Icing On The Cake

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Author’s Note: This story, while could be tagged for numerous attractions, primarily focuses on gang-bang, lesbian, and bukkake. If this is not your cup of tea, please skip this story. I welcome any and all comments, and hope you enjoy most of all, but just want to make sure you know what you’re getting into first 😉


Jocelyn’s sets on Suicide Girls were always the hottest and most anticipated when they main the site’s main page. She was a spritely little thing, skinny as a twig with pale, creamy skin. Her hair was dyed the same color as a fire engine, her puppy dog eyes milk chocolate. Her septum piercing matched the snakebite gauges in her lips. Her flat tummy and bubble butt were two of her favorite features about her body. She dressed primarily in black and denim, a little punker who adored being photographed in the nude. Though, after her fourth set went viral and the positive feedback began pouring in, Jocelyn began to feel somewhat bored with the routine.

But Jocelyn’s longtime girlfriend Heather, a stunning blonde with bronze skin and shimmering pink lips never complained. She simply loved Jocelyn too much, and got off on the notion of millions of members staring at her lover naked as the day she was born. On several occasions, Heather rubbed herself to orgasm to Jocelyn’s sets while on vacation (or lying right in front of Jocelyn). A lot of times, she dipped into her own private collection of Jocelyn. The sets on SG were sexy and all, but they left too much to the imagination sometimes. The photos Heather always took of Jocelyn captured her at her most exposed. She didn’t just make her girlfriend spread her legs for these photo sets, but made her spread her lips wide in addition.

The memory of making Jocelyn pull her pussy lips apart, revealing her pink flower and her most intimate hole caused Heather’s pussy to flood with excitement while she wrestled around her bed with her. Heather finally pinned her flame-headed girlfriend to the bed, the redhead clad only in a studded denim vest littered with faded patches representing her favorite heavy metal bands. The rest of her creamy, smooth body was on display. Her vulva was smooth and barren, her slit dripping with nectar that flooded through her body. Her heart raced, eyes locked on Heather’s. Heather was naked also, her heart beating at the sight of Jocelyn’s very exposed body beneath her, just waiting to be handled and tasted. Their lips met and Jocelyn’s tongue slipped up into Heather’s mouth, found her tongue and teased it. Jocelyn pulled Heather’s body onto hers, their breasts mashing together.

When Heather finally made her way between Jocelyn’s legs, she found herself unable to contain her excitement. Heather’s tongue darted in and out of her dripping pussy. Jocelyn moaned and groaned as she ran her hands through Heather’s long, blonde locks. Finally, she decided to inform her partner about the new set she had been asked to participate in on Suicide Girls by her long time photographer and good friend Tyler. She wanted her to know while she was horny.

“Tyler asked if I would be interested in starring in the site’s first bukkake set,” Jocelyn blurted out, stopping Heather dead in her tracks.

It wasn’t so shocking to hear the words come out of Jocelyn’s mouth to Heather, but it was shocking that she would bring it up so suddenly. Heather knew Jocelyn was bisexual, and as much as she loved girls, would always crave cock. On one occasion, Heather allowed Jocelyn to seduce one of her closest male friends and give him what she imagined was one of the most unforgettable blowjobs of his life. Heather had been excited to watch her girlfriend indulge in one of her most carnal desires. The very act of watching Jocelyn suck on one of her friends’ penis was strangely arousing to Heather, though she never would have guessed it would be.

Jocelyn would make love to her friend’s whole penis, worshipping the whole organ with her mouth and tongue. After she was finished, Jocelyn had begged her friend to cum on her face, which he did happily. Heather witnessed, in that moment, her friend willingly submitting to her friend who painted her face with thick ropes of pearly white semen that clung to her face. Heather had never seen a girl with cum on her face before that moment, and didn’t know how she felt about facials specifically, but seeing Jocelyn on her knees with cum on her face while her friend stood over her had been strangely arousing to her. Still, she couldn’t get over her own reservations about the nature of the act itself. But Jocelyn assured her in that moment that she never felt degraded, just dominated and maybe a little embarrassed (though there were times she didn’t mind feeling a little degraded).

“So you really like cum, don’t you?” Heather asked, astounded at her girlfriend’s cum-coated face. Thick, creamy cum was running down Jocelyn’s forehead, covering every inch of her nose, and congealed on her cheeks. A thick helping of semen had been shot all over her upper lip. Heather thought Jocelyn Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort looked like she was wearing a cum mustache that oozed down over her luscious lips and dripped in long, thick strands off her chin and splattered down over her breasts.

“I absolutely love it,” Jocelyn replied that day, flashing a casual smile to her girlfriend before she began scooping the sperm off her face in thick helpings into her wanting mouth, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of her friends’ seed.

Ever since that night, Heather had been privy to her girlfriend’s secret desire.

“I don’t know, isn’t there anyone else they can get for this set?” Heather asked.

“I want it to be me, sweetie,” Jocelyn replied.

“I don’t know… I’m just not a fan of the symbolism I guess. All those guys jerking off over you, my girlfriend, and then shooting their stuff on your face.”

“The symbolism is very beautiful, and Tyler is going to capture that essence on camera,” she replied with a simple smile. “When a guy chooses to ejaculate his semen on my face, he’s choosing to deposit his sperm over the most personal part of me… my face. If accepting that cum on my face makes me his, then so be it.”

“And what if that guy wants to degrade you?” Heather inquired.

“Then I guess I just turned into his whore.”

“And that doesn’t bother you?”

“On special occasions, no… I don’t mind letting a guy use a facial to degrade me.”

“You don’t!” Heather exclaimed.

“No. You know Mr. and Mrs. Cameron who I babysit for, right?” Jocelyn asked.

“Yeah…” Heather replied.

“You know I suck Mr. Cameron’s cock for most of the wages he pays, right?”

Heather shrugged uneasily. “Yeah…”

“He degrades me with every facial he gives me. Sometimes he ejaculates all over the floor and makes me lick it up while I’m on all fours. Other times, he’s made me wear his cum all over the house, even when some of his friends stop by. One time, his friend came right out and asked if he could shoot his load in my face also, while Mr. Cameron’s seed was already dripping down it. Mr. Cameron said ‘sure’ without asking me, and before I knew it, this guy put me on my knees and jerked off right in front of my cum-ruined face until he started shooting his own load all over me. Mr. Cameron tipped me pretty well that day of course,” Jocelyn recalled, smiling.

Heather just sighed heavily, the image of Mr. Cameron’s raging cock stuffed deep inside her girlfriend’s mouth impossible to shake. She knew what it looked like because Mr. Cameron would, on occasion, send pictures of it to Jocelyn on her cell phone while she told him how badly she wanted to put it in her mouth. Their dirty-talking sessions always ended with Jocelyn naked and sweaty while thrashing about the bed, both of her hands between her legs while her heart beat rapid-fire. Heather knew exactly what Mr. Cameron’s penis looked like too, as she had gone through her girlfriend’s phone on numerous occasions to see just what kind of pictures she was getting sent. Even she had to admit that it was pretty impressive.

“So, you really want this then… don’t you?” Heather finally asked.

Jocelyn smiled devilishly and snuggled up to her lover. She began planting kisses on her neck, down over her naked breasts while Heather giggled in protest.

“Will you at least watch a movie with me?’ She breathed into Heather’s ear just before slipping a single finger over her clit and then deep into her soaking hole.

“Yes…” Heather breathed into Jocelyn’s ear.

A few minutes later, both girls lay on the bed, Jocelyn’s laptop open on display between them. Jocelyn and Heather’s hands were interlocked with each other, each girl’s hand gently massaging their partner’s vulva. The video started out innocent enough, a young teenage girl on screen slowly stripping for the camera and showing off the rock solid body puberty had just finished sculpting for her. She kept herself nearly clean-shaven, but for a small, neatly trimmed patch of hair guarding her clit no bigger than a penny. She looked to be Latin in decent, with dark features and golden skin. When she was finished undressing, the young girl fell to her knees as a naked man stepped into frame and offered her his erection.

Heather and Jocelyn continued to massage each other as more men appeared on screen, each waiting their perspective turn to have the young girl fellate them. One after the other, the girl took each raging cock deep into her mouth and pleased her male masters on screen. As time went on, the girl lost more and more control of the situation until the men she was pleasing were practically throat-fucking her one after the other, each member ramming his cock in and out of her mouth while saliva and pre-cum spilled out the corners of her mouth and her make-up ran wild.

Jocelyn was by now moaning at the images on screen, Heather finding it a little bit harder to stimulate herself. Heather then watched one of the men on screen approach the innocent nubile with his throbbing cock in hand and cry out, just before sending thick ropes of white cum splashing onto her expecting, virgin face. Heather turned back and looked down at her girlfriend’s vulva. Heather’s hand, and Jocelyn’s free hand were both attacking it now while it continued to flood with forbidden nectar. Jocelyn’s fingertips glided over her wet clit and rubbed it around in circles as she started bucking against Heather’s hand, the sight of the young girl’s face being painted with more semen obviously arousing her. Heather forced her fingers inside of Jocelyn as the girl’s face became a target for sperm, and even she couldn’t fight the motions Jocelyn was bringing her through. Heather looked down, Jocelyn’s fingers fumbling awkwardly with her opening, occasionally penetrating her and dragging her fingers across her inner walls. Heather started to moan like Jocelyn, both girls covered in sweat and out of breath. She looked back to the girl on screen, copious amounts of semen plastered to her face that rolled down her features and dripped off her chin in thick clumps onto her nude breasts.

“You want this to happen to you?” Heather groaned.

Jocelyn got up and straddled Heather’s face without warning, her wet vulva mashing into her face. Bittersweet nectar began dripping all over Heather’s face, the smell of Jocelyn’s intoxicating sex reminding her of fermented passion fruit. Jocelyn then began to buck against Heather’s head, grinding her clit and pussy all over her face while Heather awkwardly fumbled to lick any part of her girlfriend’s privates that she could. But it was Jocelyn in control here, not her lover. Still, having her lover’s pussy dragged all over her face threw Heather into overdrive.

“I want to give you a facial,” Jocelyn moaned, looking down at her girlfriend.

“What?” she breathed into her hole, her face soaked and shimmering in pre-cum.

“I want to cum on your face, right now…” she moaned, bucking even harder.

Heather was lost at the sight of Jocelyn’s smooth vulva being rubbed furiously over her face, those tight lips and thin labia literally dripping with excitement that spilled down over her features. Jocelyn started to moan, and then scream as her orgasm began to build just beneath her clit. Finally, Heather stuck her tongue deep inside of Jocelyn and slipped a single finger up into her lover’s tight sphincter. Jocelyn screamed, grabbing a fistful of her girlfriend’s blonde hair as an extraordinary amount of pressure rocketed beneath her g-spot from inside her ass, causing her orgasm to burst deep within her. A surge of euphoria literally exploded inside of her pussy and ass. Then, Jocelyn finally burst, sending a thick stream of her nectar erupting out of her pussy and splashing right into Heather’s forehead.

She began to squirt all over Heather’s forehead, nose, cheeks, and lips. Her ejaculate splashed all over the pillow and soaked through it. Finally, when it was finished, Jocelyn collapsed on the bed beside Heather’s cum-soaked face just as she brought herself to orgasm so hard that she began to squirt all over their sheets while thrashing about and screaming her girlfriend’s name in ecstasy. When they were both finished, their mini after-shocks still plagued their limp, orgasm-drained bodies. They lied there, caressing each other, Jocelyn admiring her mess all over Heather. Her hair was soaked and matted to her forehead, her features accentuated by glistening nectar dripping over it. Heather could feel Jocelyn drinking the image of her in, never having seen this look of desire in her eyes before. The smell of sex bit into her nostrils, the pungent aroma of cum hanging low in the air and wrapped all around them. Both girls continued to be plagued by their aftershock, mini tremors that erupted through their pussies and caused lightning bursts of euphoria to rush through their privates. Heather looked back at the screen, the nubile’s face unrecognizably covered in a thick blanket of hot cum.

“I feel just as marked as that girl,” Heather said.

“You are,” Heather breathed, taking her girlfriend’s soaked face into her hand.

Heather just smiled.

“So what do you say, will you let me give Tyler a call?” Jocelyn asked.

She looked back at the cum-coated girl on screen and then considered.

“Only if you let me come…” Heather stated.

Jocelyn just smiled.

How it happened was this: Jocelyn’s time photographer, and one of her current lovers on the side, had been hired by one of the site’s administrators to oversee the production of several new, for the first time hardcore sets staring popular Suicide Girls as never seen before. His name was Tyler, a good-looking boy with messy dark hair and sapphire blue eyes. He was one of the site’s more prominent photographers and had, on more than one occasion enjoyed the pleasures of Jocelyn’s mouth and pussy. Jocelyn loved a good fucking after being photographed in the nude, and Tyler loved giving it to her. When Jocelyn finally called him back about his proposition to star in the first Suicide Girls bukkake set, he was ecstatic and immediately began setting everything up. His studio quickly transformed into an erotic set littered with white sheets, candlelight, and throw pillows and rugs.

When Jocelyn arrived with Heather, Jocelyn could sense Heather’s nervousness. But she eased up when she met Tyler, whose assistant was checking the film in his camera while a couple of his friends set up large lighting rigs all around the room.

“I’m Tyler,” Tyler said, shaking hands with Heather and flashing a charming smile.

“Heather,” Heather replied bashfully.

“There’s refreshments on the table over there, and cold drinks too.”

“Thank you, wow… it looks like this is going to be quite a special set,” Jocelyn admitted.

“It will be, we’re already seeing an overload of comments on both our profiles. This is going to be one of the most popular sets I’ve probably ever shot before,” Tyler admitted.

“So how will this work… I mean, exactly?” Heather asked, trying not to give away her trepidation.

“Well, male talent isn’t on call for another half hour, so you have some time to relax. But once they get here, we’ll have Jocelyn stand in the center of this set-up over here while I photograph all of the action. I figure that we’ll start with her clothes on and kind of take it from there. Once things really get heated up, we’re going to capture each cumshot individually and then end things with you in a circle of guys who all cum on you at the same time,” Tyler explained casually.

“Are you going to suck all of their cocks?” Heather blurted out.

“That’s the idea, sweetie,” Jocelyn consoled.

“If at any point you become uncomfortable, please let me know,” Tyler reminded.

“Of course,” Jocelyn stated.

Soon, the room filled up with cute boys who mingled around the snack bar awkwardly, some of them nervously stealing glances at her from across the room. Each and every one of them was trying damn hard to hide their raging erections, but Jocelyn could tell each and every one of them was aroused. When finally, everyone had arrived, Heather guessed there was somewhere around twenty-five guys hanging around, all staring at them like high school boys with a crush. Then, Tyler let everyone know that he wanted to begin and Jocelyn turned to Heather.

“This is it,” Jocelyn said. “You still sure you’re okay with this?”

Heather forced a smile. “I’ll be right here if you need me,” she said.

Jocelyn rolled her eyes and the two kissed passionately. Then, Jocelyn stepped onto the makeshift set and instantly became the center of attention. Tyler approached the group of guys standing at the snack table and sent a few toward Jocelyn. Jocelyn smiled as the guys dwarfed her in stature, one stepping up behind her while two more stood in front of her. They all exchanged nervous smiles and introduced themselves.

“I’m Matt,” the one with sandy blonde hair and stubble said to her.


“Pete,” the one with messy dark hair standing beside Matt said.


“Danny,” the one behind her said, planting a single kiss on the back of her neck and causing the hairs on it to stand at attention. A nervous quiver ran through her.

“Jocelyn,” she replied again.

Tyler lifted up his camera and pointed it at Jocelyn. She looked back at him, being photographed while Heather and a number of assistants and horny talent watched on. She swallowed nervously and instantly realized how much courage it must take the many girls she saw in all those fetish videos to step up to bat in a bukkake film.

“And… action!” Tyler yelled.

Danny came up behind Jocelyn and placed his hands right over her breasts on top of her shirt and started to plant gentle kisses down the back of her neck, causing goose bumps to form on her skin and a shiver to run through her body. When he pressed up against her, she could feel his excitement pressing into her from behind. Matt approached her, his gaze capturing her. She could see the desire burned in his eyes and let him pull her into a deep, wet kiss while Pete wasted no time in slipping his hand inside Jocelyn’s pants and feeling her velveteen smooth vulva. Matt’s tongue danced with hers inside her mouth while Pete unbuckled her belt. Danny pulled up her arm and began kissing the inside of her forearm, down and back toward her wrist. Jocelyn closed her eyes and lost herself in the feeling of being the object of so many men’s affection right then. Hands travelled up and under the material of her shirt and inside her bra, over her naked breasts and across her erect nipples. Danny began to massage her breasts inside of her bra, rubbing and kneading them like dough, tracing his fingers around her nipples and gently pulling them between his fingers. Pete finally untied Jocelyn’s constricting leather pants, bending down past the hands inside her shirt toward her exposed naval. He grabbed Jocelyn’s pants on both sides of her hips and slowly tugged them off her body, exposing her lacy black thong beneath.

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