An Oh So Willing Patient

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“Hello, Lola. Please call me ‘Doctor Ben’ or just ‘Ben.’ I hate being referred to by my last name because it soFreunds so stuffy and formal when working intimately with a patient. I’m a Doctor of Osteopathy, and my aim is to help you and your own body to heal.

“While I do this primarily through skeletal manipulation and muscle massage, I take into consideration other influences in your life such as your past experiences, marriage, children, home, work, and sense of well-being. These ‘external’ factors impact your body and health. As one of my patients said, I’m kind of a strange mix between a medical doctor…a massage therapist…a psychoanalyst…and a chiropractor – heaven forbid to that one…hahaha!”

Lola had to smile at this amiable professional who for some strange reason made her relax. Compared to her five-nine Japanese figure, Ben was a rather short and pudgy Chinese guy, but in a way that made him a disarmingly personable and non-threatening. Yet, as he continued to talk about himself and his profession, Lola realized that Dr. Ben had another side to him – one that emanated strength and confidence; a man used to getting his way; and this made her “tingle,” for lack of a better term, with trepidation and in anticipation.

She had been referred by her primary care physician, Dr. Yamamoto, for a second opinion on a mysterious lower back pain that plagued her intermittently for over six months. Lola had been x-rayed, undergone an MRI, and been subjected to a battery of tests, and all proved inconclusive. Although her doctor was extremely conservative, he decided to make a referral to Dr. Ben whom he had met at a convention and had been consulting with concerning her case as her medical options were slowly eliminated.

“Lola,” she remembered Dr. Yamamoto saying to her at the end of their last appointment, “I’m referring you to a colleague of mine who is an osteopath for a fresh perspective and diagnosis of your problem. Short of prescribing pain pills, I do not know what I can do with your case. Dr. Ben, as he prefers to be called, will consider things that a medical doctor such as myself would not. He is open to different therapeutic techniques that I would never use. It’s your call, but I strongly recommend that you at least consult with him.”

And so, Lola found herself in Dr. Ben’s examining room for an initial consultation. It was in the late afternoon and the office staff had left for the day, but this was to be expected since Dr. Yamamoto had mentioned that Dr. Ben could see her as an after-hours appointment as a favor to him. She was told that Dr. Ben was willing to help her with her mysterious ailment. While grateful, Lola was nervous and if it hadn’t been for the sharp pain episodes in her lower back, she might have left.

“So, Lola, I’ve read Dr. Yamamoto’s very thorough report, looked at your lab results, and scanned the x-rays and MRI results. They indicate that nothing is wrong with you; however, we know that’s not true. If your body says it is in pain, then it is in pain. So why don’t we start from the beginning and you tell me what’s wrong with you.”

Lola began recounting what she had been told by so many physicians almost by rote when Dr. Ben stopped her. “Wait, Lola, what you’re telling me, I already know. Let’s go back to the very first time you experienced the sharp pain in your lower back…I think you stated that it started six months ago. Do you remember what you were doing at that first time you encountered your back pain?”

When Lola hesitated to say what was on the tip of her tongue, Dr. Ben said rather understandingly, “Look, Lola, if I’m to be of any help to you and to stand any chance of alleviating the pain that you feel, you’ve got to confide in me. Don’t hold anything back no matter how small or odd or embarrassing. Don’t worry – I won’t judge you no matter what you say.”

Lola hung her head so that Dr. Ben couldn’t see her blush of embarrassment. Finally, in a shaky and soft voice, she mumbled, “My husband, Larry, is a brute of a man. He’s six-foot-one, about two-hundred-fifty pounds, and barreled-shaped. A ‘bear’ would be a good way to describe him physically and personality-wise. He is crude, demanding and used to get his way. I don’t know what attracted me to him while I was…attending night school…but he was persistent in his pursuit of me and I guess I finally gave into him. Since then, Larry has dominated me and my life.

“Well, to make a long story short, the first time felt this pain was when we were making love – no, that’s not right – he was having sex with me. Our kids were camping with the YMCA, and he was horny and I wasn’t. I remember being wrestled into submission before he ‘took’ me, No that’s not right either. Oh, this sounds so terrible but – my bastard of a husband ‘sexually assaulted’ me. He pushed back my legs, doubling me over, and kept ramming into me – forcefully and brutally raping me! After he was finished, I was in agony and was barely able to move.”

Lola wasn’t even aware that Bayan Eskort she was crying until she found herself pressed against Ben’s lab coat that was drenched by her tears. She was held and soothed until her sobbing subsided. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” she murmured apologetically, “I didn’t mean to…”

“That’s alright. My lab coat will dry; just like you will heal if you trust me. Have you and your husband had any other ‘painful sessions’ since?” When Lola nodded slightly, Ben asked softly, “Do you have an idea as to how often this has occurred? Are they all painful?”

A renewed round of sobbing ensued and when Lola was able to compose herself, she weakly replied, “This is so embarrassing, but while pretending that everything is okay, I’ve tried to avoid having sex with Larry. Sometimes he’ll let me…just jerk him off…or go down on him especially if he can come in my mouth. But sometimes I can’t avoid him – especially late at night when the kids are asleep or early in the morning when the urge comes on him to find some form of instant sexual relief.

“I don’t know how many times I have had painful sex since that first painful session, but things are getting worse. Larry gets angry if I show any hint of hesitation and becomes even more abusive, verbally and physically. Ooh, this is so embarrassing but sometimes I try to have him do me ‘doggy-style’ so at least I can pull away if it gets too painful. But I’m not always able to do so and as I’ve said before, sex with Larry is always fast, rough, and painful.”

Handing Lola a box of Kleenex, Ben gave her a light reassuring hug before saying, “So there’s a good likelihood that your ‘pain’ may not be purely physical. Hmmm, fear and stress can manifest themselves into physical symptoms. Talking about having intercourse with your husband and how it impacts you is a good start. Definitely. I know it’s traumatic to you, but shedding light on your hidden demons is essential to exorcising them. Trust me.

“Before we go any further, how does your time look? It is almost early evening, and while I don’t have any commitments, I don’t know about you. I would like to do a preliminary examination, but if you have to get back to your family, we can schedule another appointment. What’s that? Your boys are with your husband for a night out for pizza because you had a last-minute doctor’s referral. You want to push on? Good.

“What I’d like to do is do a full physical examination of you so that I can compare my observations with Dr. Yamamoto’s records. Please go behind the curtains and remove your clothes and change into this paper gown. Then sit on the examination table so I can check out some theories.”

Moments later Lola found herself sitting on the edge of the examination table as Ben began to check out her eyes, ears, nose, and throat. She shivered at when his stethoscope pressed down her naked back, but Lola wasn’t sure if it was because of his cold instrument or his hands on her bare skin. With a tugged of her gown tie, Lola found herself suddenly naked from the waist up. She felt herself blush immediately as her small conical breasts were openly displayed and her fleshy ruby-red nipples stiffened immediately in the cool air right before Dr. Ben’s eyes.

“Not bad for a thirty-year-old Japanese woman who’s a mother of two boys. Lola’s attractiveness is subtle and grows with time,” thought Ben to himself. “My, how her black hair contrasts sharply with her creamy white skin that is so soft and sensual. She got a typical pear-shaped body with generous hips, rounded buns, nice long shapely legs. No wonder her husband wanted to push them back when he screws her.

“Her breasts are small, however. When she’s sitting up like now, they’re pointy snow-white cones. But, let’s lay her back on the examination table; yep, her breasts disappear into her chest and would not be noticeable if not for her meaty nipples. Ooh, look how erect they become hard, long, and thick when I’m doing my breast examination of her. Did Lola just wince? Wait, what this?”

Upon taking a closer look at one of Lola’s jutting nipples, Ben uttered, “Lola, I don’t mean to upset you, but there’s an indication that your nipples have been ‘abused’…and recently. This nipple shows bruising that at first I thought was the coloration of your natural nipple and areola color, but it’s not. And this other nipple is also bruised, but there seem to be lacerations and unusual swelling. Was it bitten?”

While hiding her breasts with one of her arms, Lola covered her face with her other forearm as tears started to flow again. “This past weekend Larry was in a particularly foul mood, and so I drove the kids to my friend’s house to have them stay overnight. As soon as I returned, he attacked me. I tried to pacify him orally but if anything, it made him madder. He then whipped me with his belt which is something he hasn’t done in a long time. My cries of pain and pleas for him to stop seemed to turn him on for the next thing I know is that he’s on top of me, savagely ramming his erection into me.

“I should have just let him have his way but it was so painful that I tried to stop him. That made Larry made madder and to punish me, he began twisting and tugging my nipples from my chest. Then as he came, he bit the swollen one, making me scream until I fainted. When I came to, my nipple was bleeding, and Larry was watching television in the living room while drinking a beer. It was so disgusting.”

“Lola – why do you put up with such domestic abuse? You’re smart and attractive. You don’t need this ‘shit’…excuse my language. You shouldn’t have to endure such marital violence.”

“Dr. Ben, look at me! I’m thirty, with broad hips and a big butt, and I’m not going to make men look twice. Twelve years of marriage and two boys have made the wrong spots shrink and sag while other parts of me have grown and spread. I’m a frumpy housewife and am totally dependent on my husband’s paycheck. Without him, my boys and I would be up the creek!”

Then taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Lola calmed herself before saying, “Larry isn’t that bad a father. I mean he spends time with the kids, does things around the house, and provides for his family. In fact, if it wasn’t for sex, things wouldn’t be that bad. Maybe…if I gave in to his demands, he wouldn’t have to be so violent I mean I could be part of the problem, don’t you think? Oh, Dr. Ben, I don’t know.”

“Okay, Lola, don’t stress yourself out trying to explain. Why don’t you relax while I place your legs in these stirrups so that I can do a genital examination?”

Ben was surprised to find a large clitoris protruding from a thick thatch of black pubic hair. “Oh my god, I can’t believe how goddamn big Lola’s clit is!” gasped Ben mentally. “She’s not even stimulated and her clit is about as big as the tip of my baby finger.” He heard Lola inhale when he gradually pulled back her fleshy hood and had to stifle his own gasp when her clearly exposed love button stiffened and grew to amazing proportions. “Interesting, very interesting,” Ben thought as he noticed how her erect clitoris jutted from the top of her puffy pussy slit. “I bet Lola can stimulate herself without even trying.”

Moving further down so as not to unnecessarily alarm Lola, Ben examined her meaty pussy lips. “Eh? What the heck?” exclaimed Ben. “Lola, has your vaginal area been ‘sore’? It has? Little wonder. There is a small tear to your labia minor, the small thin lips that frame your vagina. Your vaginal entrance shows signs of bruising.

“Please hold still while I slip in this speculum in. Yes, I know it’s cold but that’s because of the lubricating gel. Now let’s open it up and take a look. Lola, your vagina is severely traumatized with cervical swelling and various abrasions and lesions. When Larry ‘sexually assaults’ you, was it without any foreplay or lubrication? Let me rephrase that. When your husband “just crams it in,” does he force his dry erection into your minimally moist vagina? He does? That would cause vaginal friction and tearing, and when combined with his penis head banging your cervix, would result in extremely painful intercourse.”

Then removing the speculum and lowering her legs, Ben helped Lola to sit up at the edge of the table. “Has sex always been so physical…and painful?” When the tears began to well up in her almond-shaped eyes, he continued, “I know that this line of questioning is uncomfortable, Lola, but I have to ask.

Lola nodded, and then with her head hanging down mumbled, “In the beginning, Larry was the only man whom I ‘wanted’ to have sex with. I’m not much to look at and had a very…hard and strange…life before I met him. I guess I was taken when he showed interest in me, and I let him have his way to keep him.

“I know that this sound totally naïve, but I’ve always thought that sex was supposed to hurt. For my whole life, sex has never been enjoyable. It was something that I had to do…maybe that’s why I’ve never had an orgasm. Larry has said it was because I was ‘super-tight’…the tightest that he’d ever had. While sex with Larry was bearable, it has gotten painfully worse in the past six months.

“Anyway, I got pregnant with my boys; one right after the other. My body changed. My hips got wider, more padding to the waist, butt, and thighs. My small breasts got smaller from breastfeeding. Larry began to say that I was no longer slim and had become rather dumpy.

“I think, however, it was the periods of no-sex following my deliveries that really changed Larry. I say this because when we were finally able to have sex, Larry was impatient, demanding, and often demeaning. Sex with him went from rough to almost brutal and more painful. The more I tried to avoid having sex, the more he aggressive and violent he became. I know this sounds sick, but I think my struggling and crying started to turn him on.”

“Look, Lola, I didn’t mean to make you cry so much, but I think we may have found the cause of your discomfort and pain. Physically, nothing can be found wrong with your lower back. Therefore, the pain felt must come from another source. For instance, if pain during sex is so great, it may cause you to excessively tighten the muscles of your pelvic region which cause excruciating pain in your lower back

“We can now begin to develop a treatment plan that we can work on…together. We cannot change Larry, but we can work to change you. If we work on you relaxing and using various strategies to lessen your pain during intercourse, we might be able to alleviate your back pain. I know it sounds strange, but we need to explore all possibilities to find the right solution.

“And, Lola, for the record, it’s not your fault despite what you might think. I personally think that you are an attractive woman in your own way. I hope that by the time we are finished, you will come to know and accept this. And speaking of time, before we go any further, shall we schedule an appointment next week – say the same day, same time? Good.

“In the time that we have left in this session, why don’t you lie face down and let me do some physical manipulation to see if I can give you some immediate pain relief. Now, relax and let me massage you.”

When Lola complied, Ben began to slowly but firmly massage her scalp, neck, shoulders, and back. He worked his way down her spine, and adjusting her lower back, was pleased when Lola moaned softly. His hands kneaded her hips and down the outside of her long legs, before massaging her feet and calves. As Ben worked his way up the backs of thighs, his thumbs rolled the tender flesh of her inner thighs causing Lola to slow part her legs as his splayed hands approached her crotch.

“God, I love just letting my thumbs casually follow the creases of her butt cheeks, lightly spreading and then dipping back into her pussy slit. Listen to Lola moan and tilt her pelvis to give me better access. She must be getting turned on because her vagina is partially open and glistening with her excitement. Lola must be wondering what I’m doing; yet, she’s letting me fondle with her without pulling away from my caresses.

“Her buns are so damn squeezable that I can’t help but squish them. Now I’ll press down on them for some deep-muscle adjustment. What’s this? As I’m massaging her buttocks, Lola is grinding herself against the examination table. I bet that big clit of hers must be popping out and rubbing against the fucking examination table. Goddamn it! Is Lola masturbating without even knowing that she’s doing it?”

“Oh, Dr. Ben,” Lola groaned, “whatever you’re doing, don’t stop. It feels so…damn good. Can you press down harder and rock me faster? Ummm, just like that. Please don’t stop. I’ve never felt like this before. I feel so strange like I’m burning up. Ummm, oh, yeah, Dr. Ben, rock me like that. Yeah, push down hard while you rock me back and forth. Don’t stop. It feels so damn good. Faster, Dr. Ben! I feel…I feel like… arggh arggh! Oh, shit, what’s happening? Arggh…arggh…arggh!

Ben gentle held down a thrashing Lola as she was consumed with her orgasm to ensure that she didn’t fall off the examination table. He was amaze at what had just happened and at the sight of Lola’s twisting cunt flowing freely with her pussy juices.

“Are you okay, Lola,” Ben asked as her convulsions eased into slight bodily trembling.

“Ohhh, Dr. Ben. What happened to me?”

“Why Lola, you had a self-induced orgasm. What? You’re surprised? Well, I’m too. I’ve never had a patient respond as you did to a body manipulation. However, Lola, I’m concerned because…well…what just happened is very close to me being professionally unethical. Maybe you need to reconsider whether we should continue in this line of treatment. I mean…”

“Oh, Dr. Ben, shush,” Lola sighed softly as she turned and gradually sat up at the table’s edge. “Please give me a chance to get myself together.” As she took several deep breathes, straighten her back and squaring her shoulders, her fully-extended burgundy nipples jutted tantalizing from her small quivering tits. “Dr. Ben, don’t worry. I’ve got to say that I never knew that an orgasm would feel…so damn good. I’ve never been more relaxed in my life.”

Then twisting from her waist back and forth as if to test herself, Lola lay back on the table in glistening nudity. “Dr. Ben, although I feel really good, I need to test out something. I know that this may sound strange, but will you press my legs back, doubling me over until my legs are on either side of my head. That’s the position that Larry put me in when I first felt the pain months ago. I need to see if I will feel pain. Please?”

Ben couldn’t deny the throbbing erection in his tented pants which were fortunately hidden under his loose lab coat. “Jesus fucking Christ, Lola is so super-limber. With my hands behind her knees, I’ve got her bent over from the waist so that her legs are practically on either side of her head. Shit – Lola must know that she blatantly showing me everything; her stiff big clit; her juicy unt; and her inviting asshole. Yeah, she doesn’t care. Hmmm…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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