Married Cocksucker Buds Begin Ch. 03

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(This is the continuing story of three hunting buddies at a cabin, far removed from wives and other stabilizing influences. You just never know what can happen when guys get together. Hope you enjoy this chapter.)


We were up early on Monday morning and in place by sunup. Being that it was so early and everything, we had all we could do just to stumble around, get dressed, get a cup of coffee and get out of the cabin on time. There was some joking and horseplay and playful slaps on the ass but we were focused on hunting. We took nothing that day and as the weather turned colder, we became a little more confident of being able to track the deer and get the bucks we come for. Monday night passed without any play between us as we were pretty well spent from a short night and a long cold day in the woods. We were up and out again early Tuesday.

Will and I took turns as shooters and while we saw some doe and their fawns, we had yet to flush out any bucks. We took a short break for lunch and then went back to hunting. The day was colder and there were flurries in the air. I did not mind being the shooter but it sure got cold just standing there stock still. I could see Will and Jeff coming across a ridge about half a mile away. As I looked around I suddenly saw a nice six point buck heading toward me. Even if you’ve hunted for a long time, a six point buck is still a nice take and since I was downwind and he was heading right for my spot, it looked as though my time had come.

I waited patiently and he wandered well within my good shooting range. I put him in my sights and downed him with a clean chest shot. I looked up to make sure the guys were coming when I saw Will raise his gun. I looked where he was aiming and saw a huge buck. I stood still while Will sighted him down and then dropped him in his tracks. Turned out Will’s buck was a ten pointer and a whole lot nicer rack than Napoleon’s.

We field dressed the bucks and slowly made our way back to the cabin with Jeff alternating between me and Will helping us as we dragged our bucks back. Before too long we were back at the cabin and hanging the bucks. Naturally we took the time to take a few pictures of our take. We had filled our buck tags and now we each had a doe tag to fill. We still had at least three more days of hunting to do that. Once the buck are taken, the does are not as appealing but we decided we would them anyway.

We got cleaned up and since it was my turn to cook, I was first in the shower. I was glad to wash off the blood and the crud from hunting. I surely do love to hunt but it can be kind of a nasty hobby. It had been a couple of days since I last shot my load and just having the hot, soapy water pouring down my chest and onto my cock get me aroused. I stroked for a minute or two but decided to hold off an orgasm in case something developed later.

I got out of the shower and headed for the kitchen. Jeff and Will had been horsing around in the living room and then played the best three out of five with rock/papers/scissors to see who was in the shower next. Will won out so Jeff came and talked with me while I made sloppy joes. Turns out I wasn’t the only horny one as Jeff came up behind me and put his arms across my chest in an ‘x’ pattern and squeezed my nipples between his fingertips. All the while he was doing this he held me tight and ground his groin into my ass. My jeans immediately starting getting tight and I had a hard time concentrating on dinner.

Will finished his shower and came out to the kitchen, his hair wet and uncombed. He came up behind Jeff and began grinding his cock into Jeff’s ass while he reached forward and pulled my hips backwards toward both of them. This was getting pretty hot pretty quick. I turned the burner off and turned around to face my friends. “Looks like dinner will have to wait. I am hungry but I can survive on an empty stomach for a while,” I said.

Jeff was standing directly in front of me and had this wicked look on his face. “Can’t we eat now and eat later too?” he asked. I think I knew what he was talking about but I was not a little surprised to actually hear someone say it.

“That’s part of what we were horsing around about when you got out of the shower,” Will explained. “We had started joking around about jacking each other off then Jeff said how much he enjoyed Vinnie sucking him off the other night. ‘What I wouldn’t give for another blow job,’ he says to me. So I asked him, ‘Would you be willing to give one to get one?’ Will was smiling the same wicked smile I had seen on Jeff’s face.

Jeff said, “So I told Will, ‘If you do me, I’ll do you.’ It was kind of a dare but not really. Then we started joking about how we could talk you into it. By the look on your face, Mike, I don’t think there’s going to be a big persuasion problem.” He just kind of laughed and elbowed Will and pointed at my face.

My mouth had gone all dry on me with this turn of the conversation. I licked my lips and tried to swallow but it was dust bowl all the way. I had been wondering casino siteleri if things would get this far and I had also been asking myself if I would be willing to put another guy’s cock in my mouth. I also had really enjoyed the blow job from Vinnie Napoleon the other night, such as it was. I had done mutual blow jobs with a friend during puberty time but that was twenty years ago and it was a teen cock. Would I be willing to take a full grown man’s fully erect cock in my mouth? More to the point, would I be willing to give a blow job in order to get one in return? I had a response all ready.

“Listen up, you two. You guys are joking around about this but you need to understand a few things: one, I have no intention of being, and I don’t think either of you want to be, anybody’s bitch like Vinnie was; two, whoever ends up putting their mouth on my cock had better be ready to take it like a man, no whining, no wussing, no crying; three, if I can give it like a man, I intend to take it like a man, even though I’ve never done it before.” My directness caught them both a little off guard, but only for a moment.

Will and Jeff looked at one another, then at me, and both nodded, now very serious. Will came around Jeff and we just stood there, eyeing one another, waiting to see who would make the first move. Jeff spoke, “Rock/papers/scissors, shoot. The first one with three wins and gets sucked off first. Then the other two face off, the first one to three is the winner but the loser has to be the first one with cock in his mouth and the last one to get sucked. Fair enough?” he asked. We all nodded.

I took eight tries but Will won the initial round. It took Jeff and I six tries before he beat me three to two. Son of a bitch! Will spoke up immediately: “I want you to suck me off while I stand up and give it to you. I am horny as hell. You ready?” he asked me.

“I guess I better be. Let me get a drink of coffee to wet my mouth,” I replied. While I was getting a drink Will and Jeff headed for the living room. There was a rug on the floor and it would not be as hard on my knees.

When I joined them, Will looked me directly in the eye, leaned forward, pulled me to him, and whispered in my ear, “Mike, you are a man’s man. I’ll show you what a man’s man I am, too, when it’s my turn.”

You could see the excitement and anticipation written all over Will’s face. He was shaking nervously as he undid his jeans, pushing jeans and briefs to the floor and stepping out of them. His cock was already hard and sprang free, slapping against his hard stomach as Will bent over to push his jeans down. Will was now buck naked except for the pocket t-shirt he wore.

There we were: Will standing expectantly and excitedly, nearly breathless, Jeff standing right nearby rubbing his hard cock through his jeans, and yours truly on his knees if front of Will. Will stepped right up to me, pushing his hard cock down far enough to get it directly in front of my lips. I took a deep breath and reached up and squeezed Will’s shaft hard, causing Will to moan and a pulse of clear pre-cum to ooze out of his piss hole. Will’s cock looked a whole lot bigger from this angle than it did from a standing position. I took note of the prominent veins and the engorged passageway on the underside of his cock.

Will’s cock was not as long as mine but it was noticeably thicker. I pulled Will closer and with my left hand began to fondle his balls. This brought a gasp from Will’s throat and he put his hand gently on my head. “Come on, Mike, take me in. The suspense is driving me crazy,” Will whispered.

“Yeah, come on Mike, you can do it,” Jeff added. I could hear Jeff unbutton his jeans and his zipper and push his pants down and stepped out of them. He too was now nearly buck naked. “Oh, man, is this hot!” Jeff said as I detected motion from his direction. I knew exactly what he was doing.

I brought my lips to Will’s cock and licked the pre-cum off the tip. Will gasped again and without further ado I put my lips around Will’s cock head and let my lips slide over Will’s still covered head. I forced myself to push my lips all the way down to my hand. I almost gagged but held back and just stayed like that for a little while, getting accustomed to the taste and size of Will’s cock.

Memories came flooding back to me as I held Will in my mouth. My teen buddy Tom and I would swap blowjobs and we even got to the point where we would swallow one another’s jizz. That was a long time ago but the sensations were not very different at all. What was different was the size of Will’s cock. It felt really huge in my mouth and I had to really concentrate on breathing through my nose in a regular pattern to make sure I did not gag. I also knew I had better take this slow, at least at first.

I could feel Will’s hands run through my hair and could hear both him and Jeff moaning. I realized that my own cock was hard as a rock and very uncomfortable in my jeans. I pulled off of Will’s cock, much to his dismay, and stood to strip off yüksek bahisli casinolar my jeans and briefs to relieve the pressure. Then I sensed Jeff moving and felt his hands take over, unsnapping my jeans and carefully pulling my pants down to release my throbbing cock. I stepped out of my jeans and resumed my position in front of Will. In a flash I had his cock in my mouth again and began squeezing his shaft with my hand.

I moved my mouth slowly back, then all the way off. This time I put my hand right behind his cock head and pushed his foreskin back slowly as I put my mouth on the wide helmet of his cock. I could see little bits of smegma under his foreskin and this also reminded me of my teen years. Tom and I used to call it ‘dink cheese.’ It was a little on the skanky side but after all we had been through in our hunting and with each other, this just seemed to be part of the program.

As I pushed my mouth further onto Will’s cock I felt his hands squeeze my head and pull me further onto him. My hand had bottomed out in his red bush and I had managed to get at least half of him in my mouth without gagging. I had his foreskin all the way back and I could feel his engorged cock take up almost all the room in my mouth. I lapped my tongue around and around, swirling his pre-cum and dink cheese with my own spit. I have not said so yet, but for some reason or another red hair has always turned me on. Now to be face to face with my buddy’s red bush and have his cock in my mouth was a real turn on. I flexed my own cock muscle and could feel some clear goo ooze out of my cock and over the end of my foreskin.

I pulled back to the tip of Will’s cock, my hand still strong on his shaft, and plunged down again. I began to get a little rhythm going on this as Will worked with me and began pumping his cock to me. “Oh, Mike, this feels so fucking good,” Will moaned. “I’d really like you to try it without your hand on me, though. I need as much penetration as I can get. We’ll take it slow, okay?”

As I bobbed my head up and down to signify my acceptance, I brushed the tip of my tongue against the underside of Will’s cock head. He gasped and I felt a spasm go through his body. I took my hand off his shaft and put them on his hips. Will ran his fingers through my hair and slowly pulled me onto his cock. I got a little more than half in my mouth before I started to gag. As soon as Will felt me starting to gag he immediately pulled out and started back in again. Slowly and a little bit at a time, I took more and more of Will into my mouth and throat. Each stroke brought my nose closer to his bush. Pretty soon his bush began to tickle my nose and I could feel his cock head pushing against the back of my throat.

I had my gag reflex under control and Will began to pump his cock into my mouth a little more forcefully. As hot and horny as Will was, I knew that he would not abuse me like he had Vinnie Napoleon. I was very horny and turned on myself and my moans added to the moaning and groaning I heard from Will and Jeff. When they weren’t moaning, I heard Will whispering, “Mike, what a fucking man you are to take me like this. This is so hot, buddy. Your hot mouth feels so good on my cock. I’ve never had it so good in my life. I’ve got two days of cream to release, man. MMMMMM, a man’s man is taking me down. I can’t wait to return the favor. I want to taste cock myself today. MMMMMM, oh, Mike, you are a big man to do this. You’re doing a good job, man, mmmmmmmmmm.”

As if that did not turn me on and give me encouragement to keep doing a good job, I heard Jeff saying, “Oh, how hot is this. Mike, you are doing a great job. You should see the look on Will’s face. I can tell you are pleasuring him real good. Look at your own cock, too, it’s oozing. Oh, I can’t wait for my turn. Then I’ll take my turn on my knees in front of you, Mike. Your cock is so long and strong. Can I taste your pre-cum? Oh, I’d like to taste it, please Mike?”

My own heart was pounding as I felt Jeff’s hand on my cock, squeezing my shaft and bringing more pre-cum up from my nuts. I felt his finger swirl around my cock head and he got a big gob of pre-cum and I heard him slurp it into his mouth. Then I saw him out of the corner of my eye get a glob of his own and swallow that too.

All this excitement was getting to us all. Will began to moan louder. I began to tickle the hairs on his balls with my fingertips and I could feel them draw up tight against Will’s cock. “Oh, boy, oh fuck, oh man, oh, oh, oh, Mike, here it comes, oh, take it all. OH FUCK,” Will grunted and pulled my head forcefully all the way down his shaft until my nose was buried in his red sweaty bush. I could feel hot splashes of cum as Will blasted his jizz load into my mouth and throat. I nearly gagged but kept my mouth tight onto his shaft and my nose deep into his bush. Will grabbed handfuls of my hair as he pulled me up and then back down one final time as he hollered, “Oh, Mother Fuck, Mike!” I felt a couple more hot splashes mobil casino in my mouth as I swallowed Will’s load in its entirety.

Will held me in place as his body spasmed the last of his orgasm. I could hear him panting and whimpering even as my own heart was pounding. After a minute or two he pulled me off his now tender cock and dropped to his knees. He fell forward onto me and was shaking as he buried his head in my shoulder and sobbed softly. “Oh, Mike, that was one of the most intense orgasms of my entire life. And you gave it to me. That was so fucking hot, Mike. What a man you are. You set a good example for us. I hope I can do as good as you did,” Will said softly.

“That makes two of us, Will. I would guess you do me next and then I do Mike. Is that right?” Jeff asked, his voice quivering with anticipation. “I’m so horny right now. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. You two are hot.”

“Give Will a minute to catch his breath,” I said. My duty done, I sat on my haunches back against the couch and stroked my cock. I was really near the edge myself. I was glad to get a respite and hopefully cool off a little before it was Jeff’s turn on my cock.

Will took a deep breath and turned toward Jeff. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I hope I can do justice to the start Mike gave us here. I want to do for you like Mike did for me.”

“Just try to give him pleasure like I was trying to do for you, Will. And do what I did: try to enjoy it as much as possible. I believe you will find it as erotic as I did,” I said, trying to encourage him.

“Okay,” Will said as Jeff stepped over in front of him. Looking at Jeff, he said, “Just like what Mike said. I’ll do my best but work with me till I get used to it. Give it to me like a man, Jeff. I am not afraid.”

Jeff moved in front of Will, his stiff cock bouncing in the air as he approached. Jeff was good sized, not as long as me or as thick as Will, but a real man packing a real nice cock. Any man would be proud to have his tool. His cock glistened with the extra sheen of pre-cum from stroking. He stepped right in front of Will and moved his cock right in front of Will’s face.

Will reached up and fastened one hand around Jeff’s shaft and squeezed hard, as I had done. I could see the head of Jeff’s cock grow from the pressure Will was applying. Will fondled Jeff’s big ball sack while he squeezed the shaft again and pulled up toward the head, bringing a sizeable ooze of pre-cum from Jeff’s cock. I reached over and got a finger full and, looking Jeff right in the eye, licked my finger clean.

Will put his mouth on Jeff’s cock and slid it forward over the foreskin and down Jeff’s shaft to his own hand. Jeff gasped and then let out a loud exhale with a low moan. Will did as I had done, keeping his mouth on Jeff until he got accustomed to the feel of a fully erect cock in his mouth. I could tell he was struggling to keep from gagging. I leaned forward and said softly, “Come on Will, you can do it. Take a deep breath through your nose. Doesn’t taste like maybe you thought it would, does it? You’re doing fine. What a man you are, Will. You got a nice start. You can do it.” I patted Will on the ass and ran my finger tips across his lower back and teased his ass crack. That made his jump a little and sigh.

Jeff ran his hands through Will’s hair along the side of Will’s head as his fingers dug into Will’s scalp. Will took another deep breath and pulled back to the tip of Jeff’s cock. He immediately went right back down again and stopped when his lips hit his hand. He pulled back up and on the down stroke pushed Jeff’s foreskin back and went all the way down to his hand again. Jeff gasped and grunted. He stood there with his back slightly arched and with his hands on Will’s head and eyes open just enough to see what he was participating in. He had pure pleasure written all over his face. Will pulled back up and then down again and between the two of them they got a good rhythm going.

Without being asked, Will moved his hand off Jeff’s shaft and began taking Jeff deeper and deeper. Before long I could see Will’s long straight nose reaching into Jeff’s bush as he held fast onto Jeff’s hips. They kept up this steady rhythm for a good ten minutes or so, Jeff moaning louder and louder as the minutes passed. Jeff began pulling Will deeper onto his cock with every stroke and Will was pulling Jeff deeper and deeper into his mouth. Jeff began to moan louder and louder and saying things like, “What a thrill, what a turn on you are, Will. What a man! What a man you are! That’s it, suck me…mmmm, suck me, Will. Yeah, run your tongue on me, mmmm.” I saw Will pull Jeff’s foreskin back with his hand and plant his mouth on Jeff’s cock head. Based on Jeff’s reaction, I was pretty sure Will was flicking the tender spot under his cock head.

Jeff began to bounce a little on the balls of his feet as his moaning grew more frantic and louder. Suddenly he held Will tight onto his cock and began rapid, short thrusts into Will’s mouth. “Oh, boy, here it comes,” Jeff shouted. “Oh, I’ve never felt like this before. Oh, man, oh man, oh man, here it comes, Will. Here it comes, man. What a man cocksucker. Ohhhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhh!” Jeff was hollering to beat the band and I could see Will starting to gag as Jeff pumped his way into and through his orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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