Punishment , Pleasure

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I walked into the room unaware that he was home. “On your knees,” his voice was a soft hiss, but it still held all of his power in it. Without a moments hesitation I was on my knees, my eyes looking around the dark room for my Master. He was seated in his Captains chair, a black leather bullwhip in his hand.

Looking at the floor, but holding my head high, I spoke softly. “Master, I was unaware that you were home.” His soft laughter made a flash of fear run through me, and I felt my womanhood begin to throb.

“I did not say you could speak little one, now come here.” His voice was soft and stern, a frightening combination.

Slowly, I crawled to him. When I reached his feet he looked down, “Present yourself little one.” Automatically I leaned back on my knees, spreading my thighs as wide as I could, my back straightening, my arms coming behind my back and crossing at the wrists, and my head lifting high, with my gaze carefully looking towards the floor. I could feel his gaze looking over me. My nipples began to harden in response.

His strong fingers quickly connected with my right cheek. The force of the backhanded slap almost knocking me over. “That is for speaking out of turn my dear.” His voice was stern, as it always was during punishment. “Now my dear, stand and undress for me, then represent yourself.” My face still stinging, I quickly rose and did as he requested, then slid to my knees and positioned myself for him. My entire qiqitv.info being was alive with sensations. I enjoyed my Master the most when he took me by surprise like this.

“Very nice little one.” As he spoke he rose and circled me. “Now stand.” I rose slowly. His lips moved inches away from my ear, “Are you ready for some pain my little one?” I nodded, not daring to speak. “Good Girl,” he cooed, and I felt the cold steel of handcuffs painfully dig into my wrists. Then the dull pain of a silk rope, as it was tied painfully tight around my elbows. “I don’t want to hear a sound little one, if I do you WILL be painfully punished.”

The juices were now flowing in my womanhood, my state of arousal at an extreme level, and my Master knew this, he also knew it would be almost impossible for me to not make a sound.

I bit my lower lip harshly as he lifted my hands up and caused fresh waves of pain to run through me. He walked back to the front of me, his fingers softly cascading over my breasts. His gentle touch soothed me, and made me yearn for more. But I knew I wouldn’t receive more. With a quick switch his touch became harsh, squeezing and pulling on my taunt nipples. I caught my breath, gasping silently as the fiery pain ran through me. His touch stopped and he merely looked at me.

“You will count for me now little one,” his hands picked up a slender wooden paddle from the table. My clit throbbed even harder at the sight of it. hard porno With one large hand he cupped my right breast, holding my sensitive nipples up towards him. A wave of intense pain ran through me as he brought the paddle down squarely on my open nipple.

I gasped, then quickly breathed “One.”

“Good girl,” he said and I could see him smile. Each time the paddle came down harder and harder.

“Five.” I said, my voice shaky. Then he moved to my left breast. By the time I counted five my Master knew I could not stand much longer. His tongue flicked out softly caressing and sucking each burning nipple in turn. My knees swayed as my womanhood gushed hot juices over my thighs.

“Good Girl little one, now come.” He leaned me over the back of our leather couch, my womanhood exposed to him, and my ass high in the air. I felt the handle of his favorite paddle slide across my ass, then gently probing the entrance for a moment, and finally sliding into the wetness of my pussy. “Good Girl, you like your Master’s treatment don’t you? You may tell me?”

“Yes Master I do.”

“That’s because you’re his little whore, aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir I am.”

“I’m going to hurt you now my dear, you want me to, I know you do, so ask me to.”

“Please Dear Master, please hurt me.” I meant every word I said, for me pain brought a much more intense pleasure and I knew my Master would pleasure me.

“Yes little reklamsız porno one – I will hurt you, and you may cry out if you have to.” When he granted me permission to make sounds I knew it would always hurt so good.

The paddle came down across my ass, again and again. Each time harder and harder, and he kept going until I did cry out in a soft cry of pain. Then with out a moment in between I felt his large cock shove into the wetness of my pussy. He reached forward and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling on it painfully. His sweet cock thrust harshly in and out of my soft pussy, faster and faster.

All of the sensations together, my hands tied so cruelly behind my back, my nipples burning in pain, my soft ass throbbing from the spanking, and now his glorious cock fucking me so harshly caused me to come to an intense climax. My body trembled uncontrollably as the onslaught of feelings thundered through me. “Oh Yes little one, come for me, my little whore is feeling so good.” His voice slid across my being as I continued to come.

When my tremors began to subside he pushed me down onto my knees and shoved his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head with both hands and proceeded to forcefully fuck my mouth. I could feel his cock sliding down my throat and I loved every moment, my tongue licking and my lips sucking greedily on his cock. “Ughhh,” he grunted in pure pleasure and fucked my face harder, his fingers pulling in my hair, until with a primal cry of pleasure he pulled out of my mouth. I felt his hot semen fall over my lips and chin, and even on my breasts. It was several moments before he spoke. “Good Girl little one, are you ready for some more?” And I was, I was ready for a lot more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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