Claire Ch. 2

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I awoke in the morning with my head still spinning from the previous day’s events. I had been fucked by my own son, but I’d already come to terms with that during our sexual antics the evening before. What was really screwing me up was what Tom had told me last night; that not only had he been screwing his sister, my daughter Laura for over a year, but that she’d been screwing with my husband Tony, her own father, for two years! I’d sent Tom to his own bed last night after he told me, and had lain awake for hours in mental anguish trying to decide if he was telling the truth. If he wasn’t, I couldn’t explain how he’d known all my sexual likes, let alone how he’d known what Tony liked me to do to him.

It was true. Deep down, I knew it was true, and yet I found myself horrified that I’d had no idea whatsoever that this had all been going on under my nose. I’d heard Laura come home around 1.00 am, and had an impulse to go and confront her. In the end though I just lay there and cried myself to sleep. I could hardly come over all holier-than-thou with Laura after what I’d just done with Tom, and although he was the instigator that was no excuse and I knew it. It was now mid-morning, Laura had called up that she was going into town to meet some friends but would be back late afternoon. At least that gave me some more time to work out what the hell I was going to say to her.

“Are you awake, mum?” Tom called from the hall outside my room.

I didn’t answer, just wanting to be left alone with my thoughts, but he opened the door and peeked around it at me. He looked so innocent and concerned that I felt a rush of warmth toward him. He might have been fucking his sister, and he might have seduced me last night, but on balance he was my only ally in my own family.

“Can I come in?” he asked, his face almost expressionless

“Yes Tom. Of course you can”

He came across and sat on the edge of the bed. He was fully clothed which was a relief; it was unlikely he was going to leap in and try and resume where he left off last night, and I really wasn’t in the mood right now. I looked deep into his eyes, and could see real concern there. Was he suffering like me?

“Mum, I’m kind of sorry I told you now. I wish I hadn’t in some ways, but I think you needed to know. I’ve got to be honest though, the reason I told you at the time was because I felt it gave me some kind of power over you….. I’m sorry”

He was displaying a maturity and depth of feeling I hadn’t given him credit for, and I reckon that his honesty toward me deserved my honesty in return:

“Tom, the only power you needed over me was what you did to me. You were amazing, and in some ways I’m glad it happened” I saw him brighten up at my words “but glad or not, sorry or not, it’s done now and we’ve got to accept it and move on. How we do that is up to us, but what you told me about your father and Laura really took me aback. I feel such a fool, and so hurt by them”

“If it’s any consolation mum, Laura pretty much did to Dad what I did to you. And she’s always saying how much guilt he’s felt over it, always telling Laura that although he loves her as his daughter and he enjoys her as a lover it’s never going to replace what he has with you. Laura loves you too mum, and has always said that she wished she could tell you”

“Does your Dad know about you and Laura, Tom?”

“Gee, no! He hasn’t a clue about us”

Strangely that made me feel better; I wasn’t the only sucker in town.

“So how did you and Laura get started?”

“She was teasing me about when I used to brush your hair, and then about being a virgin. I said I wasn’t..” he paused as I’d gasped when he told me that. I’d just presumed he was still a virgin until last night, when I realised he definitely wasn’t!

“Don’t worry mum, I was really, but I just didn’t want Laura to know. So she started to ask me about it: who, when, where and what did we do? She sussed me pretty quickly, but she didn’t take the piss any more. She told me about the importance of having an experienced and sympathetic lover when you first try it. Then she asked me if I’d like to brush her hair. And we ended up screwing. It was a while before she told me about her and Dad, and she taught me everything he did to her, and what he liked her to do to him. And she told me that it was all the stuff that you and Dad do together”

Laura had slightly shorter hair than me, but it was thicker and had a slight natural wave and I had to admit I was a bit jealous of her sometimes. She had my breasts, being a D-cup too, but where I was a size 12, she was a slim 10 and looked very good with it.

“The thing is though Tom, I had started to think of Laura as more of a friend than just a daughter, and all the time she was keeping all of this from me. And it really hurts”

“Why don’t we all sit down later and talk about it. I haven’t said anything to her yet, but when she came in last night she came into my room and she started trying to get fruity. I just told her I was too tired, but I think she knew something was up because she didn’t get in a huff, she Bycasino just looked at me a bit strangely and went to her room” “How the hell do we bring that up? Do you expect me to sit her down and just say ‘Oh, by the way Laura, I know you’ve been fucking your father and your brother’! “

“Do you want me to tell her first? That you know about it all?”

That was tempting, I must admit, but I couldn’t help thinking that it was a coward’s way out. There was something else too; part of me, a part I wasn’t too happy to admit existed, wanted to make Laura pay for the mainly sleepless night she’d caused me last night, the pain, the rejection and yes, the jealousy. If I sat her down and confronted her with it, she might just suffer a bit of what I’d been through. And that way I could better judge how things really were, although God knows they’d all pulled the wool over my eyes for so long already that I doubted my ability to tell whether I was being lied to or not any more.

“No Tom. I’ll speak to her, but on my own at first. I will tell her about us, but I think it’s better if I speak to Laura alone”

I hoped he wouldn’t feel left out, but he just gave me a really warm smile and nodded his agreement. Leaning across he gently kissed me on the mouth, and we sank down onto the bed, me under the covers and him on top of them, entwining tongues as we became more and more passionate. Here we go again I thought, and although I was still emotionally confused I could feel myself becoming horny again, when he pulled away, stood up, and with another smile said:

“See you later mum. I’m off out with the lads, be back later. And mum, I love you”

“Love you too honey” and I had to smile myself at his calculated teasing.

* * * * *

I’d just finished putting the shopping away, made myself a cup of tea and put my feet up when I heard the door open. Laura or Tom? I could feel my pulse increase, heart a-flutter as I braced myself for what may well prove to be a conflict.

“Hiya mum, any tea in the pot?” It was Laura, bright and breezy as ever.

“Sorry love, I only made a cup, but the kettle should still be hot”

“Ok, do you want another one?”

“No thanks, I’ve still got this” although what I really wanted was something strong! Laura came through and flopped into an armchair. I was on the sofa, trying to think how to begin.

“Is something up mum? You seem a bit quiet” she said, before sipping her tea.

“Yes. Something is very up! Laura, I don’t think there’s an easy way to say this, so I’ll just tell you. I know about you and your father. And about you and Tom. I know what you’ve been doing with them, and I’d like to know how the hell you thought you could get away with this!”

She stared at me, totally stunned. I could hear her gasping for breath. I glared at her, seeing her cheeks turn so red I thought she’d pass out. But I felt no joy or sense of revenge at the sight, rather I felt sorry for her. I wanted to hate her, but I couldn’t. Still, I wasn’t going to make this any easier for her.

“How did you find out? Did Tom tell you?”

“Yes. Yes, he did, but don’t you dare blame Tom for this”

“No mum, I wasn’t going to” the tears were starting to sting her eyes, and her lower lip was trembling “I’m so sorry, I really am. I had fantasies about Dad for ages, and then one night when you were at your sister’s house I got a bit drunk with him and when he’d gone to bed I walked in and got into bed with him. He was asleep, but I woke him up the way he’s told me you like to, and I don’t think he could stop then. But he loves you mum, and I do too, and I’m so sorry!”

So Tony had got a wake-up blowjob; and the old line about a stiff prick having no conscience was a true one, I guess.

“Why? That’s all I want to know. And although I was hurt, angry and confused last night, we’re still a family, and with your father away for a while we’ve got a chance to sort ourselves out so when he gets back we can all go on together. And Laura, please always remember that I do love you; you’re still my daughter, whatever happens”

“Oh God mum, I’m so, so sorry. I don’t know why I started. Just teenage father fantasies I guess, but now I just love sex, but only with guys I really know and trust, and that’s mainly been Dad and now Tom. I’m evil, aren’t I?”

“Well, if you are, then I am too dear”

“W-what do you mean?” Laura was fighting back the tears, confused now.

“Last night, Tom and I spent most of the evening fucking”

I almost burst out laughing as Laura’s jaw fell open.

“Come over here, love” I held my arms open and she came to me, sat on my left, snuggling up to me as I wrapped my arms around her, stroking her hair as she tried to control the sobs.

“Shh, it’s ok Laura” I continued to soothe her, feeling warmly protective toward her now. Her head was resting on my breasts, and I thought she was still sobbing until I recognised a giggle. She looked up at me with a wicked grin, made wider by the shock which must have showing on my face at her behaviour.

“Tom’s a big lad, isn’t he Bycasino giriş mum?” And all of a sudden I was laughing too, feeling the release of all the tension that had been building up over the last 24 hours. We were almost insensible with laughter, screaming in hilarious delight, two girls sharing a joke about a mutual lover. Slowly we calmed down, and then Laura suddenly held my face between her hands and stared into my eyes, deadly serious:

” It’s all going to be alright isn’t it, mum?”

“Yes honey, everything will be alright now”

I saw Laura’s face relax, and her smile returned as she leant forward and kissed me on the mouth. It wasn’t what I’d call a sexy kiss, but it was full on the mouth and it lingered longer than I expected. Laura hugged me again, her head again descending to my breast as she cuddled close. I was still a bit stunned by her kiss, and was wondering whether it was meant to have been sexual. Could my daughter be planning to get the hat-trick of her family members? I’d had some light lesbian experiences when Tony and I had tried swinging, but nothing more than kissing and rubbing each other except for one girl who’d gone down on me, but hadn’t wanted me to return the favour. I could hardly believe I was so calm about it all, but last night with Tom had been a kind of awakening for me, and maybe nothing would shock me again. The back door banged shut, and Tom walked in.

“Hiya mum, Laura. I guess you’ve been having a chat”

Laura didn’t even look up, just held onto me a bit tighter. I could feel her breath warm through my blouse, heat glowing in my cleavage. I answered Tom:

“Yes we have. We’ve talked about it all, Tom. We both know everything now, so there’s no more need for any lies. From any of us”

“Thank God for that. It’s a real relief to have it all out in the open”

Tom came and sat down on my right hand side. I leaned back so as not to have my back turned to him, Laura staying with her head buried in my chest, her left hand gently rubbing my stomach through the blouse. Tom leaned across and nuzzled my neck, his right hand sliding across my right breast and stroking Laura’s hair. He began unbuttoning my blouse, and still I said nothing. Laura moved her head to allow him access to all my buttons, and then Tom was pulling my blouse away, undoing my front-clipped bra, letting my breasts spill out before dipping his head and taking my right nipple in his mouth. Laura took the left, and they both sucked and nibbled until I began to pant and groan.

Then Laura moved up, kissing my chest, my neck and then closing her mouth over mine and pushing her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on her tongue, then she teased it back into her own mouth and my tongue followed. It was her turn to suck, then she moved her head back until we were only connected by our wrestling tongues, writhing with each other. Tom hitched my skirt up and I raised my hips to allow him to pull my knickers down. Then I heard him stand up and walk away. I was too involved with Laura to pay much attention, but I heard the rustle of a bag, and then he was coming back. Laura’s left hand was between my legs now, probing and stroking my cunt as I got wetter and wetter, her fingers playing across my clit as I feverishly pulled her blouse apart. We were still kissing frantically, as I reached around her to unclip her bra, and then I was kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples. This was so horny!

“On the rug, both of you!” Tom was taking command here.

We tumbled onto the rug by the fireplace, Laura rolling me over so I was beneath her, our legs interlocked, her thigh rubbing my at my cunt as mine was rubbing at hers. She left my mouth and moved down to lick and suck at my nipples again. I looked up and saw Tom sat on the sofa we’d just left, naked and with a raging hard-on, slowly wanking himself as he watched his mother and sister writhing on the floor.

Laura had left my breasts and was working over my stomach, her fingers now buried deep inside me, working and thrusting in exactly the way Tony always did, and the fact that I knew she’d had the same treatment from him suddenly became an added turn-on. She dipped her head and then I felt it; her tongue lapping at my clit, fingers still plunging in and out of my cunt as I held her head. Tom came across and knelt by me, turning my head with his hand so he could feed me his cock. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock inside, slowly sliding it in and out, as Laura’s fingers did the same inside my cunt. She looked up briefly, mouth and chin glistening with my juices:

“Mum, I’m putting my whole hand inside you. Can you feel that?”

It was exquisite, but so close to pain I wondered amidst my passion whether I was turning into a masochist. I pulled away from Tom’s cock to speak:

“Oh God! Yes, I can feel your hand, oh, fuck me with your hand Laura!”

And she did. Up to the wrist, and then out until only her finger tips were inside me, and Tom back in my mouth.

Laura slowly pulled her hand out of my cunt, and moved up my body, crushing my breasts with her own, holding Bycasino güncel giriş her hand in front of me, Tom pulling out, Laura’s hand sliding into my mouth. Tasting myself on her sopping fingers, sucking them hard. Laura moved away, bringing a little whimper of complaint from me. I was totally lost in my lust, and groaned appreciatively when Tom began to pull at my nipples with one hand, whilst the other played across my clit and he leaned his hips forward to let me suck on his cock again.

I felt Laura moving my legs and looked up, Tom’s cock slipping from my mouth. Laura was sitting between my legs, her left leg over my right as she lifted my left over her right. We were interlocked, with her head near my feet. I was curious. Tom reached behind him and passed something to Laura. I raised myself on my elbows to get a better look; it was a huge double-headed dildo!

“Got it today mum, a present for you both” Tom said, a look of pure lust on his face, “and sorry, but I did tell Laura. We met in town. Good actress though, isn’t she?”

There was no gloating in his voice. I no longer cared; I was in an almost trance-like state, high on sex. Sex with my kids – and it was so fucking horny, I didn’t care about anything anymore.

“Aaah!” I howled as Laura plunged the dildo into my cunt, 4 or 5 inches straight in. She impaled herself on the other end, and we began to thrust our hips toward each other and away, fucking each other with the momentum, soon getting each other’s rhythm. Tom held the centre as we fucked ourselves with the thick rubber cock. I had about 7 inches in me now and I was grunting like some demented animal. Tom pulled up on the middle of the dildo, removing it from both of us, making us whimper at him, Laura as into it as me.

“On your knees girls, still facing away from each other. You’re going doggy-style”

We both obeyed without question. I looked over my shoulder as we shuffled back toward each other, Tom inserting the rubber cock in me first, then Laura. We found our rhythm again, and still looking back I saw Tom spit in his palm and rub it onto his cock, now visibly throbbing. I guessed what was coming, and wanted it first, but I had to watch Tom straddle Laura’s back and then slide his cock into her arse, making her give a little shriek. He fucked her arse for a couple of minutes, matching his rhythm to the one Laura and I had going on the dildo. He pulled out of Laura, and reapplying some saliva as lubricant, I felt the exquisite pain of his fat cock forcing itself into my anal passage.

“Oh yes, I can feel the dildo mum. I can feel it with my cock, so deep in your arse”

I was delirious with lust now, I just wanted to be used by my children. Tom was fucking my arse with more and more vigour when he suddenly pulled out and I felt the dildo being removed.

“Stay there, mum” Laura commanded “you’re going to eat my cunt now”

She moved around to lie in front of me, her hands behind her knees, pulling her legs so wide apart I thought she must be in pain, but all her face showed was hunger. I bent my head and leaning on my elbows I used my fingers to part her cunt lips before leaning in and stroking my tongue across her slit. I tasted the juices and felt a further rush of lust sweep through me. As I began to lap at her clit I felt the head of the rubber cock sliding across my own cunt lips before forcing it’s way in. Tom was knelt behind me, using the dildo to fuck me whilst I licked at Laura’s cunt. Then I felt another pressure, against my anus; it was the other end of the dildo which Tom had bent through 180 degrees. He forced it into me, both ends pushing into cunt and arse simultaneously and sending me totally fucking wild. I could feel my arse clench involuntarily, making it hard for Tom to push

“Relax mum, for fuck’s sake. Just relax and take it like a good girl”

I made an effort to relax and immediately he pushed both ends all the way into me. I was licking at Laura in frantic passion, and moving lower I forced my tongue as far inside her cunt as I could, until the base of my tongue began to ache. I moved it around inside her in a circular swirl, sucking her flowing juices into my mouth to savour and swallow. She was panting and kept repeating “Yes…yes” in time to my tongue thrusts. Cunt juice mixed with my saliva and dribbled down and over her arsehole, so using some as lubricant I slid two fingers deep into her arse. I pumped them in time to my tongue thrusts, then moved back to her clit which I sucked into my mouth and flicked with my tongue whilst with my free hand I slid four fingers into her.

Tom was increasing his thrusts with the dildo as I licked and fingered Laura. She screamed, throwing her head back as she came, her hips bucking, my face pressed into her crotch, sucking and licking. Her screams became moans and whimpers as the orgasm eased, and she slid down to lie beneath me. She raised her head to lick my chin and lips, licking off her own juices. I could feel my own orgasm building when Laura reached down beneath my legs and began to rub my clit with her fingers. Tom pulled the dildo from my cunt, leaving the other end in my arse, and replaced it with his cock. It felt even bigger than last night, as he rammed in and out of me. I came with an intensity that caused me to screw my eyes up and howl, all control lost as my muscles went into spasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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