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I must remember to bring a schoolgirl outfit to London…

Hmm.. I could wear it and we could take a walk through the city. Buy ice cream, maybe?

Can you imagine that? Me and you walking… I would make sure to bend over at every opportunity to show u the color of my knickers.

Hm… Maybe I’d wear a buttplug…

And tell you as I eat the ice cream just how good it feels… Sitting on a bench in the park, shifting my hips, making it stroke me.. Moan slightly and describe to you what I’m feeling.

Tell you that the pressure is making me need to pee.

Ask if it would be ok if i let a little go? Because I’m sure no one will notice.

“Would it be ok if i peed, just a little? It will only be a little.. You can feel with your hand if you want…”

As you nod, looking mildly interested, I guide your hand sneakily under my skirt,

“Ooh, that feels good.. can you move your fingers like that again?”

You put my bag over your hand so it’s hidden from wiew. I’m relaxing.. It’s not very difficult as I’m desperate now, and I let go a little.

First just a few drops, before I stop… Feeling thrilled.

Then some more.. Actually letting out a stream into your hand, but stopping very soon.

“Mmm… that feels a lot better”

I lift my ass a bit, moving it a little on your hand, lean over to kiss you thanks, just as if we were an ordinary pair of lovers in the park, I tell you how good your hand feels as I kiss you on the lips. Suddenly I moan into your mouth, surprised as you touch my clit, stroking it, pressing it.

I deneme bonusu veren siteler shift again, feeling the plug move, you press your thumb on it, then let go… Press again and let go, I gasp and grab hold of the seat, trying to look normal.

“Mark, this may not be a god place… People can see me…”

But you just laugh softly and tell me you’re going to teach me a lesson for being such a tease.

Realizing what you have in mind, I panic a bit, but you can tell that it makes me even more aroused. You push a little harder against my clit, I moan, lean forward, hide my face in my hands, but quickly jolt back up as you push against the buttplug very hard several times, fucking my ass with it. Repeating that several times you slowly, systematically drive me mad.

Trying to regain control over my face and vocal chords i try to tell you to stop, but make no real progress.

“Mark, I… Mark… Ah… Mark!!”

But the fact is, I want you to keep going. And you know it.

You just laugh at me where i sit, trying desperately to look normal… an old couple gives me a strange look as they walk by.

I’m breathing hard now. My face is flushed, trying to move against your hand as little as possible, which is not proving easy, I feel how close I am, try to tell you. But before I can manage to put a together a sentence you suddenly increase the speed, and push harder, both against my clit and ass.

I try not to faint as I come on your hand, in plain sight of everyone in the park. I cant help but moan out loud and gerçek para ile slot oyunları you give passers by an apologizing smile as my world explodes.

My whole body goes weak and I keep moving my hips lightly, slowly, on instinct, back and forth as I come down, catching my breath.

“You bastard, Mark”

You laugh again.

I lean back on the bench and realize my ice cream is melted. Look at you, you’re smirking. My eyes travel down and I can see how hard you are. I try to keep my dignity and tease you

“Aw.. Did I get you all hot and bothered? Poor guy…”

You don’t really seem to approve of my tone. Scowling you tell me that I clearly haven’t learned my lesson, and that we’re going back to the hotel where you’re going to show me what happens to arrogant girls like me.

Standing up, holding your jacket in front of you as a cover, you grab my arm and pull me up. My knees are still weak so I barely manage to keep up with you as you stride through the park.

Entering the hotel lobby you head straight for the elevator. We both wait patiently for it and get in, but and as soon as the door closes you slam me against the mirror, kissing me hard on the mouth, grabbing my hand, putting on your cock, telling me to look at what I’ve done to you.

I try to please you, wrap my fingers around you, promise to be good, and the elevator stops and opens.

You open the door with one hand, push me in with the other and it slams shut behind you.. We both drop our things on the floor and you mobil slot siteleri push me down on the bed, climbing on top of me, pinning me down.

Again you kiss me hard on the mouth, I begin to try and loosen your belt, but you push my hand away, unfastening it yourself and freeing your cock in one swift movement. I reach down and curl my fingers around you, wanting you inside me so badly. But again you move my hand away and hold it over my head making me feel completely helpless, which you know makes me even hotter.

Pushing your other hand under my skirt you feel just how wet i am, having both pissed myself and orgasmed, only a few minutes ago.

I lift my ass invitingly and you move my soaked knickers to the side, placing your cock against my pussy and in one stroke push all the way in and feel how tight i am, having my ass filled with the buttplug.

Not prepared for this invasion I give a scream, but that soon turns into a moan as you pull out and push in again. Then you start fucking me hard, pushing me into the mattress.

I’m still so sensitive that your moves make me shiver with pleasure. I moan loudly with each thrust, feeling both your cock inside me and the buttplug in my ass. Together it’s almost too much. I grab your shoulders, trying to get you even closer, even deeper, clawing at your back trough your shirt.

Suddenly you reach down with your hand and place a finger on my clit, pushing rhythmically against it, sending jolts of pleasure through my entire body. You feel me tighten around you as i begin to have my second orgasm. Feeling this sends you over the edge as well and you give a few more thrusts before you come, filling my pussy with your thick come.. I arch my back and move my legs even further apart, trying to take even more of you in, not feeling anything but pleasure for a few eternal seconds.

So you see.. I really must remember to bring a schoolgirl outfit to London.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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