Black Female Doctors Ch. 02

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“Let’s see what you are all about, Mr. Trevor Blakes,” Dr. Nora Woodson said aloud as she lay on her bed, in her lovely townhouse located in the west end of New Orleans, Louisiana. Wearing a crimson negligee which contrasted nicely against her light brown skin, the tall and sexy, voluptuous doctor looked as lovely as can be. Cool, analytical brown eyes scoured the web for any information about her latest patient…

Psychiatrists are the ultimate voyeurs, always spying on their patients through various means, and they get paid for it. Dr. Nora Woodson is no exception. The lovely psychiatrist has always been something of a snoop, going all the way back to her halcyon days in Manchester, New Hampshire. Tonight, after watching Stargate Atlantis and Game of Thrones on Netflix, the bored psychiatrist is looking into the private life of her latest patient, Trevor Blakes the Creole hunk.

According to his various social media accounts, Trevor Blakes was born in Bossier City, Louisiana, to a Haitian immigrant father and a white American mother. Trevor’s father Joseph Magloire was deported back to the island of Haiti, never to be seen or heard from again. As for Trevor’s mother, Nicole Thompson, she tried to take care of her son but died a few years after he was born. Trevor Blakes was raised by the foster care system of the State of Louisiana.

On his social media profiles, Trevor Blakes appeared to be tall, and handsome, definitely popular with the ladies. Trevor took a lot of pictures with pretty ladies and appeared to be quite the ladies man at Delgado Community College. The brother likes Rap and Hip Hop, but what Dr. Nora Woodson wasn’t expecting was Trevor’s fondness for classical music. There were Mozart videos on his timeline, much to the good doctor’s surprise. Trevor Blakes defied expectations, to say the least.

When Dr. Nora Woodson first met Trevor Blakes, she thought the handsome brother had sociopathic Gaziantep Anal Escort tendencies since he seemed quite smart, charming, and also a tad bit manipulative. Like a lot of mental health professionals, Dr. Nora Woodson is wary of sociopaths, since these men and women without conscience tend to wreak havoc wherever they go. A lot of psychiatrists have had a hell of a time with sociopathic patients, and Dr. Nora Woodson didn’t want to fall victim.

Trevor seemed to have a lot of pictures of female celebrities such as Tennis legend Serena Williams, MMA superstar Nadia Kassem, boxing icon Claressa Shields, on his timeline. What surprised Dr. Nora Woodson was the presence of numerous handsome, athletic male celebrities such as boxer Anthony Joshua, MMA fighter Israel Adesanya, and actor Rupert Everett on Trevor’s timeline. The brother seemed equally fascinated by lovely women…and handsome men.

“Trevor Blakes appears to be bisexual,” Dr. Nora Woodson mused, and she shrugged, since it didn’t bother her at all. In the black community, the same black women who have legions of effeminate gay black male friends tend to have something against bisexual black men. Apparently, in the black community, a man can only be a super macho heterosexual stereotype or a super effeminate gay stereotype, no middle ground and nothing in between. What a dull and boring world that would be…

Dr. Nora Woodson remembered some wild times she had with her sorority sisters while attending the University of New Hampshire. One night, Nora hooked up with a lovely young Ethiopian woman named Magdalene Tilahun. While the good doctor considers herself a heterosexual woman, she did enjoy it when Magdalene ate her pussy real good. Society allows women to have sex with other women without being shamed for it or being forced to identify as anything other than heterosexual. It’s society’s way of blessing women, of course.

Dr. Nora Woodson leaned back, getting comfortable as she browsed through Trevor Blakes profile. Sure, he had a lot of brushes with the law and this was to be expected since he grew up on the streets of New Orleans. The City of New Orleans is the most racially diverse place in the South, with the exception of Atlanta, Georgia, or perhaps Houston, Texas. It’s a shame that so many attractive young men and women of all hues end up in the system. Dr. Nora Woodson hopes to help Trevor Blakes avoid such a fate…

“Oh shit,” Dr. Nora Woodson said as she saw a provocative picture of Trevor Blakes, literally kissing the ass of a big-bottomed, blonde-haired white female. Dr. Nora Woodson blushed and seethed with jealousy at the same time. Like a lot of black women and mixed women, the good doctor tends to get in her feelings when she sees a black male with a woman who isn’t black. It’s a reflex, a knee-jerk response, and it is ingrained in black women and mixed women. Mother nature at work, nothing more and nothing less…

Dr. Nora Woodson willed herself to be calm. As a young biracial woman attending the main campus of the University of New Hampshire, she dated white males for the most part. In those days, Nora Woodson didn’t embrace her black side, and wished to be rid of it. This was long before Nora Woodson became conscious, and learned Afrocentric thought, and gained knowledge of self. Nora Woodson has changed a lot since those days, and she now finds black men attractive, hence her knee-jerk reaction to Trevor and his apparent fondness for white female booty.

“Trevor, my fine chocolate brother, you need a chocolate woman, or a caramel sister like me,” Dr. Nora Woodson whispered, and she looked at his profile on her laptop while reaching for something on her night stand. The good doctor took a huge phallic object, and caressed it lovingly. The object in question is a shiny black dildo modeled after the penis of African American porn legend Lexington Steele. Dr. Nora Woodson took the dildo and brought it to her lips, kissing its business end gently.

“Hello phallic darkness, my not so old friend,” Dr. Nora Woodson said, and she closed her eyes and kissed the dildo some more. She rubbed her erect nipples with her free hand, and rubbed the dildo against her wet, hairy pussy with the other. In her fantasy, the good doctor imagined Trevor Blakes tall, handsome self on top of her, hard-bodied, erect and ready to fuck her silly. Dr. Nora Woodson spread her thick dark thighs, and welcomed him inside of her.

“Are you ready for me, Doc?” Trevor Blakes asked Dr. Nora Woodson, in her fantasy. The good doctor grinned as the tall, dark and handsome Creole hunk kissed her, and got on top of her. Trevor kissed Nora’s tits, and she felt his hard dick against her mound. Nora spread her thighs, and Trevor bucked his hips, slamming his hard dick into her pussy. Trevor began pumping his dick into Nora’s pussy, and she squealed in delight, welcoming him inside of her.

“Yes, fuck me,” Dr. Nora Woodson squealed, and she jammed the big black dildo into her pussy. The good doctor fucked herself, envisioning Trevor fucking her silly with that big ole dick of hers. Trevor fucked Dr. Nora Woodson good, putting her on all fours, spanking her big brown ass while slamming his big dark dick into her pussy. To really shine Nora on, Trevor grabbed her hair and yanked her head back while fucking her. Nora took the dick and got fucked silly, just like she always wanted…

“Oh shit,” Dr. Nora Woodson said aloud, her eyes moist, her body covered in a fine sheen of sweat. She lay on her bed, aglow from the orgasm which she achieved thanks to her dildo and wild masturbation. She looked at Trevor Blakes picture, and he grinned at her from the computer. The good doctor made up her mind. One way or another, Dr. Nora Woodson was going to get Trevor Blakes in her bed, and she would have her way with him. What the good doctor wants, she usually gets. End of story.

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