Jessie Ch. 14 Pt. 02

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I don’t wanna hear it

Give it to the fire

Talk to me woman

Quench my desire

I don’t like a lady

Talk to me baby

Give In To Me

– Give In To Me, Michael Jackson


“It’s important to recognize the signs your vehicle has been tampered with. Doors unlocked when they shouldn’t be, hood unlatched, signs of presence in the driver’s seat. These car bombers are using a variety of devices, but the few survivors all mentioned one thing in common, a high pitched whine rising for between five to fifteen seconds after turning the key in the ignition. We want to reiterate, you should not panic, these are incredibly rare e – “

“Whatcha watching?”

I turned and saw Sienna pad into the dining room, gloriously naked. She yawned and stretched, causing those round, full tits to bounce, and I turned my attention back to the food I was cooking before I got too turned on and just HAD to take her on the kitchen table.

“News. Wanted to see what was going on in Milwaukee.”

The talking heads had done the math and determined that yesterday was the worst shooting in the history of the state and the worst act of terrorism in the history of the state, but they couldn’t find a way to form the phrase “The Brotherhood Of The Red Flag” in connection to the violence. It was all “political violence” and “heightened political tensions in the nation” and “inflamed by rampant partisan legislation” and unloading my Sig into an AirBNB TV would probably cost Jessie some money, so I plated bacon and eggs for Sienna.

Elsewhere in the country, car bombs had gone off. Cincinnati and a couple cities in Texas. Very specifically targeted car bombs, aimed at opposition members of city councils and state legislatures and business owners that, if one to a moment to think it over, would likely be bothered by The Brotherhood and their political ideology.

The motherfuckers had the backing of mayors and governors, and none of them had yet seen the inside of a jail cell outside of the quickly dismissed charges when they actually showed up to throw a riot.

They were extremely violent ghosts.

I’d gotten a hurried video message from Jessie this morning. She looked pale and disheveled and tired and there was blood on her scrubs, but she informed me in her irrepressibly cute – but exhausted – way that she was safe, doing good work, was glad I was having fun, and was looking forward to seeing me on Monday.

I played the video a half dozen times, stood there brushing the screen of my phone with my finger like I could stroke her onyx hair.


That’s when I’d turned the TV on. Probably shouldn’t have, because all it did was make me want to break shit.

“What’s the plan for today?” Sienna asked around a mouthful of food.

I sipped some orange juice. “Wondering what you’d like to do. We’ve got that yacht at our disposal and it’s a beautiful day, we can just cruise around the lake, or these crazy rich goofballs own an island, we could go there.”

“Or we could stay here and… You know…”

I rolled my eyes at her. “You are insatiable.”

Sienna grinned, shrugged. “What? I just got my collar back, and I can spend the whole day naked in a beautiful house. That’s vacation enough for me.”

“What about spending the whole day naked on a yacht?”

Her eyebrows climbed. “I could do that.”


I sent Jessie a goodbye video, then started boxing and bagging up food for the yacht. Sienna dressed in an orange bikini under her denim skirt and helped me carry our stuff down to the boat. It was a gleaming white and black monstrosity, modern and angular and absolutely in keeping with the theme of the house.

It was also huge, with three decks and a flybridge, and I wondered briefly if I’d actually be able to control the thing. Looking at the wood and white leather and glossy touch screen helm, I remembered Jessie saying the controls were modernized, improved, simplified for only one user if necessary, and it shouldn’t be any more difficult than the twenty-foot smaller yacht we rented every summer.

I followed Sienna through the corridors, exploring every room. Lots of white. Lots of steel and tinted glass and lots of gray marble. The salon and dining room looked like the interior of a spaceship, and the halls and stairways gleamed stark white. The master suite continued the trend of white and marble, with expensive electronics set into the walls and soft expensive furniture set around the room. Sienna peeked into the bathroom, turned back and grinned. “Shower is big enough for two.”


We motored away from the dock after I did some exploring in the computer and navigation systems. Jessie had been right, this yacht was optimized for only one user if necessary. The owner’s island – as near as I could tell – was a barely visible dot on the horizon, a speck of black trapped between glistening blue water and cloudless blue sky. I set the autopilot for it, set a reasonably slow speed that should have xslot us there in a bit over two hours, and sat back with A Tale Of Two Cities.

This book was as slow and dry as trying to chip apart a cinder block with a plastic spork.

Sienna came up from below and sat down beside me, looked over the instrument panel. “Impressive.”

“Yes, it is. Freaking expensive too. I don’t want to know how much Jessie paid for this weekend.”

The blonde chuckled. “It was a lot, I helped her pick it out. She actually wanted to spend more.”

I pretended aggravation, facepalmed. “Great…”

She chuckled, leaned over and kissed my cheek. “Can I get you anything? Food? Water? A drink?”

“I’m good. And for the record, we – I and anyone traveling with me – don’t drink when the boats not parked. I’ve got kind of an…irrational fear…of falling off or running the boat into something.”

“Ok.” She rose. “Can I do anything for you? You got up before me so I know you didn’t, uh, cum this morning. Would you like a blowjob or…”

I grinned. “While that sounds nice, I’m gonna stay up here and read at least until we stop.”

“Mind if I spend some time in the pool?” Sienna pointed down at the open deck below us, a small pool surrounded by chairs set just forward of the enclosed salon. “Or do you want me up here?”

“Leave me your skirt and top, and then you can go down there.” I stood and kissed her, pulled her to me with both hands on her back. She sighed with her mouth against mine, stood there, let me kiss her as forcefully as I wanted. Submitted to my kiss even as I felt our breathing and heartbeats accelerate.

I stepped back and she bit her lip, reached around to pull the ties on her bikini top before shrugging it off. Fuck, her tits were beautiful – heavy more-than-handfuls tipped with sensitive brown pierced nipples quickly hardening with arousal. I reached out and brushed one of those sensitive nubs with the edge of my finger, making her shiver.

Sienna pushed down her jeanskirt, and it didn’t really show me much that I wasn’t already seeing, just the tips of her long, toned legs. Stepping out of it, she did a little pirouette, breasts bouncing, platinum hair swaying, then laughed. “Like it?”

“Very much.”

“You want the bottoms off too?”

“Not right now. Just in case we meet someone else out here on the water.”

“Oh.” See stepped closer. “You don’t mind if they see my tits but this,” she reached down and pulled aside the crotch of the swimwear to show me her hairless lower lips “is off-limits?”

“I’m possessive like that. You’re my sub this weekend, and no, I don’t want anyone else seeing you naked.” I reached out and cupped her groin with my hand and she sighed, moved closer as I applied a hint of force.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to…serve…you, sir?”

“Not yet. Go have fun in the pool.”

It was her turn to kiss me, hands on my hips, grinding her mostly-nude body against me as her lips and tongue moved against mine, and then I was watching her cute ass jiggle as she walked away, down the staircase to the lower deck.

I sighed and sat down with my book, scanning the systems and water before returning to the French Revolution.

It was hard to concentrate though. I missed Jessie. I could imagine her sitting next to me on the bridge, tapping on her laptops keyboard or reading, a floppy hat shading her porcelain skin from the sun. Even with sunscreen she burned easily. I could imagine her turning in the chair, putting her feet in my lap for me to rub, or the way shed set my blood on fire by looking over her screen or book and biting her lip. I wished she was here to see this beautiful boat and lake and to sit on an island beach with me. It pissed me off that she wasn’t.

She was probably elbow deep in someone’s leg or arm right now, or running meds through a hectic hallway to yet one more victim damaged by the unnecessary political violence being inflicted on this country by assholes.

I glanced over the instrument panel at Sienna. She’d gotten out of the pool and was sunning herself on one of the couches scattered around the deck.

Even from this distance, I could see the line of scar tissue that stretched across her torso.

Morgan motherfucking Skolnich. I remembered slamming my fist into his face repeatedly in my office on Christmas Eve. It had been a frantic fight for my life at the time, but months removed I could enjoy the sensation.

I wondered who he’d hurt next.

And if he’d show up in my life again.

Conducting a low-level insurgency in the United States is busywork, he probably didn’t have time to go hunting his babymomma.

I sighed, to a few calming breaths, and dove back into Dickens.


The island wasn’t small, but it wasn’t very large either, sandy beaches surrounding a moderately-sized forest where construction had obviously been started, and we docked in a natural inlet at a wooden pier.

My feet hit the warm wood xslot Giriş with a thump and a creak, and I took a breath. Fresh air and the smell of nature.

Sienna and I walked around the island, feet sinking in the hot sand as ripples brushed the shore gently. She dipped her feet in the water and proclaimed it cool but not cold, ran away laughing when I made a move to pick her up.

It was nice to see her happy.

We explored the barely-started house in the middle of the woods, flat slab construction with a few frames put up, definitely smaller than the house the owners had back on the mainland. We made a brief lunch of sandwiches, and then I spread out a towel on the beach, poured myself three fingers of Makers from the bar in the yacht’s salon, and lay down to read. Sienna was sunning herself on the boat and I wanted some peaceful time by myself to get a little buzzed, relax, and unwind with some classic literature.

The warmth of the sun and breeze and the and baking through the towel, the rustling of the trees and the lapping of the slight waves conspired to put me to sleep quickly, and I drained my drink, put my book next to the towel, and closed my eyes as I felt tiredness growing over me.

I woke up to Sienna crouching by my side, watching me. “You’re cute when you sleep.”

I shook cobwebs from my brain. “Thanks. What’s up?” The sight of the blonde jolted blood towards my groin. Her body glistened with lotion and she was still only wearing bikini bottoms, a look that highlighted her model figure.

She smirked when she saw me checking out her bare chest.

“I, uh, I got kinda lonely over there.” She pointed to the dock a few dozen yards away, the boat sitting next to it looking significantly out of place in this pristine natural landscape. “I played with myself, thinking about last night.”

I stood, stumbled from the loose sand and the alcohol and the just waking up. “Play with me and tell me about it.”

“Yes SIR.” Sienna grinned as she pulled my shorts down, moved to kneel in front of me. “I was thinking about this actually. Sucking your cock.” She pumped my slowly-hardening length with her hand, back and forth with a slight, gentle twist while looking up at me adoringly. When I’d hardened to her satisfaction, she started kissing the swollen, dark purple head, little brushes of the lips across sensitive flesh before venturing down the sides, dragging her tongue over my skin, working her way back up to trace the glans with the tip.

“How hard it gets, but it’s still so soft and smooth. How hot it feels in my hand and the way it slides against my tongue.” The blonde took me in her mouth and slid slowly down my length before pulling away and licking up and down the sensitive underside. “The way it fills my mouth, your hands in my hair, moving me, fucking my mouth. The head of it pushing into my throat. Coughing on it and getting it all spitty, jacking you off onto my face or my tits.”

Another slide down my shaft and she stayed there, nose pressed into to my abdomen, tongue slithering out to lick my sack. She breathed shallowly, slowly trying to push herself forward and cram another millimeter of my meat into her throat. I could feel her gag reflex as she fought it.

I tangled my hands in her hair and withdrew. Sienna gasped and smiled up at me, kept her mouth open, drool glistening on her lips, and I thrust back into her mouth. I moved her face up and down my rod at the speed that I wanted, not slow, not fast, just enjoying the feeling of controlling my own blowjob, the delicious wet heat surrounding my prick.

When I let her breathe next, I stroked her cheek. “I’m gonna cum soon. It’ll be in your mouth. I want you to swallow it.”


It didn’t take me long to finish. I held Sienna’s head still while I thrust into her mouth slow and steady, enjoying the feeling of power, of using this gorgeous woman for my pleasure, enjoying the fact that she enjoyed it. I thrust deep, making her gag, pulled back, alternated a deep stroke after every few regular thrusts through her lips. I felt the ejaculation approaching, rising, and I held still, focused on the sensation of pulsing, deliberately clenching my groin muscles with every rope of semen I pumped into her waiting mouth.

Sienna gasped at the first pulse of jizz, and I felt her throat work as she swallowed quickly, over and over, gulping down my spending as ordered. I pulled away when I was finished, when the feeling of wet and heat around my suddenly-sensitive dick was too much to bear, and Sienna opened her mouth, showing me nothing I’d given her remained.

“Good girl. Now show me how you played with yourself.”

See gave me a knowing smile. “You really like watching that, don’t you?”


She slid her legs out from under her, leaned back on the sand and pulled her bikini bottoms aside. “I started touching myself thinking about blowing you, but I finished thinking about something I don’t usually fantasize about.”

“And that is?”

Two xslot Güncel Giriş fingers rubbed slow circles over her clit, then slipped into her pussy, pumping back and forth. Sienna arched her head back and sighed as she masturbated, waited for a long while of self-pleasure before replying. “Anal sex. You didn’t cum in me last night when you did that to me. Aside from the submitting, that’s my favorite part.”

I watched as she frigged herself faster and faster, slowed down to hold off the climax. “What were you thinking? Tell me.”

“Oh… Getting on my hands and knees for you. Feeling you open me up, lube me up with your fingers. The head of your cock pushing in… It hurts at first, a little, but that’s ok. You go slow, and then start fucking me. You play with my cunt at the same time to drive me crazy. And all I can do is just arch my back and enjoy it, doing something so…DIRTY…with my master. And then you cum, and I feel it shooting out up inside me… Fuck I love that part. Even more than when you’re in here…I can feel it when you cum in my ass.”

I stroked my erection deliberately, watching the blonde touch herself and recount her fantasy for me. She looked up at me, eyes half shut as she finger-fucked herself frantically, chest heaving. She winced and withdrew her hand , licked her digits erotically. “Can I ask for something?”


“Not trying to manipulate you, not trying to top you. I don’t want to be a bad sub like I was before.”

“You can always ask me if you want something. I might say no, but you can ask.”

Sienna blushed. “Could we do that? I can’t think of anything I want more right now than to have sex with you on this beautiful beach, and this one of the few times I’m actually turned on and WANT to have anal.”

“You don’t need to twist my arm.”

We walked along the beach at Sienna’s insistence, she’d found the perfect spot for it earlier. She’d brought a towel and lube with her, and her left hand awkwardly found mine as we kicked through the loose, fine sand.

We found the location she’d remembered – a weathered tree trunk collapsed onto the beach from the forest – and she spread the fluffy towel across the bark and handed me the lube. “How do you want me.”

“Whatever is most comfortable for you.”

With a shy smile, she straddled the trunk, last forward across it, then reached back to pull her bikini bottoms aside. “Fuck, I’m turned on.”

“I can tell.” With the swimsuit pulled to the side of her pussy, the swollen lips were open, pink flesh within obviously wet with arousal. I knelt and rubbed her slit tenderly with my thumb, continued as I lowered my lips to her backdoor. Sienna laughed at first, then whimpered as I licked around her anus, occasionally spearing the tightly shut opening with my tongue, but mostly teasing the sensitive orifice with gentle, wet pressure and motion. Her hips worked, rolling her ass back against my face and I kept it up until he groans turned into a shriek, and I pulled away to see her rosebud clenching and relaxing as she ground against the towel.

I lubed up two fingers, and Sienna sighed as first one, then the other pushed gently through her constriction. I pumped them slowly back and forth with a slight twisting motion as I kissed and nuzzled her glute. “Doing good?” I asked quietly.

“Oh yeah.” I could feel See try and push back on my fingers, open up as she continued the slow roll of her hips. I kept up the delicate stimulation of her ass while continuing to stroke her slit up and down. “Fuuuuuck… That feels amazing…”

I kissed her leg. “I’m glad you like it.”

Sienna giggled and I smiled inwardly. I liked hearing that, knowing she was happy.

I slowly withdrew my glistening, slick fingers, and squeezed out a line of lube on my shaft, smearing it around, making sure I was thickly coated, then sat down on the log. It was wide enough I could reach back and support myself with outstretched arms. See looked back at me over her shoulder with a lazy smile. “Aren’t you…”

“Maybe we’ll try that. But I want you to ride me first. You set the pace, find what you like.”

She slid sinuously off, stood in front of me and bent in half to take off her bikini bottoms, her butt very clearly pushed in my direction, for my view. Backing up she reached between her legs to hold me upright at the correct angle, giggled as she stumbled on the loose sand and I caught and supported her. Lowering herself down into a sitting position, she brushed the head of my cock against her rosebud a few times before pushing herself slowly down onto it.

I could feel it opening her up, stretching her, and See groaned, held still for a moment before continuing the descent.

With her ass in my lap, I sat forward, wrapping my arms around her waist, kissing her back. “How does that feel?”

“Ok. Better than ok.” She began grinding her hips forward and back, then in slow circles before attempting to lift her butt and slide up and down my invading prick. Even with one hand on the log and another on my side, and both of my hands on her hips guiding her, the movement was unsteady, and she laughed, motioned me to recline further back before once more beginning to grind on me, stirring her bowels with my meat.

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