The Seduction of Louise Ch. 09

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Chapter Nine – The Intimacy Continues

I was vaguely aware of her slipping from my arms as daylight began creeping through the windows in my makeshift room. I watched bleary eyed as she slipped into her nightgown once more before turning and bending to kiss me warmly on my lips and silently leaving my room and making her way upstairs.

I lay there coming fully awake slowly, smiling to myself as I recalled the passionate and energetic sex. I was amazed by Louise’s tight little pussy, I had never before experienced a woman’s pussy so exquisitely sensual. Almost every fantasy I had ever had about sex with Louise was completely and utterly obliterated by the reality of her. Many women, in my experience, were more on the passive side when it came to sex, which intimidated me and caused me to be more on the conservative side with my lovemaking. Louise, on the other hand, was aggressive and energetic. She obviously knew what the wanted or needed from sexual contact and went after it with great enthusiasm. And, even though I had used and abused her for at least forty-five minutes with some very forceful and energetic humping, she had never flagged…she had matched me almost thrust for thrust. She was truly an incredible lover.

I listened to her as she moved about the kitchen above me, listened as the kids awoke and busily made their breakfast. I must have dozed off once more, when I woke all was relatively quiet upstairs, I could hear Louise at the sink running the water as she, most likely, was cleaning up the dishes after breakfast.

I imagined her upstairs in her robe and nightgown, imagined her smooth plush body beneath the nightgown and the delicious appeal of her slick pussy. My cock rose to attention and I felt a renewed energy and desire.

I silently made my way up the stairs and opened the door, sticking only my head through.

“Good morning.” Called Louise, turning as she heard the door open. “I just put some coffee on…I’ll be with you as soon as I get these last few dishes done.”

I smiled, letting myself into the kitchen and closing the door behind me. I crossed the room to where she stood at the kitchen sink with her back to me. I stepped up to her and encircled her waist with my arms.

“Mmm.” She intoned softly, stopping what she was doing and laying her head back as I kissed her ear.

I pressed my cock into her buttocks and pulled myself tightly to her.

“Oh…Jamie.” She gasped softly reaching behind to discover I was completely nude.

I lifted my hands and cupped her breasts gently and she smiled and purred a soft sigh of pleasure. I pulled open the bodice of her robe and caressed her breasts, feeling their heavy warmth as I pinched her nipples to erection.

I leaned my lips close to her ear. “Oh, god, Louise…” I whispered softly as I pressed my cock into her, “I want you so bad right now.”

“Oh god.” She whispered, moving her hips from side to side.

“God…I want to slide my cock into your beautiful pussy.” I whispered into her ear.

She moaned aloud and I felt a shudder rush through her body

I lowered my hands and lifted her robe, pulling it and her nightgown up in the back and felt the warmth of her flesh against my cock. I thrust my hips into her, feeling my cock slip between the cheeks of her broad, fleshy buttocks.

She turned her head to look back at me, her expression one of complete lust and excitement. She bent over at the waist to give me the access I needed. I looked down at her smooth white buttocks, so broad and yet so beautifully formed, and almost gasped in my appreciative lust. Her smoothly shaved lips peeked provocatively from between the soft white flesh of her thighs and I lost all semblance of reasoning. I took my cock in my hand and bent it to those inviting pink lips and pressed forward with my hips.

She cried out as I entered her, thrusting myself as deeply as I could possibly go. I grasped her fleshy hips and thrust into her rhythmically.

“Oh, yeah….Oh, god, yeah!” She gasped, reaching between her legs to touch herself.

I thrust myself forcefully, my hips slapping loudly against her buttocks, thrusting as rapidly as I possibly could to bring on my orgasm.

She gasped and cried out, her voice low and trembling. “F…f…fuck me. Oh, god…fuck…fuck me.”

I felt her pussy tighten on me just as I sighed her name and shot my first stream of cum into her. We writhed together at the kitchen counter for several moments, both of us surrendering to the beautiful swell of pleasure.

We remained motionless for several moments, each of us savoring the afterglow of our orgasms. I pulled myself from her and backed away as she stood up. She turned toward me, her face red and blotchy from her orgasmic exertions. She put her arms about my neck and kissed me passionately, her lips moving hungrily on mine. We kissed for a long moment, our bodies pressed tightly together, and I thrilled once more to her incredibly tender embrace and sensuous lips.

She pulled her lips away and looked searchingly Betturkey into my eyes. “Oh, Jamie,” she said, her voice shuddering, “I love the feeling…when you cum and make me all loose and wet inside.” She kissed me once more, her tongue finding mine so sensually.

I pulled open the front of her robe, wanting to feel the warmth of her body against mine. She moaned softly into my mouth as our bodies came together. As we kissed, she began to move her hips seductively, and I pressed my still reasonably hard cock against her pubic mound.

Minutes later, we were on her kitchen floor. Her fleshy buttocks slapped resoundingly against the cool vinyl flooring as I lay between her raised legs and rammed my cock into her forcefully, the sound resonating throughout the house, and rattling the dishes and cutlery in the cabinets above us. I knew there was very little chance that I would be able to cum a second time so soon, but was completely overwhelmed with a desire to please her, to give her what I knew she wanted…what the lust in her kisses had told me she needed.

When she came, she came explosively, tearing her mouth from mine and crying out in her lust, her hips bucking beneath me almost violently as she clutched me to her fiercely.

We lay without words, both of us with heaving chests trying to catch our collective breaths. With a sigh, I pulled my cock from her and rose up onto my knees. She smiled wanly up at me and, as I stood, she raised her hands to me. I took her hands and helped her to stand, where she momentarily wobbled unsteadily.

“Wow.” She said, taking a deep breath, “I think I can really use that coffee now.”

She turned away and, while she took two cups from the rack, I took the coffee pot from the maker and met her at the kitchen table.

She poured us each a coffee and sipped gratefully. “Ahh,” She said with a smile, “That’s better.”

I smiled at her and sipped my coffee. She looked particularly appealing as she sat with her robe open with one shoulder exposed and her hair completely disheveled.

She looked at me and our eyes met. She laughed aloud and shook her head. “Well…” She said, still laughing, “Don’t I just feel like the perfect slut after last night and this morning.”

I laughed with her. “I personally haven’t seen anything that even comes close to qualifying you as a slut.” I said.

She smiled, looking slightly discomfited. “God, Jamie…I practically threw myself at you last night…and then kept you from getting very much sleep. And just now…even after you made me cum so beautifully…I was still so hot that I dragged you down onto the floor for some more.”

I laughed softly. “Okay, “I said, “First of all, let’s set the record straight, shall we? Last night, it was more like me being the one keeping you awake. And…just now, on the floor…did you notice how little you had to twist my arm?”

She smiled shrugged. “I suppose.” She sipped her coffee thoughtfully for a moment. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days…my hormones must be all out of whack, because all I ever seem to think about these days is sex.”

I laughed softly. “Gee,” I said, “You said that like it was some sort of bad thing or something.”

She returned my laugh, “It’s not such a bad thing, I guess…but it is a little distracting sometimes.”

“I rather like being distracted by you.” I said, sipping my coffee.

She was silent for a moment. “Tell me something…and be completely honest, okay?” I nodded. “Sure.” I said.

“Is…all of this…still an okay thing for you?” She asked, looking directly into my eyes.

“Okay?” I laughed, “I think its way more than just okay.”

She smiled indulgently. “I don’t mean just the sex, Jamie.”

“So? What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean…between us…our friendship.” She said, looking at me sincerely. “I love the sex with you Jamie…” She rolled her eyes toward the ceiling and laughed softly, “God…do I love the sex…but, I just hope that…becoming lovers won’t somehow ruin our friendship.”

“It won’t.” I smiled, reaching out to put my hand on hers, “I won’t let that happen.”

She smiled and her eyes misted. “I hope so.” She said, her voice breaking emotionally. “I can’t help but feel responsible for all this…and I’d feel so terrible if I messed things up between us.”

“Responsible?” I asked, not understanding her at all, “What on earth do you have to feel responsible about?”

She wiped her eyes and sipped her coffee. “Well,” She said, “I mean…all of this sort of got started between us…because of that dream you had about my boobs…and it was all really sort of sweet and innocent. But…I can’t help feeling that I’ve kinda pushed you into making it more than the innocent thing it started out to be. Do you understand?”

I nodded. “I understand, Louise.” I said. The guilt I felt at that moment was like a knife in my midsection. My manipulation of her had worked so well and been so complete that it caused her to believe Betturkey Giriş she had been the one to manipulate me. “But, I think you’re being unfair to yourself. I think that everything sort of escalated between us…naturally. It escalated because we both liked what was happening, and we both allowed it to happen.”

She smiled at me indulgently. “I suppose…that argument could be made.” She said, “But, you’ll have to admit…last night, I was pretty shameless in the way I threw myself at you.”

I laughed, “Honestly…I didn’t see it that way at all.” I said.

“Oh?” She said, cocking her head at me and raising one eyebrow. “Was it you who came to my room? No…Was it you who brought wine? No…were you dressed in a sleazy nightgown? Again, no.” She shrugged, “I mean…please…if my intentions were only just friendly, I could have at least worn a bathrobe, couldn’t I?”

I laughed softly. “I suppose.” I said, “But, it takes two to tango, Louise.”

She nodded. “I know, I realize that…but I still feel responsible for everything that happened between us.”

“Tell me something.” I said, folding my arms across my chest and leaning back in my chair.

She looked at me expectantly.

“Looking back at everything that’s happened between us…from that first time you let me do it between your boobs…to this morning on the kitchen floor. Do you regret any of it? Is there anything you wish you take back…and not do again?

She shook her head emphatically and reached out to me. I unfolded my arms and took her hands in mine. “Jamie, I wouldn’t take back a thing. I don’t regret one single thing we ever did together. And, if I had it to do all over again…I’d do exactly the same things.”

I smiled. “So…what, you’re saying in essence then, is what I’ve been trying to tell you…that it doesn’t matter at all who did what to whom, or when, or why…it only matters that it happened…and neither of us would take one bit of it back.”

Her mouth widened into a broad warm smile. “That’s a nice way to look at it…I like that very much. And…I want you to know right up front…that, even though we’ve become lovers…I don’t have any ulterior motives about it…or designs on you. You never have to worry about that.”

“Designs?” I asked, shaking my head.

“You know what I mean.” She smiled, “I’m not after any kind of commitment from you, and I certainly don’t expect you to feel as though you owe it to me in any way.”

I nodded,

“Don’t get me wrong, Jamie,” She went on in a rush, “I absolutely adore you…I think you’re absolutely the sweetest man I’ve ever known, and honestly, I love you dearly…I’m just not in love with you. Do you know what I mean?”

I smiled and reached out my hand to take hold of hers. “You can relax.” I said, “I understand completely…and I’ve never felt, at any time, that being with you…sexually or otherwise, was anything more than just what you said just now. I love you too, Louise…but I’m sure you won’t mind me not taking you home to meet my folks.”

She laughed aloud and squeezed my hand. “Wouldn’t that be an interesting day?”

“Indeed.” I said, joining her in laughter.

“Listen…” She said, losing her smile, “I also want you to know that, if and when you find somebody special…and I know you will, it’s only a matter of time. You don’t have to worry about bringing her around here…I am the very soul of discretion, and would never do or say anything to embarrass you.”

I smiled and squeezed her hand. “I know.” I said, “And I want you to know that you can expect the same kind of discretion from me.

“I may be assuming…” She said, “But, after this morning…it seems as though this isn’t just going to be a one time thing between us.”

“I hope not.” I said, shaking my head.

She smiled and bit her lip. “Me too.” She said. “We’ll…uh…of course have to be especially careful around the kids.”

“Absolutely.” I nodded.

She smiled. “I…absolutely loved the spontaneity this morning in the kitchen though.” She said. I returned her smile.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “I can be spontaneous and very careful at the same time.”

We chatted amiably about everything else happening in our lives and managed to consume one entire pot of coffee and half of another over the course of the next two hours. She glanced at the clock and jumped up, excusing herself to dress for work. I took the opportunity to dress myself, having spent the entire morning completely naked.

I heard the water coursing as she turned on her shower. I smiled to myself, imagining how nice it would be to share the shower with her and soap her incredible body. Knowing that she was pushed for time, I decided I would forego that particular encounter for another day.

I putzed around the kitchen for a while, cleaning up our coffee paraphernalia and wiping down the counters, then settled into a comfortable chair in the living room and began to read the morning paper.

Louise stepped from Betturkey Güncel Giriş her bedroom, wearing an absolutely beautiful black suit. A matching skirt and jacket, complimented with a pale pink blouse and black patent leather pumps.

“Wow.” I said, setting aside my paper and admiring the way her shoes shaped her calves.

“Does this look all right?” She asked, turning around.”

“You look absolutely fabulous.” I said, standing and approaching her.

She held up her forefinger and wagged it at me. “There’ll be absolutely no spontaneous sex.” She admonished, her lips curling into a smile. “If I have to do my hair and makeup again, I’ll be late for work.”

I smiled, slipping my arms about her waist and pressing my hips to hers. “Okay,” I smiled, “No sex…no kissing or messing up your hair, I promise.” I felt my cock rising and pressed it against her upper thigh.

“I like the way that feels.” She said, smiling demurely, “But…it’ll just have to wait until I get home.”

“I understand.” I said, returning her smile. I leaned close, pressing my lips close to her ear and whispering softly. “But…I just thought of something…that might appeal to you. Want to hear about it?”

“I’m almost afraid to ask.” She said, smiling hesitantly, “What?”

I could feel her body shudder as I whispered low and intimately once more. “I was just imagining what it might be like…if somehow there was a little bit of an opening…a cut, or a tear…in the crotch of your pantyhose.”

“Oh, God.” She whispered, her voice almost inaudible.

“If there was…” I continued, “I could very gently lift up your skirt and, without mussing your hair or your clothes…you could bend turn around and bend over the back of this chair for me.”

I felt another shudder rush through her body.

“Then…I could, very gently, slide my cock inside you…”

Another shudder coursed through her body.

“I think I would probably cum almost immediately, Louise…make you all loose and wet inside…just the way you like me to. Would you like that?” I asked, knowing my words, so sensually spoken, were melting her resolve.

“Yes.” She whispered, her voice low and husky.

“You could feel me inside you while you’re at work. Would you like that too?” I whispered, my lips so close to her ear.

She pulled away from me, looking into my eyes, her cheekbones bright with color. “Jesus.” She said, swallowing hard, “I think you just made me soak through my pantyhose.”

I smiled, pleased to have caused that reaction.

“Give me just a minute.” She said, turning on her heel and returning to her bedroom. She returned a few moments later, walking toward me, her cheeks redder than ever. She stepped up to me and reached out her hand to cup the bulge in the front of my jeans, stroking me lightly. “We’ll have to be quick about this.” She said, her voice thick with arousal.

I nodded, undoing my jeans as she turned her back to me and raised her skirt. I pushed my jeans and my briefs over my hips, letting them puddle around my ankles and stepped up to her as she bent over the back of the chair in front of me.

Her smooth pink lips peeked from a slit she had just cut in the cotton gusset of her pantyhose. I bent my cock to her and pressed the tip between her lips.

She moaned softly as I parted her lips and then again as I pressed my hips forward and slid my cock into her deeply. Once again, she was so deliciously sleek and tight that I had no trouble whatsoever in reaching orgasm with only a few gentle thrusts of my hips.

“Oh, Louise!” I sighed softly, “I’m cumming…Oh, god, I’m cumming.”

As the pleasure waned, I pulled myself from her, stooping to pull up my pants. She turned, her face very red, and smiled, smoothing her skirt down and into place. “That was fast.” She said, “I think you must really like my pussy.”

I smiled in return. “I do.” I said, nodding.

She stepped up to me and slipped her arms lightly about my neck. She touched her lips very lightly to mine, so as not to smudge her lip-gloss. “I’m going to get you for this.” She said, raising one eyebrow. “When I get home…I’m going to SO fuck your brains out. You better eat a good lunch to keep your strength up and get some rest, you’re going to need it.”

I grinned at her. “I’m looking forward to it already.” I said.

True to her word, she came to my bedroom as soon as she arrived home, her heels clacking loudly on the vinyl flooring above me and on the wooden stairs leading down to the basement. I met her at the curtained doorway of my room and she literally rushed into my arms, kissing me passionately. I lifted her skirt, feeling my cock rising immediately. She broke our kiss, reaching between us to undo my jeans, pushing them down and then pushing me back onto the bed. She bent, taking my cock in her hand and stroking me to full erection, then straddled my outstretched legs.

She reached between her legs and grasped the crotch of her pantyhose, pulling forcefully. A loud ripping sound filled the room as she bent and settled her hips over me, guiding my cock to her lips.

As I penetrated her, she came almost immediately, thrusting her hips onto mine lustfully and rocking her pelvis, crying out in her pleasure. I grasped her fleshy hips and thrust up into her, meeting her thrusts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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