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It was pitch black, something silky was covering her eyes and all of her limbs were tied up. She didn’t have a stitch of clothing on and she had been there for what felt like hours but couldn’t have been more than several minutes. Every other sense was heightened beyond belief, every door shutting she could hear and she hoped it was him coming back to please her again. She could smell his sent lingering in the room mixed with the smell of sweat and sex from their first love making session. Her body burned with desire and she ached deep in her core. The passion from the first session left her tingling and hot, her pussy dripping for more, her nipples hard on top of her chest. Her breathing was rapid thinking about what is going to happen next. Her pulse raced repeating his words over in her head.

“Let’s make this even more exciting” he had whispered in her ear before abruptly leaving the room.

She had no idea what thrilling idea had crossed his mind. Suddenly the bedroom door opened and she let a whimper escape in Bostancı Öğrenci Escort anticipation and excitement. He kneeled between her legs and bent over to whisper in her ear again,

“Ready for seconds?”

Eagerly she shook her head yes, hell she’d be ready for thirds or fourths with this man. An unexpected coldness touched her nipple and as fast as it came it was removed and replaced by his warm tongue, he had brought ice. The sudden shift in sensation made her arch her back and moan loudly, pulling on the restraints. He chuckled with his face hovering just barely over her, his breath tickled against her skin. Using his mouth he slid the ice cube down her stomach and to her naval. The ice rested in the dip of her naval for several second before being slid down further in the same fashion as before. Ever so suddenly, right before her aching clit, the ice was pulled away leaving her both aching for her clit to be touched and relieved to be relinquished from the cold.

His tongue, with the Bostancı Çıtır Escort smallest sliver of an ice cube resting upon it, ran up the inside of her thigh starting at her knee and stopping just short of her aching pussy again. She felt his presence hovering over her and his thick long cock brush against her lower stomach. She whimpered and attempted to wiggle her way up with no luck.

“Now now, patience my dear that will come soon enough.” He chuckled.

She let out a frustrated sigh which just amused him more. He was rather enjoying this little game and secretly so was she. A small puddle was begging to form beneath her soaked pussy. Noticing this he put his finger in it, picking up some of her juices and put that finger upon her lips. Eagerly she sucked his finger into her mouth tasting her sweetness and pretending it was his cock she was sucking.

“Good girl” he whispered against her neck.

He gently placed several kisses along her neck and collar bone while the finger that Bostancı Elit Escort had just been in her mouth trailed its way down her body. His finger hit her swollen clit and she let out a gasp. He slowly rubbed her clit in circles building momentum as he went before plunging two fingers deep into her pussy sending her nearly over the edge.

“You don’t want to end all the fun before we get to the good part do you?” He asked pulling his fingers out immediately.

Ice ran against her clit sending her back from the edge and yet at the same time turning her on further. She cried out ever so slightly,


“Please what?” he asked with a small laugh.

She knew she wouldn’t get what she wanted unless she told him but she was unsure if she could form any more actual words.

“Please…Fuck…Me…” She managed to get out gasping in shock as he touched the ice cube to her clit again.

Without another second wasted he slipped his thick throbbing cock into her tight dripping pussy. Cumming almost immediately and together they let out a moan that the neighbors must have heard. She whimpered at every touch as he pulled out and removed her ties one by one every touch was pure pleasurable torture as she was on sensory overdrive. With the last tie removed she passed out to recharge for next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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