The Lover Games: Cherry and Angela

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All characters are 18 and older.

I wasn’t sure what category this belongs in so I hope you guys like it. This could turn into a series of there is a demand for it. And as always, Enjoy!


Wanted: Horny women 18 and older! Compete in The Lover Games and win money! These kinky challenges start easy and get more difficult! For more information, please contact… Cherry reads over the email advertisement and snorts. I have to pay for college but is this really the way I want to do it? The Indian teen thinks to herself. She looks up from her laptop and sighs. Fuck! I have to pay for college somehow but is this really the way I want to do it? Pimp myself out to these sick… Cherry sighs again, realizing that she has no other choice.

Cherry puts her laptop down and looks at her reflection in the mirror. The Indian girl is 19 years old with brown curly hair that goes past her shoulder blades and is an average height. She has C-cup breasts, concealed by her shirt and although currently covered by her leggings, she has a medium sized toned ass and a sexy, waxed pussy with large, puffy outer lips.

Could I really do this? I mean I do enjoy sex, but this could be different. Cherry thinks. Finally, after a couple more hours of debating what to do, she finally clicks the link and begins to fill out the online application.

Several days later, Cherry receives an email from the same address that sent her the email advertisement, saying that she had been selected to compete this coming weekend that at a house near where she lived and she was competing against a 45-year-old woman named Angela. She needed to bring her ID, and anything else she needed. All the clothing and equipment would be provided there. Cherry looked up the address of the house and saw it was about 20 minutes away, in the country. From the view she got from Google Map, it appeared to be far away from other buildings as well as having a pool and hot tub.

This is either going to be really fun and easy or hard and miserable, Cherry thinks, reviewing the information that was sent to her.

The day that Cherry was leaving she felt nervous to the point of wanting to throw up. She kept telling herself that she really needed the money so it would be worth it in the end. After what seemed like forever to her, Cherry finally reached the house and pulled into the driveway. At the top of the driveway, she found several other cars and along with a tall white man with short blonde hair. Cherry parks her car and steps out, almost shaking with nerves. The man walks over to her car and smiles, “Hello! I’m Brian and I’m the director for The Lover Games. Who are you?”

Cherry says, “I’m… I’m Cherry. Good to meet you.”

Brian smiles, “Good to meet you too. Come on inside and we’ll fill out some paperwork and then you’ll get started. You nervous?”

Brian begins to walk and Cherry follows. She responds, “Yeah. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Brian nods in an understanding way, “A lot of the girls who come here say that. Most of them leave here very happy that they did this.” Cherry does not respond, but continues to follow Brian into an office. There is a large desk, with chairs on both sides. Brian takes one on the far side of the desk and begins shuffling through the papers. Cherry sits in the other one. Brian begins to explain the various forms, including release forms and consent forms. Cherry fills them all out and hands them back.

After about 20 minutes, Brian finally smiles again, “So are you ready to get changed now? Then you get to meet your competition.”

Cherry sighs, “Yes… let’s get started.”

“Great!” Brian exclaims, leading her upstairs into a bedroom. On the bed is a silver one-piece bathing suit. Brian explains, “This is your room. Here is what you’ll be wearing to start. You can put your stuff anywhere. I’ll be right outside when you’re finished!” Brian leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

“Fuck… let’s just get this over with.” Cherry sighs, stripping naked, revealing her small, brown nipples and puffy brown outer pussy lips. Cherry then begins to dress in the one-piece bathing suit. Putting it on, Cherry realizes how tight it is. Through the silvery material, her nipple mounds as well as her pussy mound are easily visible. After playing around with the bottom to make sure her pussy and ass are covered, she leaves the room barefoot.

Brian is leaning against the wall when Cherry walks out. When he sees her he smiles and says, “You look great! Let’s go and meet Angela, who’s out by the pool. Before you two get started, we’re just going to do a little interview so anyone who watches will get to know you.”

“Sounds good.” Cherry says, the nervousness audible in her voice. Brian leads her back downstairs and out the back door to the pool. Cherry squints for several seconds before her eyesight recovers. There are two chairs next to each other, with the pool behind them. There is a camera and lighting rig set up, facing the chairs. One of the chairs was occupied by a blonde woman, with DD breasts, who appeared to be 45 years old. She has nice legs and a large, shapely ass. Brian leads Cherry to the blonde woman and bağdatcaddesi escort then goes back behind a camera pointed at the chairs.

Brian says, “Angela, this is Cherry. Cherry, this is Angela.” Angela stands and is a few inches taller than Cherry. Much to Cherry’s surprise, Angela hugs the younger woman. Angela’s large breasts push into Cherry’s collarbone and neck. Cherry returns the hug and after a few seconds they part. Angela returns to her chair on the left and Cherry takes the one on the right. Brian smiles, “I like the sportsmanship! Now why don’t you two tell the viewers a little about yourself. Angela you start.”

Angela faces the camera and smiles, “My name is Angela and I’m 45 years old. I love sex and showing off. My husband and I like to go to swinger parties.” Then she turns and looks at Cherry.

Cherry says, “My name is Cherry and I’m 19. I’m currently single and in college. Both of my parents are Indian in case any of you are wondering about my ethnicity.”

Brian asks, “What will each of you do with the money you win here?”

Angela smiles, “Use it on improving my sex room of course!”

Cherry sighs, “I’m going to use it to pay for college.”

Brian looks back at Angela, “So this is a very personal question, what do you like sexually?”

Angela smiles at this, “I love almost anything. I’ve done BDSM, three ways, four ways and even some public sex. I love women too.” Angela says the last part with a wink at Cherry. Brian indicates that it is Cherry’s turn.

Cherry frowns, “I like sex. I haven’t done any of that. I do really like being spanked though…”

Brian nods, “Great ladies! One final question… are you ready to spend the weekend playing The Lover Games?”

Angela laughs, “Why else would I be here?”

Cherry simply nods and says, “Yes.”

Brian laughs, “Great, then let’s start with something really easy… you two kiss!”

Cherry turns and faces Angela who is already moving in. Cherry closes the distance and closes her eyes as her mouth locks with the older woman’s. Amanda’s tongue immediately begins to explore Cherry’s mouth. Cherry allows this and after several seconds the two women part, still facing each other.

Angela turns back to the camera and Brian, “Come on! Give us a real challenge!”

Brian laughs, “All in good time. Now, on both ends of the pool, there are water guns. Go and pick one up.”

Cherry walks to the shallow end and picks hers up, while Angela walks to the deep end and does the same. Brian calls to both of them, “The goal here is simple, get the other as wet as possible!” Brian pauses, “Not sexually!” he adds after several seconds. “Ready… set… go!” Brian calls.

Cherry looks down at the pool then the water pistol in her hand. Why even bother with this when I can try to just push her in Cherry thinks as she begins to approach Angela’s end of the pool. Cherry then tosses the water gun on the ground and sprints at Angela. Angela begins to shoot Cherry, the water splashing warmly against her body. Cherry closes the distance rapidly and gives Angela a shove into the pool.

“Fuck!” Angela says as she falls backwards into the warm water with a large splash. Some of the water splashes up on Cherry, who turns to look at Brian.

“So did I win?” Cherry asks.

Brian is clearly trying to stifle his laughter. After several seconds, he says, “Yes. None of our contestants have ever done that before though. You Cherry!” Cherry smiles and turns to help Angela climb out of the pool, hesitating when she sees the older blonde’s bathing suit. The material has turned from a silver color to completely see through. Angela’s large pink nipples and meaty, pink inner lips are visible through the material. Her pubic region completely bare. Cherry looks down at her own bathing suit and sees that her upper stomach and left breast are visible through the material. After helping Angela out of the pool, Cherry jumps in, and then exits, the skin tight material now having become transparent.

Cherry’s small, brown nipples are pointy and pronounced against the material and her brown pussy lips are visible through the transparent material. Cherry goes and stands next to Angela, who is standing by her starting chair. Brian looks over the two contestants and asks, “You two ready to start competing for real money?” Both Cherry and Angela nod. Brian continues, “So the first event here is a race to make yourself cum. The winner of this money and an advantage in the next event.”

Cherry and Angela lay back on their respective chairs and spread their legs. Brian counts down, “Three… two… one… go!” On the word go, both women’s hands shoot down to their respective mounds. Cherry begins to rub in small, circles on her clit, through her bathing suit, while Angela begins by licking her fingers, using her other hand to hold her one piece out of the way and with her wet fingers, begins to plunge in and out of her pussy. Angela begins to moan softly as she rapidly fingers herself. Cherry looks over at her opponent, who has her eyes closed in concentration and is moaning in pleasure.

Cherry closes her eyes as well and begins to use her fingers on beykoz escort her other hand to finger herself, while still rubbing her clit. Soon, soft moans begin to escape Cherry’s lips, however, they are drowned out by Angela’s much louder moans. Cherry’s fingers work her clit and two from her other hand work her pussy, stimulating the teen immensely, but after several more minutes, Angela cries out, “Cumming… Ugh…” and Chery looks up to see volumes of cum squirting out of the older woman. Angela’s face is contorted in pleasure as she cums. Her breathing is elevated and while her bathing suit was beginning to return to its original silver color, down by Angela’s crotch, it was back to the see through material.

Brian laughs, “Well… we have a squirter here!”

Fuck! Cherry thinks, slowing her pace and looking at Angela Angela. After her orgasm subsides, Angela sits up and looks at Brian. Brian smiles at Angela, “Great job dear! Now Cherry, for the next event to be fair, you need to bring yourself to orgasm.” Angela turns and looks at her opponent. Great! Now I have an audience, Cherry thinks. Outwardly, the Indian teen nods, closing her eyes and picking up her rapid pace from before, one hand working her clit and using two fingers from her other hand to finger herself.

After several more minutes of work, Cherry finally pushes herself over the edge, gasping out, “Fuck… I’m cumming!” Cherry feels her tight vagina clamp down on her two fingers as her hot, white cum slowly begins to ooze out of her young pussy.

Cherry recovers from her orgasm and sits up, first looking at Angela who is smiling and says, “You looked very sexy just then.” Cherry smiles back at her opponent. She’s so nice… it’s hard not to like her Cherry thinks.

Brian looks at the two women, “So Angela, you won that round. That means you get to pick your preferred position in the next event.”

Angela nods, “What is the next event?”

Brian laughs, “I did forget to tell you, didn’t I? Well it is to make each other cum. Whoever cums first here loses. Do you want to be top or bottom?”

Angela thinks for a second before saying, “Bottom!”

Brian nods, “Okay then. Take off your bathing suits and get into position. This is hands and mouth only. First to make your opponent cum wins!” Angela and Cherry both strip naked. Cherry’s bathing suit had returned to its original silver color and was no longer transparent. Angela’s had mostly returned to the silver color, except for the area near her pussy, where she had squirted. After another minute, both women now stood completely naked, in front of each other, Brian and the cameras. After both women get used to the idea of being naked in front of each other and Brian, they begin to get into position.

Angela lays back on her chair and opens her legs. Cherry climbs on top and faces the other way, straddling Angela’s head with her legs. Cherry leans forward and looks at Angela’s pussy, having never seen one besides her own. Angela’s meaty inner lips protruded past her outer ones and gave her pussy a very sexy, but distinct look. Cherry breathed in through her nose and smelled Angela’s sweet scent, enjoying it. Brian walks over to Cherry and the Camera points at her face, “Have you ever been with a woman?”

Cherry nervously says, “This is my first time…”

Brian nods, “Well this is a hell of a way for your first time to go! Good luck to you both and you can start when I say go.”

Cherry and Angela both get back into position, Cherry lowering her pussy for Angela to have access too without having to lift her head up, and lowering her own head between Angela’s thighs. Brian counted, “Three… two… one… go!”

Once he said go, Cherry lowered her mouth to Angela’s pussy and began to slurp at her clit, surprised at the fact that she was enjoying the taste. Between her own brown legs, Cherry felt Angela’s mouth expertly working her pussy, occasionally a finger was inserted into the teen. Cherry pulled her head up to let her fingers do the work. She began to circle Angela’s clit with one hand and took her other and inserted two fingers inside her opponent. Cherry’s fingers barely touched the walls of Angela’s pussy. Wow I guess I need more… Cherry thought, inserting a third finger and beginning to pump them in and out.

From between her legs, Angela let out a moan, before going back to working Cherry’s brown pussy lips, using her fingers this time. Angela began to slide two fingers in and out of Cherry’s tight pussy, causing Cherry to begin to moan. The two women continued to work each other, their moans increasing in frequency and volume as they both began to approach orgasm. Cherry began to concentrate on anything other than the fire in between her legs as she held off her orgasm. She has to be close! Cherry thought as Angela once again began to slurp at Cherry’s clit. In an act of desperation, cherry took her little finger and inserted it into Angela, who let out a cry of pleasure and surprise. However, Cherry soon felt Angela continue her fingering with new effort, sliding them out of Cherry’s drooling pussy faster than ever.

“Ugh Fuck!” Cherry cry’s out, finally unable to hold off her orgasm any caddebostan escort longer. Angela inserts a single finger, pulling it out covered in Cherry’s cum. Soon, the white fluid begins to drip out of Cherry and fall onto Angela’s face, where she catches some of it in her waiting mouth. The rest splashes on her nose or chin as Cherry quivers from her powerful orgasm.

As Cherry’s orgasm begins to subside, she looks down at Angela’s pussy, which is dripping wet and looks very inviting. I can’t just tease her like that and not finish the job Cherry thinks, reaching for Angela’s pussy. Cherry begins to circle Angela’s clit with her fingers and inserts three fingers inside the older woman. After several more seconds of work, Angela cries out, “That’s it!” Cherry’s lower arm is suddenly soaked in Angela’s squirting cum, which blasts out of her pussy. Angela clearly enjoys the high from her orgasm, even as it ends. Cherry stands up and watches as the older women finishes her own orgasm before opening her eyes and sitting back up.

Brian exclaims, “That was a hell of a show ladies! Cherry you seemed to enjoy giving as much as receiving there! For now, the two of you are going to have a break and we’ll continue this is a little bit.”

Brian walks away, leaving Angela and Cherry to their own devices. Angela looks at the Indian teen before her and says, “Hey… I just want to thank you for making me cum in the end. Even after you lost.”

Cherry smiles, “It wouldn’t be fair for me to do that.”

Angela returns the smile, “Was that really your first time with a girl?”

Cherry nods, “Yeah, I’ve never done anything like that before.”

Angela gives her an encouraging smile, “Well you did a great job! Come on, let’s go get something to drink.” Angela, still naked, stands and leads the way back into the house, looking for beverages. Cherry follows, unsure of what else to do. Angela walks into the kitchen and opens a cabinet randomly. This one happens to have several glass cups in them, she hands one to Cherry. Cherry accepts the cup and makes her way over to the sink, turns it on, filling her cup before drinking the water. Angela does the same, the two women are still naked and now relaxing with one another. After several minutes of small talk, Brian comes into the room.

Brian says, “Alright Ladies, you two want to follow me for your final competition of the day?”

Cherry, having begun to actually enjoy the events says, “Yeah, let’s do this!”

Brian smiles at her enthusiasm and leads the way out of the room. Cherry and Angela both follow, wanting to find out what comes next. Brian leads the two women back outside to the pool area, only for there to be an inflatable rectangular pool, about ankle height has been set up. It was probably 10 feet wide and 40 feet long. Around the pool, there are and vibrators dildos of varying lengths and thicknesses. Some are massive and others are very small. On opposite corners of the pool was a black circle. The cameras were already set up around the pool.

Brian explains, “This is a simple game. The first one to make the other cum wins. You can use your hands, mouth, toys, whatever you want. But for added difficulty…” Brian pointed at several bottles of oil that the camera men began to use to cover the inflatable pool in. Soon, the whole pool was covered in clear massage oil. Cherry and Angela took their spots on opposite corners of the rectangle and waited for Brian’s command. Cherry took note of the toys around her, there was a small bullet vibrator close to her feet and a little further away, there was a blue 8-inch-long, 2-inch-wide veined dildo. Which to go for… Cherry began to think as she heard Brian count down, “Three… two… one… go!”

On the word go she scoops up the small vibrator in on hand, almost dropping it because of the oil and stood to face Angela slowly walking towards her, holding nothing. She’s going to try to use her size to pin me down! Cherry thinks. Cherry and Angela watch each other, both unmoving for several seconds before Angela makes a lunge at Cherry. The Indian teen takes a step back, but slips in the oil and falls on her back. Angela takes advantage of this and pounces on top of Cherry’s brown legs, pinning her in place. Angela then begins to rub Cherry’s clit, while Cherry struggles below. Cherry’s back, legs and hair are all slick from the oil.

Cherry begins to gasp at the stimulation, however, an idea begins to form in the back of her mind. Cherry suddenly sits up and pushes back against Angela. Cherry then begins to squirm her legs, working them out from under the older blonde woman. Cherry then turns the bullet vibrator on and pushes it inside Angela. Angela begins to gasp from the vibrator working inside her. She begins to use her fingers to try to remove it, however, her fingers are covered in both Cherry’s juices and the oil so she is unable to remove it quickly. While Angela works at removing the slippery vibrator, Cherry grabs the blue dildo and quickly returns to Angela. Angela has just finished removing the bullet from her pussy only to see Cherry descending on her with a large dildo. Cherry uses her whole body weight to push Angela onto her back and get between her legs. Cherry begins to slide the dildo rapidly in and out of Angela, making the blonde woman begin to moan in pleasure. Angela’s meaty pussy lips hug the dildo as it slides in and out of her. However, both women and all the toys are now covered in oil, making everything slippery.

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