Naughty Girl’s Punishment

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He glances over at her from the driver’s side. She is so damn sexy right now. Mary Janes, thigh high stockings, a big butt plug filling her ass, a white button up shirt with no bra underneath, sucking on the lollipop he gave (really ordered) her to suck on, and pig tails.

This was a big day. She was being Punished with a capitol P. She had been so bratty lately, trying to manipulate him with her big blue eyes, throwing tantrums when she should be a good girl, and constantly pushing her boundaries with him.

He thinks of what is coming and tries to suppress a grin, today is going to push her right back. Will she be a good little girl? This punishment would stretch her boundaries. But it was on the list, admittedly he was modifying it a bit, but it was on the list.

They kept a laptop by the bed, it was her idea. This laptop contained everything about their kink life, including lists. Lists of punishments that she would submit too, ranked by how naughty she thought she had to be to earn it. Lists of things she wants to do, list of things she would be willing to let him lead her into if he was there to be strong and guide her.

The great thing and also big problem with the lists is that they evolved. She was constantly revising them based off of her mood, sometimes she would put things down and take them back repeatedly. A lot of these lists were done in bed when she was on a post climax high based on things he had whispered in her ear to turn her on while her lower body was wiggling in excitement.

This punishment was a combination of two things that sometimes went off the list, but always came back and they had discussed both in bed and out. He knew she wanted to try with him there, but was a little fearful he was going to be pushing her trust today.

He smiles and stops that train of thought. It comes down to she wants to be his special girl and she needs the discipline, love and authority that comes with that. She has given that to him, and has been a very happy girl since she made the decision.


She was glancing out the window; she was so excited she was practically bouncing on the seat. Daddy was taking her on an adventure and gave her a lollipop. She had some doubts, daddy said this was punishment but she was not convinced. She can’t imagine what sort of punishment would have her dressed this way and Bycasino involve driving somewhere. She was not worried, she had daddy wrapped around her little finger.

She knew he was frustrated with her lately because she can’t seem to stop herself from being bratty and trying to manipulate him with how sexy he found her. It was wrong, but she could not seem to help herself, even when she was being his wife and not his naughty girl.

She was very surprised when he parked the car in a very naughty part of town, with adult toy stores and strip clubs. She started to worry a bit, she trusted daddy, but was not into public displays.

Daddy had her get out of the car, grabbed her hand and pulled her into what appeared to be a very sleazy hotel. She breathed a sigh of relief that they were not going into one of the other buildings.

He went straight to the stairs. She got nervous the way the hotel clerk eyed her clearly having some very grown up naughty thoughts. She pulled on her skirt and hoped he could not see the plug up her ass.

Daddy knocked on a door, then opened it he pushed her into the room in front of him. On the bed was a very large naked man with a rock hard cock covered with a condom. He was rubbing lube on it.

She backed up and hit daddy, who whispered in her ear to remember this was on her list and while this was Punishment with a capitol P, she needs to trust her daddy.

Daddy puts his hands on the top of her blouse, and rips her shirt open so he can pull it down under her breasts displaying them. He pushes her towards the man and tells her to do what the big man says.

She hesitantly steps forward and the man on the bed says “I hear you have been naughty and need to be punished. I get to punish you today. Come closer.”

She moves closer, but she is scared.

The big man tells her to turn around and bend over so he can see her ass and her pussy. She does not move, she is paralyzed and stunned. She does not want this. The big man’s hands reach out pinch her nipples and twists. It hurts.

He says, “Turn around and bend over now.”

As she does, she looks at daddy. He smiles and nods his head to show her she is doing well so far. She starts to feel a little better.

A hard slap to the ass gets her attention.

“Move towards me Naughty Girl so I can lube you.” He orders Bycasino giriş her.

She does as instructed, not wanting to disobey and see what punishment could be worse. A rough finger probes her pussy.

“Good, we definitely need lube. This is punishment, what sort of punishment would it be if you were sopping wet?” He asks.

He liberally lubes her pussy, and abruptly pulls out the butt plug. He asks daddy if he should lube her ass, and Daddy says no. Daddy is the only person who ever touch’s her ass.

The big man stops and tells her to turn around and look at him.

“You have been a bad girl, and your daddy has agreed to let me punish you. Our arrangement is I get to fuck you one time, until I cum. If you continue to outright defy your daddy and manipulate him, I get to punish you again and again with fewer boundaries every time until you obey. You don’t want that, because I love doing naughty things to girls like you. I am very, very good at punishing. Do you understand naughty girl?” He lectures.

She shakes her head yes.

“Will you take the punishment like the big girl your tits indicate you are?” He asks.

She shakes her head yes.

“Climb up and sit on the tip of my cock.” He tells her.

She climbs on him. She has to use her hands to position herself on his cock.

“You will keep your eyes open so you can see who is fucking you naughty girl.” He says as he places both hands on her hips, and uses them to push her down on his rock hard cock.

She gasps in surprise at the invasion of someone else’s cock in daddy’s pussy. He is not gentle, prodding her up and pulling her down rough. He smiles as he fucks her. Whenever she tries to look away, a hard smack on her ass reminds her to look at him as he takes her so she can’t pretend it is daddy in her head. She hates the man, but knows that daddy is right in punishing her. This just is not the punishment she would have chosen. Her pussy is getting dry and sex with the big man is getting uncomfortable. He seems to know what she is thinking, smiles bigger and pinches one of her nipples hard.

After a bit he looks behind her and nods. Daddy comes up behind her and asks if she has had enough.

She says “Yes. Please Daddy. I will be good.”

He starts massaging her breasts. She relaxes a bit, and leans towards daddy. She starts to enjoy Bycasino deneme bonusu herself with daddy there. Daddy whispers in her ear that he is proud of his special girl, and since she has been good she gets a special treat. He tells her to lean close to the big man.

With daddy touching her things are exciting, so she leans towards the big man. The big man pulls her down on his cock, and she feels daddy press his cock on her ass hole. She stiffens. She has never had two penis’s. She and daddy have been talking about this, but she did not expect it to happen this way. Daddy tells her it is ok, they both know she longs for his cock. She is a little nervous, but daddy and she have used toys for double penetration before, and she loves having both her ass and pussy filled with toys and Daddy’s cock.

He slowly pushes his way into her ass. It is so very tight with the big man’s cock in her pussy. The big man moans as daddy’s cock pushes in to make her tighter. When daddy is all the way in they hold still for a minute to get used to the sensation of two cocks. She feels so full; she smiles and thinks she could like this.

Daddy pulls out a little and as daddy starts to push in again, the big man pulls out and she moans. She is so excited; she has her daddy’s cock up her ass. She can feel her wetness growing as daddy and the big man start to get in rhythm, the sensation as the heads of their cocks meet is incredible. Her pussy is really sensitive because of the dry fucking and as it gets wetter, the sensations are stronger than usual.

The big man and daddy must like it too because it does not take long for them to both thrust their cocks inside of her and cum at the same time. Daddy orders her to cum and she does. The orgasm is incredible with two cocks.

Daddy pulls her from the big man and lays her on the bed and starts using his mouth on her clit. She thrusts up and grabs the bed cover at the sensations. It is so intense right after an orgasm. He pushes her pelvis down and tells her to pull her legs up and apart as much as possible. She does and feels the butt plug fill her back up, sealing daddy’s cum in her ass. She cums again. He keeps sucking her clit and starts to finger her, she keeps cumming, and enters multiple orgasm mode.

Daddy gets hard again as his special girl is writhing on the bed, he pushes his cock deep inside her wetness and fucks her hard until his orgasm joins hers. As they drift off into a contented nap, she realizes the big man is gone and she hopes that she never has to see him again. She and daddy will have to find another play partner for double penetration sessions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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