Kathy Ch. 3

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== You should not read this if you’re under 18, you should not read this if you’re over 18.
== This is a fictitious story inspired from the well-buried memories and the huge ego of the Author.
~~ It’s not entirely necessary to read the first part of this continuing story, “Kathy”, although it probably wouldn’t hurt. I’ll aim to make each story as autonomous as possible.

* * * * *

Time moves in only one direction and not long after Kathy and I began our adventures together they came to an abrupt stop. We did not see each other at all for quite some time. Close to a year as it turned out. Shortly after our exhibitionist experience at the beach Kathy started a new job, some McFood chain establishment that can do without being mentioned. It did not require travel or long hours but it was enough to shorten our time together.

One evening I was walking out of a department store and across its parking lot, when I heard someone call my name. I stopped halfway across the blacktop and turned back.

“Marten!” A smiling blonde face poked out from the driver side window of the car I had been walking past, “Hey, what are you doing?” Said the excited voice.

I felt a small smile tug at one corner of my mouth when I recognized both the voice and face. As I opened my mouth to speak, the girl hopped out of her car and ran up to embrace me. She had her hair tied back in my favorite fashion, a straight long ponytail, the kind that bounces with movement. She cradled her head against my chest and pressed her firm body against mine. Her head barely came up to my shoulder and her arms were clutching almost painfully tight around the small of my back. I looked down at the top of her head; the bright arc lamps of the lot had turned her blonde hair an ashy white color under their glare. She looked up at me with her cloudy blue-gray eyes and smiled broadly.

“Hello Kathy.” was all I could get out before she crushed me in an even tighter hug.

“Wow, I haven’t seen you in so long,” she said, “What have you been up to? What’s new? What are you doing here?”

“Just ran in to look for something,” I replied pointing toward the store, “what are you doing here?”

“Oh,” she sighed, “just wasting time. So, what are you up to tonight? Out looking for trouble?”

“Ah, you know me,” I smirked, “always looking for new innocents to corrupt.”

“Like me?” she shot back.

“You were never innocent.” I retaliated.

“You made me worse than I had ever been.” She smiled, flirting with me.

“I could not have slowed you down if I had tried.” I narrowed my eyes a bit at her.

“Tell me about it, Master Marten!” she giggled.

“Hey,” Kathy smirked up at me; “I feel like doing something I’ve never done before. You wanna go to the porn shop with me?”

A moment of clarification, the town Kathy and I lived in is a damn small town, but just outside the city limits there is an adult bookstore with a theatre and video booths complete with all relevant adult bookstore merchandise. Every eighteen-year-old guy I know has been out there as I kind of rite of passage experience. I’d been out there only once to pick up an inflatable sheep as a gift for, ironically enough, one of Kathy’s ex-boyfriends. The very same one, in fact, that I mentioned in Chapter One as the guy who introduced me to Kathy.

“You can’t be serious.” I said. “You really want me to take you out there?”

“Who better than my very own Master to show me the way?” She retorted.

“I’m having a hard time believing that you, of all people, haven’t been out there yet.” I said. “I’d have expected to you be there as soon as they opened the doors the day you turned eighteen, Kathy.”

“Well, I haven’t.” She replied, blushing a bit. “I like having someone there to hold my hand when I try new and exciting things.”

“Why,” I asked, “do I get the feeling it isn’t my hand you’re interested in holding?”

Kathy slid both of her hands up over my chest and clasped them behind my neck. She leaned forward on her toes and softly brushed her lips across mine before speaking.

“I’d need both hands for that, Master.” She barely whispered this.

Then she ran her fingers through my hair and down over my jawline with a sparkle of pure mischief lighting up her eyes.

“You’re going to need more than just your hands tonight, believe me.” I said. “Now, get in the truck, slavegirl.”

A giggling Kathy scampered across the blacktop and practically leapt into my truck’s cab. I was happily surprised at the way we had slipped so easily back into our old roles. I glanced over at her on the seat while I fumbled with my keys. The arc lamps threw dark shadows into the valley her cleavage made in the sports-bra type half top she wore. Her shorts were a comfortably baggy and hid the beautiful shape of her ass that I was so deeply familiar with. Kathy was practically vibrating with excitement as I started my truck up and pulled out of the parking lot.

Once we were out of the parking lot and on our way out of xslot town Kathy slid across my bench seat and sat right next to me. Her lips found my neck and she whispered “thank you” into my ear. Kathy slid her hand down my chest and began running her fingers along my thigh. She began smoothing out the lines and folds in my denim jeans. What she was really looking for was just then expanding down the opposite pant leg. After a few more seconds of ironing she brought her hand over to my other leg and cooed softly at what she found there. Kathy began running her hand along the length of my shaft through my blue jeans and after a few minutes slid up close to my ear and said.

“I remember how it was that first night in the backroom.”

Kathy’s hand drifted down to my belt and paused there. She tilted her face back up to mine and quietly asked.

“May I, Sir?”

I smiled down at her and shifted back allowing her to unbuckle and unzip my pants. After a few seconds of tugging which made it hard to concentrate on the road she had my fully hard member free of my jeans and boxers. Kathy was purring softly down deep in her throat as she lowered her face and quickly flicked her tongue out and over the head of my cock. She wrapped her small soft fingers around the base of my shaft and began moving her head up and down as fast as she could manage in the limited space she had to work with. Kathy’s hand slid up and back in a reversed motion to the pace her mouth was setting. It was an act of willpower just keeping us on the highway while Kathy worked strenuously on me.

She kept up her smooth sensual work over the entire drive, only backing off when she felt my pulse quicken too much. Once we pulled into the parking lot of the bookstore Kathy quickened her oral pace and her rhythmic pumping on my hard shaft. The sensation was incredible and with the slow buildup of the drive she soon brought me to a violent volcanic orgasm. She was moaning softly and sucking desperately in an attempt to contain all of it. Kathy was still firmly gripping the base of my cock and squeezing on the upstroke to milk out the last drops of my cum. When she was fully satisfied that she’d drained me completely; she replaced my cock in my jeans and we made our way inside the store.

Kathy was blissful and totally in her element. What better place on earth is there for a girl who doesn’t care for anything as much as deviant sex? Right inside the brightly-lit store, there was a stand-up display strung thickly with all kinds of vibrators. On the left was the front counter that overflowed with lubes, lotions, and novelties. This was the barrier between the customer and the handcuffs, specialty clothing and adult love doll selection. Off to the right was the video department and the selection was enormous. From tile to ceiling, row upon row of brightly colored video boxes glared back at her. Kathy’s eyes were spinning as she buzzed from place to place. One second she was hefting a large dildo to judge its weight and the next she was reading the back of a video with a tall blonde girl on the cover dressed entirely in leather. She was in wonderland. Around the back of the store you could just see the shadowy entrance to the booth and theatre area. Only neon tubing and black lights set high up in the ceiling lit the hallway. From his perch over the cash register, the Grand Judge of Porn presided. A smiling, lecherous looking vulture with Sparky embroidered on the old shirt he wore.

Kathy and I wandered about aimlessly looking at things. Every so often she would ask me a question about this or that and sometimes Sparky would pipe up with an odd bit of pornographic lore that surprised me and delighted Kathy.

Eventually we made our way back to the dark archway leading into the back rooms. Kathy took my hand; just as advertised and pulled me along down the dim corridor lined with booths on either side. We passed lots of empty booths until we neared the end of the aisle when I decided to have some fun with Kathy. I waited until we pulled up abreast with a booth that had its door standing open. Quickly I grasped Kathy’s hand tighter and stepped sideways into the booth, pulling her in after me.

As I kicked the door shut behind me a small low wattage bulb came on over our heads and the video screen flashed to life. Kathy moved about the small room glancing at everything. She ran her hands over the small bench style seat that was the only furniture. She giggled with delight when she found the courtesy box of tissues sitting on a small shelf next to the video screen. She played with the small console set into the arm of the seat and got the video selection menu up on the small screen. I walked up behind her and fed a five-dollar bill into the machine and a small counter in the lower right hand corner of the screen started ticking down from twenty minutes.

Kathy made her selection and two blonde girls leapt across the screen and into a king-sized bed together. She purred softly and tilted her head back to look up at me. I knelt xslot Giriş down behind the chair and reached around to lift her top off of her. Kathy lifted her arms to allow me to do so. I ran my hands down her arms and over her breasts taking time to make sure her nipples raised themselves. I watched the smile spread across her happy face as my hands slipped down over her flat stomach and into the loose waistband of her shorts.

I expected to run across the high nylon band of her panties at any moment when I felt the raised flesh of her mons curve up under my fingers. I felt more than heard Kathy gasp as my fingers slipped over the smooth skin.

“Are you sure,” I leaned down to speak directly into her face, “that you did not go out looking for me tonight?”

I was thinking back over the evening so far and ticking off points in my mind. The ponytail, the loose easily accessible shorts, no panties, a tight half top, and her accidentally running into me were a bucketful of coincidences. I stared down at her sternly; trying to look straight through her, Kathy withered slightly and seemed to sink down into the bench seat.

“Well,” she was barely audible over the sounds coming from the screen, “I was kind of hoping.”

“You little minx,” and then I was slipping my fingers over her hard clit into the very wet folds of her pussy. Kathy arched her back and writhed under my hand. Shuddering slightly through a small orgasm. I kept working at her until her breath was rasping down her throat and struggling through her moans to escape her lungs. My fingers flew over her clit as I brought her closer and closer to a real trembling orgasm. Kathy has both of her arms up and locked behind my head as if she feared she’d slip off the couch seat and down onto the floor in a heap. It did not take long before Kathy met her orgasm head on and wrapped herself around it. She was clinging and wringing every ounce of pleasure she could get out of the moment. She seemed like she was falling in that instant. Tumbling over and over and weightless above the couch with her arms locked and threatening to break my neck. Her back was arched and the glow from the screen painted her breasts and stomach in delicious flickering shadows. Her legs were prone, only bent a tiny bit at the knees. Kathy’s eyes were shut tightly; her body vibrated and hummed like an electrical current was passing through her. Then she let go, and all of the energy seemed to seep out of her slowly. Her body softly collapsed back on itself, returning her to the ground gently. I withdrew my drenched hand slowly from the waistband of her shorts. Kathy’s arms were still locked behind my neck and now she used them to pull my lips to hers in a soft gentle kiss.

We were just beginning to pull apart when I heard something off to my right side strike the ground lightly. I looked down and saw a folded scrap of paper lying next to the wall of the booth. I plucked it from the floor and quickly unfolded it. Kathy was peering over my shoulder and asking me what was going on. The note simply said:

“Amazing performance. Very hot, if you’re interested in playing meet us in the last theatre.”

I looked up at the wall and ran my hands over the surface in the dark. My fingers found a pair of small holes set about four feet off the ground. Too small to get anything through except possibly a finger or a note as it turned out but perfect for peeking in on your loudly moaning neighbor. I looked back at Kathy’s smiling face still perched above my shoulder and her eyes gleamed. She seemed to be asking, “What are you waiting for?” with her eyes. I tucked the paper into my pocket and told her to get her top back on.

We walked out of the booth still sharing a kiss and made a quick right. We strolled past the last few booths and could see the door just swinging shut on theatre number 3 at the end of the corridor.

There was a movie already playing as we entered. There were no dimmed house lights so the only light was that reflected back from the screen. There were no chairs like in a regular theatre but a series of soft looking couches spread around seemingly at random. At first I thought no one was in there with us after all. Then I saw a face turn sideways from about the middle of the room. Since I couldn’t see anyone else Kathy and I moved down through the scattered couches towards the dark outline. Once we’d drawn up even I could see that it was not one person, it was a couple. I couldn’t make out their features yet but the man looked to be a bit shorter than I am; probably about 5’10” and his lady next to him looked to be a much taller than Kathy was. She was easily 5’8″. Now that my eyes were adjusting to the flickering quality of the light I could make them out better. They looked to be in their mid-forties, both were dressed well. Both normal looking in every respect. He was leaning back on the couch with his arm loosely wrapped around his girl’s shoulders. He dressed casually. Plain tan slacks and a polo shirt, she had on an ordinary skirt and a xslot Güncel Giriş white blouse. They both had dark hair, his graying at the temples and her combed back long and straight down her back.

I did not really have any expectations going into this so I couldn’t find a single word to say to either of them. The lady leaned forward and introduced herself as Michelle and her husband as Jim.

“Marten and Kathy.” I said, making our own introductions.

“Have a seat.” Michelle said patting the extra space on the couch next to her.

We both moved to sit, with Kathy sitting next to Michelle and myself on Kathy’s right. Michelle immediately leaned over and began whispering to Kathy as soon as she was seated. I glanced over at them and noticed that Jim was just leaning back and watching the screen so I decided to do the same and let the girls giggle to themselves. After about five minutes or so Michelle turned to look at me over Kathy’s shoulder and I could hear her saying “Really?” in a slightly louder tone before the resumed their quiet chat.

It occurred to me that no matter what kind of a situation they find themselves in women almost always act the same.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Michelle lean over and whisper in Jim’s ear. He nodded, reached into his pocket and produced a small package that I recognized at once. It did not immediately dawn on me why he had just given his wife a condom until both of the girls turned back with grins large enough to swallow half their faces.

Kathy was the first to move, swinging one leg over me and settling down across my lap. Michelle slid across the couch seat, bringing her face very close to mine so that she could speak into my ear.

“We are going to tear you up.” Her voice was raspy and almost gravelly sounding in her excitement. She and Kathy both still wore those same grins and giggled softly. Kathy started unbuttoning my shirt and Michelle reach down directly between Kathy’s thighs and undid my belt in a quick practiced motion.

Between the two of them they soon had my chest bared and my now hard cock out. Both were chatting about it casually and turning it this way and that in the light. Kathy stood up and began slipping out of her shorts while Michelle moved to take the head of my cock in her mouth. Kathy was out of her shorts before Michelle could more than slide her mouth down on my meat more than twice. Kathy tapped Michelle’s shoulder and she moved away. Kathy turned around so that she was facing away from me and placed her feet on either side of my legs. I felt Michelle grasp hold of my shaft and hold it steady while Kathy lowered herself onto it.

I felt the head of my cock part Kathy’s wet pussy lips and slide nearly effortlessly into her hot tunnel. Kathy slipped lower and my cock slid deeper into her until she finally came to rest with her tight little ass against my lower stomach. Once she reached the base of my shaft, Kathy began grinding her ass into me in a tight circular motion. In this position I could feel every texture in her velvety pussy churning around my cock. Kathy’s legs were bent in their position as she rode my lap and my legs were planted out in a V shape, anchoring both of us in our position. I heard and sensed more than saw, Michelle get up and move between our spread thighs. I was not entirely sure what she had in mind until Kathy leaned back, resting her weight on her arms, and I felt Michelle’s hands slide up my thighs towards where Kathy and I were locked together.

I simultaneously felt Michelle’s chin brush against my balls as Kathy’s body stiffened. She arched her back and threw her head back. Kathy’s ponytail fell back and brushed over my bare chest sensually. Michelle’s tongue was busy flicking back and forth over Kathy’s clit and my shaft and balls. To me, it felt incredible, but it was driving Kathy insane. I thought she would break Michelle’s nose for sure with the way she was practically leaping up and down on my cock. Under even the best of circumstances it usually takes me quite a long time to reach my climax so I knew Kathy was in for quite a ride. It took Kathy about ten minutes to come in her highly excited state. Her moaning was steadily growing louder and her breathing became irregular. Kathy’s moist pussy was flooding Michelle’s hungry mouth. I could hear the slurping and lapping noises clearly as she worked to get as much of Kathy as she could manage.

Kathy collapsed back onto my chest and rolled bonelessly to one side letting my cock slip free. Michelle, however, did not waste any time. She caught hold of my freed shaft after it’s second wave through the air and began unrolling the condom she’d acquired earlier down over it. She looked up at me from her position on the floor and began climbing into my lap with that same grin on her face. She had either removed her panties or had not been wearing any under her skirt the whole time. Once Michelle got herself situated over my dick she simply lifted her skirt displaying a razor trimmed dripping pussy. Jim had his own cock out now and was pumping life into it while Michelle made herself comfortable on my lap. Once again I felt a hot tight pussy descend onto my cock, accompanied by a low moan from Michelle as she sunk down. Jim decided to join in at that point.

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