Home Again

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The senior year at the university was over at last. Tom had already broken up with Carrie. She was his mother’s age and married. It wouldn’t have lasted no matter how good the sex was. There had been two others before her, both similar ages, both married. He was handsome and could have had his pick of beautiful coeds. They never seemed to offer the same excitement.


Tom had been home nearly a week. The house was on several acres on the outskirts of town – rural seclusion. He heard his mother in the kitchen cooking breakfast. The smell of bacon pulled him from bed and down the hallway.

“Hey, darling,” Mary said, giving her son a big hug.

“Wow. You look beautiful.”

He stepped back and looked at her wearing very short pants that could have been painted on and a spandex waist-length tube-top that accentuated every curve of her upper body. She was barefooted as well. The silver-gray hair was pulled back in a ponytail which hung well below her shoulders.

“You don’t have to pretend I look good.” She scoffed then returned to the stove where she was cooking bacon and eggs. “It’s almost ready.” She drank another sip of beer from the nearly empty bottle then handed him one. She had already finished one and was feeling the effect.

“Thanks for letting me stay for the summer.” Tom had plans to start graduate school in the fall.

“It’ll be nice to have a man around the house for a change.”

Robert had died in a car wreck a few years before. The one good thing was the life insurance settlement. She would never have to work again, and the house was paid off thanks to another policy. She was sewing her wild oats now that she was single again.

“You seeing anyone?” Tom said.

“Not really. How about you?”

“Not since Carrie.” He had never mentioned Carrie’s age or that she was married.

“There must be a million more to try at your age.”

“I had one chat me up last week, only she was missing a leg.”

“What’s wrong with that? I bet all her parts still work.” Mary snickered.

“Mom-m,” Tom groaned.

“Maybe she was better in bed than Carrie. Her pussy is the same, you know.”

“Geez Mom. When did you get such a gutter mouth?”

“I’ve heard you say things like that. Besides, we’re both adults.”

Tom groaned, but knew she was right about his language. “Mom, have you ever dated an amputee?”

“One man I know is missing a leg. It’s not so bad fucking an amputee.”

He groaned again muttering know. “How’d you meet him?”

“An online dating site. His left leg is amputated near the top of the thigh, and he uses crutches to walk. He’s quite handsome.”

“And you’ve seen him naked?”

“More than that. Whoa, he’s hot”

He shook his head. It was a new side of his mother. “What happened to his leg?” He took another long swig of beer.

They sat at the kitchen table and started to eat. The two bottles of beer were empty, and they started new ones. Mary burped then drank more.

“There wasn’t any physical injury or cancer. He found a surgeon to amputate it.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. We’ve talked a lot about it. He has something called BIID. It’s analogous to being transgendered, but instead of the wrong body he feels the leg shouldn’t have been there. He has no regrets. He’s not alone, but there’s no way of knowing how many others there are.”

“And he just asked and then they cut it off?”

“Pretty much. There aren’t any good tests for BIID so if someone requests an amputation they’ll do it.”

“I don’t believe it. Mom, would you want that? I mean, you acted like I should have dated the amputee at school. What’s your interest in this?”

“So, what if I had BIID?”

“Do you? I don’t know how someone gets it or if it is contagious.”

“It is not well understood. Researchers believe it’s there from birth, but individuals might not realize it until closer to puberty. And I don’t think I have BIID, but…” She paused for a long moment to sip more beer and eat the scrambled eggs. “Lately I’ve been thinking about having an amputation.” She deep throated a piece of bacon then took a bite.

“But you’re so beautiful.”

“And you think losing a leg would change that?”

“I’m so confused about what I think. It’s too bad you can’t be an amputee part-time to test your feelings about this.”

“Interesting you say that. He gave me something to inject to make my leg become a stump for a while. I have crutches and spend time as an amputee.”

“Wow. That’s so science fiction. Really?”

“I’ve used up what he gave me, but I got a new order a few days before you arrived. I was worried about how to bring this up.”

“It’s a little weird, but if it’s what you need to do don’t let me stop you. Is this only around home?”

“Mostly. After we eat, I’ll show you.”

“I can’t wait. I have a feeling maybe I should have done something with that amputee girl.” He laughed.

“So you didn’t?”

“No, Mom. I was busy with finals. Maybe I wasn’t thinking clearly. She was pretty. Gaziantep Escort Reklamları I don’t know how much of her leg was missing because she wore a short dress.”


Tom started towards the living room when Mary suggested he come into the bedroom so he could witness the injection. She removed a pair of crutches from the closet and leaned them against the bed. From the nightstand Mary took a vial and a syringe.

“Special syringes marked in one-hour doses up to twelve. The stump forms where then injection is made.” She rubbed her left thigh a few inches below the very short pants leg. He watched as she drew the fluid up to the first mark then pressed the needle straight into the thigh. The stump formed instantly.

“I don’t know what it would really look like but that looks pretty real.”

“The only difference is there isn’t a scar across the end, but otherwise it feels like the leg is gone.”

Mary stood and put the crutches under her arms one at a time then walked around the room modeling for Tom. He didn’t mean to, but he was becoming erect.

“Do you get that way for just anyone?” Mary teased.

“Sorry. I guess I’ve finding it a little erotic.”

“More than earlier when you had a boner going?” She laughed.

“I can’t help if I think you are a beautiful lady. Too bad you’re my mother.”

“What would change if I wasn’t?” She paused and looked more closely, nibbling her lower lip suggestively.

He noticed her nipples pressing firmly against the spandex and the suggestive expression.

“I’d ask you for a date.” He grinned. “I’ve dated a few ladies your age.”

“I had no idea.”

“I found I prefer the age difference. There’s a sense of maturity that’s not there with girls my age. That’s why I passed up the amputee girl…too young.”

Mary stepped closer and pulled him against her. Her lips were close to Tom’s but not touching. The crutches fell to the floor, and she continued to balance on the one barefoot.

“Does this feel as good?” she whispered.


“Yes it does.”

A moment later their lips touched. Both seemed to not mind because neither did anything to stop. Her tongue slipped between his lips and explored. His hand rubbed a breast. She sighed deeply and felt him remove the hand.

“No-o,” she moaned, pulling back in place.


“Pretend I’m just another woman.”

She raised the stump and rubbed against his trousers. He reached down and rubbed the end. It was soft and felt good in his hand.

“I love that you have one leg.”

“Now that you’ve touched it, what do you want to do?”

He dragged his hand between her thighs, rubbed firmly. “I want to go down on you.” He pressed his hand inside the short pants and fingered. When he pulled his hand out, he sucked the wet fingertips. “Delicious.”

“Now I’m sorry I have any thighs. Imagine if I was completely legless.”

“I am.”

She touched the bulge with a hand. “I’m glad you find that erotic.”

“It’s better than breasts or a nice ass.”

“Would you like it if I had a big belly?”

“How did you know?”

“I happened to see your computer…all those pictures of women with big bellies that sag down.”

“Fat aprons.”

“On, my…yes.” She rubbed his hand over her stomach. “I have something you’ll like.” She swallowed two pills then sat on the bed to inject the other thigh so it would be completely off. As her belly began to grow, she undressed. “There’s a wheelchair in the closet.”


He sat next to her and fondled the roll of fat and told her how much he liked it. He jiggled and moved it about. It was not excessive, but still large.

“That was just a hundred pounds,” she said.

“Have you done more?”

“Twice that a few times.”

He pushed her onto her back and kissed between her thighs, sometimes fingering around the opening.

“Oh, oh,” she began repeating.

He continued without change knowing what was happening. The other older women had been excellent tutors. One hand fondled the legless hip while the longer stump rubbed alongside his face.

“Oh-h, baby-y,” she drawled as the orgasm began to subside. “I hope that wasn’t the only time.” She reached down and gripped his erection. “Move around here.” She removed her dentures revealing a toothless mouth.

Tom was unaware she had no teeth. “When?”

“A while. I usually wear dentures.”

Her head lowered, and she took him in her mouth, her head began to move up and down.

“Oh-h,” he groaned. It wasn’t the first time that a woman had done this, but it was the first without any teeth. It felt much nicer. “Oh-h.” He could not control himself and muttered he would come. She continued, and he filled her mouth without gagging or spilling any.

Mary swallowed a last time as she wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

“I love to suck cock most of all,” Mary said.

“And I love both blow and hand jobs, not as much as sucking pussy, but close.”

“More than fuckin’?”

“Before, yes. But, you without legs and with that belly and I might change my mind.” Tom chuckled.


Mary’s legs returned soon after they finished having sex. They cuddled and kissed for a while. The belly remained.

“The pills last half a day,” she said.

“Can I take one?”

“Each is good for fifty pounds.”

“I don’t have any clothes to fit if I get too much larger. I could wear some running shorts with fifty.”

“Then, we need to get you some much larger clothes. I’d like to fatten you up.” She patted his stomach then held three pills, but gave him only one.

“Let’s go shopping first.”

He kissed her letting his tongue rub against her gums. “Don’t wear your dentures.”

“Are you sure?”

“I love how you look without them. I mean, it’s not obvious. It’s like a naughty secret, almost like not wearing underwear. Do you mind?”

“For you, darling.”


Mary and Tom had looked at a web site with pictures and clothing sizes for men and women weighing different amounts. Three pills would take him to about 325. Because the pills were made to create an apron of fat more than a rounded belly, it would be just what he wanted. Two pills would increase Mary’s weight to about 225.

They continued to receive odd stares from clerks in clothing stores, slender people looking for plus-sizes, but soon found clothes for each. Already, she was sorry that she wasn’t at home, but they stopped at a cafe and had pastries and coffee. It gave them a chance to look at the other shoppers.

“Is your amputee guy fat?” Tom said then sipped some coffee.

Mary recrossed her legs letting the short dress ride up high on one side. “Only when he uses the pills. He’s how I found out about the vials and the pills.” One foot swung casually back and forth. She inched the skirt up more to show him more thigh.

“How would you explain things to your friends?”

“I might not be able to. I don’t know. It’s something I’ve wondered about.”

“Maybe they are hiding something, and wishing they had a way.”

“I don’t see it happening.” She licked her gums, having left the dentures at home. Unless she opened her mouth in a certain way most people would never know. “I guess I could tell Jane. She’s the closest thing to a friend I have.”

“How close?” He chuckled.

“We screw some, not often.”

“Mom-m,” Tom groaned.

“Hey, it feels good. I’m just sorry I didn’t know before now.”

“Would you have been a lesbian?”

“Maybe. It’s that good.”

“Do you wish I was a woman?”

“Maybe, but you were delicious. I could be swayed to remain straight if you wanted me.”

“Does he know you prefer women?”

Mary sipped her coffee and looked around delaying the answer for as long as possible. After seeing a few chubby women with large bellies walking past, she looked back at Tom.

“Yes. You see, he crossdresses and most people never realize what’s happening.”

“Is he trans?”

“No. He just likes to dress as a woman.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

“Nothing like reaching under a dress and finding a male package.” She laughed.

“Would he have gender surgery, or is there something like the vial for changing bodies?” Tom grinned.

“Do we need to get some women’s clothes?”

“I’d make a pretty horrible looking lady. Maybe I should have been born in Thailand and been a ladyboy.” He chuckled.

“That’s where he’s from…Phuket.”

“So is there a way?”

“Let’s wait until we get home. It’s not something to discuss in a public setting.”

“But ladyboys are?” He scoffed. “If you insist.”

Mary recrossed her legs as she turned more towards Tom. In the process flashed him a grand view. She nibbled her lower lip, and uncrossed her leg leaving the knees parted enough he could see between the thighs.

“Should I be a ladyboy?”

“I’ve never been with a man.” He took a long sip of coffee and looked between her thighs. “I think you should be missing one of those legs…probably both at the hip.”

“Thank you. Tom, I love you for so many reasons, but your understanding is one of them.”


At home Tom swallowed three fat pills and waited for the growth to stop. When it had he played with the belly fat and enjoyed the feel.

“Goddamn, that’s sweet,” Mary said, picking up the apron of fat and feeling the weight.

“It’s nicer than I expected.” He dressed in running shorts. The tee shirt didn’t cover all the belly. “What do you think?”

“Maybe a missing leg would help.” Mary grinned, flashing her gums.

He grabbed a bottle of beer and went out back to the patio. He sat on the edge of the swimming pool with his feet in the water and drank several gulps. Soon, Mary joined him after taking two fat pills and injecting the left thigh as before. She was wearing a bikini.

He grabbed at her belly. “I love you this way.”

“But not without?”

“I didn’t say that. And I love you as an amputee.”

“It made me feel good when you sounded like you did. It’s how I want to be.”

“Can’t you just use the injections?”

“I could and do it twice a day. But, if I do that I might as well go to his surgeon and have a real amputation.”

“Would you want us to be together?” He drank a big chug of beer then held the bottom of his belly.

“I have dreams about that…that we got married and no one knows our true relationship.”

“Would it be better if I was a woman?”

“You wouldn’t want that.” Mary shook her head, licked her gums. She raised and lowered her stump of thigh watching as she did.

“But I would if it was what it took for us to be together.”

“How long have you been thinking about us?”

Tom sat the bottle beside him. “Maybe since the first older woman I dated. She even suggested maybe that she was a substitute for you and had me call her Mary and Mom.”

“And you did?”

“Especially when we were having sex.” He grinned.

“Damn-n,” she muttered. “I need to think about this some.”

“Didn’t you enjoy yourself?”

“I hate to admit it, but yes. It was great…and still is.”

“So I need to be a fat amputee man?”

“Probably.” Mary laughed. “Only if you want.”

They kissed for a while, sometimes just staring at each other without saying anything. This would be his favorite fantasy. Even as a boy, he had loved thinking about his mother. Now having experienced the real thing only helped to confirm how good it would be.

“But what if I wanted to be a woman?” Tom said.

“I guess that might be a surprise to me. But, we are having many surprises.”

“I’d like to be a middle aged woman, but there’s no way to do that.”

“How old?”

“Early forties. Your age, you know.”

“I didn’t know,” Mary said, playing with Tom’s belly.

“I’ve never told anyone, mostly because it’d make me sound crazy since there’s no way to so that. Gender surgery would only give me the appearance of being a woman, but not a real one, and not older.”

“I’m sorry.” She kissed Tom full on the mouth for a long moment. “What if there was a way?”

“I’m just playing along,” he chuckled. “I’d begin living as a woman…if I could be an older woman.”


Sitting on the couch in the living room, Mary remained with one leg and a big belly. She undressed because it was best before changing bodies so that clothes did not get ripped if the new one was larger.

“Is that the new iPhone?” Tom said, pointing to a gadget next to Mary.

“Looks like it, doesn’t it? But no, it’s called a Mark III and it allows you to change bodies. There’s a huge selection in a catalog. I have one in mind that’s so different you’ll have no doubt that I have a new body.”

Mary tapped the screen several times. Instantly a beautiful black lady with light chocolate flesh tones took her place. About ten years older than Tom, her features would make most men’s knees weak just from seeing her. She was also missing the left leg at the hip.

“Well?” the lady softly cooed, then wiggled the halves of a split tongue before doing a few tongue tricks.

“I think I’m in love.” He laughed. “Are you that way often?”

“I’ve used it to be an amputee out in public.”

“Oh-h, wow-w.”

“So now I have to use this body around you?” Mary laughed.

“Wouldn’t hurt my feelings, but I was thinking how I’d like to use whatever that thing is.”

“How would you like to use it?”

“Does she have a twin sister?” Tom laughed. “It would be the perfect solution to let us remain together. You see, the biggest problem is people know both of us. If we both changed bodies then we’d be strangers and could start over.” He paused. “We wouldn’t have to be black ladies…unless you want. I’m sure there are plenty of bodies that would be enjoyable.”

“You have this all worked out, don’t you? Don’t get me wrong, I love that you are trying to find a way for us to be together.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Tom kissed her hard on the mouth. It was different because she now had teeth. “How many are in the catalog?”

“Tens of thousands of women of all ages and shapes and sizes. Many, many, are amputees. You’re right, we wouldn’t have to be black ladies. Just changing appearance would be enough.”

Mary stood, picked up one crutch and walked as gracefully as she had before with two. She had discovered by chance that she could, and it was easier when the leg was off at the hip. There were videos she had seen of Asian and African women using a single crutch because that was the custom. She turned back towards Tom and stared.

“What if the change was permanent?” Mary said a moment later.

“If that was the only body I could have, then I’d say not a problem. I could live forever looking like her. Why are you resisting this so much?”

“I feel it’s a commitment, and we’ve scarcely started whatever we’ve started.”

“But Mom, we can’t be public about what we both want and look like ourselves. You need to become an amputee, and I want to be more than just your lover. You tell me how to do that. Besides, don’t you enjoy using that body or something similar?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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