Libby Succumbs to Temptation Ch. 02

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Hello again everyone, hope you enjoy my second part to my story. Am a very new and inexperienced author. I just write as a fun past time and for my reader’s enjoyment. Have no claim to be a polished writer. If you like it please leave a comment and say hi!

Libby xxx


To say that the days after Libby’s dirty fling with her father in the garage was tense was an understatement. Despite knowing it was completely wrong and immoral, Libby could not get out of her head the passion she had felt and the explosive orgasm she had. Even though she felt so guilty her mind consistently wandered to the feeling of of his throbbing cock sliding inside her, stretching her unlike anyone has ever done in the past.

Thankfully in the last few days there were no opportunities to be alone with him, to talk about what had happened. Libby was completely at loss on how to start the conversation much less what she wanted to say. Also she was suffering from an internal struggle where she knew it was completely wrong yet could not help lusting, fantasying and wanting it to happen again.

With her mother not working they were rarely ever alone and James, her father, consciously avoided being alone in a room with her. Not that Libby could blame him, after all this was not a normal father daughter discussion that most families had. The first opportunity to talk happened without warning one afternoon after Libby had finished playing a regional tennis tournament upstate. A good three hours car journey from home she waited by the entrance of the sports centre for her her parents to finally arrive.

Standing there in her pure white tennis outfit Libby couldn’t help but receive many admiring stares. Her 18 year old toned, tanned body was brilliantly displayed in her tight sports top and short skirt. Her long legs were firm and well-shaped and her pert breasts were clearly on display.

As the car pulled up Libby grabbed her bag and walked towards it, slowing when she realised that she could only see her father in the driver’s seat. With much trepidation she opened the car door and slid into the roomy 4×4. After a few minutes of idle forced chit chat about how she did at the tournament they fell into silence, unable to address the elephant in the room.

“So, where is mum?” Libby cleared her throat to ask as naturally as possible but failed completely, “I thought you were both coming up to drive me back?”

“She had an interview at the local bank, came up at short notice but she really wanted to go for it” James said, without taking his eyes off the road. He was feeling so ashamed and awkward as he was also felt the same ambivalent feelings as Libby. The sex with her was amazing, her tight gorgeous body and appetite for sex was countered by the fact it was completely wrong. It really didn’t help that Libby was sat in the passenger seat in her very revealing short tennis skirt and tight t-shirt.

“Dad, we really have to talk about what happened but I really don’t know what to say,” Libby began.

“Libby, it was completely wrong. We shouldn’t have done it and I am feeling so guilty,” James blurted out. Unable to control herself libby burst into a giggle.

“Oh god, this really isn’t a normal father daughter conversation is it?” She smiled at him. For the first time, with the ice broken, James smiled back at her in a resigned manner.

“No but still, no one can know what we did and it really cannot happen again ok?”

“Ok,” Libby in a small voice, happy that they somewhat addressed it but deep down disappointed that she couldn’t ever have that passionate tryst again. Then she slyly looked at him and said “I was good though right? You seemed to enjoy me a lot?”

There was a slight serve in the car before James shook his head, reluctant to even have this conversation.

“No, i mean yes. Listen Libby, it was amazing I admit it but we really can’t think about that again”

“Really? Not even think about it? Libby motioned to the obvious hard on he had grown in his shorts. Just the knowledge that he was hard caused Libby to become moist between her legs. She clamped her legs together to try and rub her clit. She felt like she was on fire.

“Libby, don’t do this,” James said completely at a loss, it was no surprise that the sight of Libby’s gorgeous 18 year old body in a tight tennis outfit and talking about their passionate fuck in the garage had got him aroused.

Libby sat back into her seat, stopping the conversation that was leading where her horny depraved mind desperately wanted it to lead. She looked down and the absence of a bra meant that her rock hard nipples were very evident. Without touching herself she knew her swollen clit was soaking wet and, even though she could not, she desperately wanted to slide her hand down there.

James took one glance at his now silent daughter and saw the look on her face and her hard nipples poking through her top and knew she was really turned on. Unable to help himself, his mind wandered. As much as he tried to stop himself his cock Escort bayan throbbed and was so hard just remember how amazing it was bending Libby over that car and thrusting into her as she screamed.

Looking at the GPS it showed another two and a half hours remaining on this trip. It was going to be pure agony. One more glance at Libby revealed she was desperately trying to stop herself slide her hand down her body. James snapped his attention back onto the road.

“Oh god” he whispered.

Lunch at the diner.

They stopped at the gas station before lunch and whilst James filled up the car, Libby wandered into the shop to pay. James could not help but notice every guy in the gas station stared at Libby and he could not blame them. She was literally a sex kitten, begging to be stared at and fantasised about.

Libby was only 18 and her long brunette hair that was usually tied back into a pony tail framed a beautiful model face. Active in sports she had developed a tight and toned body that retained all the lush curves her mother had when she was younger. Perky firm breasts and a tight ass added to the allure and, whilst wearing a short tennis skirt, her long smooth silky legs were for all to see.

It was those smooth long legs that were around his hips as he thrusted himself inside her, James remembered. Quickly putting the cap onto the fuel tank he got back into the car to hide his hard on that had not diminished in the past hour.

Getting back into the car for the short trip to the other end of the car park to get to the diner for lunch Libby could not help but see how hard he was. Secretly she smiled as all she had been daydreaming of the past hour was how hard she had cum last time he took her.

“Lunch?” Libby smiled her dazzling smile, like nothing was wrong. Like that the thoughts of her being used and pounded hard and deep by him wasn’t screaming in her mind.

“Lunch.” He replied and they made their way into the half empty diner and picked a table in the corner. They looked at the limited menu as their waitress walked up. A smiling young blonde with “Sarah” on her name tag pitched up and asked.

“Good afternoon and welcome to the Happy Diner. I am Sarah and I am your waitress today.” She looked at James and Libby,

“Hi Sarah,” James felt relieved to have someone else to talk to to diminish the sexual tension for even for a moment.

“So what can I get for you and your…” Sarah paused, not sure how someone as obviously younger than James would be related.

“Daughter,” James quickly interjected, “this is Libby.”

James started ordering their food unaware of the frown on Libby’s beautiful face. Although completely irrational after such a short conversation Libby felt jealous that her father was being so nice to an obviously good looking waitress. Unable to reconcile the fact that she had no right to be jealous to the fact she desperately was, Libby let the silence after James had ordered and Sarah had moved away linger.

“I want to know,” Libby suddenly blurted out.

“Know what Libby?”

“You said I was amazing, are you telling me the truth?” She the realised her voice was too high but thankfully the diner was pretty empty. Lowering her voice, “that was the best sex I have ever had, I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“Libby!” James hissed, not believing she was bringing this back up especially Ina public place. With a sigh of resignation as he recognised the determined look on her face, he replied, “god help me but yes, you were amazing. It was the most mind blowing sex I have had for a long time.”

Libby started to smile a dazzling smile.

“But it can never happen again ok?” James said, desperately trying to remain in control of the conversation.

As they started to eat James noticed that Libby was staring at him but her mind was obviously wandering. Libby had, without prior agenda, picked the bangers and mash and was daydreaming about sex whilst slowly eating one of the two large sausages on her plate. Noticing James look up and saw what she was doing she giggled but started treating the sausage in a way James was uncomfortably familiar with.

James’ jaw dropped slightly as Libby picked up the next sausage between her delicate fingers and in front of him started to slowly lick and suck the gravy clean off it. Completely in a trance whilst starting at her, James watch her lick her lips and slowly slide the sausage slowing in then out. Libby suddenly stopped and pretended to look for the menu as Sarah wandered back over to their table.

“So how are you both?” She smiled in her happy manner, “can I help with anything?”

James coughed, coming out of his trance and tried to act as normal as possible. A task made much harder with Libby glancing at him with an evil glint in her eyes.

“Yes everything is fine thank you very…” James suddenly paused, startled as her felt Libby’s foot sliding up and down his leg under the table, “er yes, thank you very much Sarah, just the bill thanks.”

Sarah Bayan escort gave him a confused look and walked off to attend to her other tables and get the bill. Once out of ear shot James turned to Libby whilst shaking her caressing foot off his leg. Trying to glare at her furiously he asked her what on earth was she doing.

Glancing around to see no one in the diner was either listening on watching Libby smiled at him. She knew she was doing something so wrong but days of sexual frustration and fantasying had just tipped her over the edge.

“Something that I keep dreaming and wanting you to do to me daddy,” and in one swift motion she swept the hand she was holding the sausage in under the table. James just looked in shock and arousal at her as she shuffled in her seat across from him, obviously spreading her legs slightly enough for her hand to slide between them.

“Libby?” James could barely talk whilst watching her. Libby looked right into his eyes as, in one motion, she slid the still warm sausage into her soaking pussy.

“Oh god, it is no way as large and as hard as you but I so need this,” Libby gasped quickly feeling her face flush in desire, “you were so unbelievably big and hard when you were inside me.”

Just at that moment Sarah made an unfortunately timed appearance with the bill and asked a very aroused Libby if she was finished with her meal. Smiling sweetly with both hands resting on the table she replied.

“No not yet Sarah,” smiling at her father, them both knowing what she had just slid into her soaking wet pussy, “I am very very close, am not as full as I like to be but am close.”

James, very uncomfortable with the blatant sexual innuendo, paid the bill and thanked a bemused Sarah who walked away wishing she has less weird customers. James gave Libby a furious glance. After checking no one was looking, Libby reached in between her legs and brought up her improvised sex toy to her plate. Whereas once it was covered in gravy it now glistened with her juices. Something that James did not fail to notice.

“We are leaving now,” he said. Walking out of the diner with Libby rushing to catch up with him. Once outside James stood still and took a deep breath as to clear his mind and try and bring down his obvious arousal. Libby stood in front of him and just smiled.

“I know you like that,” she stared boldly into his eyes, “and, even though it is wrong, we both know there is only one way to satisfy us both the way we want.”

Just before he could answer his phone started to ring, it was his wife Naomi. She was obviously back from her interview and wanting to know when they would be back. The guilty of lusting after their daughter made him hesitate answering the phone. At which point Libby grabbed the phone and answered it before he could stop her.

“Hi mum, yes we are on our way,” Libby pouted and started walking in the opposite direction from the car. James not know what was happening could do nothing but follow. Libby continued to talk on the phone.

“Yeah we are running a bit late, we are at the diner but we have blown two flats,” she smiled innocently to James as they stood outside the restrooms round the corner from the diner, “shouldn’t be top long, we will call you when we get going ok?”

At that Libby hung up, there was a silence in the air as James took a breath to try and control himself and take back control of a spiralling situation. Standing outside the small restrooms James had an idea of Libby’s motives but did not dare even to imagine them. Libby broke the silence first.

“I am going into those restroom,” she smiled, taking a look around to check no one was looking. Reaching up to squeeze one of her pert firm breasts and pinching her nipple she continued. “I know you want me, if you come in after me, you can have me again.”

With that she confidently walked into the restroom, leaving a shocked James behind.

The restroom was a pretty small affair, hardly one that Libby would have chosen for an illicit lovemaking but the thrill of the spontaneous adventure just increased how turned on she was. A quick scan of the 3 cubicles from under the doors revealed they were all empty. Libby leaned against the wash basin ledge eager in anticipation to see if he would follow her in. Her pussy was soaking wet, her body on fire wanting nothing more than to have a very immoral repeat with her own father.

It seemed like eternity but then she heard the door to the restroom open and there he was, slowly walked into the cramp space. James walked right up to his daughter and just spoke in an uncertain tone, knowing this time he was also fully agreeing this naughty escapade.

“Are you sure Libby?”

“God I don’t know,” she reached up to wrap her arms around his neck, pulling him close to kiss him, “but I know I want you to be inside me, I need you to fuck me.”

James leaned into her feeling her breasts against his chest as his rock hard cock pressed against his hungry eager daughter. Every small Escort moan of pleasure from Libby drove him on as he took hold of her sports top and pulled it over her head revealing her hot toned body. As they kissed frantically he felt her hands slide to his waist then unbuckle his trousers, as she yanked them down they caught on his hard cock prompting giggles from Libby.

“Mmmmm daddy you really are fucking hard for me, naughty man,” she stifled a shriek as he lifted her onto the counter top. Tearing off her knickers from under her skirt James paused for a minute making Libby think that he was changing his mind. Then seeing him look at the restroom door she smiled.

“Don’t worry, we were the last customer in the diner. No one else is coming in,” as if to emphasise this she pulled him in closer, spreading her eager legs. With one hand grasping onto his cock she was amazed again how hard he was and marvelled that he could even fit inside her. Hiking her skirt up Libby rubbed her clit and kissed him before pulling her face back slightly to look at him.

“Look how fucking horny you have made me, look how soaking wet you have made me,” she whispered hungrily. Her clit was swollen and every stroke of her finger against her pussy saw her juices ooze down her thigh.

“Oh fuck, I need to have you. I can’t stop myself,” James murmured. Reaching out he grabbed Libby’s firm waist and pulled her onto the edge of the ledge. Libby’s grasping hands guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy, his head rocking slowly, tantalisingly against her pussy lips.

Libby took a deep breath in anticipation; this was something she had spent a considerable amount of time fantasying about every moment since their first illicit affair. Despite several one night stands and trysts with her ex-boyfriend, nothing could satisfy her after she gave herself so willingly to her father last time.

“Daddy, don’t tease me. I need you to fill me up, slide inside me and fuck me,” Libby gasped. As much as James wanted to fuck her he was still teasing her. Libby’s hot toned 18 year old body was literally on fire wanting, no begging to be fucked. Kissing his neck, pressing his breasts against him she just kept whispering and begging for him to put her out of her torment and slide inside her.

Breathing heavily Libby was acting more like a slut from a porn movie than the daughter James had known for so long. Obviously that image was shattered when they first had sex but having her seduce him in a public restroom shocked James even more. All this was just a momentary thought as James felt every inch of Libby’s perfect writhing body. With not a sliver of fat on her toned body Libby moaned in pleasure as she pressed herself on him.

Slowly inch by inch, James slid his throbbing cock inside his begging daughter. Flinging her head back, stifling a moan as her hands braced against the mirror behind her Libby pulled him in with her legs around his waist. Once fully impaled inside her she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her body against him as they built up pace. After such sexual tension and foreplay Libby was already beginning to cum, an explosion of her juices all over his cock, drenching the ledge she was sitting on. Thankfully for Libby, James was far from cumming and, unlike in the garage, was intent on making this session longer than before.

Even though Libby was in the throes of an orgasm she desperately wanted more and the lust that drove her hot naked body vocalised in some filthy talk.

“Oh fuck daddy, I want you to cum inside my dirty soaking pussy,” she whispered in his ear, “after fucking me you won’t want to fuck another woman again.”

James moaned, tremendously turned on. He slipped out of Libby beautiful wet pussy and, with her sitting on the ledge pushed her back lifting both her legs up in the air. Her soaking pussy meant that her cum had now dripped to her now revealed ass. Whist holding up her legs he leaned down and started licking and probing her asshole. Libby squealed in surprised but continued to enjoy every second of it.

Breathing heavily Libby’s body and mind were on heat and she suggested something that she thought she would never ever consider in the past.

“Daddy, I have never done before but I want to try,” pushing herself off the ledge she spun around, leaned over the basin counter with her back to him and spread her soaking legs, “want to try to slide that monster into my ass?”

“Oh fuck Libby, are you sure?” James wondered whether or not Libby could stretch to accommodate him. Without pausing Libby reach back and guided his cock to the entrance of her soaking ass.

“Fuck me and find out,” she smiled seductively at him.

Libby lay her head on her blouse that was on the basin ledge and reached back and spread her ass cheeks, opening them invitingly for her father to enter. Slowly he ease the head on his cock inside her. Libby closed her eyes and tried to breath deep as his huge cock stretched her virgin hole.

“Oh fuck it hurts but don’t stop,” she stammered. Slowly, owing to her own cum that has well and truly lubricated her, he went deeper into her ass until he was completely inside her. Libby moaned in pleasure and in pain as he slowly retracted and slid back into her at gathering pace.

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