Island Discipline Ch. 21

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Sue reluctantly sat down beside him & they watched on the monitors as Kristy sat on her bed, sipping her shake. The final corset really did accentuate her curves beautifully and the deep golden tone of her skin & sun bleached hair contrasted beautifully with the black leather. The clarity of the monitors was such that her rouged aureoles & pussy lips were clearly visible.

“Hmm, nice job with her appearance,” David commented. “She truly is a stunning sub! I like the contrast of subtle make-up with the red lips – it leaves little doubt about what she is to be used for!”

“Actually, with regards to the make-up, it was all her own work,” Sue replied. “I didn’t have to direct her once!”

“Impressive!” David remarked.

Unaware of their scrutiny, Kristy quietly sipped her protein shake. She felt exhausted after that sudden tidal wave of feelings but she also felt as if a huge weight had lifted, both from her shoulders & her heart. There was a lightness of spirit suffusing her body and she knew that from now on she would place her life completely into the hands of her Master & Mistress, trusting them to act in her best interests. She was surprised at how good it felt to have all responsibilities removed from her, to know that others would now be in charge of making the decisions that would affect her life! A genuine smile of pleasure crossed her lips & lit her face to radiance. She thought about the two people that had completely ripped her life apart. Their methods had been harsh in the extreme, but she was forced to admit that anything less severe would probably have failed. Her emotional barricades had been built so high & so thick that it had taken the equivalent of an atom bomb to break through them! With her acceptance of who & what she was, a tension had left her body and with its departure she suddenly realised what a toll it had taken on her to constantly hold herself away from others day after day, denying even to herself that what she truly needed was to hand over responsibility to another.

She sat up straight on the bed, determination entering her body.

“To the Master who I admire & respect & to the Mistress that I love, I hereby devote my wholehearted service for as long as they want me,” Kristy vowed out loud. “I will obey their every order without hesitation or complaint, knowing that whatever is done is to help me to grow as a person. I will submit to whatever use they deem appropriate & will gain pleasure from serving to the best of my abilities.

She was fairly sure that she was being monitored, but the words were not really meant for her Master & Mistress. Instead they were an affirmation to herself of her decision to embrace her new role of submissive.

David & Sue, however, were stunned. The words Kristy had spoken were very close to something a sub would say during a collaring ceremony, something that Kristy at this point in time, had no way of knowing could happen. Sue was even more affected that David, having heard Kristy proclaim her love!

“Let’s not give her any more time to dwell on things,” David said briskly. “I don’t want her to become overwhelmed with emotion again! Sue, why don’t you bring her to the dance studio & give her a good deportment work out. Don’t give her time to think, keep things moving so that she only has time to react. I want to see if our training really has taken root.”

Sue nodded her agreement & left the room, making her way back to Kristy but retrieving a cane along the way.

Hearing the footsteps of her Mistress echo down the hallway, Kristy slipped off the bed and was kneeling in place when Sue entered. He knees were spread wide, her hands behind her head & her eyes meekly lowered to the floor.

Steeling herself to allow no trace of softness in her voice, Sue commanded Kristy to rise & follow her. “And there will be no more speaking until you’re given permission to do so!” she admonished.

Kristy nodded her understanding & rose in one graceful movement. Still clad in the corset & heels, her body swayed enticingly as she followed her Mistress down the passage and into to the dance studio. She halted in surprise at the sight that greeted her. Her Master, dressed in that same warm golden robe from earlier, was sitting in a comfortable chair placed near the wall opposite the door. There was a swish, then a sharp stinging pain burned across the backs of her thighs. The pain recalled her to her senses & she continued into the room.

“Kneel in front of your Master,” Sue commanded.

Kristy complied, sinking slowly to her knees in front of David. She made sure her knees were spread then placed her hands behind her head. By now her breasts were throbbing painfully & the skin was starting to discolour. David reached forward & with a swift movement released the cables that had so tightly confined them. Kristy bit her lip to keep from crying out as sensation suddenly flooded back to her swollen breasts. David ran a light thumb over her nipples & they immediately stiffened in reaction.

“Before you start this afternoon’s session,” David told her, “you will demonstrate how much you have learned about pleasing your Master & Mistress. You will use every technique you know”

He xslot slipped off his robe, allowing it to pool around his feet. His cock was already hot & hard from the teasing play he & Sue had indulged in earlier.

Kristy reached out & gently took his cock in her hands, softly stroking up & down its length with one hand as she cupped & massaged his balls with the other. She bent her head & with her tongue, traced slow, teasing paths up his shaft, followed by her fingers lightly brushing along in its path. David sucked in a breath. Kristy had become accomplished indeed & he was going to have to exert himself to resist her attentions for a sufficiently long time. Kristy dipped her head lower, opened her mouth & sucked at his balls, taking each completely inside her mouth, one after the other. David stifled a groan. His eyes met Sue’s above Kristy’s head, capturing them & holding them as Kristy proceeded to drive him wild.

Her hand encircled his shaft completely, closing around it until she had a firm but gentle grip. She used her tongue to completely lubricate the shaft, flicking & teasing as she did so. When she reached the head, she could taste the pre-cum that beaded in response. She flicked her tongue around the tip of his cock, teasing it, all the while moving her hand up & down the shaft with ever increasing pressure. Then she bent her head & engulfed him in her hot mouth, plunging down onto him & taking his cock deep into her throat. Again & again she went down on his shaft, each time trying to take him a little deeper until finally she felt his balls on her lips & the girth of his cock pressing against the collar encircling her throat. With a groan that he couldn’t contain, David gripped her head, holding it still as he thrust into her powerfully. She kept her hands in use, massaging his balls as they slapped against her face & before too long she was rewarded with David’s hot seed spilling down her throat. Without waiting for instructions, Kristy gently cleaned his cock, making sure she licked every last trace of cum from his shaft. Regaining his composure, David picked up his robe & drew it on before once more taking a seat.

“Very well done, my little sub,” he said in an approving tone. “You have indeed learned well and will be a credit to me. Now it is time to please your Mistress!”

Whilst Kristy had been attending to David, Sue had done her own teasing, performing a slow striptease for his benefit behind Kristy’s back. There was a second armchair placed next to David’s and Sue now walked over & seated herself in it. She arranged herself comfortably, her long legs draped over the arms of the chair & beckoned Kristy to approach.

“Remember,” she cautioned, “do not disappoint me!”

Kristy prowled forwards on hands & knees until her face was directly in front of Sue’s open pussy. Again she took note of & admired the jewelled bar that pierced Sue’s clitoral hood. Using her tongue, she swept a long stroke up between Sue’s pussy lips. No longer did she consider this action distasteful. Instead, she relished the sweet, musky taste of her Mistress. At the end of the stroke, she flicked her tongue against the piercing, causing Sue to squirm slightly. Encouraged, Kristy sucked the hood into her mouth & let her tongue play with the piercing, flicking it quickly before slipping underneath to tease her clit. Sue caught her breath. When Kristy made up her mind to do something, she threw herself into it, body & soul. She was now concentrating all her effort on pleasuring her Mistress, not just because her Master commanded it, but because she wanted to show how very much she cared about her! Her tongue continued its teasing of Sue’s clit as Kristy started to stroke her fingers between Sue’s pussy lips. She could tell that she was succeeding in pleasing her Mistress as the musky scent grew stronger & Sue’s pussy grew hot & moist. Kristy continued to stimulate Sue’s clit and stroked her fingers through her slit until they were slick with Sue’s pussy juices.

Shifting slightly, she fastened her mouth over Sue’s clit, sucking hard & nipping at it with careful teeth. As she did this, she moved a well lubricated finger backwards until she found Sue’s puckered asshole. She massaged its entrance for a few moments before slowly inserting a finger inside. Sue gasped at the unexpectedness of Kristy’s actions but had little time to process the realisation of what she had done. Taking the gasp as encouragement, Kristy eased a second finger into Sue’s ass & started to slowly thrust them in & out of the hot, tight passage. Sue could not prevent the groan that escaped her lips. Kristy’s actions on her clit & in her ass were succeeding in very effectively working her towards a strong climax. Then her whole body tensed as she felt the fingers of Kristy’s other hands work their way into her pussy, stroking & penetrating ever deeper. Then, instinctively, Kristy crooked her fingers & located the rough patch inside Sue pussy that indicated she had found her G spot.

Sue let out a long, guttural groan as Kristy proceeded to stimulate it. It took her a few moment to co-ordinate her efforts & then suddenly everything clicked into place & her mouth, tongue & fingers xslot Giriş worked in unison, driving Sue over the edge into a powerful orgasm. Her pussy contracted violently, squirting her juices all over Kristy’s face. Kristy paused for a moment to shake Sue’s cum out of her eyes then continued, determined that her Mistress would not just experience 1 orgasm at her hands! She increased the rhythm of her thrusts in Sue’s ass & at the same time feverishly worked her clit & G-spot. By now Sue was completely helpless in the chair, hands grasping the arms for support, head thrown back, her body rocking automatically as Kristy expertly worked her up to her second orgasm in quick succession.

David was amused. He hadn’t thought that Kristy would take the initiative in that way but he was secretly pleased that she was giving Sue so much pleasure! Sue had given him so much & he was glad that she was now receiving some of the benefits that her strict training had engendered. He knew how difficult it had been (and still was) for Sue to keep from identifying with Kristy once the defiance & arrogance had disappeared! Kristy was turning out to be a real credit – absorbing her training to such an extent that she could now rival Sue when it came to pleasing him!

When it appeared that Kristy was fully intent on continuing, David called a halt to proceedings.

“Enough” he commanded.

Kristy eased away from Sue’s pussy & knelt with her hands behind her head. Her face glistened with Sue’s juices but she made no move to wipe it as the liquid trickled down her cheeks. In spite of himself, David was impressed by her control. Just a few days ago she would have been desperate to remove any trace of evidence that she had serviced a woman. Now she just waited patiently for her next instructions!

“Assume position 2!” David barked, rising from his chair.

Kristy dutifully leant forward, placed her head on the floor & spread her ass cheeks.

David grinned at Sue over Kristy’s head. “Well,” he drawled as he watched his fiancé try to regain her breath & her composure. “Would you say that Kristy will be ready to graduate her training at the end of this week?”

Sue swallowed & moistened her lips before replying.

“If she can repeat what she just did, then I have no doubt that she will pass,” she said in a low, throaty voice that was tinged with the aftermath of her climax.

By now David’s cock was hard once more. The sight of Sue in the throes of such intense pleasure had stoked his desires. He commanded Kristy to stand & place her hands on the arms of his chair. She rose gracefully to her feet & obeyed, making sure to keep her legs spread as she did so. David ran a hand between her legs and, as he had expected, found that her pussy was soaking wet. He slid his fingers through her slit several times, until they were liberally coated, then proceeded to lubricate her ass, working his fingers around & inside her asshole. Then taking firm hold of her hips, he drove his cock into her with one, powerful & sustained thrust. Kristy gasped at the sudden invasion & lack of warning but knew that she must perform as expected. She concentrated on relaxing her ass & accepting the full length of his cock inside her. She was rewarded with a decrease in pain as her passage accommodated his cock & soon she was actually trying to push back onto him. David slapped her ass hard then gripped her even more firmly, holding her immobile as he pumped into her hard & fast. This made it very clear to Kristy that on this occasion, her Master was using her purely for his own pleasure – she knew she would not be allowed to cum. With a surge of dismay, she realised that this was going to be very difficult to avoid. In relaxing her anal passage, she had allowed David full access & his cock was now stimulating her intensely. She had never before realised that she could orgasm from being fucked anally, but she was in danger of doing just that!

She gripped tightly onto the arms of the chair & desperately tried to stave off the impending orgasm.

“Don’t you dare cum!” David said warningly.

Kristy held on, using every scrap of her willpower to resist the surge of desire screaming through her body. David increased the speed & force of his thrusts, ramming his cock deep inside Kristy’s now receptive ass. Finally his cock pulsed & he grabbed hold of Kristy’s hips tightly. He pulled her back hard against his body, embedding himself even deeper inside her & shot his hot seed into her, pulling out at the last minute to spill the last of his cum over her ass. Kristy held as still as her trembling body could manage as she felt his cum start to slide down her ass. She remained in position until David finally told her she could stand. As she did so, she felt the rest of his semen start to escape her passage & soon her thighs were quivering as trickles of his cum & her pussy juices slid down towards the floor.

David left her in place for several minutes to test her obedience. Finally he relented.

“Go to the bathroom & clean yourself up!” he ordered. “And make sure you do a thorough job!”

Kristy nodded & obediently turned to obey his instructions.

“You did very well, xslot Güncel Giriş Kristy,” David said before she could make any further move. “I am pleased with you and think you will be ready to graduate your training at the end of this week. Now go & clean up.”

Kristy walked gracefully out of the studio to the bathroom, her high heeled shoes clicking on the floor. Her exit gave David & Sue time to compose themselves. David resumed his seat next to Sue & gently stroked her face. She leaned into his caress, still breathing heavily from the aftermath of her orgasms but also, if she were honest, from the desire that watching David drilling into Kristy had aroused in her. Her toned body glistened with perspiration from her earlier exertions & David relished the sight of her. There was a feeling of completion when he looked at her, something he had not felt with anyone else. It was one of the reasons why he did not have a permanent submissive, preferring instead to train & match them to the appropriate Masters or Mistresses. He had been watching Kristy carefully all day and there was no doubt that she had formed an intensely strong & deep bond with Sue, one he was sure Sue returned in kind but he was secure in the knowledge that Sue’s first loyalty & love was for him.

David held Sue’s eyes with his own. “You are aware Kristy has formed a deep attachment to you,” he said quietly.

Sue nodded. “I am,” she said seriously.

“Are you prepared to guide & protect her once she has graduated training?” he asked.

“B-but what about you?” she asked.

“Sue,” he chided gently. “You are the first submissive that I have kept by my side, that I have trained to become a Mistress to work at my side. Do you not think I have enough faith in you to know that you can love Kristy as your sub and yet give your heart to me.”

Sue bowed her head, realising the truth of his words. Then she looked up & met his eyes.

“I am prepared to do this on one condition,” she told David soberly, “that you are always there to provide me with your support & guidance in turn. After all, Kristy is the first sub I have trained & I need to be sure I don’t ruin what we have achieved!”

“Sue, you will always have my support,” David chided gently. “Even if I am not physically around, you can always call me at any time for advice or reassurance!”

Sue leaned into his hand once more & then straightened in her seat.

“Then I will accept responsibility for her with a clear conscience and an open heart.” She said. “If she should ask to become my submissive.”

“Oh I think there’s little doubt of that!” David assured her, pride showing through in his face.

This woman he had chosen to be his wife was going to make a fine & honourable Mistress!

While David & Sue were discussing her, Kristy was taking great care to clean herself, as her Master had instructed. She cleaned her face and filled the enema bag with warm water before inserting the nozzle into her ass. She hissed as the water distended her belly but gritting her teeth she persevered until she could feel there was no more liquid flowing. She stayed with her ass raised until she could no longer bear the discomfort, then squatted & released, letting the water flow out of her.

As she dried herself off, she noticed her reflection in the mirror. The bright red lipstick had smeared & she resolved to ask her Mistress if it was possible to find some lip sealant that would prevent this happening again. Her eye make-up had also run as a consequence of being drenched with Sue’s pussy juices followed by Kristy cleaning her face. Moving back to the bedroom, Kristy sat at the dressing table and carefully reapplied her make-up, taking care that once again the effect was subtle, with the exception of the red lips. When she was finally satisfied that she presented a flawless image, she serenely rose from the stool & walked gracefully back to the dance studio where her Master & Mistress awaited her.

By now, both were re-clothed & Sue was standing once more with the cane in her hand.

“Assume Position 3!” she ordered as Kristy entered the room. Kristy immediately obeyed. Sue gripped her breasts one by one & attached clamps & weights to each nipple. Over the next hour, she drilled Kristy mercilessly, walking her backwards & forwards, making her kneel & rise. When satisfied with Kristy’s performance in a real collar, Sue exchanged it for a high, stiff posture collar & once again drilled her. Despite her nipples throbbing from the pain caused by the weights swinging, Kristy maintained her concentration & kept to those graceful movements that were becoming second nature to her. Sue then commanded Kristy to once again assume Position 3. She removed the constricting corset, rolled the stockings down & unbuckled the shoes. Kristy stood obediently throughout but when Sue removed the 6″ heels she cried out as cramps invaded her calves as her heels descended to the floor. She would have fallen but Sue was there to support her & massage her calves until the cramps died down. The she ran Kristy through all the exercises once again. This time she did have to use the cane once or twice across the back of Kristy’s calves as she stumbled a couple of times but as soon as the stiffness wore off, the grace returned. Once again David was impressed with the improvement Kristy had made in such a short space of time. By the end of the session, he had made a decision.

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