, sounding sad now.

So I bend down there on my knees and put my hands up in an approximation of prayer. You come up behind me, again grabbing my throat from the behind.

Then I hear chains. You release me only to chain my hands to the sides of the kneeling area, an ornate stair affaire with high sides made of heavy wood.

You push with your other hand on the small of my back. Making my ass rise up, and me bend more then you tease my ass with your hand. You chain my legs to the alter too I am afraid now. Not having any idea what will come next. Some girls are just gone in the morning. No one I can talk to knows or will tell what happens to those girls.

“Pray you little bitch. Pray to be forgiven. To be cleansed of your dirty ways.” You say.

I feel something then, wet and cold land on my ass, and work into my hole. You begin then to slip into me a little. I gasp involuntarily at that first push against my first sphincter I wonder if I will ever get used to this. You pull tighter on my throat with your arm. I feel a burst of warmth for you then that I can’t explain. You start pushing in further and further it hurts a little at first but then it just feels so incredibly good. My mind goes away for a bit, just reveling in these overwhelming sensations.

When I think about it, I keep trying to act like I’m praying but really, I just want more of that hard cock inside me again. I want it there forever, pushing at the limits of my ass hole. You are in me now, all the way. The pressure is incredible I feel you balls slap on my ass.

You start just pounding me. Over and over in and out harder and harder in my ass until I think I’m going to come apart.

“Pray bitch.” You growl at me perhaps sensing my preoccupation with being ass fucked.

I do, only not for forgiveness but for release. I’m so hot it’s painful. This with you is not like with the others. The other ones I have to pretend to cum with. I was conditioned to do that, but this, really turns me on. It shames me but it’s true.

This is what I crave now, to be constantly reamed like this. I want to really be your little girl and stay with you, to be your slave only. You pull your thick cock out of me for a minute and then spit in my ass hole. A shiver runs up my spine at how degrading that is then explodes into heat increasing the already manisa escort nearly overflowing fires in my body.

You insert your dick back into my little hole and fuck me harder than anyone ever has. Fluid’s drip and course down my thighs.

“Are you praying you nasty little girl?” You growl at me.

And then you cum inside me I feel the hot spurts filling up inside me adding to the pressure. You pull out and walk around to the front of me, the place where normal a Priest would stand as one knelt during a wedding ceremony.

“Clean it up! You nasty little bitch.” You say sticking your dick in my face. “You made Daddy dirty again!”

We both know where it’s just been and I blink but you pull me on you. I suck and lick and clean you again. I don’t let myself get into it this time because I know you don’t want me to but I could, so easily, even with where it’s been and what it has on it. I hate myself for that but being used like this is so horribly hot. I am so hot. I’m aching. I want release. I so rarely feel this way being fucked all day, you’d think I would but now with you, I’m weak for it.

When I have cleaned you. You push me off roughly. I think you are looking at me. I see your head shake negatively. You unchain my hands and legs. You go back and sit in your chair. The chair I’ve come to think of as The Daddy chair where you could cuddle me, fuck me, or make me cum.

“Come lie across my lap, face down.” You order. I shiver at that. I walk over to you, still wearing my catholic schoolgirl outfit. It’s a little wrinkled now and wet in places. Cum is flowing down my legs from my cunt and my ass.

“Daddy…” I say. “Daddy, don’t, please…I’ll be good I promise.” I’m whining a little, a place deep in my soul is being threatened now and I start to cry.

You laugh harshly at that.

“You don’t know how to be good. You little slut, you couldn’t be good if your life depended on it and it just might. What a lying filthy bitch you are. You don’t know how to be good. You’ve just proven it over and over. So now Daddy has to punish you.”

I lay down across you lap trembling. God you are so fucking strong. I am so damn wet. My pussy already pulsing I’m so scared and so excited.

“You don’t know how to be good you little bitch. Now I’m going to spank you. You count as I do.” You say.

You spank my ass hard. And I feel the sting and the red concussion on my ass spreads in fiery little buzzes across my ass.. I start then to think that you might kill me. “One” I say my voice weak and excited. You spank me again and again so hard I get too excited and lose count. This makes you laugh and just hit me harder. I start to cum and you laugh louder.

“Yes, that’s right come honey, Daddy’s little girl has to come, NOW!” You say and I do, harder than I ever have before. The rest is a little fuzzy but later I am in my dorm. The slaves quarters, on my bare cot. I roll over on my stomach, my ass still sore from your touch and I cry, wanting to be back with you in the Daddy room forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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