Serving Rod Ch. 06

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“The way I see it,” Rod said as he casually opened a beer, “You cost me three or four good fucks tonight.” He sauntered over to the couch, set down the beer and undid his belt. He stepped out of his trousers, his dick dangling semi-erect before him.

He extracted his belt, and along with the wallet and keys from the pockets, he laid them on top of gym shorts that had been there from earlier. He held the pants out for me. “Here. Take these. Sit down.” He grabbed his beer and we both sat on the couch. I folded the pants and sat with them in my lap.

He switched on the TV, and, without looking over at me said, “Don’t just sit there, clean those up. They’re a mess. You couldn’t even suck my cock right tonight.” I started to get up, but he corrected me with a glare, and it dawned on me what he meant. I held them to my face. They reeked. They were a mess of various bodily fluids, some dried, some still wet.

Most of it appeared to be semen, but I’m sure there was blood, spit, piss, and pussy juice in there too. I started with the globs of cum. They were sticky and cold, coagulated drying lumps with millions of tiny, dying sperm in them. It was nowhere as exciting or appealing as fresh sperm, but I had my orders and I started to dab at the biggest globs with my tongue.

The cum had a familiar smell and taste to it, and I decided that it wasn’t all bad. I had to actually suck on the fabric to get the older, dried stains out, but it didn’t take me too long to get the messiest parts clean. Rod just absentmindedly watched TV while I did this, but when I glanced over at him I could see his erection proudly pointing away from his body, so I knew there was something he was getting out of the process.

“That’s good enough. Go hang ’em up,” he finally said. “This, too.” he said, tossing me his shirt. I did just that. I felt oddly domestic – with him sitting on the couch, naked, while I went up to his room to get hangars. This gave me the most unusual, girly feeling. Hanging up his clothes, in a way, was more humiliating and degrading than sucking his Cock.

While performing this menial service, my own little cock got hard about something there.

From the living room, I heard his voice. “Get me another beer, cocksucker.”

I returned to the couch with a cold bottle, and Rod was still watching TV, but he had moved so his legs were widely splayed open. His Cock was at full erection now, and there was little question where I was supposed to be. Without diverting his eyes from the screen, he reached out his hand and I quietly put the bottle in it.

He just looked at the bottle and held it back to me. I hadn’t opened it. I struggled with the twist-off for a couple of seconds, and he glared at me, reaching for it. He twisted off the top easily and handed the cap to me. I had to go out into the kitchen to throw it away. By the time I returned, he’d finished half the bottle. He just pointed at his dick with his free hand.

I knew my job, so I dropped to my knees and started doing it.

I don’t want to say I was becoming complacent in my duties as a Cocksucker – I wasn’t. But when he pointed at his dick, I was relieved. By then I was possessed by the need to have his Cock back in my mouth, to feel his lust, to taste his cum – and more than that, to make him happy, to repay for the displeasure of the evening.

It felt good to suck his Cock again, it felt… normal. I thought maybe I could put the chaos of the date night behind us with a really good blow job – knowing Rod it would take more than one – and I got busy working his Cock with all the skills I’d learned to date. I wanted so badly to make him happy.

As I worked his Cock, I recalled that I’d blown him somewhere around fifty times in the past week or so. I thought I was getting pretty good at it. But while it was a routine I was beginning to like, it was, in fact, becoming a routine.

Apparently, Rod shared in this last sentiment.

Rod just lay there on the couch, beer in one hand and remote in the other, as I industriously worked away at his knob. I relaxed my throat and took him all the way in, rolling his nuts softly in my hand and milking at his dick with my throat, controlling my gag reflex so that it added to his pleasure but let me keep him deep in my throat.

Releasing much of his Cock, I worked on the delicate underside, tonguing that sensitive spot that I’d learned was called the frenulum until I felt his hips roll just a bit underneath me. (Yes, in my free time I was doing independent research on my role as a Cocksucker. I was learning more about how to properly please a plump penis.) I felt a wave of Cocksucker joy as I could feel his shaft swell in my mouth. I knew my man was close to giving me another load of seed.

His hands grasped my head as a prelude to the now-familiar flood of semen I was about to enjoy. I was beginning to think that things were going to be all right again.

He Onwin suddenly pulled my head up, away from his lap. His penis left my mouth so abruptly that I felt my teeth snap together because of the sudden departure of his meaty shaft. I looked up at him hopefully, expecting that he was preparing to spray my face with his love offering. He was still absent-mindedly looking at the TV. Without making eye-contact, he spoke. “Go to the bathroom and get the tub of Vaseline.”

A wave of fear shot down my spine. The hair on my neck stood on end. My heart fell into my stomach and my eyes grew wide with terror. I couldn’t even talk coherently. “no… no sir… please let me suck you… don’t… not… not that… no… please no…” I protested weakly.

I opened my mouth and tried to recapture the head of his Cock with my outstretched tongue. I could only lick the the very tip of it, and, as if to tease me further, it tantalizingly gave me a drop of clear, sweet nectar.

I looked up at him with terrified, imploring eyes.

His hands were still on either side of my head, and he slowly, but forcefully, pushed me back. His Cock was tantalizingly out of the reach of my open mouth. Slowly he turned his head to meet my gaze. I was looking up into his eyes, my tongue still flailing desperately to reconnect with his penis.

“Get the Vaseline. Now.”

I swallowed hard. Yes – That.

I rose from my position of service between his legs, and shakily headed toward the bathroom. As I passed the kitchen, I saw the back door, where only a few days ago, I’d narrowly made my exit before his dad could discover what Rod and I were doing. I longed for the strength to make another exit out that door, but I kept walking past the kitchen and into the bathroom.

The tub of Vaseline was huge, the 13-ounce size with a dark blue lid and a pink label. As I carried it back to the living room it felt like it weighed 13 pounds. I was terrified of what was about to happen, suddenly terrified of his Cock, his lust, and his insatiable sexual appetite. I was most terrified of his anger. Apparently, there was still a lot of that left.

As I walked past the kitchen again, I took one last longing look at that back door. My feet kept carrying me past it as I headed to the living room. That back door wasn’t going to get used soon.

But mine was. I shuddered.

Rod was still sprawled on the couch when I returned. I could tell that he wasn’t as distracted as he wanted me to think he was – his Cock was hard as a rock, still shiny with my spit, and a substantial amount of precum had formed, dripping from his head down the ample shaft.

I held out the jar to him. He just sneered. “Put it on me, boy… unless you want to be fucked dry.” Even though his use of the f-word put a fresh wave of panic in me, I obediently opened the tub. The baby-powder scent filled the air, ruining that smell for me forever. I took a good handful – far more than I’d use to jack off with – and applied it to the entire length of his shaft. My hand was gooey, and his Cock shined as the product clung to his meat. I rubbed up and down the length of his dick a couple of times, briefly entertaining the notion of jacking him off – but he wasn’t going to fall for that, smacking my hand away from his shaft.

“Get naked, baby girl.”

More fear gripped me. Just a few minutes ago, I was intent on pleasing this man, but this was a far different thing entirely! His calling me girl was even more terrifying, as it made his plan crystal clear!

Again, I was afflicted with that detachment. On the inside, I was screaming in terror and pain. On the inside I was running for the door. On the inside I knew there was no way I could do this. It was bad enough I’d sucked his Cock, but there was no way I could…

There was no way I could…

Even on the inside, I couldn’t even bring myself to say it. I couldn’t even say it to myself.

On the outside, however, I was obediently unbuttoning my shirt and slowly taking off my shoes. Rod just sneered at me. “Quit fuckin’ around and get naked.” I finished taking off my pants, then my socks followed, and I calmly laid them on the low table we’d used to work on our science program barely a week ago.

That seemed like another lifetime ago, too, and another person who did that, while here and now, I was about to give away the last shred of my masculinity to the ravenous appetite of this bacchanalian monster. I stood before him in only my undershorts. Despite my fear and terror, I was annoyed that my cock was hard.

Rod glanced up briefly from the TV. “Naked,” he said, and reached up to grab the waistband of my underwear. He pulled, hard and suddenly, and with a ripping sound, he tore them to the side. One side in tatters, one side still barely clinging to me, I quickly removed the rags and put them on the table. I stood before him, naked for the first time. Onwin Giriş I’d never felt so open – so broken.

He casually looked up at me and laughed. “Ha! That looks just like a dick, only smaller.” He quipped, mocking my cock, which, even swollen to its maximum erect state, looked pathetically inadequate compared to his raging member.

He rose from the couch, pulled the comforter onto the cushions and patted it. As he turned to adjust the comforter, his hard Cock slapped against my thigh. I recoiled in terror, but Rod just chuckled. “Sit.” I sat. I was shaking so badly. Rod was facing me, his glistening erection looming in my view. The tip was glistening with a fresh, dangling bead of pre-cum and the shaft was shiny and wet with the lube.

It looked even more menacing than before, and although I’d become accustomed it in my mouth, I was terrified of the prospect of what was about to happen.

The baby-fresh scent was so out-of-place with what was about to happen that my mind just locked up. Either way, there was nothing I could do to change what was about to happen. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

“Aw, c’mon… you know you wanna do this…”

Smiling, Rod knelt between my knees and pulled my ass forward to meet him, moving me with the ease of a ragdoll. One at a time, he lifted my legs over his shoulders. I was shaking so bad I know he had to feel it, but he did not hesitate, pause, or try to calm me.

My eyes must have been filled with terror, but he just smiled. Looking straight at me, he said “I wanna look you in the eye when I penetrate ya.” He put his hands on my shoulders and thrust forward with his hips until the tip of his Cock was bumping against my unprepared asshole.

I knew better, but I couldn’t help myself. “… p… please don’t…” Begging for mercy, my voice sounded high, thin, and pathetic. He just smiled a wicked smile and gripped me around the waist. I could feel his Cock pressing up against me. Fear gripped me, and a tear rolled down my cheek.

He rolled back just a bit, allowing the tip of his throbbing Cock to tease my virgin hole. Despite my tears, despite my fears, my cock stood up straight between us, bumping into his belly. Rod looked down and laughed. “My girls lil’ clitty is sportin’ some serious wood there,” he mocked as he adjusted his grip, grabbing my hips. “It sure looks like you want me to take your cherry!” His Cock bumped menacingly at my shitter. I could feel it throbbing at my hole, hungry, ready.

I shook my head no.

“Look,” he explained, “We wouldn’t be in this spot if you’d have just done what I asked. I’d be fuckin’ Chrissy again right now. So this…” he nudged forward again, painfully poking at me, “…this is all on you. You fucked up. So now… you fuck.”

The gleam in his eye told me all I needed to know. There would be no negotiation, no talking him out of this. I gulped. Here we go.

He pushed. Terrified, I clenched my asshole as tight as I could make it. It didn’t matter. His battering ram was at my gate, and he was not to be denied entrance. He pushed again. I could feel the greasy head of his Cock pushing tight against my exit point. He pushed again. His Cock slipped out of my the entrance to my hole and slid upwards, banging into my nuts. I whimpered, wincing with pain, but Rod just pulled back and lined his penis up for another attempt.

He was right about one thing. Despite all my fear and protestation, my cock, what there was of it, was standing at full attention.

He pushed forward. I felt my terrified hole begin to open under the assault.

He pushed again. I could feel his hairy hips move forward against my inner thighs as his Cock, as hard as an iron bar, found the spot it was seeking.

He thrust again. This time he entered. This time, I screamed.

“Oh, Jesus Christ, baby girl, quit your fuckin’ bitchin!”, he said gruffly. “The head’s not even in yet.” and thrust his pelvis again.

I screamed again. This wasn’t a “oh my that’s uncomfortable” scream or even a “hey that hurts” kinda scream. This was the scream you make when a red-hot poker is jammed into your eye – or in my case, my asshole. Rod slapped my face, just hard enough to get my attention, then clamped his hand over my mouth. Blinking, through tears, I looked up into his eyes.

When I did that he just smiled, and thrust again. I could feel the bulbous head of his Cock push its way past my sphincter. I screamed into his hand again, my arms flailing uselessly.

He paused. I could feel his dick stretching me out, each throb causing another jolt of agony as his invading member tore its way into my body. When I stopped screaming, he took his hand off of my mouth. He moved in close, until his face was almost touching mine. For an instant I thought he was going to kiss me, and my heart fluttered. What the hell was happening to me? Here I was with his Onwin Güncel Giriş dick up my ass and … was I falling in love? I put my hands on his shoulders, anticipating.

I really didn’t have time to complete the thought. As his face got close to mine, he just smiled. I could feel his lower body tense up and I’d relaxed just enough to let him get the leverage he needed.

He looked straight into my eyes. I closed them.

With a massive thrust, he shoved for all he was worth. I could feel his engorged shaft as it drove the head of his prick deeper into my belly. I screamed again, but his hand was quick to cover my mouth. This time, he pulled part way out, then thrust forward again – instead of just penetrating, he was now starting… He was… we had begun to…


I could actually feel the veins on his shaft, as his engorged member was punching deeper into me. With painful clarity, I could feel my guts getting rearranged inside my body as it struggled to adjust to the invading dick. Rod held me in place as his Cock thrust into me over and over.

My hands, on his shoulders, slapped up and down uselessly pummeling his body, about as effectively as a mosquito’s wings. With another savage thrust, I felt the large, wet plop as his nuts hit the back of my ass. My dick, still hard with futility, was squashed between our bodies.

Now fully embedded in me, he stopped. Waiting for me to make eye contact again, he grinned. “I think it’s all in ya now, girl.” He wiggled his hips and I could feel his testicles rubbing against me. My mind revolted – that’s impossible! Rod took his hand off of my mouth long enough for me to start a pleading babble, “no,takeitout,takeitout,NoPleaseGodTakeItOut”… He slapped me again, not as hard as the first time, but I quit babbling.

“Get used to it, baby girl,” he said breathlessly, as he resumed his thrusts. He was panting heavily and a sheen of sweat coated his body. The look in his eye was nothing short of fierce, and it took all the fight out of me. Each thrust still hurt like hell, but I resigned myself to my destiny. His Cock had claimed its territory. He was fucking me.

I was fucked.

My entire universe had collapsed to the point where all that was left in it was Rod. His Cock kept moving, in and out, in and out. His eyes, as he was so close to me, burned bright blue.

His Cock kept moving. I could feel the stubble on his cheeks, as he pressed forward with each lunge and our faces came together.

His Cock kept moving. I could feel the rippling of his biceps as I now was clinging to his shoulders.

His Cock, painfully, kept moving. I could feel his breath, reeking of beer, on my skin, hot and getting deeper and heavier as relentlessly he drove into me.

His Cock kept moving. I could feel the hair on his chest as it rubbed against mine. And, after a few minutes, I was intensely aware of my cock, pinned between our bellies, rubbing against his lower abdomen as he continued to fuck me.

He’s fucking me. I’m getting fucked. Each time the thought went through my mind, I rejected it – but then he’d thrust forward, painfully sending his penis deep into my bowels, and as his balls would slap against my ass, and that thought – he’s fucking me – would form again in my mind. I lost all track of time. I lost track of everything – except his Cock.

And his Cock… His Cock kept moving.

I let out another whimpering groan, and Rod looked me in the eyes again. I hated and loved it when he looked at me like that. I hated it because he’d shove his Cock all the more viciously into me when our eyes were locked, but I loved it because… it was so personal, so intense. Yeah, he was a manipulative controlling bastard, but he was… he was fucking me. Oh, god – he was fucking me.

Yeah, he was fucking me good. I whimpered.

“Getting any better, baby?” He asked, thrusting deeply. God, it hurt.

No, not really, I’m getting fucked up the ass, is what I wanted to reply, but all that came out was weak, high pitched whisper, “… so… so… big…”

He just laughed, and wiggled his Cock inside me, as if to prove what I’d just said was true. “Ya know, you’re my second virgin of the day!” He smiled at that, and his pace slowed a little. “I’m not gonna have to get you a morning-after pill, too, am I, sweetie?” Another thrust of the hips, another wave of pain.

I just looked at him, pathetic and lost. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. It was true. He’d taken… everything from me. My virginity, my manhood, my dignity, my identity… all given to him – and still his hips kept thrusting. “Atta girl,” he said, stroking my face. “You my good little girl, ain’t ya?” I’d seen him do that to Chrissy just a couple of hours ago. My tears began to flow uncontrollably. He pushed his Cock even deeper.

Seeing the tears had an impact on him – not one of pity, but one of uncontrollable lust and passion. He was taking great delight in my total humiliation, and my tears must have pushed him over the edge. I could feel his Cock swell larger. I pushed against him, the same way I’d push if I had a big bowel movement I needed to get out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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