The Survey

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I glared at the green sticky note placed on my dashboard, trying to memorize the new survey pitch. The company changed that damn script five times since I started work last year. I always hated going door to door, asking people about the air quality in their homes, only to do sales pitches after they completed their surveys. But, it paid $17 an hour, plus a hefty commission. It paid the bills, with a lot left over, and that’s all I cared about, even if the job made my anxiety spike.

I looked in my folder and flipped through the pages until I came across the district map. Southwinds Subdivision was completed, thank God. People there were assholes. Elderly, rich, snobs who just couldn’t stand to talk to a stranger for 45 seconds… Fuckers. I glanced at the map, trying to decide which neighborhood to check out next. Cleveland Springs wasn’t a good idea. Too poor of a neighborhood; they’d never be able to afford a $3,200 air filtration system. Plus there was a lot of crime there, and I was carrying expensive equipment in the back seat. Bad idea all around. Penbridge Heights was decent. Not poverty stricken, but not quite “rich” either. It was a gamble, but I decided it was worth a shot.

Before leaving, I looked in the mirror, making sure my makeup was okay. No smudges, good. And my hair was still in a tight, neatly kept ponytail. I tilted the mirror down to look at my khaki pantsuit. I smiled, approving of my level of professionalism as I turned the keys and pulled out of the gas station. Penbridge was about three miles away.

The first house I pulled into was absolutely stunning. It wasn’t huge or expensive, but it was beautiful nonetheless; very cozy. It was made out of rough, grey stones cut into squares of varying sizes and dark brown wooden support beams; a beautiful garden circled around a large oak tree, proudly presenting vibrant purple flowers. God… I would love to live here.

I nervously walked up to the door and knocked, hoping this neighborhood would be a little less judgmental and rude. I mean, I’m only trying to put food on the table and save up for surgery. Maybe that was it, maybe they could tell I was a trans woman. I doubt it, though. I hardly ever get misgendered anymore, and I’ve been able to use the women’s restroom with no problem for some time now.

As my nervous brain dithered about, a young woman, around my age by the looks of it, answered the door. She had raven black hair, a black choker, a dark red lacy blouse, black pants that were sort of flared at the bottom, and black flats. Her flats were adorned with thick, flat, maroon bows. Her lips were a dark, seductive red.

“Can I help you?” she asked with a raised eyebrow, showing off her electric Betturkey blue eyes.

“Uh, yes.” I started, “My name is Erica Romwell with Davis Air Company. I’m in the area conducting a survey regarding air qual-” I noticed a familiar flag hanging on the wall behind her, it was blue, pink, and white striped.

“I’m sorry,” I said, interrupting myself, “I have to ask- who’s trans pride flag is that?”

She smiled, “It’s mine. I’ve been on estradiol for about two and a half years. I started when I was 23.”

“That’s awesome, I’m glad to hear it!” I replied, “I’ve only been on it for a year. Still trying to save up for bottom surgery.”

She beamed, “There’s not a whole lot of us in this uber-conservative pisshole. Always good to see another sister! Would you like to come in and have a drink?”

I smiled from ear to ear, “I would love that! What’s your name?”

As she turned around and guided me inside, she said “Rachel DuPons. Nice to meet you!”

She led me over to a soft, dark purple loveseat and asked, “Do you prefer wine? Or maybe something a little stronger?”

I replied, “That depends on the kind of wine.”

“It’s Merlot.” she called from the kitchen.

“Merlot sounds amazing!” I replied. After a couple seconds, she returned and handed me a beautiful wine glass with a red stem and base.

“Thank you,” I said cheerfully, taking a slow sip. “Mm, what brand is this?”

“Rainfall, it’s owned by my older brother, believe it or not. Each bottle runs for $32.”

“It’s wonderful! Your brother is a wine artist. I bet you get free bottles, huh?”

“Yes ma’am! My brother Alan is pretty much the only one of my family that hasn’t disowned me for transitioning.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. My family was a little more forgiving. So, are you happy with your changes?”

She smiled again, “Yes, very! I look nothing like I did before, thank God. A lot of trans women report a decreased libido… Mine only went up, surprisingly.”

I nervously took another sip of the wine, “Mine went down a bit. I mean, I still get ragingly horny sometimes, but it’s not as often.”

Rachel nodded, “I’ve also noticed my turn ons have changed a bit.”

“In what way?”

“Well, for one thing, I’m actually a lot more dominant now… I know, it’s weird. Estradiol should’ve done the opposite to me.”

“That’s not weird at all. I like dominant women. My turn ons changed a bit too.” I felt myself starting to get hard. I silently prayed Rachel would see it.

“So how have yours changed?” She asked, leaning in a little bit. I could see where this was going…

I took one more sip, and hesitated for a second, “Um… Betturkey Giriş would you like to find out?”

As she leaned in closer to me, Rachel gave me a wicked, toothy grin, presenting her perfectly straight, glowing white teeth, “Of course,” she whispered.

I set my glass down on her wooden coffee table and leaned in to kiss her. As our lips touched, I could feel my awakening cock become more rigid. My hips shifted a little bit as our lips opened and our tongues caressed each other. Her hand found the back of my head; she pulled me in tighter as her other hand sought out my growing bulge. I felt her at first lightly rubbing it, but then she started stroking it harder, causing it to swell even more. I put my hand down to return the favor; she was already brutally hard. I grasped it, playing with it and gently squeezing it.

Rachel’s hands moved away from where they were and began unbuttoning my jacket. Then my white shirt, revealing a beige bra underneath. I finished taking off my jacket and shirt, and then started to work on her maroon blouse. I grasped the bottom of it, and pulled it off of her, and as I did so, she reached around me and unhooked my bra, letting my small breasts breathe.

As I put my arms around her to pull her black bra off, I mentioned, “You certainly like black, don’t you?”

“It’s my favorite.” she whispered, putting her lips back onto mine, kissing me aggressively. I moaned into her mouth a little as I went for the button on her pants; at the same time that she undid mine.

We both stood up, letting our pants and underwear fall down around our ankles. She pulled me close with her hand on my ass as we kissed again, grinding our hard, aching cocks together. My hips pressed against hers, putting more pressure on my member; I couldn’t help it. At this point, my body was in control, not my mind. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she was in control.

I crouched down and got a good look at her throbbing, 7-inch tool. There was a small patch of black hair adorning her base. The shaft sported a blueish-purple vein traveling up about an inch before splitting and disappearing after another inch. I looked down at mine. I was slightly disappointed. It was about in inch shorter than hers, and had a thin, reddish-brown landing strip.

I crouched down, staring at her beautiful, raging erection before flicking the pink head with my tongue. It tasted sweet, feminine, unlike the few cis males I’d encountered. They only ever tasted like sweat and musk. Ew.

I circled around the tip with my tongue, and then gave it a soft kiss. She moaned quietly as I put my wanting mouth around it, savoring the taste, slowly Betturkey Güncel Giriş going back and forth, making sure to lick the tip every now and again as I drew back. I glanced up, her dick still filling my mouth, and saw her eyes rolling up into her head.

I removed her from my mouth and got on my hands and knees, arching my ass into the air, presenting it to her, ready for her to mate me.

“Fuck me,” I begged, “Be rough.”

She put her hand on my ass as she descended to her knees, getting her dick wet, and then teasing my asshole with her long proboscis. Her tip kissed my hole, making me exhale each time; anticipating, waiting, wanting. I needed her inside me. Her hands found my trembling thighs. I moaned as I felt a sharp ache as the tip barely broke through my outer defenses. She only put a little bit in, maybe about half an inch, but it was enough to make me quiver with pleasure and pain. She pulled out, letting her tip caress my hole once more, before putting it back in, this time a couple of inches. It hurt for a few seconds, but the pain subsided and was replaced with intense ecstasy as she attacked my prostate. I moaned again, louder than before; I could barely keep quiet. In fact, I couldn’t keep quiet at all, as she began to thrust back and forth slowly, rhythmically filling me, and then emptying me, and then repeating. Her balls slapped against mine as she sped up, making me let out a series of short moans, synchronized with her thrusts. She pulled back and stopped for a second, an then thrust as hard as she could, stuffing it in as far as it would go; I felt her reach up into my stomach as my mind turned to mush. I cried out and my eyes rolled back. My ass felt so hot from her warmth. Her cock kept brushing against my pulsating prostate until I felt a tidal wave of pleasure wash over me as I came, dripping my love onto the carpeted floor.

“I’m cumming!” I blubbered, barely able to form the words escaping my mouth, followed by another long moan, “FUCK!”

Not too long after, I heard her release a long, soft growl as she came too, no doubt caused by seeing me cum. It felt so hot, like someone injected magma inside of me. She stayed inside me for a few seconds catching her breath as I tried to catch mine; a few seconds that felt like an eternity, before she slowly retracted out of me, and as she did so, I felt her warm seed drip out. It rolled down my taint, then my balls, and then onto the floor; some of it traveling down my spent, softening cock. My body was overloaded with pleasure; all I could do was lay on the floor with one hand up next to my chest, and the other placed on my sensitive dick. She climbed on top of me and began kissing me again; our dicks touched once more, dotting each other with our last little drops of love.

She pulled away from my lips, and asked, “So how was that?”

“Incredible,” I panted, still unable to fully regain my breath, “Want to do it again sometime?”

She smiled, “Absolutely.”

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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