Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 06

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“Annis,” said Bryndis, stopping her in front of an oak-paneled door. “of all the things you have experienced so far, this will undoubtedly be the hardest.” He looked at her solemnly.

“Master, are you sure I can do this?”

“I have no doubts. My concern is your doubts.”

“How do you know,” she asked, now sincerely nervous, “how far I can go or how much I can take?”

“I know because tonight you will go no further than thousands of men and women have gone before you. I hold you in higher ranks than they. But,” he said, smiling to assure her, “I believe for your own right as well. I believe in your strength and your determination. You will, in essence, ‘perform’ tonight for your peers, their new Masters, and the panel. Do you want to let them hear you scream out your failure as we heard Kendis earlier?”

“No. No, I don’t. Will you help me?” she looked at him, almost in desperation.

“Oh, yes,” he answered, thinking how glad he was to have to cover up her eyes. They held him captive with their begging. “I will start with the blindfold.”

“I know. What then?”

“Then, you will walk into the room, and be secured onto the wheel. It is similar to the mechanism Kendis was on earlier today, but circular. Your arms will be open, stretched out at shoulder length. Your legs will be spread wide. Your face will be at the opposing side of the wheel, so you will not need to move in order to speak, kiss, and accept in your mouth what I have to give you. And Annis, you too will be strapped down. That is all I can tell you.” He had gotten somehow sterner, Annis thought. Well, she too could be hard.

“Yes, sir. Blindfold me, then.” He looked at her strangely, but said only “So be it,” before slipping the blindfold over her eyes. Blackness engulfed her.

After he had blinded her, Bryndis stood back and stared at the beauty of her body. He thought her perfect, her face, a chiseled dream, her curves, soft and welcoming, her hair, a waterfall of blackness. He licked his lips as he saw the strawberry-red stripes of his earlier belting still etched across her cream skin. Two of those stripes were beginning to bruise. No, he thought, she would not be able to forget this day. For days, her body would not allow it.

He stripped off his clothing and opened the doors, guiding her through and inside. They were in a dressing room of sorts. There he could hang his clothes and there were rows of whips, toys, crops, leather clothing, and other mechanisms of torture and of pleasure. This time, there will be no whipping, he thought. She will have enough pain with this — he took down a cock ring from one of the shelves and slipped it over his semi-erect member. He wanted it to increase his girth, but mostly he wanted it because this one was ringed with quarter-inch points, pointing outward. Each point would elicit a small electric shock whenever he drove entirely inside her flesh. Yes, a submission after this will be especially evocative. Then, he put on a pewter helmet. It covered most of his face, fashioned like a gladiator helm, with rams’ horns circling back along the crest. His brother could have worn it and none would have been able to tell them apart. It suited him; he had used it before, but not in years. Then, knowing she would hate it, but also that she would need it, he picked up a ball–gag.

“Annis, I’m going to gag you.”

She had been standing in stillness and complete silence, but at this her mouth dropped open in astonishment. “But, Master, I promise I won’t–” she began. But he interrupted her.

“Annis, do not speak again.” xslot His voice was like iron. “I am not asking you, I am telling you. I will release your mouth when the initial task is completed so you may say the ritual words of submission. After that, I will present my cock to your mouth. Kiss the base first, then the shaft, then take the head into your mouth and suck until I remove it.” He couldn’t think about that too much; he was already hard and erect. The cock ring was doing its job. He began to hear movement above them. “That’s the others joining us. I will go in first. Do not follow until I call you. I know you cannot see, but I will guide you with my voice and will not allow you any false move. Stand here,” he commanded, positioning her right in front of the door, “and you will be called momentarily. He walked out and Annis was alone in darkness.

Bryndis strode into what was, when totally lit, a room built like the Roman Coliseum with the seats in a graduated circle around a central stage. Now, however, the entire room was dark; the only light was shone down on the wheel in the very center of the floor. He could not see the seats rising up on either side of the room, nor could he see the inhabitants of those seats. It didn’t matter. He walked up to the wheel and removed an outside section, making it look like a pie with one slice missing. What this did was allow him to walk right up to Annis, having easy access to her body, while keeping her stretched out on the boards. Then, finishing this task, he stepped away, outside the light, on the opposite side of the wheel from the door. Then he looked to the left and right of him. There stood Ojas and Tut, waiting to help him bind her. He would not come back into the light until she had been secured. He nodded.

Etan’s voice rang out, “Come forth, giolla, Kyros is waiting!”

Annis was startled to hear Etan’s voice. She had not thought of him all day. That’s good, she reminded herself. He is not your Master. She took a few tentative steps forward and felt the air change as she walked into the room. It was cooler, and the skin of her breasts crinkled, making her nipples stand erect for all to see. Nervous, she walked, haltingly until a commanding voice she did not recognise called out to her. “Stop, giolla, and lay face down on the altar which has been appointed for your sacrifice.”

What? Face down? Annis was so confused. Suddenly, she felt hands on either side; she tried to fight instinctually, but quickly remembered it was not her lot to fight. She let them guide her and felt the wood beneath her. They pulled her up to the edge, and lay her face to the side, so she could breathe and speak when the gag was removed. She was still as they bound her hands and feet to the planks. Outside she was subservient, but inside, she was reeling. Was he going to beat her? Probably. She remembered him kneading the belt lashings into her calves and shivered. She couldn’t deny that she wanted him. She didn’t even understand it, but being here strapped down like this made her very wet. She remembered that Etan was there and that her other giolla were there, watching her. Actually, she thought, they can probably see how wet I am.

They could see her and they were not the only ones. Bryndis watched as she was strapped down. He was proud at how easy she allowed herself to be guided after only one day with him. He knew, however, that he would have to chastise her for the fighting she did do. That would come later, though. Now, he watched as she adjusted to the spread eagle position she was bound in, and admired xslot Giriş the juices that were making her pussy glisten in the light. After a few minutes she was so wet, they were dripping, thick and rich, onto the floor. He stepped forward.

She didn’t hear him approach her. She was so focused on the erotic nature of what she was doing that all her concern was attempting to stem the flow out of her vagina. Suddenly, she felt his fingers on the inside of either leg as he began to drag them slowly upwards. She shivered and he watched as her face contorted and she almost came, but he stepped back, controlling her. He smiled; she was so sensitive. He continued, letting his fingers wash over the backs of her knees, and move slowly up towards her center. He was careful not to touch her vulva, clit, or ass as he didn’t want her to come. The purpose of the Ceremony of Will was not that she enjoy it. Instead, he let his hands pass softly over her hips and up her sides. He knew she was ticklish, and this did indeed elicit a quiet whine from her. He took his time, going over her shaking arms and neck. Then, he placed his hands solidly on her back, and bent over her. He had one focus now, her submission. He had not been sure how she would take this first test, and looked at her. What he saw filled his heart and moved him with desire. Her teeth bit deeply into the gag and tears were covering her face. But she had not begged for release. Not yet. She must, he thought, believe I am about to take her virginity. And in a way, she would be right.

And it was indeed what she did think. Though, in truth, she could hardly think much at all. A good deal of “No!!” had gone through her head, but she had not listened and had let him have his run or her. It’s alright, she thought. I knew this would happen. He warned me about it earlier. It wasn’t until she felt something pushing up against her anus that she realized how wrong she had been.

It was time. This part of the ceremony was not seduction — it was submission. He had to show he was lord over her and she had to show her allowance of it. This was the most invasive of all subjections. Watching her and feeling her seductive skin had been enough to fully harden him and now, he wanted to be inside her. He placed his cock, a full inch and a half in girth and seven in length, against the puckered, pink bud of her ass. “Breathe in, Annis,” he commanded, the only words he had spoken in the half hour since he went inside the room. He felt her breath, shaking and quavering, underneath him. “And out.” As she let out her breath, he plunged into her.

Unwittingly, she cried out into the gag. Never before had she felt such pain. She did not need to see his cock or hear the general intake of breath from the onlookers to know how large it was, she could feel his girth ripping her apart.

Bryndis, shaking, but controlled, looked down to see his cock plundering Annis of an unknown virginity. He pulled out some only to see his shaft covered in blood. Yes, he had guessed he would marr her like this. Closing his eyes, he plunged again into her, being careful at this point not to go too far; he didn’t yet want her hurt by the metal at his base. Oh, she felt amazing. The tight, velvety heat of her ass. He looked down again to see red patches flushing her skin. He plunged in and out.

Annis had no thoughts to think except that she was unwilling. With every plunge, she felt him push farther inside of her. She strained up against her bonds, but they held fast. She clamped down on his cock, but that only seemed to make him grow xslot Güncel Giriş in girth, stretching her more. She knew then, that submission was the only way out. To take her mind off the pain, she began thinking with every stroke he made, ‘I will submit, I will submit.’ She was not prepared, however, for what happened next.

Bryndis felt her matching his rhythm and knew he wanted to cum, but he wanted to be planted entirely inside her for that. Bracing himself for her pain, he thrust hard into her, driving both his cock and seven metal points deep inside Annis’ flesh. She screamed as the sharp electric shocks pierced through her ass. He knew, hazily, that he would have to punish her later for screaming and that she couldn’t help it. Still, he did not cum. He pulled out and thrust back in six more times, one for every point on his cock ring. The seventh time, he shoved into her and was still. His cock, gripped by the ring, expanded further and quivered.

Through her veil of tears, she felt him stiffen and grab deep into her back. His cock shook and she knew he was about to cum. He pushed a little further into her her, driving that biting pain once more deep into her; she screamed again and felt his cum surging deep into her. She was still and sweating.

Even though she had screamed, Bryndis was so proud of Annis. For her first submissive experience, she had been wonderful, but would she still say the words? He stayed buried deep into her, waiting until he had began to decrease in size, before nodding to Ojas who removed the gag from Annis’ mouth. She sobbed. And cried out “I SUBMIT!!!” Joyously, Bryndis withdrew, drawing another cry as the metal left her flesh for the last time, from Annis’ ass. Because she needed to kiss the base of his cock, he removed the cock ring, and walked to her face. Though some of it had come off when he removed the ring, his cock was covered in her feces and in her blood.

“For your soul,” he said, loudly. Irregardless of smell or taste, Annis kissed, slowly, the base of his cock. “For your body.” Annis kissed his shaft. “For my will.” Annis took the semi-erect member in her mouth and sucked, cleaning it as best she could. It tastes foul, she thought, but I must, I must do this. It does not cost me anything now.

It was almost five minutes before Bryndis stopped her. In fact, he was already getting hard again, but he needed to stop her. The Ceremony of Will was not quite over.

“Unveil the giolla,” called Etan.

First, Annis felt her feet being unbound, then her wrists. Hands were helping her to her feet, and guided her forward. Someone took her hand. And removed the veil Bryndis had placed on her over an hour ago. It took her a moment to adjust to the light, but when she did, she saw a man with a silver helm standing next to her. It was her Kyros, but as she had never seen him before. His face was still covered and, from the waist down, he was spattered with blood. That’s my blood, she thought. I submitted to that. I must trust him, now. He was right, I did do this, I am strong. He had not looked at her, but looked straight out. She didn’t know what else she could do to show the company and panel her submission, so she gripped his hand tight. She knelt next to him on her spread knees, put her other hand on the back of her head, and looked at the floor which was being covered by her blood and vaginal juices and by sperm leaking from her gaping anus.


The lights came up around the room, but Annis didn’t see them.

“Thank you, Kyros,” spoke Etan, “for showing us the inititation of your submissive and determined giolla. You have our Blessing of Your Will. Proceed into the night with mercy.”

Bryndis nodded, and pulled Annis to her feet. Seeing she was unable to walk, he carried her back to her chambers. She didn’t say a word.

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