Little Tish Ch. 07

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New girlfriends find some special pool and bed time together.


Author’s note: This is a fairly long love story principally between a 19-year-old male in college, his innocently beautiful half-sister still in high school, her equally innocently beautiful redheaded girlfriend and even perhaps their hot little mother as well – not quite as innocent but seriously beautiful. It also contains some increasingly complex intimate relationships between the principals and other characters all of which seem to have libidos at least as big as David Banner when he’s pissed.

It’s turning out to be rather lengthy and involves some character development as well as some of the strong, complex desires and frustrations that often develop in the sexual relationships of young people chockfull of juicy love and lust. So again, please be patient. If it’s a quick fix you’re looking for, then this may not be for you; I won’t hold it against you. But I should mention that the narrative would make much more sense if the story were read from the beginning.

Personally, I find it hard to have much concern for characters I don’t know well enough to care much about. And, as I’ve mentioned before, I have grown to love and care for these beautiful, randy little innocents who, at least to me are entirely lovable and for whom I hold no animus.

Thank you all again for your votes as well as all your helpful comments and suggestions, several of which have been incorporated into the story. (You know who you are.)

By this point in the story, several intimate and often secret sexual relationships are either getting under way or are just beginning to pick up steam. As always, all participating characters are of legal age and enthusiastically consensual. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and I am still dying of curiosity to find out where they wind up and how they get there.



~~~~~~~~ Part 1 ~~~~~~~~


I don’t think I have ever in my life been as happy as I was the day I went to pick up Billie for our birth control appointment with the doctor. I’d just come from a wonderful night with my big brother Jack and we’d finally spent our first loving, sex-thrilled night together. My still-virgin pussy wasn’t just tingling from the wonderful attention given to it by my loving man – my hunky big brother; it was throbbing and pulsing with every beat of my heart. It was soaking wet – again – and I was beyond ecstatic.

We had been amazed to discover that we had apparently been in love with each other for years and, following some timid and very nervous dancing around the issue and some sneaky trickery on my part, we finally gave in to our overwhelming desires for each other. We had spent the previous evening and night naked together and, for the first time in our lives, had engaged in some incredibly delicious sibling-sex. My lover is also my big brother and it was all sooo yummmy!

He had coaxed and teased my tiny little body to its first ever orgasm – orgasms – and what a mind-crashing set of orgasms they were! I was so happily in love with my big brother that I couldn’t wipe the dopy, “I just love the fuck out of him” grin off my face and I couldn’t wait to tell my new best friend, Billie all about it.

I had called Billie and stopped to pick her up for our trip to the clinic where I had made the appointment to get my birth control pills. As it was primarily a walk-in clinic, Billie decided that she may as well get on birth control too because, she said with a grin, “You can never be too careful.”

She was looking innocently gorgeous in a sleeveless white blouse, navy blue shorts and strappy sandals. I couldn’t resist brushing my hand over the soft skin of her upper legs as she climbed in the car.

“God Tish,” she sighed, letting her eyes slip closed in sensual pleasure, “I just love it when you touch me and you can touch me anywhere you want! It makes me tingle all over.”

“Oh yeah, Billie, I can’t keep my hands off you and here you are, looking so yummy,” I gushed as she settled herself in the seat and took my hand in hers.

“Well hell, so do you Tish,” she enthused appreciatively. “I love your cute little blue spaghetti strap top and pink shorts—sooo innocently hot! You do look sexy as hell!” She said squeezing my hand. “I have really missed you,” she whispered sweetly, with love and a good deal of real lust shining in her beautiful, blue eyes. “You’re spoiling me.”

“Oh Billie, I’ve missed you too!” I said with a happy smile. “I wanted to wear a short skirt with no underwear today like we talked about—I need to tell you about our new dress code, by the way—but I knew we were going to see the doctor so I have to be less risqué than I’d like.”

Then, shaking my head in resignation, I added, “But I don’t know why I bothered. Just looking at you has my panties soaking wet! I think I’m like this because you are spoiling me and I love it! God, don’t you just love being secretly naughty like this?”

Billie nodded with Escort Bayan an enthusiastic, naughty little grin of her own. And so, checking to make sure no one was very close to us, I pulled over to the side of the road and pulled her into my arms and gave her a very warm, very wet French kiss right there in the front seat of my car.

I felt the tingle sizzle all through my soaked little puss as it twitched and released a little spritz of girl-cum when I felt her soft, full lips press so wonderfully onto mine. Her tongue tasted so good as it fenced and played with me in there. Our kiss was incredibly warm and sexy. Our breathing quickly grew ragged and all I could think about was getting my hands and lips on her beautiful face and luscious little body.

I guess we lost track of everything except the soft interplay of our tongues and our hands reaching out for soft, tingling breasts to caress. She just makes me so hot that the moment just took us away. Sometime later we became dimly aware of cars passing us as we sat there, passionately making out in the front seat.

We were both breathing heavily as we reluctantly pulled apart and began straightening out our clothes. Somehow, her blouse had come unbuttoned and her bra (damn, I hate those things) somehow had unhooked itself. She moaned hungrily as I gently pulled on her little pink nipple and gave it one more last little twisting squeeze. And then we were off again.

I was all “nipped out” and they were tingling madly again because Billie had been playing with them. I loved the way they were feeling, all warm and achy; it was so naughty and exciting feeling them sticking saucily out the front of my blouse, pretty obvious evidence of my arousal.

“God, Tish,” she said breathlessly, “I can’t believe how you turn me on. I can’t stop thinking about you and all the naughty things we are doing with each other.” She said all this with a huge, beautiful smile that just brimmed with love and happiness.

My “Little Billie” – “Beeje” to my big brother Jackie – is a fair skinned, redheaded beauty with sparking blue-green eyes and a ripe little body that just makes my mouth water.

We have known each other for a few months now and it’s surprising how far we have come together. Initially, we had both seen ourselves as skinny, frumpy and downright ugly. In fact, we had half jokingly started calling ourselves “The Sisty Uglers” because neither of us was aware of our physical and personal attributes.

Once I had talked her out of the shapeless gray clothes her intensely religious parents insisted she wear and got her into some things that were a little more stylish and made a few changes to her makeup and her hairstyle, she had morphed into a real copper-headed beauty.

She also pointed out that I wasn’t the skinny little “stick-girl” I had fancied myself to be either. She pointed out that, especially when I smile, my face is very, very pretty indeed and, though my stature is really tiny – I call myself 4’10’—ish, and even after a huge meal, I never tip the scales at much over 90 pounds – my body is well proportioned and (Billie insists) strikingly beautiful.

I think we have both come around to appreciating the idea that we may be a couple of pretty “hot” chicks after all. Personally, my big brother has really helped my self-esteem immensely and has me half convinced I might be pretty good looking after all.

I had been having some serious physical issues with my body for a year or so. I hadn’t realized that I had finally matured into a very tiny but none-the-less physically mature adult and, though I had been entirely clueless about sexual matters, it was these unaddressed physical “needs” that had been making my life so miserable. My sexual needs had been utterly ignored entirely due to my ignorant naiveté regarding such matters.

Besides my big brother Jackie, Billie is my best and probably only friend in the world. Thanks to our intimate and very private conversations, I learned that my body has apparently just been letting me know that, finally I was now a “big-kid.” She taught me that apparently my hormones and sexual maturity had been making me as “horny as hell” – her words – not to put too fine a point on it.

My body had indeed been putting me through hell, making me miserable with empty aching tingles and very strong sexual longings that I hadn’t recognized but none-the-less had been keeping me awake at night and making it practically impossible to concentrate in school.

I had recently become intensely aware of all that interesting equipment located down between my legs. It had been driving me crazy with insanely strong urges and maddening tingles that kept my panties soaking wet and me squirming around trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me.

But apparently, my body was not to be denied and my Little Billie had come to my rescue by teaching me about the joys of masturbation one night when we had spent the night, naked in my bed and really getting to know each other in new and very exciting ways.

Well, that had taken the edge off many of my physical cravings but it had been my wonderful big brother who had finally solved my problem for me. He finally taught me about my “clit”—who knew? He showed me where it had been hiding and brought me to a wonderfully ecstatic orgasm for the very first time. My life had been wonderfully transformed thanks to the two people I love most in this world.

He had done it beautifully; first with a wonderful activity he called “finger fucking”, later with his wonderfully talented tongue out in our Jacuzzi and then again this morning when he had helped me to cum by urging me to slide my drenched little slit up and back on the tender, sensitive underside of his beautiful rock-hard penis.

I’m not real sure what all happened there at the end though. I was a little preoccupied with a mind-blowing climax that utterly took my breath away. I’m pretty sure I’m still a virgin but we did really push the “will power envelope” when I just couldn’t help myself and had allowed his wonderful penis to slide a little ways up inside me. It just felt so incredibly wonderful I simply couldn’t help myself.

Pulling myself off his hard, delicious feeling cock was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do before in my life. Having it only a little way up inside my “little kitty” was the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever had. I loved him in there and it took everything I had in me to pull myself off his cock just as we both exploded in our unbelievably powerful orgasms. They was so strong that neither of us really knows if any of his delicious cum ended up in my naughty little pussy or not. I guess time will tell.

So, I have been “in love” with my handsome half-brother ever since I was a little girl. When I was about 4, I informed my mother that I loved my brother and was going to marry him. She jokingly told me that was impossible because any kids we had would have 3 heads. But it was very serious to me and I spent the next 14 or 15 years convincing myself that Jackie was only my brother, nothing more.

Thankfully, it was Billie who came to the rescue once again. She’s very observant and smart as hell. She figured out that the ways we always act around each other and the longing looks we give each other when we think no one is looking had convinced her that we were deeply in love with each other. But she also helped me to realize that we were locked in deep denial.

When I finally figured out she was 100% correct, I needed to find a way into his heart. I am ashamed to admit that I snooped on his computer when he wasn’t home and discovered that he is really attracted to petite little brunettes like myself and smallish pretty redheads like Billy. He also had a thing for incest themed erotica – especially between siblings. Very interesting . . .

But the frosting on the cake was the afternoon I saw him masturbating to those images and heard him calling out my name just as he reached his climax that convinced me I was on the right track.

Then, on one of our movie nights, I dressed really sexy and challenged him to teach me how to kiss a boy. My performance was worthy of an Academy Award because once our lips met, we were lost.

Billie knew a lot of this but she was hungry for the details. So she said, “I think you have some news to share with me, don’t you? I’ve been wet all day just trying to imagine what it could be. Come on girl – give.”

“Oh, you know it, Billy. I still can’t believe all the wonderful things that have been happening between Jackie and me since I’ve seen you last.”

I couldn’t help noticing the slight lessening of happiness in her beautiful smile when she realized the potential problems that could well arise with both of us lusting after my big brother.

But she was still happy for me as I proceeded to tell her all about the stuff I had found on Jackie’s computer and my plans for getting him to kiss me.

“Thank you so much for your suggestion because your idea worked perfectly Billie, much better than I could have possibly hoped.” I gushed as I went on. “I was only wearing a very light, silk robe with nothing on underneath it and I think that kept him a little off balance, to tell you the truth.

“My nipples were aching like mad and they were sticking out the front of the robe and my breasts were looking very, very sexy if I do say so myself,” I continued grinning. “Anyway, he was sitting there practically drooling, looking at me as I just stood there pretending to look at the TV and trying to ignore him. I was so nervous and hot and wet I was trembling. I told him about other guys asking me out and about how I had no idea how to deal with them or even kiss them.

“I took advantage of his lost little boy look as he considered me kissing someone besides myself and so I dared him to show me how to do a good and proper kiss.”

Then I told her all about how he had taken charge and guided me over to stand on the bottom step so we would be a little more even in height. Billie started getting all squirmy as I related how he had stepped up, all the time looking me right in the eye, and put his hand on my cheek as he leaned in to kiss me.

“Billie, he kissed my lips very lightly at first and then he took my bottom lip between his and started nibbling and gently chewing on it. I could feel my ‘Little Girl’ just gush when he did that. And then, before I knew it, he had his tongue in my mouth and we were making out like crazy. I just melted in his arms and completely forgot about my ‘teach me to kiss’ excuse.

“I closed my eyes and my head was spinning when he started kissing me all along my jaw and my ear and my neck. It gave me the chills! It was so exciting it was making me crazy, Billie! I was so hot and sooo horny I couldn’t stand still. I started trying to rub my little pussy—completely drenched by that time—against his crotch. I was so wet I could feel my pussy lips sliding against each other as he was moving me around. God, I was so hot and bothered!

“Then he started saying something about how much I hate my little tits and how silly that is. He says mine are perfect because I don’t ever have to wear a bra and because they are so beautiful and so sensitive. They were driving me crazy with their incessant tingling when he said, ‘just watch this’.

“Well, he pulled my robe aside, leaving my breasts completely exposed, and then he started gently blowing on them. Billie, I almost passed out it felt so wonderful. The sensations his warm breath were giving my tingling nipples were so strong I just about melted to the floor.

“It’s all sort of hazy now but, at one point he had his hands on my ass and he was gently squeezing and kneading my butt cheeks. Oh god! Well, that felt so good that I couldn’t help pushing back against his hands and then rocking forward, pushing my achy-wet pussy up against his stiff cock.

“Billie, it was so big and so hard all I could think of was somehow getting it inside me! I was surprised and delighted to feel him thrusting out of the front of his boxers at just the perfect angle to bump right into my “Little Girl”. It made me so hot and horny I could hardly stand it. I was beside myself with an excruciating empty NEED – an ITCH – I didn’t understand and I had no idea how to scratch. All I could do was to grind myself against him and whimper.

“You know how I get, Billie. I was feeling so empty and achy inside. Feeling his wonderful hard cock rubbing against my wet pussy felt so wonderful! But somehow, it didn’t help relieve the ache in me; it just made it grow and grow and grow until I thought I would scream!

“At some point he started running the backs of his fingers and his knuckles up and down my front, letting them bump and float across my nipples that, by this time, were tingling so bad it was driving me insane. When my knees finally gave out, he picked me up like a rag doll and carried me in his arms back to the couch.”

I told her all about how wonderful it was when we got naked with each other for the first time since we were kids and about how we kept repeating how much we loved each other.

“But I was in agony, Billy. I didn’t know it at the time but I desperately needed to cum—to have an orgasm—and he said not to worry. ‘Just leave it to your Big Brother,’ he said. And I thought ‘Okay, works for me; just get to it, okay?’

“Anyway, I was sitting on his lap surrounded by his strong arms, completely naked and so fucking horny I thought I was going to lose my mind. He pushed my legs apart and began lightly stroking the insides of my legs and I must have been shaking like a leaf because the next thing I knew, his hand was on my pussy and I cried out and just melted. I loved it when he touched me there—it was heaven—and my pussy was drenched, just sizzling hot inside.

“Then he asked me if I knew where my ‘clit’ was and when I told him I had no idea what he was talking about, he showed me. It touched me there and I must have screamed it felt so wonderfully, crazy intense.

“God Billie, it felt sooo fucking good! I’ve never felt so wonderful in my life and he told me what we were doing was called ‘finger fucking’. I remember thinking that I didn’t give a damn what it was called as long as he just kept doing it. Oh Billie, just wait until I show you. Well, that is if it’s okay with you.

Billie looked to be in total shock. She just stared at me with fire raging in her beautiful blue-green eyes and with her mouth hanging open. Then I noticed that her nostrils were flared and she was almost panting she was so turned on.

“Oh yeah Tish.” She panted, her beautiful eyes huge. “I think that will be okay with me.”

“And then Billie, I had my first orgasm!” I think I must have said this in a voice I hardly recognized, a voice filled with dreamy awe. “Fireworks went off in my head and, in my pussy. Oh Billie, my pussy just exploded in waves of convulsions I can only describe as sheer ecstasy. It just felt so fucking goooood! Oh, it was such a wonderful feeling—so fucking wonderful! Just wait ’till I show you Billie; you are going to lose your mind.”

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