Away Ch. 01

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“It’s going to be one of those days again,” thought Neil to himself as he watched the steam rise from the Landy’s bonnet. It seemed like one of the tailbacks from a metropolis, but a herd of scrawny cattle in the back-roads of northern Mocambique could stop traffic just as well, and he was stuck in it with a crew-member at the airport, and a charter-yacht in pieces. And a serious deluge of rain just made things worse. And muddy.

He cursed and lit a cigarette.

Looking over at his briefcase on the seat next to him, he turned over his diary and hunted out the page which had been faxed to him. His prospective crewmember sounded like an average twenty-something traveler, but the faxed copy of her passport showed nothing but a black smudge for a photograph. Neil’s thoughts turned to the truculent nogoodsonofabitch pile of spares the owner called an engine, and he wondered if his new crew- Ros, wasn’t it- had brought the replacement part from down south.

He drove into the airport. It was really just a corrugated-iron shed with political posters peeling from it which dated back to the bush war. The rain was still bucketing down and the airfield looked dismal, and as he strode into the office with the hand-written sign saying “Transit Longue” on it, he scanned the passengers who were waiting there. A few locals looked at him, and the Immigration official pointed a bony hand at the young woman in the corner. Ros looked up at Neil, and she stood up, nodding to the official as she bent over for her bag.

“So you’re the skipper? Hi, I’m Ros. This is what you’ve been waiting for, I think.” She said, offering a hand with a box in it.

“Shit- sorry! Let me get your bag. I’m Neil. Nice to meet you!” he said, taking her duffel and the box of spares from her. “You don’t look anything like the splodge they faxed me- look!”

Ros was wearing a Mount Gay baseball cap with a pair of sunglasses over the bill, and a pair of khaki combat trousers under a heavy ocean racing jacket with a boat’s name and logos all over it. Neil showed her the fax that he’d received.

“Gee, that’s a nice picture! Do I really look like a splodge? Well this is me,” she said and took off her cap and shook her hair loose. Her dark chestnut hair was long, cut just below her shoulders, and it was wildly curly with sun-kissed highlights. She smiled.

They walked out of the shed and over to the Land Rover. Neil put her bag over his shoulder and hurried round to the passenger door and opened it with a flourish for Ros.

She giggled.

“Welcome aboard our luxury airport shuttle,” said Neil.

Ros made a mock curtsey and swung herself up into the cab.

“Scuse me- I gotta get this thing off,” she said as she removed her heavy jacket. “I got this thing on a delivery a few months ago, but it’s bloody hot.”

Neil smiled and looked over at her as he climbed in. “She really is quite pretty,” he thought as he started the old Landy.

He glanced at Ros again as they turned onto the rutted road back down to the beach. She was tall- about 5’10”, he guessed, and very slim. Her white t-shirt was snug-fitting, and he couldn’t help but notice how nice Ros’s small breasts, unfettered by any underwear, looked. They bumped and lurched their way down a sand road and soon arrived at the clearing next to the owner’s beach-house.

“Well, there’s home.” said Neil, as they looked out over the mud-flats at the 58′ catamaran idly roosting, perched on the sand. “She’s a tip at the moment- I’ve got the starboard engine in pieces, but I’ll put your present in and close her up. We’ll be good to go by this afternoon.”

Ros gaped at the boat. “Let’s get going,” she said, and started unzipping the bottoms of her trousers. Neil watched her long bronzed legs emerge from the functional trousers.

“You must have seen these before,” said Ros as she caught his stare.

“What? Long legs like those? No!” Neil laughed.

“No, man, my trousers! Let’s go! Am I going to be safe on this boat alone with you?” she asked with a giggle.

Neil felt his fat cock stirring in his jeans, and took the opportunity to get out of the Landy. He grabbed Ros’s bag and the box and slammed the door. As she stepped out of her door and bumped it shut she was donning her jacket. She lifted her arms and Neil caught a glimpse of her flat golden tummy as her shirt rode up. His dick stiffened noticeably. It was going to be difficult working with a woman like this.

Neil and Ros walked out over the weed-covered mud-flat, with the rain hissing down around them.

The big catamaran looked like a condominium sitting on the mud, and Neil lifted the luggage aboard. He hiked himself up and reached down for Ros’s hand.

“Put your foot there,” he said.

“Okay- hup!” he called as he pulled Ros onto the swim-deck.

“She’s huge!” gasped Ros, looking round.

She took off her jacket and dumped it over her bag on a seat. Her t-shirt front was soaked through, and her little pink nipples showed clearly Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort through the rain-soaked material. They had hardened into tight little points, and her skin was full of goose-bumps. “Shees, I’m cold from this rain,” she said.

Neil opened the big sliding door into the saloon, and stepped inside.

“Come inside and get warm. Cuppa coffee?” he asked, trying to hide his sizeable erection behind the box of spares. “I need to get some dry kit on. Kettle’s over there,” he pointed.

Neil sat down on his bunk and pulled his jeans and rugby-jersey off. He thought for a moment. In actual fact, they were supposed to share a cabin- after all, the owner had requested a couple as crew, but Neil had just been abandoned by his long-time girlfriend- so he called back to her: “You can sleep anywhere you like, but you have to share my pit when we have guests. You okay with that? It’s a twin cabin, so if you don’t snore, you’re safe. I drown snorers!”

The very suggestion of being close to Ros excited his cock, as though it had a mind of its own. Neil tried to ignore it as it stiffened and grew.

He grabbed a towel and dried his dark wavy hair. His thick, semi-erect penis stuck awkwardly down the front of his briefs, and he tucked it below the waistband. He was just about to grab some trousers from the locker when Ros put her head round the door. She had a towel round her breasts that just covered her butt, and Neil could smell her perfume.

“Hi. Where’s my bunk?” Ros asked him. “Shit- I’m sorry- I thought you were, um, uh…”

Her voice trailed off and she blushed furiously. Her nose wasn’t quite snub, but it had a sprinkle of freckles, and the skin on her breasts and shoulders was honey-gold, which contrasted with her blue-green eyes. She had seen his erection, and was furiously embarrassed.

“Don’t worry- you can take the bottom bunk,” Neil gestured at the three-quarter bunk. “I’m coming up now.”

Ros eased her way into the small cabin and put her bag next to Neil. She rooted through her duffel and fished out some shorts and a tank top.

“Don’t worry- you’ve got a much bigger chest than me!” she joked as she turned her back. She pulled the shorts up under the towel, and then, with her back turned, shrugged her way into her very tight tank-top. She whipped the towel aside and turned round. Neil just stared. Her hard little nipples were still showing through the tank-top, and she smiled.

“It’s okay- I’ve grown up with three brothers- I’ve seen it all,” she said, glancing down and making Neil aware of his throbbing erection. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, but I think you’re really cute. The agent in Johannesburg told me all about you, but she didn’t tell me you were so good looking.”

Neil had spent two years racing professionally, but having rowed and sailed for his University for five years, he had built on an already impressive physique. Now he had shoulders like a T-bone steak and the torso of a fitness-magazine cover model. It was Ros’s turn to stare as he stood up. He pulled on a pair of chino shorts and a black polo shirt, and picked up his wet towel. As he bent over he could feel Ros looking at him. “Screw professionalism,” he thought to himself “this girl’s gonna mess with my mind.”

“Listen, Ros- about that coffee- could you bring it into the starboard engine-room. I’d really like some help, and you can keep me company. It’s not that bad- I’ll be about an hour, then we can chat. I’ll make dinner tonight.” he said as he ducked out of the cabin.

As he wiped the grease off his hands and looked up, Ros was staring at him through the access hatch, holding their empty coffee mugs. “It’s stopped raining, and it is so beautiful outside. Let’s have some cheese and wine before dinner,” she suggested, “and have dinner later when it’s dark. I’ve never seen the archipelago before.”

“Tell you what,” said Neil. “I’ll go and grab a couple of bugs (crayfish) from the fishermen for dinner and you go get settled in. Okay?”

Ros disappeared down the passage and Neil watched her long legs and butt disappear into the cabin as he absently closed his toolbox. He climbed out of the engine bay and followed her. She was bending over her bag as he stepped into the cabin, and Neil put his hands on her hips to step round her.

“Sorry- I need some shoes,” he said, reaching into the locker for his slops (beach sandals). Ros stood up and turned round: “I didn’t mean to embarrass you earlier, but you’re quite cute when you blush!”

She started blushing again.

“See ya now,” he said as he left.

The sun was just setting as Neil stood up in the dinghy. The tide had come in while he worked on the engine, and Ros took the line from him and made it fast. He plonked two huge crayfish and a plastic packet of tiger prawns down on the step and climbed out of the boat and up the stairs. He turned to Ros. “Thanks- you look beautiful, by the way!”

She’d changed into a thin cotton broderieanglaise frock and her hair was loosely tied up.

“I thought I’d look decent for dinner. What do we usually do for guests?” she asked.

“Well, you look great- usually I do porno-print t-shirts and baggies- that’s my thing, or if I really want to slum it I wear a kikoyi (East African sarong worn like a bath-sheet).”

“Okay- do the kikoyi thing tonight. I’ll see you now,” said Ros.

Neil came out into the cockpit. Ros had turned off the lights and now the saloon and cockpit were lit with a constellation of little tea-lights in vases. She had set out some South African wine in a cooler, and the sun had set, bathing the entire bay in amber light. She poured a pair glasses and topped them with ice. Neil stepped out onto the aft deck, bare chested, with a dark ochre kikoyi wrapped round his midriff. Ros took a moment to stare. “Cheers,” she said as she placed a glass of wine in his hand.

The whole issue of dinner could go on hold now, he thought, his thoughts racing in ever tighter circles round his crew/hostess and her lean body. Normally he would be making precise mental notes about the sky and looking at the barometer on his watch. Now he pretended to scan the sky. Ros walked up behind him and looked out over the bay.

“I’m sorry if I’ve been flirting with you,” she said as she looked at the fishing-boats on the beach. You just weren’t anything like I imagined- I mean I took this job to get over Sean. He ran off with a waitress from Cape Town, and I have a house, car and two dogs to play mummy to. I didn’t want to get involved, so I looked for a skipper who was single. I thought you’d either be gay or have issues, so I played up for you. I had a hard think about it while you were gone and I thought I’d better apologise.”

“No worries. I think you’re very sexy, but I don’t know if I should get involved wi-“

He came to a sudden stop as Ros put a hand round his neck and pulled his mouth to hers. She kissed him passionately. Her lips were soft and full, and her tongue darted into his mouth mischievously. He kissed her back forcefully, and Ros softened in his arms. Neil put his hand across her lithe back and hugged her to him. She ground her pelvis into his and he could feel her groin pressing into his heavy, swollen cock. It seemed like forever that they kissed, but it ended as Ros buried her face in his chest and sobbed.

“What you crying for?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, but you just make me feel so good. You really turned me on this afternoon when I burst in on you, and I saw how turned on you were. I just can’t help feeling that we could be good together. I’ve been wet for you since we walked out over the sandbank, and I wanted you all the time while you fitted that tappet.” she blurted out. “I thought I’d seduce you tonight and you’ve had my hormones going all afternoon. While you were gone I got off just thinking about you and me!”

Neil was taken aback by her bluntness, and he leaned back against the bulwark of the cockpit. He pulled Ros close and ran his fingers through her hair as he cuddled her close. “Come over here. I want to talk to you,” he said in his quiet voice.

She moved closer and they stood side beside each other in silence. He put his arm around her and she cuddled closer and sipped her wine. He put his other arm round her and pulled close to her. He could smell Ros’s hair and he locked his hands together on her flat tummy. Neil’s engorged cock was pressing up against her butt and she ground against it. One hand lifted his hand onto her breast and Neil felt her nipple like a small pebble. He brushed it with his fingertips. He bent over and kissed her ear.

“Aaahh”, she breathed. “That’s bad magic, that.”

He could feel goose-bumps rising on her skin, and he ran his tongue down the crease behind her jaw.

“Touch me,” came Ros’s voice, with a tremor.

Neil traced his index finger round her areola and slid his other hand over her mound. Through the thin cotton he could feel her bush as a narrow stripe like velvet nap, and he cupped her mound with his large hand. Ros opened her legs slightly and reached round for his cock.

“Mmmmh,” she murmered as her slim fingers found the shaft of it. “I want to touch you.”

She turned around and hiked up onto the bulwark of the cockpit. She opened her legs and pulled Neil closer in, her one hand reaching through the folds of his kikoyi for his cock.

“Uh-uh, uh-uh,” Neil chided her quickly and stepped back. “You saw mine now I wanna see yours!” With that he untied the ties on the shoulders of her white cotton dress and pulled it down to her waist. Her little breasts were firm and tanned, almost boyish, with tiny hard nipples aching to be touched. He bent over and ran his tongue-tip over her other little nipple, which was puckered and pink. Ros’s hand reached for his cock again.

“Ey!” and Neil smacked it away jokingly. His balls were beginning to tingle and he could feel the pre-cum oozing down the shaft.

Neil cupped a breast in his open mouth and sucked on it firmly. Ros squirmed, so he lifted her like a baby and swung the two of them onto the sun-bed on the stern. He knelt down and gently deposited her on the soft white Connolly leather.

Neil stood up and removed his kikoyi and Ros pulled her dress up over her head. She re-tied her hair higher, demurely looking aside, then she reclined herself like a Roman statue. Neil admired the feast before him like a pauper. Ros’s slim body looked lissome and cat-like as she gestured for him to lie beside her.

“Touch me, please,” she begged.

Neil stroked his hands down her body as he kissed her throat and shoulders. He placed his hand on her mound and felt the familiar heat through the velvety fur. Her hair had been cut clipper-short and his fingers slid easily between her pouting pussy-lips. In the candle-light he watched her face carried away with relief.

“Now you c’n touch me,” he said as Ros looked into his face.

Her hands reached down for his big erection and she gasped.

“Fuck- it’s huge!” she exclaimed.

He squeezed and it flopped up off his leg. The pre-cum oozed out of it and Ros wiped a little with her finger, tasting it like syrup. She rocked over onto her side and cocked her leg up. “Don’t stop,” she said as Neil probed with two fingers. He explored her folds and creases deep inside and out.

Ros tried to close her hand round his cock but her fingers wouldn’t meet. She held it like an expensive, fragile toy and pulled the skin back with her other hand. She held it tight at the base and looked at the tracery of thick veins on its surface. It was slightly curved like some sort of meaty tusk, and its head was perfectly heart-shaped. “I don’t know if you’ll fit inside me,” she said as she stroked the crease up the front of the head, harvesting the pre-cum like nectar. His cock flinched involuntarily with each stroke, and she turned her attention to his big balls. They were heavy and very full, and she massaged them with her fingertips, watching them move in her fingers. She turned on him.

“My turn now, you tease!” she said, and she kissed him again, gently.

The kisses moved down to his nipples, then to his flat stomach, then to his hip-bones and his groin. Ros’s hand moved up and down his shaft and her other hand massaged where his balls met his body, milking them and preparing them.

“Ros, please-“

“I don’t like blow-jobs,” she said, as she kissed the inside of his thighs, “but I want to taste you,” she finished, and sucked the head of his dripping cock clean. “and now I want to ride the magic pony!”

She straddled his cock and ground her clit against it. Neil could feel the wetness against his shaft, and he reached up for her nipples.

“Stop that- it’s just wanton,” he joked. He lowered her onto her back and sat up. Ros held his head in her hands as he tried to go down on her.

“Please, no. I’ve never been done this before,” she half pleaded.

“Sssh,” said Neil, and he kissed her hip-bones.

He lay between her legs and smelt her musky wetness. He licked her hair and ran his tongue delicately over her folds and lips. He sucked on her inner lips, feeling them with his mouth, and he could taste Ros’s juices pouring out of her. As he inserted his tongue, she grabbed his head and pressed it into herself. “Yessss,” she managed to say between her teeth as she ground her mound into his mouth. “Fuck me NOW!”

Neil stopped licking and kissing, and pushed himself to his knees. His cock, heavy and distended, flopped around on his lap.

“Lie down. I want to be on top.” said Ros. “How big is that thing, for the record?”

“I dunno- about nine inches?” answered Neil “Is it too big?”

Ros shook her head and squatted over him, holding her wet lips apart with two fingers. She pulled his foreskin back and steadied Neil’s enormous penis in her entrance with the other. Her dripping pussy-lips spread over the big head, and Neil watched as Ros tried to accommodate him. She pushed herself over the head, and felt it go past the first muscles.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” said Neil. “stop there.”

“No, I want it all!” Ros grunted, and she tried to take more. Neil could feel his cock-head easing her open. She shuddered and with a soft rush, her slim body engulfed most of his length. Ros grimaced as she bent forward. Neil kissed her tenderly as Ros began squirming around on his thick cock. He pushed upwards.

“No- that’s too deep,” Ros whispered. “put your hands round it”

Neil locked his rod in his hand and Ros ground her clit against his thumb. Slowly she pushed down until his hand was flat, and ground against the back of his hand.

The grinding slowed, and Neil sensed she was about to come. He pulled his hand out and grabbed her tiny butt with two hands, forcing her clit against his base. Neil licked at first one hard nipple then the other. He nibbled them between his teeth and chewed them lightly. As he pulled her little butt hard to him, she started erupting. He could feel her pussy spasming, as if it was choking on his great penis. Neil held Ros close to him as the waves subsided.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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